NEW Ed Stafford First Man Out FULL Episode Mongolia S1E3

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] but this feels very very dangerous now when the wind pauses i'm gonna work my way down the quicker i get down the better this is absolutely ridiculous man has always battled nature in a bid to conquer it [Music] i'm explorer ed stafford and i've put myself through extreme tests of endurance and isolation to become a survival expert but surviving on my own in the middle of nowhere with just a camera has become well within my comfort zone that was easy i want to evolve to take things a step further and find out what i'm really made of so i've decided to go up against the world's toughest survivalists good luck you're not ready you'll get taken out of hostile terrain in a bid to prove to myself that i am top of my game this is becoming a sprint it's not about beating my chest it's about taking my skill set to the next level the most authentic realistic survival challenge possible this time i test my skills against pushcraftmaster matt graham deep in the vast and unforgiving kobe desert located in the heart of central mongolia it's barren it's fast there's no fudging your skills you have to make it count and if you don't you're not going to get through the journey like this because you're going to die [Music] [Applause] i think i'm up against probably one of the strongest competitors so far i know that my skill level is really high so i'm going to have to massively up my game in order to compete with him matt graham how are you ah pleasure to meet you and you and you nice first thing didn't knit it yourself yeah i did yeah you like that work mata bushcraft dex bay he looks the part he's dressed head to toe in sort of very authentic bushcraft clothes he's an ultra marathon runner and in the gobi desert clearly the scale of everything is fairly ultra i enjoy the running because it's just a good way to see the land and cover some miles with that he just throws himself in the lion stand and goes for it my approach maybe is a little bit different even though i'm a runner and with the hunter gathering survival stuff i'm very methodical i've asked my old friend woody to design a course that will push both of us to the limits of our abilities after a distinguished career training elite soldiers to operate in hostile environments when he knows a thing or two about survival you're gonna be dropped off in the south in the mountains yeah the guy's mission is to get down out of those mountains and cross this massive step they then need to hit the gobi desert due north of that is the salt pan they hit that that's where i'll be beating them that is their ex-film this step that you're going to cross is absolutely barren all your resources are here around your drop-off points in the mountains and gather enough resources to survive a desert crossing okay you get caught out in the middle of here with no water it's in game what are the big dangers do you think we're gonna face here you started quite high about two and a half to three thousand meters there will be snow still in the top i'm gonna drop down where it's gonna be blisteringly hot and then you're gonna get into the sand dunes so potentially hypothermia and heat exhaustion all possibilities all good fun this area has everything that mongolia has to offer in terms of wildlife you're gonna get ibex you're gonna the guys will be traveling 100 kilometers with nothing but a knife and the clothes on their backs we've got fast distances unrelenting environment unpredictable weather that all said given the guys skill sets i am expecting them to do it within a week what sort of distances do you like sometimes just 65 miles a day it may be that he is too laid back that he's got too much of a sort of californian outlook on life and i'm ex-military i'm i'm british army and i'm efficient matt you'll be going east into your valley and you'll be going west out into your valley and going up against one of the fittest and best survival grooves in the world and to boot a long distance runner ed is most definitely the underdog okay i just want to make as much distance as i can my motivation is to grow as a person and to put myself against matt graham with his skill level in the global visit i don't think he could get much more tough than that there's quite a strong weather front coming in it's only at 3 000 meters you know you get wet up there with the wind that could literally be fatal [Applause] my hat is blowing off the rain is sweeping up over the hillside but also down on the plane there's a sandstorm sweeping across this hypothermia territory i need to get down into the valley fast okay let's move gotta put on a poncho right now it's pretty cold right now it's like borderline freezing sleeting snowing rain and this very well could turn into snow so i'm gonna have to definitely find shelter get a fire going right now i'm just heading down shooting for that spot where these two valleys are merging together all of this rock is very large but and being stuck on this hillside in a snow or hailstorm does not sound appealing but there are 101 ways to kill yourself in these mountains one fall up there could be fatal task one is to get out of the hypothermia danger zone task two is to consolidate in the valley bottom and times three is to beat matt graham another size ahead of me and snow [Music] that was close [Applause] okay down to the valley bottom now my risk of hypothermia goes down now both matter really needs to be thinking about their survival priority once you get into the gobi desert there is nothing for my game plan for this would be consolidating and getting my stuff together before i left the sort of security of the mountains finally [Music] this is nice i'm seeing fresh water and i feel like even though this is a race actually it makes sense to stop the weather's still coming in it could get worse