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birthday day you should gentlemen alright alright this looks like me what I try to do this oh there's this sword guy he's right there that's what everyone should yeah there's like eight people shooting him right now oh yeah he's like right here Wow all right can brains explain yeah he's he's so he's got to be one shot or close to it he's in the basement got him alright well I guess I'm taking it let's play boys duck 1 are they up there nice Island teammate I guess oh I see what's typing at me Southwest go 400 it was 85 oh there's two seats here one oh there's a nog ops up here aisle two of them two of them I'm getting shot I stopped ripped up by a plane Jesus Christ dr. Naga easy AGG homie hold on me he just grappled unto me he's so heated to try to grapple away and hit me oh I was hoping I reach this door oh wait uh 1532 team fighting scenes I have a lot of fans on the other second hey boys JD oh that's it dude you wanna [Music] let's play keep polluting I'm just gonna let them float what this kid maybe laughs if he floats he's dead - you're shots if he lands he said to the blade that wasn't fair 69 meter fall damage but eh-eh-eh-eh-eh chat one game on one win that thing just doesn't make sense bro where we going Tilton oh you know my trap I'm going for the guy probably made some health dream [Music] I do know my way around you change like so yeah I just saw shadows but something something I just my back yeah they're testing something something's happening just happen again three row there's a developer there's a dude bro what is happening what is going on hey there's a developer out there about to be fired chat developer change it change it this game that three more times if I'm gonna get a ninja skin that's funny it's a it's Dana [Laughter] yah yi yi up here oh why don't you leave me there cycling back I'm all the way oh let's say the sense to jump out of the zipline grapple off the tree up top off the tree do it again dangle it fire miss go back up that not hit that Oh soars over there toward heaven you gotta go find it I mean sure and then I'll hate myself don't bill when you're around it don't bill when you around it oh my rocket oh my kid yeah I'm gonna go from Bobby job bro that was so perfect man of that oh he's building a public school oh my god that guy was above this guy's below two in a row Wow 13 I had a job seven Oh mom's what do you Bob what do you got well where's your now brother yeah back to the hamlet okay yeah yeah I just start the side of the cliff did Medicaid at the bottom of the broken house today [Music] where was that might get down you sir trying to drive to take any more fall damage be blind wait what wait what there's a medkit right here dude yeah okay you just dropped it he gave it to me you're trolling right that wasn't that was actually on the ground on your screen it was not on the ground on my screen I'm not kidding the sword is like pecan pie incredible but unhealthy yeah I got I got eyes on two and there's more pushing in fields up the the the the blue jacket drone hey 100 shield back one nice both dead alright there's more pushing in no she'll know she'll play kid we would look at the zone Tyler look at the zone we gotta go are there balloons anywhere I don't see any hold on check out these chests or something I don't have a wash pad nothing I got balloons you do I start using to pop one of the new Charmin yes your honor I didn't eat this flip balloons there's someone right up here bro definitely copies me jumping on me yeah I'm fighting a guy not one lady good with a man launchpad I got a plan I got a plane dude be right here miss you you're good right oh yeah are you going yeah I'm going I'm going what up boy y'all thought you were safe huh right through the ramp these heated heated as TV blocked the ramp even more now and you're gonna be more know me hey boys they're both they're both by the vending machine Nexus soccer bill all right pushing I'll come in front of an angle the other move it there's their confidence players want ceramic towards me there's lira you're like evading me or their dynamiting me I'm blanking I'm thanking tag the 134 shield down one bullet funny though [Laughter] Hey the 42 little three gameplay three wins chat I mean it's like clockwork would you put tile right together it's like clockwork okay landing alone courage JD where are you oh my god I was I fit I was finishing post my video dude every time you post a marker over somewhere in the desert I just don't think it's real what do you normally have any riddle mouse button me that's why your marker always gets placed okay that makes sense yeah yeah yeah likely story there I'm getting shot at by a frickin plane I just land it and I'm getting shot at by plane this tree really very self-conscious I'm sure sorry I'm 12 yeah yes Fred yeah okay you're a weird one mr. JD mr. Jack cute and you're so cuddly my dad to snipe you're not me on my mounting knew you shot down my pills mr. Jack your deagles are like now my hand is sore from yesterday I slammed my desk ouch out actually really hurt to do that I just loves your lips alright I have to yeah yeah ready this is gonna be my boy Patrick home beyond the 30 right right he's gonna be it's gonna be high formation right okay he's gonna call he's gonna call audible red 17 red 17 hot poop and then he's gonna hold it he's gonna wait for it he's gonna wait for it he's gonna Superboy tyree kill at the end Oh knock it out I see a car still driving 50 wait the car brake the car then we got two planes Oh God oh hell just broke loose 74 she'll tack not couple buy more flights at corner brick I'm going once a gingerbread man and sweaty just blew himself up coming you're about your good ego balton just me yeah literally you've literally to be won the last leg three games to be honest I I got the I got the Shocker grenades ball to the impulse trades ball to no no no I have knocked Ben and I have knocked each other more than anyone I know oh I'm just a from good clips that's what I to put impulse train emotes for a reason Tyler oh my god he nearly hit me and he didn't that's keyword let's play a game sodomy get the blade ripped up a bunch of a shield what okay good enough because I shot on him that's it I wanted the typical like are you are you I wanted the nature freak out to leave I wanted on Instagram snapchat MySpace YouTube I wanted that uploaded everywhere sorry than I thought expectations for a good friend of mine okay there once it haunted both in haunted to tag all their dire yeah oh that looks sick yo that sick oh my god oh my gosh four days behind four wins fun fun gaming session did six hours of crisp gaming session in six hours I've got I got 15 wins oh that's efficiency that's action sane that's that's incredible incredible yep I love it I love what I just saw right there proud of you well and then you're doing football tonight so that's the end of our friendship [Music] [Music] Marty over a dude you literally already over it though [Music]