ladies and gentlemen courage dainty with an early login at the family's house wait wait even replying to ninjas way oh god I join in the wrong computer and I wonder why dude I joined on the wrong computer dude I did a whole reaction but I was my my community what what's wrong see that what happened we won't know we won't know from the same team I know that's you right there though right you're the elf's kid with Kenny yeah yeah yeah yeah no you look at my back thing look at my study each other no you can't hurt each other devastated yeah I didn't think you get hitmarker you don't know when you knock someone you don't know you don't know anything you don't know where the storm goes there's no map like it at like I'm in my map key oh my god what the play right now you know how many players are laughs oh yeah there's no dere wheel until two dare we I mean I'm down I'm sitting up for this the riding on us knock one of the air got that guy another one the air no shields dead oh my god we just beamed everybody fighting down low a week dr. ice tag the guy once to the porta fortress tag the guy once in the plane to I'm ripping the plane up just gonna break sure they're gonna take a ton of damage yeah that we just did damage them for sure hi Chad one of the government doc one heavy sign for looking at us doc Tim oh my god storm is it has taken over dusty only ten enemies left what that's cool yeah that looks crazy ripped it up down low in the storm holding up their plane up top up top up top job to be - I do not know how far as you go okay I was following your bill next - get out you're dropping 90s 20 bomb action right here oh god oh god I'm God oh I crash into another place kill him there's more here knocks him I think there was more on the other side yeah there's still one more down low no skin no shields dead oh my god drive it right into him Oh hit him oh yeah did you fuck I got it what then what about us go hello Oh bye hey I'm counting my days of this gun I know it's I'm sure I'm letting everyone know right now that when the when the deagle gets nerfed or vaulted it is Curtis fault not mine thank you very much oh wait that's their mistake dude it's nice guys last guy are you so mad 36 in the last two games old duo squads shall I be come on you'll find their Brendan training Oh in fact I died that would've been so disgusting see the one running tag them once won a row what do you not understand chat and you put Tyler and I together wins happen there's just no other way to point it dude yeah baby this is the pompon babe yeah I eat I'm getting laser deleted dad Papa these minis I'm ready to go plain plain plain shot tag - she'll be up nice job - left - tea - I guess it open the plane right oh right thank you it's spring right at me oh you mean to tell me it was a solo that flew directly at black night you got a six-shooter another plane rip the wing guy up yet pee panic to cut out they just got that kid just got beat up on me doc my guy he's got it lighter kids try guys a good try three of them at least not one other ones no shields I'm dynamite again crushing me plane flying at you dang it's out oh I got sniped should be able to build nice you're good skillet you're good still I don't think it's an angle on you build the second you get up built nice shot all the way down right on me gas me up tag the one below use to the sunstrider Linksys absolute weak okay he's all this weight sticking I'm sticking up sticking of second let's go Tyler 19 that was intense bro that was intense dude tag the one on the ground right there clean is one shot plane is weak what complain to folks just fell out knocked one on the hill tagged the one up on the low ground on the hill twice tagged them out there for a shield got it docked one are you dad kid yeah I think the last guy yeah he's in uh he's in the hub right here six in a row best combo ever a listen I don't mess around okay these needs okay oh wait he for that much Claire line play life hard Oh play for the win streak Tyler oh my god we're still in it ouch hello oh my god let me out of here god oh my god the frickin no dancing sign its invincible that's why that's why I couldn't move I thought it was the cactus could it be weaker back to the lobby bro here Oh it's all your fault [Music] [Music] oh the win streak no no you're not outbuilding me come on here sevinor oh that's your right sub QT hey sexy perfect humming out whoa he got on the plane I just got pumped in the head I didn't realize what a legend Wow 2220 you can get me ten eight six yes four oh my god he got me right in front of me [Music] in 200 squads on a hardcore mode playlist come with me coming f18 be in front of look another one above even in a hole more above you knocked into another one above another one above crack the stood so hard I got a please still on me that one job where are you guys are you on the mountain plain below us at least two down there I believe [Music] he jumped I'm driving I'm driving Giovanni buddies on the back there's no one on the back I got a ball if there is not a lot not on my screen road there's no one like there was no one of my screen Tyler I swear to God not now oh my god I got on the zip line oh my goodness oh my god oh not again okay I'm just taking this one for a real this time I Scott 18 anonymous gifted snobby sniping at me no I'm dead I'm going for the one of the hill let's go Tyler nineteen again let's go [Music]