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Oh dad one for nine [Music] are you out of your minds roach at I got a grand sense on that right now Oh got one tag number 30 oh god I'm gonna play war I'm dead fine I got a full squad chasing me a riffs boys know my name right above you oh he's on kids if I got out wait I can't take my gun out how are you doing great dude yeah another team right here my marker don't think that would courage Amir deagle give me the kid mere detail courage courage getting the deagle actually courage on what you want huh know how to do this you press shit Jack Jack am i jump out you want me to you want me to fly Jack it's all part of the plan oh okay parked it for us bourbon Don I'm coming helping that hit me got it basketball courage but I had a shotgun whoopsie world away go I need you Jairus Troy what okay so Jax you just blow yourself up when we got where we got one let's go okay courage I like the progress on your backpack oh my god does that mean I've barely done any damage I don't know how that works that means you've done about a hundred damage where's the ASAP in the window in your life Coolidge look at your backpack look a little damage up close see how about now kid just kept a 2000 and you're not even halfway there okay to stop come on just give me this please give me this my big moment dude we've gotta trap you then one shot what why him for 70 70 HP item for literally one shot I tied with him that would have been the most of Limbs row Jesus wait so what do we do here Marcel go down the basement do you eat I'll be the judge okay and then the floors are gonna light up you ready go what I'll get on the tile and dance hey what's up boy - me too - me too eh eh go go go go go go go go go go okay you got that one else I'll play back here strap strap strap series forget or so we don't eat both of us no they're joking they're just joking know how we down by one what Marcel get up there oh my god dude these are getting we've the worst orangie dude oranjee is so bad dude and I'm right now he's he's seriously hacking oh my god I'm trying to build no no it wouldn't let me do my mo come on come on do it in a pill don't do it you go feet I never even liked him anyway bro yeah I don't like those guys just cheated did you see that I was lagging the whole time yeah puffer puffer and swap I just edit the videos to make it look like he's won Marcellus let's fake a reaction like we just well let me go back down there and three back in yeah edit that there we go and we're sad balloon and bolding ballooning yeah I'm going straight down by the way air strike to them poor kid thought he stood a chance yeah and Papa's coming oh my god I have going I spent $4.99 a K this is great come on ninja you did not you ruined my death what you did no I ate I made please if either Chapel up right now if I see one ninja chug-chug emote in your chat I'll give it to you go ahead that way the years more syllables there all right Marcel why did you know there was a trap in there or so some people just want to watch the world burn remember that let's grab me do the Turkish Reds planes I see two gliding oh my god planes coming back for us boys scare them off another plane Northwest crash will get it the plane planes ripped up ripped up plane I'm getting shot by another plane now I blame you got a guy behind me too up on the hill above myself oh no not in the plane I'm not the driver going tell Motel more fell under a big moment chat for music one down other one storm Beamen right now Jack what am I not ourselves you know what I'll eat the soap storm-damaged I want my lips listen I know you've been going for like 13 hours but no 14 but you've been live for how many hours 14 you know that minion clip boom all day rip today they're in the sky boys oh my god you see them where are they oh we tell the tree oh my god oh Jesus I wonder if they had fun right there boy folk okay wait white wheat white wait what dude on my screen I was just sitting in it all right well we're gonna blow the plane away it jumped all out so safe with white God thanks God can we get a tea oh no guys listen are you kidding me what's your thoughts what's going immediately cool troopers all true the sweaty sweaty sweaty yeah okay what's he do with three stars fram-o team is behind me alright the soccer kick oh yeah go ahead good tax everybody field Bulldog by kid right here cards right behind him ever since someone said the map looks like a dude with an afro I can't let see it I don't see it what the desert part is his face yeah homie you you're you ever said seas that is on drugs what are you talking about okay it's a side profile so how's your guys day going just I sure it's all don't see any face someone's dropping down my cloak my name's ninja oh fuck the plane I'm shooting with it oh my god Marcel's my daddy what my father don't mind me guys there's a full health so I got you like why you said your floating head is stuck like that yes you start okay you can hop on the lawn better anything or you everyone's gonna see me like I'm floating yes someone's here I think I had the two that I had to do I don't know where to eat [Music] Wow just walk dude what wait what right next let's read exes look at Tyler they deadly big Tyler's a cheater bro they what a hundred percent through father doesn't get banned rip please don't reform me dude ok I've already learned my lesson baby drop just float over fire watch your back you ghost can't move I'm stuck on you pick me up [Music]