NINJA’S RACE TO 100000 KILLS NEW WORLD RECORD Fortnite Battle Royale




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guys this is a very quick intro I want to thank you guys for the insane support on the channel in the last week we gave 70 thousand subscribers in five days I'm blown away 60 plus percent of you guys who watch the videos are actually sub so I'm challenging you right now we are about sixty thousand subscribers away from 1 million making account you having them already subscribe right now you have one it's absolutely free join the courageous you're on YouTube enjoy today's video almost 1 million of you guys thank you so much [Music] what's up there did you hit the number yet or no I saw that I saw that I had an idea like how close you guys want up yet I mean apparently I'm only down by like 70 so what you're saying is well what do you what do you wanna play right now I mean why not dude let's do a squad know Phil okay not even kidding this is actually insane if you're saying this I got my hair cut yesterday the day before my barber literally was like dude I'm kind of off to start today I'm like why what's up he's like I woke up with dope like a terrible dream that I was like in a football stadium at a game and he was with his girlfriend on the one side and his parents on the other side and like like a plane was collapsed like the world was ending and like light and he could like just messed him up a star today and now you're saying this dude I'm getting like bad omens from this bro I don't like this I took a shot wait I'm getting like bad omen bro there's like a select few people knew and I had the right way of surviving but everyone else was just gonna try to like bunker down and like try to like embrace the blast or something man well like I had this like and like we like breathe underwater they haven't really breathe underwater and they needed water and I was like dude I've created this mechanism that allows like it creates water and like you also need an oxygen as well so you need like water and like you like a little bit of both coming a whale right I will just go up and I was like I have this in it like it gets her to the water and then it brings it back like I have this machine I need everyone and it was messed up man like no one would listen to what you had to say yeah it was such a lucid dream were you aware that it was a dream that was going on I I like 100% knew that it wasn't like a 3 despite 3 over here one in the gas station and one behind-the-back Hut thing mm i cueing this absolutely alright on the episode dusty thirty nights like a hundred twenty let's go we're getting sniped that means third party - I believe I see you someone's sky basin oh my beer you got a balloon there goes one balloon tilted die now these guys are landing with us to about to get hot hit one 107 over there 33 shield another one down this job I'm gonna fill it up tag him she'll that's what Solomon some of your shield job 150 on them he'll hide the treat sitting still baby 31 huh Tyler 31 one guy above you good thing I'm 44 good job I also went back in time in the dream to dude it was an alternate reality where like I never met at the end of the dream I ended up like going back to normal like last second thing I got like crazy it was the entire basically the entire reality I was like trying to get back to the other reality hated it Donna right nine you got a red red Sun sprite another two quad launcher be careful what's your shield tag what do you want she'll tags no shields left you know what you know what it was did you know you want to I think I had some messed-up dreams dude yeah night last night watching like creepy freakin music videos dude that'll do it yeah wait did you have drinks too huh whenever I the only time any time I drink the only time I get I have dreams literally almost 90% of time is when I when I've had drinks I don't dream when I'm when I'm sober not anything that one behind like less than eight health kenny'll quick bleed out it's nice like I was watching I watch like 14 explain oh yeah the entire Joe Rogan Elon Musk podcast Elon talking about like AI and yo players here in North mm-hmm the artificial intelligence and howling it could take over yeah they will take over yeah it's like there's a--there's he said there's once is one scenario work where what they would not take over and that's if we merge 84 six eighty four more my guys won it there hey buddy he also says that we're already cyborgs in a way that our phone our phone is a direct extension of ourselves so like you mean so like I think he's an alien dude well what my big thing for me is that I wouldn't be surprised at all like he brought up the idea once of on a talk show where it's like how how can you say that we aren't already like living in someone's Sims world like like they're there created world you know like with how far technology has gone in games in literally the last 10 years think of what games were you know Brooke Ted 20 years what's to say a thousand years from now games aren't so far developed like you can literally sim like you can literally simulate consciousness ninja is actually a cyborg not clickbait oh my god above us on the floor peak-to-peak 157 and he's not backing up at all okay it's gonna savage okay they're about to the Edit zone top of the links I'm rushing in another one got them on the back now see them peace walk like the very very weak I kiss heated right alvaro plain guy could a little not to be here you kill him he's got nothing please someone a to two walls like a bill I'm watching trace out yep three three three players did their whole buildings new mexic in you mention Oh my only wall smiley wall oh my god colander colander colander colander told it dude I really I really had to help to builds that I blocked both rockets and then I saw the metal wall come up oh my god man use this natural Hill in the lake behind us or they're up there at the place he's moving towards us nice shot 105 tag on her that pumpkin shield off dad I was seeing pyramids finish someone's definitely round yeah I was I will be reading the cornfield yep oh I tried to suck him in the cord wait is that a carpeted the way you said I was the plane dude I was I love the video so much that's why I sent that video back straight south on top of the thing right talk about sure wait I somehow drop my heavy I dropped my heavy cyber during all that for two shotguns so I think it's awfully heavy cyber I just shot him all right go chichi man how was the play I was so cool I was just so blown away in that moment like I was the fry man all day that just happens to me a chichi man I was the plate okay that's time you missed the present so it's gonna be a grappler sure I've got rockets at Eagle you deserve any walls left give him extra turret yeah I did dropping them like I see it going all the way up there I can't see anything oh we just slightly not I mean he's got a heavy sniper so that's tough 43 health now guys having fun I eat here [Music]