take a little bit of time and do a little bit of a shelter here you can find a few of these i can hook them all together there start performing the structure you got to get things done there's no wally gagging on this one if i get the shelter up get some fire and then start consolidating building some tools that need to make that journey across would be ideal [Music] now that i'm out of the danger zone from hypothermia what i am going to do is just set a couple of traps see if i can um start acquiring those resources that i need in order to push out across the stepping into the sand dunes i'm just looking up above me and then there's a bird of prey and it's made me realize the animals are gonna be up there i need to be where the moment holes are where the ground squirrels are so i need to go on a little scout i don't really want to be climbing hills again i'm wasting energy however it's not a waste of energy if i cannot if i can trap some animals [Applause] [Music] i'm not sure this is a good idea my legs are trembling [Applause] okay calm down here calm down take this nice and steady [Applause] [Music] i'm out i'm way above the um the valley floor below me now all of this territory is i think i'm going to do like a little bit of a conical shelter here just to make sure i'm out of any heavy rain that can come down this rain is actually more dangerous because it could just make everything wet including me and then it could freeze and start to snow and that's even worse but all these have got to lock in together i'm going to do a little bit of a tripod and i'm going to build off that so right now i'm just carefully just weaving it and twining it anyway it looks good it's going to support itself okay so this is this is pretty good for the general framework at this point i just need to get some cover on it and around here there's so much spruce spouts and then when i get hungry i can actually eat my house is that vitamin c antioxidants good nutrients it's really good stuff sometimes a big mistake survival is just a little bit reckless but stopping here really making sure i've got the key elements dialed in before i tackle the flats which really is fire water shelter food i can keep taking care of those while i'm traveling across survival is easy those are probably okay that will provide an animal a proper proper cover for the night i'm gonna sit on my first snare here swallow everywhere we never have nice sinuous roots i'm just gonna dig up some roots make some basic snares okay all i'm doing is an overhand knot and then putting the root right through the knot and i've got a noose what i'm going to do first to make a little wall then in the middle i'm going to put my snare the only end now is through that whole if this race was four or five days i could probably just run through it and forage but we don't know how long i think getting a hunting tool right now is imperative i'm gonna actually make that little dart it's gonna be a world-class primitive hunting tool we've got records to go back twelve thousand plus years and it was used during the time that woolly mammoths roamed the earth basically i'm trying to make the super long arrow it's about six and a half seven feet long and i'm gonna be able to propel with what's called the atlatl so it's gonna be an extension of my arm and just the whole art of making the tools and everything has a layer of connection to the land [Music] and so today i felt pretty good got a shelter i've got a fire and i've got hunting tools started i don't know where ed's at right now but i got a good head start so yeah we'll see what tomorrow offers [Applause] i'm in the mouth of the cave i don't know i've only got a couple of days at the beginning of this challenge in order to reap the benefits of this uh bountiful valley therefore there is no option tomorrow i have to go full predator we're going to kill some animals and eat some food [Music] [Applause] good i'm afraid nothing has been caught today's strategy is to go full predator catch as many animals as i can harvest as much forageable food as i can more wild rhubarb than i've ever seen before as soon as i leave this mountain range i leave everything that can help sustain me i go into the step which is barren and then the dunes which are even more the pressure is on to find the resources that i need in order to complete this mission it's only day two hopefully today they'll spend time just getting their resources together before they push out on the step those standards are just gonna be absolute hell for the two of them [Music] them got their resources ready this could be seriously dangerous for the pair of them i'm just looking out for burrows specifically marmot burrows mama is the biggest the biggest rodent around here that i can realistically look to be catching okay this is what i'm looking for no it's a marmot hole okay what i need to do now is just block up all of the entrance apart from one hole just big enough for a moment to get out of put the snare in place and another trap set one or more of these tropes has to be successful today i can't afford to stay in the mountains there's a race to be one the plan now is to keep heading for the dunes and see what looks like this canyon's starting to run out of water sooner i got this snow right here this might actually be a solution to carrying water for a little bit this could be a game changer right here oh yeah this is a lot of weight but you think about it this way this is pure water so i'm basically essentially packing this giant water bottle everybody needs an ice person when they cross the gobi all right rock and roll i'd like to get a view of the route before i open up into the flats it looks like right up through here and get a perch up on that knoll there i need to pay attention because this rock is super loose it's a little loose up here gotta watch the footing for sure this is the view i needed