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talk to me over shot it over shot it we're going right back also though what we're here don't worry bang Jack I got I got a mech here for the homie dad what happened you'll grab a plane and bring it down I'm gonna go get I'm gonna go get him I'm making you are you okay yeah jack oh man okay you're hacking got it nah dude all this guys I got down to one shot right that's what I say too yep Hey good night it's actually happier I never what Vic are you a salad guy uh yeah maybe what's your salad guy do you like beet salad you know wants to know if you toss salad okay your people rushing me boys got people rushing on their landing on me too really I got a thermal guy in in Park Nick where are they I don't know but he's in here somewhere people fly to get me flying Black Knight landing mid white mid 4os ound very nice I don't have us some GMO that guy's a bum just get the legend to ease Coney No all right yo I'm gonna drop a skip fire betting gets me every small mo Isom G give me a little and give you that thank you show with it ten months of Jackie anymore please I'm out I don't have any more sorry buddy it's not dusty Dusty dusty write down all my brothers we're doing the noise again oh yeah they are in the bills that we're doing this yeah you're obviously on the bottom out throwing boom boxes everywhere I'm staying far away boy all this guy's lowers hello you'll get that lower I'll still get lower there's two more on film both you guys are getting you're getting such parties from them above the hill which next week we got like a big fire anything Cuba is if you have a girl like me there's another guy in that build really loads of gingerbread man top gingerbread - ah you're the radios on there's so stupid did rifted buy a mission this is one buildin thing any psycho bitch f Gomi Gomi i see i see at least two once pyramid editing like peeking and the other ones like ramp brushing him Tim what's up in in one island Tim what's up man fuck this bro maybe you're gone still we can help you then seems tough dude I have a guess but you know I didn't trust you I thought you had balloons and you were gonna make me run all the way up there and shoot me out and so I hesitated and I didn't run up and I waited so you guys through the top and then you put the launch back down then I ran up and then I got shot [Music] all this comes down to Nicolas lying chat wasted no time GG baby gonna kill Chuck top to bottom kill checked off the bottom courage 17 oh man Rick murk 17 23 23 down to the 23 4000 damage 47 percent accuracy I'm like LeBron I'm little broad a fortnight Wow I knew Bron James afford a battle royale dislike button dislike button more like cat come on guys a little Bron James a fortnight Battle Royale alright block him for good Nikki did not block me actually Nick you block yeah dude I warned them that's it don't say it well done there's a pie-chart response it says should you have tweeted this and then it's nothing yellow and this is no courage Carmelo Anthony of 4/9 favor thanks the basketball player he's a fucking basketball yeah actually he will fold you like a pretzel dude look at me will no you would not you would not go go after the rock if Jason Bourne says save is real right yeah and he was coming to kill you mm-hmm okay are you just gonna okay but do you think you have a chance at all like just any chance on the world no no no there's no chance no you're just gonna write it off the board no no maybe he's having an off day I don't know this is the shot yes and maybe he shot I've never seen a Jason Bourne movie I need assistance by me I hear he's coasting fighting at Tim's not fighting it's weird Wow oh why would you do that one a to win streak I can't believe that Nicholas Nick I was tried to kill you and I yeah alls I'm saying is I know I have a chance against Jason Bourne it might be a very small chance right you know Nick you don't dude I have a chance I respect you as a person as a man I have a chance right but there's a chance like I'm not just gonna roll over and die you know all right country I don't know I don't know what's I'm home he's coming for me at night he's coming for me I'm sleeping wait you're in your house right oh no I mean I'm watching a chat here special niggas gone Jason Bourne wins hands down Jason Bourne wins with a pen and you have a gun you have any gun you choose he has a ballpoint pen and he wins Courtney but the first like for our amazing Nick that's lit there I heard I was told the story about you that I'm just kidding it doesn't sound like you because I feel like you would have done more okay I was being told Cirrus it was the it was what happened you on the airplane you want to talk about it oh yeah what do you want me to do about that knock off the old port of jail hey what happened what happened he doesn't know I told this story to you guys yeah check for there I told the story but it's better with Nick tell the next story fatal with the NAM all set we're turning this one on what you might want to go up you all right listen listen I'll try to do that swearing a little bit this ok I'm getting on the plane being the girl we got the dog right dogs are the most poor you got to got the things serfs and white dog flies with us or anything our first-class tickets cause it's a long flight it's a long flight Jim right like you're going to New York to LA you're gonna get a bit bigger ticket we're gonna dog you know okay so the first thing tickets for our players on and uh and Branka I'm on the jet bridge with the girl and we look at the ticket and they changed it we had we had four B and for a and knowledge that we have for a and for D huh st. grandmas keep