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we drop your polar peak change it up yeah right now Bob the sword right now we get it I hate the person I'm popping off Jack right here bro we're always getting the sword he's got my sword oh dear God no hits any of these walls were dead but let's say we can do well we're gonna be fine we're fine that guy sounds like he's just cutting everyone oh yeah you got any ammo for anything I zero zero oh god turret over here it's a sword deep shots lift please your God oh he's gotta play went down he went deep Josh okay I get the back no plain plain plain only thing I know how to do Kobe you're kidding me you're kidding me you're kidding me Nikki go help him in match man what you can hop around like a goose okay we're gonna revive you wait sorry this guy this guy yeah yeah get that alright this room is I'm ready to do it you all power do it poor guy got off his plane that was the state straight up bro oh my god that was just tough to watch to be honest ah me forget the sword he's beautiful ooh it on me on me set a different map you ready oh please guess somewhere to be come on ready no what's that one thing that the more date was you do the color it gets where's it at is purple got it oh you watch my chick literally that was just when your mind your thoughts it's like you're false or different language you know like you were the night that was the night that I was like yeah did I drank some rum and I didn't feel anything for like the first hour and a half then at all oh dude those those lights the worst bro Alexis told me that I covered my eye and I covered my eye and I said I can't see out of my right and she said honey we just went to the eye doctor your eyes are fine and I took my hand off my eye and I said no shit I can see it yeah [Music] and then Alexis world over and realize you be a father in five months like dreams you playing before night and like a tournament and like at the end of the game you can start hitting all your shots you don't want it as bad like screaming you believe I quit you'll come to me I got I got a trip to go if we want I can't it will let me switch alright I want to buy Instagram clip oops oh you down I'm here it's all my bill oh my god my bills getting shut down please who's getting the sword as even the sword no your God he's got the sword already Jack Jack Jack Jack I'm here here here handling it thank you for comin at me bye guys GG's it's really fun game really fun game please dear lord what did I do Jesus possible this is the possible this is impossible game security violation detective sorrow I'm talking about controller bro perfectly paid we catch Nick mercs live TV controller Nick talk to me early access for dudes on a plane Sam's in the middle loading bar bottom centre halfway done what he's alright help put the plane I got you uh uh guy on the tower with the with a gun coming up the ramp go over the ramp trace out give us here there's another one other one Tim where's Tim everyone's here so we'll get the sparkle grazie now don't get me being a good sport right party right pretty the rabble Nuttall Momo everybody Ram me right into a group before come on Jack don't choke this is your big moment yeah what I'm gonna make it over here big pop no no you take me you take I'll eventually get the help I've got a scared bro I'll go take your mouth talk him down very well played sir thank you I've actually cooked out well wait did I knock one yeah you did playing coming into full SWAT I think yeah I'm I'm zipping real quick I got one very weak here I really won't die I have hidden for so much damage you gonna kill me Oh middle oh there's more in that fight bro I don't know the place I'm even making right now I'm healing off but I'm trying to get to you can you help coming down my god this guy's just waiting for me get the dog off was he doing bro this guilt act my God he's anata we got him got him God he doesn't care he doesn't care courage have you ever met somebody who just doesn't care yeah Wow I don't know how I just lived through all that but man I am destroyed I hope people are infamous northeast probably up and crashing into it like N that's easy set our plane right there yeah it's right here to go oh dude you buy the roadies guys day yes I am going out to hear the rest they took 40 damage on them died another this is fun absolutely brother is like the worst combo ever I'll flame and the sores who and wrecking crew bro alright where's the next bill battle to get crash into Tulsa baby here I went all the way out the other way I was all the way okay or what I'm not okay not anymore lose fasiq head almost there just tunneling on right now you should be able to tunnel some more bud see one way out on the hill up there two of them at least how did that hit me and not him where is he where's he shooting me from what I'm coming to you bro if I can hate balloons rode so silent way back to be a meme bro you're about to get a twenty cool game holy Frick rare yeah fools got played like a baby that fooled like a fiddle bro are we still going to them why don't we go till to get a plane go polar thoughts I'll go then rift a polar land with me Tim damn just don't suck yeah you yeah your ass went down before my little man it's not much for kills kill check go check what a kids nobody surprise thank you what's a fries yeah that's a really crazy old yo girl girl got the airfryer and she's putting these fries in the airfryer there so as a bunch it's amazing it's an air fryer healthier than a normal Friday I don't know but in the air fries if it's incredible put oil inside the air fryer homie I have cereal I think would know that you're not yeah it's like the size of your toe your torso Tim so big it is huge I do know working on you know we're going down 39 visual there's a guy down there this guy's up there both everyone has done with him that was that right there everyone's got a gun you put six in an air fryer yes so good got the prime matter right now buzzing its next level be careful homie and tie for life overall the sword it's a Holly dude I just hit the sickest AB right there bro yes yo Nick your remember when I sounded like this bro you know what think you got a game voice on it was the voice processor it was being weird yo Nick you got any voice on what can you hear me right now in game no okay you're new to your here's a favor you heard that flavor kid has a turret southwest of me on the tower and he's having fun I'm sure give me Anantara man well the Tory boys just out there like alright are we going on the plane or what I've never seen you're so eager to do something except go to a buffet relax okay yeah I felt that let me get 50 gifted chat listen you and I wait to see wake up we ordered two cheese fondues for both of us he can't be really did she laughed at us cuz we got so much the merchant laughed at him and I we got two cheats mombi's for two people they said it normally serves a family of four she this is whether these Jesus is what these are you sure we are yes besides our family style they usually feed for our family through it okay I will not stop gotcha your dog is trying to yeah she is she's done before during the stream she's shagging some attention he'll wait what's the name your dog again Iko Iko Iko if you can hear me / host her JD just before you do it before that in my you see that video of my dog trying to stop me from going on the street yes that was a key so cute I need my dog to do that when I walked in the refrigerator [Laughter] here encourage you not to fight nope you do though Nick I'm gonna come ride you whoa [Laughter] who's not this will work right sick no casualties [Laughter] [Music]