that's some big land out there makes it more daunting to actually see the route i think the best thing to do right now is i have a block of ice so i've got water just make a bolt for it and keep going until that water runs out i can feel the pressure on now i can't just stay in this valley for the next half many days trying to catch animals today it has to be today i have to move on tomorrow i'm just going to check one of the traps mate it's going off there's a murmur in it okay i'm not putting my hand in there [Applause] [Music] this is a survival situation and i know that i have i'm gonna use every bit of this animal but i did not enjoy killing that animal at all [Music] matt's already really far ahead of ed he's really saying it across his landscape you know in big open plains he sees a sort of playground i just hope that he hasn't got over sort of enthusiastic and forgot about his survival priorities i just got a little bit of ice left cheers mate that's a little disconcerting that this is it but no more water so my plan is you can see there's a mountain range in front of me usually higher mountains have springs and creeks if i get to that range and at least i'll have shelter and water hopefully i can get somewhere up in there by the end of this day but this is looking pretty desolate [Music] it's not just food as a resource that i need going out into the desert in fact the main thing i need is water if i can cut it around the head and then take all of the meat out of the animal through its neck then i can save the entire skin the hide as a makeshift water bottle in theory i've used huge water bottles made out of sheep's carcasses and this is different by not cutting anywhere below the neck i'm making sure that the carcass is completely intact and therefore water tight that's a three liter water bottle there also let's not forget i've also got a massive meal look at the amount of meat there that's a huge amount of meat i'm just guessing that's four kilos of meat tomorrow i can leave here feeling good that my consolidation day works i'm glad i got here it's really just in the nick of time like another hour i would have still been stuck out there i haven't found any water or anything yet but i feel like i'll have to pull in some resources while i'm here there's definitely rodents living around here [Music] [Music] there's a lot of activity here but it's such a train they're jumping my shots as i throw them [Applause] it's like a game of whack-a-mole i thought i thought i could come up with something else here but it's getting pretty late right now i definitely want to make sure that i've got a bit of a shelter for tonight carrying the majority of this meat through the desert i've got lots of strips of meat what i'm going to do now is just make a little smoker just a pyramid with some slats on it above the fire so that i can hang these in the smoke overnight and it's the smoke that actually carbonizes the outside seals it off effectively from flies and things like that laying their eggs um and allows me to keep it for longer in order to concentrate the smoke onto the meat so i'm gonna lay spruce branches by the morning properly look like a desert but it actually is pretty cold here at night i'll be happy if i can just have a warm sleep that's most important i think my best bet is to dig a little bit of a trench here fill it up with rocks and then heat up those rocks it'll pull it off and i'll have a hot bed delay on it should be really nice tonight this is good for starting the fire here caledonia that's the a1 cooking pellet right there that's going to eat my bed and it's also nourishment i'm just kidding people in mongolia that's what they cook with that's what they eat their yurts with all right start getting some cow patties burning it's not these hot rocks they're nice and warm and toasty i'm gonna go ahead and shove turtle over it but oh yeah i've got a heated bed right now my butt is so warm i feel like i needed to make some distance and grabbing ice from up there and covering the train to get here was was a big plus and i don't know where that is but i feel like i feel like this could could put me ahead of the game here this is day two and i'm driving i've got a fire going i've got me swimming into the desert tomorrow is a new day tomorrow is the day of moving large distances and i need to be well rested well-rested morning it's day three this is when i find out my mama built on has worked it's looking good moment of truth well it tastes like smoky bacon that is probably nice slightly chewy smokey broken as far as i'm concerned that consolidation day could not have worked better pretty much giving up a full day of walking but i've got a whole week's worth of meat now i've got a vessel to carry water in now that i've got the resources that i need i can push out into the step and then onwards towards the uh the desert i feel like i'm in a really good position now the tracker show matt has got a considerable need on ed i'm presuming the eddie's consolidating which for my mind's a good move i can only hope that matt got his stuff together and he's got the resources he needs haven't found any water yet my plan is to keep going through these mountains see if i can find some water i know i can keep going either without food for a week water is definitely a priority over finding animals at this point i need to fill up my mouth but from now on got to carry my water with me look at the amount of water i'm gonna be able to carry in this is huge when i leave here this all of this uh fur is gonna be wet and as the wind passes over it it'll evaporate and that will take heat away wick heats away from the water which means that the water will actually chill as i'm walking it's like a little mini fridge again that's five liters of water in there i'm ready i am also however somewhat intimidated by the environment landscape ahead of me i have to think