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this is perfect timing I'm ready you guys good yeah well you know Alexis is foamy into that shit bro it's goddamn Alexis is going down Nicholas I sent him yo I sent you oh you just play a little bit without me and then I'll join up always like what are you doing what's up bro like we're doing right now like what's he'd rather go play solos to play with yeah I mean it's a form of solo you playing the pop Cup oh yeah cool man you don't play with us weird what's up PK all right what's up bro I mean if we all adapted that mentality would we even play together yeah yeah we'll play play damn bro honestly ever since you shaved that hair you've really changed it has actually changed yo chats if you're in cypher minor since Jeff we get we get five gifted subs from sad this is my god you guys bro Jesus man what's up what they kill man like some better you really do this joke you little bro you know I was gonna buy that I was gonna buy it hey listen here what I wouldn't even I wouldn't even tell you that hey Nick what's up dude are you kidding no I wait no no you don't send me the Jersey I'm gonna buy your hat and then give it to my dog I can't believe you guys actually enjoy for a night without the pop out cup stuff we don't but we enjoy playing play with my friends Horace bro I'm of course of Thank You captain obvious but you know tell them to put a squad pop-up copy save for three weeks what are they doing they're so willing to throw in guy to redeploy and swords and watch at work but worth it what just happened I don't even was there bad word you yeah we used the F word we can't use the F Oh God there we go Jesus I actually just to be clear I don't have that rule I don't care fucking Viking oh yeah I was toasted by a ninja slice lost half of the or somatic great yogurt she gave me say anything five minutes after those two G going off yeah we raised to the sword oh my God he's gonna be gone no he's not I am I think it's high freeze - what the hell yeah a server sacrifice I'm usually yeah I dropped the minute I drop you this guy I dropped the Vinnies oh my god 4/6 now your small PK please I don't have a small come on Tim eating mini still yeah bro Aramis smiling Marie here Nick Nick Nick I don't like a little pot Oh bro I'm gone boy some know I ripped whose plane call was done roasting me to reach the battle in what call us wait a full iron full swabbin there hit me there at the ouch it hurt yeah well your lane behind us - oh dear God in heaven singer doctor what not help me dude Nick please Nick please think of my daughter right now please I'm flying to you Birds I'm flying to you courage I make you got the most South you take care of courage I just live down here sorry dear God oh god we gotta take out his teammates first so where I got a balloon it's the counter at 45th I killed it I get a sword okay I did so much damage to him and I'm the one thing but I kill this I got it did you react should I kill him I get the sword all right geez we get up together this place is like a play with my 12 year old cousin yeah yeah yeah Tim you got extra heavy mo heavy Emma Xavier somebody grabbed in places a heavy weight that's my snack a heavy mo heavy ammo yeah I got here dude ready I'm at half what I have there you go all right dude don't for me be for that one shot maybe I will there we go all right keep your hands and arms besides vehicle at all times this is again somebody hops on the plane yeah that's your good job BJ oh my god team hit one 450 copy that we are inbound ripping them up and ripping buff oh my god it's an action movie dodo no in the sky yeah oh my god sigh if you're good yeah save us for real maybe a man bun Eagle or something if you fucking hit this plane one more time dude you know for real you're getting double D you'll owe me shit you're getting off the island pile of are you half out of leftover [Laughter] [Music] onion Eagle in the hut over screams Jimmy I'll sort him background get multiple bogies behind us I got eyes on I got eyes on foots damage downrange no one behind little behind Wow Mayday Mayday no it's him do it Tim he failed he failed all we tried to drift into a nice vehicle approaching from the south oh dear God there's more another country zoomy yes please there's a man there's a bush that's two balloons at a tree it looks like his haircut that trees look like Santa's at man's air oniony go up to straight Southwest there's a Nick Nick tell me right now Nick look at the balloon of the tree it looks like Tim's hair doesn't it that the bush look look we start getting shy now we all have to jump out before we lose all right got Nam snobs and retail norms in retail let it snow with the open fire holding guns [Laughter] anyone here over here on me it's a sweat boys one shot I just kept on stone knock him out knock them out this guy's the best hey what's up bro damn hey welcome to at the big house poor people are raised for people in race I'm gonna race hey buddy stop well not crap no I'm sorry glutamate that's where all the time that you've ruined my trap to like I'm just God forsaken game wanna see them let me take care of him take care of me handle it brother poor kid Oh God that was graphic I see him I see him he's hiding behind the wall Southwest oh let him win dude I'm gonna give him the sword alright you didn't have to battle him with the sword yeah we all have the same weapons yo cuz it used equal even in the sort of music do you only do me before God for the first time you speak it up sniping for c25 see under me yeah 25 baht with a sword like I had brought the sword and I knocked one and I was [Laughter] well I've 13 and I'd 13 assists [Laughter] [Music]