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oh but my game is broken hanging Oh shoo mean invite one whatever whoever's building the group just 72 I was ready about frigging work so I can Nick removed me once I started gifting if you think he was legitimately matter you may route when you remove you so really you're just ruining my video we got the squad wearing up I'm alpha because of Bravo's you follow me let's go please Neil Lupo West right loop low please double muted huh lope lope Nick the new year but can i maybe I can add you be bad Yuri at him I don't know man you know are we setting gifted fucking snacks with with it we're promoting what we done and that was a one-time joke we're doing Jack you know maybe loop various you look west right MA wait he's no sir right better the east I think I've always think better D now what am i doing out here man Nick when we're in when we were in we're ready out we were legitimately getting 0 pig yeah let me say this let me say this I was drunk and the the ping the ping being so low counterbalanced my drunkness and made me just as good as what I was sober was him and then when I was sober and playing it was like I was the fat version of Tipu actually wait wait yeah you gotta leave I bye guys you wait wait dude oh my god bro how do I fix this no by the way we hired for again starts in five minutes so in five-inch Nick Nick we were two hours in the second stream so it's almost like 2 a.m. Tim went after like eight games gets a kill it just goes hey my first kill of 29 after the games I just got beat up by two funk cops and there take the yelling on me you've got two Bs it's tree Cypress I just reported them and they've been sittin there being deported to China oh yo Tim getting word from headquarters he would beat me in a fight thoughts yeah next question okay do we need to fight we'll need you for a fight bro yeah bro apparently as soon as I left two man am we need you for fight them into it at the bar I was ready in spirit who got into it no not not like actually got into it but some people overstepping their boundaries from oh yeah it pissed me off Jack you ready you ready no yeah that's a say bro someone make some booty dude how are you gonna stop me bro in a physical altercation explain that bro are gonna hold you tight like you're breathing like a rhino there's no shot Niki you're forgetting I got a ring if you're forgetting dude he's got hand tats you don't realize Jesus bro listen come April I got dad strength and that just tips it over bro I can I can be eigen if I could be honest that is real just by the way hundred percent well before my son was born dude I had nothing I was like open this door Nia right now [Applause] oh that's right bro that's the that's the rule that's the way it's the Wainwright little dude it's Twain ya watchin about pretty sure the rock just goes to your house if you curse too much sure that's not like he will show up in my dorm and actually that's not real honestly is he still muted Lupo you salute Yelling's first given I first get so quick tip bro yeah to not land on a mole you just don't land on a thermal yeah yeah you know a lot of cons you can land on baby you could pick a different one alright dude lit okay Jack can you imagine if Nick and I were at the bar with that guy started you knew oh man dude I would have been so down I'm getting his ankles no I tell you what I tell you this kid was not any bigger than five foot six so because the same height Nick they were heavy introduced Jack on the street man Jack Jack came out bro this man this man looked like he was four feet tall and feels bad Nick I'm a whole five nine can I get a damn break you are not five nine yes I am I will stand at your side five six remind me next which con to bring a measuring tape over lie me whippin hanging a measuring tape Ben hey Luke you bet before right nick is not a six-foot-tall okay beg gifted subs on it may give the subs that your IQ put occupied Nicki you bring your tape measure I'm six feet I will party like this Bob six feet I was talking to golden boy apparently I'm almost the same height as the rock dude the rock height I was told same width no it's Amy you should do history you should do the stream where you gel them up your hair just hack me up the straight up like like the alfalfa incredible baby another you credible baby okay just tell us straight up oh dude oh my god Tim's been exposed I'm telling you my rock height the rock height six foot five timet at my height Google to the top man height the twitch door is very handsome dude and step to the spotlight did you expect exceptional abilities tim has an attractive and impeccable personality he is tall standing at a height of 5 foot 10 inches Lupo you were dying every round excuse me oh well in the meantime LG TV has either drop it for you or I use it 10 times if ready what do you want wait wait Cory can you see me powder plane yeah I'm the best pilot ever are you due to put a tackle shit stop I can do it [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] why help us here only why would you do that what other play do we have that's it hi to the bathroom wait wait can you guys all can you guys all Google search alive on your desktop like like in your stream see it no wait wait I can't damn it I can't oh you what are you triangle search there's something real interesting that comes up if you google search Tim that's hatman height and then your Google search Nick mercs height timet at mid height what's the same bullring there's tippet at BAM slide says speed five potato and then Google Nick what is 4 7 5 foot 11 5 foot 11 so take the cord to go go Nick Mercs is taller the timid that man sure I was wearing literally sandals for courage JD hi the top post is from Jack and 2016 maven is so tall that I need to stand on a wooden box cast with no shoes on and he's still taller maybe the six foot seven Jack your little guy did ok Nick that's how he's taller than people mountain power nobody bro look at my stream right now bro two pictures of us both pictures no Tim I'm looking at those right now man and that hat bill is up there I'm real high now that I think about it whatever can I take a photo he just wears the Hat whatever it's him and I whatever Tim and I take a photo together just like you like old white shoulders down with the fans that's what I do hey I've never seen you smile like that ever what is happening why they even try it what about its 40th he's in radio there's there's a shocker dude - did Tim's a lot it's gonna play this one out [Music] [Laughter] kill the others double winces heavy sniper he's gonna drop you it's more alive right now that's great Ben pump Danny for you yes are you guys doing bro put this after the whole fight guys jack full shield Lupo I just found one yeah your bed take this wait we're gonna push it from Olga [Music] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music]