that um brave people aren't scared i think that's nonsense isn't it great people are the people who can feel all the fear and then they walk forward and they carry gonna on good to get some water pretty soon heat exhaustion is definitely real out here there's one overriding danger in this environment and that's the lack of water water really is key to winning this challenge i know the river is over here somewhere so there's a faint strip and those are trees that's where the river is i think my best bet is to head straight for it yeah the sand dunes are straight over that way so by heading to the river let's go into one of the driest environments on the planet one thing i don't want to do is exhaust myself by carrying a huge amount of weight i've already got eight kilos of weight on my back and i'm just thinking if i was to make myself a very basic sledge i'd put all the weight on it and that's going to be how i maintain my self-reliance throughout the desert all i'm looking for is two very long stretches of willow essentially thick enough to be um durable but thin enough to not be too heavy i'm constantly having to think how many different environments this ledge is going to have to go over i'm going to be going over rock initially probably grassland and scrub eventually sand dunes i need a robust enough sledge all i've got to do now is put cross braces on the platform essentially which will hold the whole thing together as well and uh got myself a little sledge just need to flex the firewood load up the meat again and the water and it's done this whole trip isn't just about getting to the finish line just having survived by the narrowest of margins it's about me evolving it's about me learning it's about doing things that i've never done before like building a sledge and i think if i was to just run into the desert underprepared no means of lighting a fire shivering at night what am i proving to myself look at that look at that happy happy days just checking on the trackers here now and matt's taking quite a large detour across the step towards the river this could have the opportunity to catch up he's now making good steady pace straight towards the target on the most direct line [Music] definitely nice looks like just a couple hours of light left it's nice there's some trees here at least there's some kind of resource i've seen the willows actually gives me an idea i have to figure out a way to make a water container so i'm gonna take a section of this wood i'm gonna split it then i'm going to hollow it out and then i'm going to bind it back together i think that'll do the trick at least still give me some water willow contains salicylic acid which is very similar to aspirin so it's it's not only a painkiller but it's anti-inflammatory so this could be good for running across the desert you can taste it already so what i'm going to do is i'm going to carve out the whole length of this tube leaving the bottom together getting enough water being able to carry it for making glues you can make glues fresh like this or you can actually add charcoal or dung to them to make a really hard resin but i'm actually trying to produce a really soft resin so it's basically waterproof and then i'm going to bind that all together just as extra insurance fill in any little outside cracks then i'm going to blow in it and see if it's waterproof that way [Music] yeah i don't hear any air coming through it should be good so i'm going to go ahead and wrap that up fill it up with water give it a test go there it is willow water bottle first and only patented water bottle made out of willow it's nice being here right now got a nice sunset i feel like i'm in a good place i've been walking now for most of the afternoon and all of the evening i'm exhausted that's me for today i'm just properly spent because of the sledge i've got firewood and i get a fire going it's very difficult when you're making decisions completely on your own to not second guess yourself do not think should i not be running but you have to have a strategy this is how i think i can beat matt graham it's not a running competition it's a survival [Music] test it's day four i'm heading north and already the sun is so hot it's just a sapping environment sapping of all energy i need a drink [Music] the reason i'm actually drinking out of the nipple is every time i open the top there's a risk of spilling water because it's a very big hole and to have a very very small aperture it enables me to ration the water much better probably dehydration if i start feeling the effects of dehydration which is thumping headache and dizziness and just apathy and that will then lead to heat exhaustion and heat exhaustion is essentially where you just cook from the inside and all of your organs start to fail and eventually it can lead to death [Music] just looking at the uh tracker there head's just been pulled over he's actually gained quite a distance now matt's detour across to the river seems like quite a bit of time i think this area might be good for some hunting this looks like some old petroglyphs in the rocks there's sheep here then you see this the ground realizing someone was standing here a long time ago telling their story leaving it in the rock it's time to find some food i've been seeing these little little gerbils running around yeah these guys are tiny and they're super jumpy like they poke out of the holes and then they just dive right back in really fast [Music] [Applause] i feel a deep sense of satisfaction when i can see where all my food comes from it lives from the land and i feel like it in turn makes me appreciate it more and i feel like i'm more respectful it reminds me of seeing the rock art back there on the steps or gerbil organ shish kebab there's the heart so good organic deliciousness at its finest actually it's got so much flavor that tastes like a gourmet restaurant with every bite