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or to you know where he said you know where Italy went oh the old scar if to go first chest the Eagle a big shield second chest I already have my weapons I got a pump to buy Santa in the in the river in the lake two of them two of them both the cypress feel them rope each a trophy see so we got tagging three times in a K so Steve challenge one one one guy left one guy left one situation courage Jay Dave and his home stay right now with his family this is where he gets the dogs golden deagle golden RPG one shotgun pump try to show up and bully but he's trying to pretend that he's not good at the game to trick his opponent yeah brilliant gameplay coming out of courage day exactly what I did there guys is that the rest here yes they're already here courage well aware of his surroundings he knows this map like the back of Ariana's hand that's that's creepy that's creepy but last word could be anywhere lots of bushes around building up showing his 90 capability look at this man nice and high up in the sky the higher he goes the sooner he'll be able to open up this wonderful care package nobody gives off a nice crispy slurp or or player II annoying looking around trying to find it storms moving in Wow courage JD not a lot of healing to choose from he's gonna faucet so you can shot from the side Blair's gonna try to build take our choppers one ramp that's weird there's a fall damage this guy's clearly a naughty list Curtis J he gonna try to earn himself another win here with speed 10 for the day he's not hitting these deagle shots alright courage there needle body for 50 75 santa claus is coming to town and courage is going in dry what-o then watching it at us just the one guy full squat above us I mean maybe he just want to get there quick you know some people really like paradise I do that a lot look at that don't you guys down for a time I landed filthy right you guys do that a lot right where you write up this form of the game you build up oh oh it's the glitch you got that you got the replay bug that's that's gonna be the new years of that 100% bro are you kidding me happy new years dude why there's about to be a party at that time bro that's gonna be awesome in Wilson's right now I'm winning and we'll chat oh my god wait dude balloons make no sound if there's like a moment where if he's not yelling and he still got destroyed could it be me 20th help in a dream he was having fun that happy for I think they're on the roof of this building I probably might be a theme or something yeah boy games toys already do with a nice three that's adding up to and you just heard of player pick up something behind him Oh flirt can't rap on top of that pyramid though where's that rotating resetting nice courage almost got hit by that zipline but not this time on this on the back I don't know clean up there's a medkit so we could relax for a little bit kidding me you're kidding me what is going on bro materials there are minis outside in bat vending machine and there it is brick for mini cookie have enough he does he's got one there it is a K he's gonna return and now he's got one mini and whatever is left in that bowl sealed all currents got bigger balls than a giant rhinoceros with almond itis areas brick for another mini he's gonna pop up to a hundred shield here quarry he's got Mormon ceiling love to see that he's putting down that turret letting the opponents know hey I do have a turret be careful party right here players to the left got a balloon running around is that Marcel working his part-time job at the clown so he's gonna go for the talented solo player in a one-on-one tracked it here it is the shots coming out courage here it is the first shot but is gonna laser with that star hip fire here comes the entities not to be able to get it but what is his and what is this plate as you need to be careful he doesn't like round car it's tight stop right there star Sam and there's the last rattler uses for my brown players but attractive okay guys okay guys really good players double balloons with rocket launchers really talented players oh yeah plane spawn planes fall on top mountain three of them ziplining bunny Thank You Blaine yeah I'm flying north David I heard shop yeah I'm diving down out to people well this guy hates me Yeah right in front of us coming down the mountain yo he tried to run up his ramp and those perfect tagged them holy jesus christ what a shot nice job Tyler twenty it was 23 it goes our highest yet how many person wins imported or no no your second I believe job you're a second to z-rotation an Xbox player six thousand four hundred and eighty eight wins wait a minute this guy has almost 1500 more wins in me there that they're all squad wins what I think hey does is just search and queues with a god team so it looks like how many solo once again 23 in his career shot him down Tagg heavy i got a pad oops fall damage oh god I literally my first thought was is that is that a skit but you keep cold on a skid yeah in the dusty dusty parking lot I'm gonna try to time agafia seif of my young career Oh oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god got it in the parking lot still I think or they ripped it tag the shields once absolutely [Music] what is going on that's dead Jesus Christmas together you got him it's gonna zip line on the side come in three two one oh I tagged them leave a plane or no I'm not no one with you I'm with you [Music] no please don't shoot me out of this no it's a ticket for to using Johnny coming in against the rock you hit switch there with his rapido the to another carries going down there it is the comers gone these two players jab can smell the flood like sharks sharks in the water he's the Santa Claus he's a cute little bunny rabbit sorry this is the wrong holiday sister one red line feeling the pressure school are not pushing to to and there's another finish willing to remain in quarantine there's one left [Music] I'm so much better I'm so much better [Music]