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it's about time we introduced the last legend of the night place gentlemen courage JD get him out here [Applause] let's go come on bro are we ready to dock time to play baby tomato by Tyler yeah instead you know we do yeah yeah JD okay if you guys like heavy snipers you can buy it for metal brick or wood here that's so fun fact dinner started at 6:00 and I was a person line thank you very much yo chat wait for real what do you I said I'm horsing around don't worry Jack in here too doesn't let me know repeated easiest way to convince us that there's an issue as to donate right now alright Tim sorry Tim is so far by himself Tim's dead I decide to slum Attica I'm literally looking up and see you guys as I talk to you this the best experience ever thank you wait tim is sending it my goal is to not die of fall damage once you sleep why when you yell and your hand flops around Oh God I'm taking the zipline odds I live hey Tim Tim stop please I'm sensitive Tim please do not knock the offensive line do not knock you up the sit-lie did there's so much there's so much girth in this webcam post it [Applause] yummy baby shoe doctor Wow nice Oh 20 gifted I'm watch Patti now go try I'm getting stick found out up in mine please right behind us let's go Jim Swaine full focus playing off on this plane one dude plane sound I got enough to go for us in a place where every die rip them no help let's go behind us - no one attacks my doctor Zucco gets away with it go fine what's the freaking bad guy dude you don't whistle bless you do nothing just tag boxing I'm down hit me right now let's do this things about you need to revive robostir oh my god witness your suicide damn setting it up right now try a headshot bill there come the ramp there goes dr. Lee's lead not timid a vain if you've done in six days be this pile of like a courage I need help [Music] [Laughter] I got another one no white time Sox won another one courage actually got that no wait this other guy dynamiting romance that should be weak topper the job our guys are dead set on that let's turn it help them now low shield snow shields knock oh wait I see you see me no shields will kill the teammate this guy's got no shields I'm rushing him got him you're not taking that man at all oh my god I'm getting I'm getting boombox bro I kidding boombox Jax is insane I can't build a wall break the beats Jack no shields knocked him nobody not let up got you bro crawl more here more here on this item grappling on you trying to find try and I'll find them my boy right now champ playing from epics data center here in front of us which one of us booty pushing us oh my god what you know I see the one down low yeah pull couple one south side hit'em 84 shield oh my god how am i alive I hear that in the depot in the depot in the boom box don't off be careful knocked one who's gonna join my killed it I did more damage and you think your hush no you did not thank you very much [Music] that wasn't macaroni and cheese that was for cheese gnocchi you uncultured swine okay yeah stop ma I know my mom's watching and she's gonna remind me of the chicken too please oh well I know more about Italian food and if you love a good lucky you know it's the mac and cheese felon yah he did G and OC CH IG g-man no GG man I was the hot dog shut down you want to know please please boys well you know I'm literally just sorry janna chakra dude just tune in Jack's down that's what I will be dead you know what I'm gonna go use the restroom during this side [Laughter] [Music] sprinting as fast ahead there's literally bball had five people on it we've been here get it is he gonna email ze money you don't know right forward I'm on the way play my musics papa are you playing on me I just got slowed anew by a kid into right now pressure on and here folks he can feel the girth in the room gonna pop these minis to plays flying over two teams as well the shotguns down 152 he says I eat damn what he killed two of them with one shot he killed over but watch how we did bro we got the first guy to play jack benefit story daddy killed two in one shot you see it he's got to go for it he's gotta go one more the guy's got a deagle thank summary sub-zero the subs come in 87 gifted oh that's what sounds like how many be courage alright I'll be - hey what's up guys it's courage JD wow I had a pretty face of shot can I get a fifty fifteen haha kidding but seriously but seriously slash Tim the tap man slash daily videos slash - Batman creator code - the time yeah oh my god [Music]