i don't want to waste anything so i'm just going to eat the bones too they're actually good for you you get a little bit of calcium and marrow and it's alkalinizing to the body helps it balance out the meat after going a couple days very little just getting this i can feel the energy right away we'll be sprinting across those sand dunes now the first time i've actually got sand underneath my feet i'm transitioning from the grassy step onto the sand my worry at the moment is the lack of water i haven't got any water i'm absolutely destroyed i'm just i'm sorry i just just checking the tracker there both the guys are in the sand dunes proper now this is the toughest part of the challenge we've got blistery hot sun here we've got the wind that dehydrates it's incredibly hard going ah my mouth is so dry i haven't got enough water i genuinely don't quite know what to do at the moment in my mind if i get to the edge of the dunes i'm going to deal with this problem then in front of me [Music] the sand is darker it is moist if i dig down potentially i can get water the water is coming through the water is coming through oh my god [Music] the cap actually filters all of the sand out and just allows the water to to penetrate through all the little pores in the material so it worked perfectly well [Music] okay i haven't got enough hands to hold the skin open if i use the firewood i created a wide mouth that i can literally pour water into it might take a while but that's clean water going in there there's clean water that i didn't have half an hour ago and there's a gear two litres of water i'd say that's a good amount i need to get going we're back in the game just checking the tracker there there's a real sandstorm starting to pick up a sandstorm in there is gonna make navigation hell sound being driven into your eyes the visibility is just nigh on zero one navigation area because you can't see could be a complete game changer get some tits out here definitely not a good time to be out on the dudes stunningly beautiful but absolutely exhausting it's skyscraper that's not a building here's a skyscraper the wind up here is unbelievable absolutely unbelievable but this feels very very dangerous now when the wind closes i'm gonna work my way down the quicker i get down the better ah this is absolutely ridiculous the chat is making a few steps at a time that was no deal and utter what would do but kind of cool at the same time wow oh yeah look at that let me stay the night hydrate a bit i gotta build a shelter get some rest before i tackle the last part of the dunes it's been a lot of barren land at least here i'm noticing i've got reeds so i'm thinking i could build some kind of nest i think that's going to protect me from the wind and insulate me keep me warm so what i'm trying to do is create a little bit bigger than body depression so i can build the nest in here i like to be across the dunes but it's too late it's tough when you don't know where your competition is you wonder but i definitely am pushing hard so i feel like i must stay out ahead i'm gonna sleep good tonight there's a fire but that must be man i need to go backwards and get outside now all i need to do is stay low in dead ground for military experience you're never exposing yourself in line of sight to the enemy and in my case matt graham is the enemy i have overtaken him consolidation is not such a bad thing after all is it just yes yes the joy of waking up this morning knowing that i was ahead of matt was just unbelievable because that's the first time i've been able to see the salt flats all i need to do now is get down at the sand dunes cross that open and i've done it i've finished it's going to be a big smiles now yeah this is it it's a water bottle it's organic though running the gobi without water how foolish is that oh my head are really going for it now they're almost neck and neck if they could maintain this pace this could be a really close finish it's tough to navigate through here because it's all cross training means you're going up and down all the time rather than following ridges so you have to weave in and out pick the most efficient route sometimes you hit a soft pocket and it's like oh and then you hit a hard pocket you're like yeah so there's a lot of yes and then my strategy is to try and maintain height as much as possible if i'm uh going down into every single dip and then up every single sanji and that's just exhausting i've got to try and push it i still don't know where it is it really is going to come down to a dash over the last part of the dunes i just got across this one final step i think there is every possibility that i've won this race matt would have had to cover a huge distance today if he was to overtake me and i've not seen him both guys are now right on the edge of sand dunes let's see i could relax but we just don't know where it's but we should be able to see one of them coming in now the end is in sight matt is not visible behind me and he's not visible in front of me it's just coming up on this last climb now he's got this one last challenge [Music] unfortunately it's quite a journey if it wants to re-challenge me i i'd gladly invite him to my home turf we can go play no more goby deserts though i've really struggled to see how i could be man unfortunately he is so much stronger from an endurance perspective and he can cover longer distances without even breaking sweat so i would have to be so much better at book riot bushcraft than him and he's quite good at witchcraft as well so you know no he's not invited again [Music] i may have lost this one but my next challenge won't be any easier [Music] i'm up against military survival legend ej snyder we've got all kinds of wildlife out here that wants to hurt us you put fear out in this jungle it will come find you and then you're done [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you