going your eyes so we know everything you know you've to be jet bridge to the plane I turn left does the first class that turn left there's eight first class seats or so and I'm already confused like I like it up there there's this guy he's like our age guys know it's gonna finish this thing guys guys so fucking iPad you know you sit there we think and then there's this old lady on the other side they're on during the aisle seats 4b and 4c that's where they're at yeah so I I stick was a flight and I hate it so when we were getting on a plane sets wait for B now you guys in for a for D we got the dog the dog it's a lie it's a lot easier when we when we just share the room with the talk rather than he was right so okay okay well well shoot and she looks down at the old lady then she looks at the man and she taps a man in the shoulder she goes excuse me sir she gets down on me and she's like these two are with their dog and they were originally these two seats but we had to make some changes now there's any way to get this next to the old lady over there that the window seat dude and there's no fabrication is exactly how it went down he he he turns and looks at me he looks at me he looks at my girlfriend looks at the dog looks at the flight attendant looks back at me he looks back at the flight and says nah I'm all set so go look at this guy like I will actually it I will take you I will take you to the to the best time of your life homey III I'm looking at him I had to bite my I'm chewing on my fucking she got a bitey way instead of hitting this guy and any heat he looks away and and uh the flight ten listen me integrate my girlfriend's is doing everything's the same please please is basically so the flight end it goes okay listen I'll figure this out can you guys just bows to spit down your seats and as soon as we get up in the air up there it's a long flight we'll we'll switch around some seats won't figure and I go you give me a word with Josie ass okay so get this typically I'd have the girl sit by the grandma right cuz I don't want I want to sit right next to this guy I moved my elbow over a look at move might move my leg into his space get real invasive start breathing on him I really want to have fun with this guy you know and but it put my girlfriend and the dog they can't sit next to the lady because the lady can't get up and I don't know why at the time she can't get up so old lady she can't move she's in her seat now they had a wheeler and I don't know this so she asked me if I can sit over there and the girl who thought a goal over that over by the guy the schmuck so I have to do this Jason Bourne move to get over the lady and sit down a mighty I do it I'm sitting down on my chair and I'm looking over this guy am I ready I'm ready to put in he gets up the lady in the dog the the girlfriend the dog going they sitting there I'll see they sit down and my girlfriend's looking to me like it's okay it's gonna be okay and I'm looking at this guy this guy sits down I swear to god he immediately pets the dog and asked my girlfriend how old is he what a cute dog and I sigh I slap I slap my knee or something and I go hey look at me hey I'm yelling everybody is looking to me now if he will stand up I'm like don't you say another word or you say one more word girl I swear to god you me are not leaving this place we're not leaving one more word keep your mouth shut and he he looks at me and he just looks down at his iPad and I I am I'm drooling Tim I'm truly I I got saliva coming out of my mouth I'm so I've never been from the inside in my entire life I feel like I feel like I had to fight for my family's rights to live oh I'm looking sky are you kidding me all you had to do was shit by it's a first class these guys right here what's the difference you said you're good you're all set I could Tim I could have I could have killed them this day I'm still mad but we got off the flight it final I'm weary reorganize some seats in the front so we gather sang to each other but when we got off the flight I was i I thought someone was wrong with me because I was still mad it's been five hours and I want to follow the guy and I sold it below to hold the dog you know it's borderline I wanted to follow the guy listen you don't act like that that's incredible I would have got up a hundred times over for any couple with it oh my god yeah yeah I heard told me I was like there's no way I could micro forget the girl no my girlfriend could get he could hop over her but the dogs couldn't get in there so they had to go sit by the guy next to Grandma I was sat so uncomfortably close I know I sound like a cycle right now but it was it's just a combo of him looking at me and doing that and then go ahead you're not doing that petting my dog and then asking my girlfriend's the right question with his back oh my god but I'm on a plane it's probably one of Tim subs well if I pull magic if I if I were to turn up on it is it from that's gotta be it I'm here I don't know you you beat the first day you can say what's off about you pretty you probably could yeah bouncer is stuff on there tow cameras can't see no they can't real hard to with the heel yeah and they push you and then they camera something faster you push me for lead or you or you can't get my test you can fart on them yeah I was gonna do it all but next imagine baiting that with a par yeah you just cover the far you throw in his face great I don't know man still matters day I ever seen I'd never forget a face that guy's gonna be like 60 it's getting clocked at a diner in the middle of nowhere the same stupid iPad Nick's gonna knock him out cold sir is there a problem here no I'm all set walk away [Music]