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previously more inside inside inside he's throwing in a dummy builder happy to musicians to artists I think you mean to musicians into that guys like a we both with the same exact mentality I'm gonna ready up I'm just grabbing a water I'll be right back all right be safe in let me be safe I'm walking into my I'm walking to my kitchen there he is oh what a squad yeah let's get it maybe it's good to hear your voice no your voice no it's good to hear yours let the brand man speaking right and here we go commence kissing you just come hot wad yeah we are actually really we are really a physically like attractive squad let alone like our gameplay switch off the red where are you go oh I'm sorry tomatoes F I'm throwing Tomatoes Adam I got you Brennan whoa Dylan let me pump Jackie you got a gun in there from I have a wait here throw this I'm gonna throw this present down maybe we'll get something oh my god I'm around the corner no I'm students pretty desiccant we're fine keep this guy's dressing his friend in them in a minute I'm gonna save do it I'm gonna save you no mommy he's weak please no way he's so weak he's so we keep so weak mommy please help [Music] boy I'm touching you I'm touching you oh my god how are we all live look at her elf look at our combining to me here's we're gonna do we're gonna shoot this wood out I just feel so angry Tim wait Tim let me find out let me find out you like Sarah dated Alexis the first time you guys went on a date Oh like chocolate strawberries she wants me to it I tell her no she's like sing me a song I'm like no Brendan and ill ill hold on that's the flyover teacher I just saw these kids oh god I'm getting shot at all right operation save courage he's turning me this is us turning we're inbound wait a min all right I'm trap Oh God fuck who is that dad on the plane on the fly hey dad his voice [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] misshapen thirsting everything oh my god yeah I don't you on Twitter the guy who's the contact that go excellent mid Duke no zoom in your next song wow I mean that little section and I will put that in the song I'm going wait wait don't yes Dylan can we try this one too first song ready yeah accurate JD I don't let me just social medias including discord applaud what applaud just plug my Twitter do tell me imagine the dropped until it's soft it is me just say home Instagram Kirti tax heels twice oh my god right on me better days wait I'm on my way wait 78 shield I got him he's like doing 90s he thinks he's like my dad one shot absolute could it be weaker could not be weaker thank you what you hit him for 578 oh I actually hadn't 429 of mine oh my god they're right on me why Oh save it kid I'm your dad no Brendan if you can oh my god wait me at the leave oh my god Oh No the zone the zone Oh [Music] bye-bye whoo that's frickin awesome on there listen your courage JB all right so you're so right bro lose this you're better than them you're so are you really are you have a million subs not with okay that's actually toxic bro did you really go oh my god yeah hit her killed that guy I wanna I wanna I wanna I don't know I would have made Chad give you hundreds of yeah oh yeah watch it well I guess that isn't safe not I think about it it's three four Oh christ almighty oh my god you're guaranteed a million subs on YouTube guaranteed a million subs on YouTube gasps hurry wait they're getting good watch if you win [Music] my god [Music] amazing oh wow this is actually it's a he's gonna try to get that guy up he's gonna get his buddy up yes Jack you like okay yeah guys still above you above you you're insane his pop hit me I feel like curry Oh Brendan I'm gonna come and drop off this thing yeah near each other that's dope no no no but I'm going to I'm going to Vegas so I'm just gonna drive by his place all right wow you don't even realize how fast I'd be there and that was like we joked about it we talked about it with dude seriously we've gotten verbal we got in verbal like people being like yes I want to do it from Jordan Fischer we could have such a talented stacked album oh my god Tim we need to do this bro what do you name it bro hey listen to this please mom know people who love it we get we get country Greg - we get country Greg we get like Legion on it oh my god 80 miles from Santa Fe guys a team Austin SantaFe guy let's get Mike Jones on there yes do it soldier boy oh dude I'm trying to talk to soldier boy right now no joke I'm trying to get him on a song guys there's no way there's no way we're gonna be able to get Ari even well fight fire applied to our other 10 tweets but I'll send another tweet that's gonna be on the album there you go yes we re I could pretend to be her I could pretend to be here and we'll just sell it like that I think that's legal thank you featuring Ari I can do the whistle tones the whistle soft notes we got her here bro there we go never seen Ariana Grande and uh Brendon Urie in the same place [Laughter] I knew it all posts all baby posted be on it alright now we're really cooking with fire oh my god there is folks ninja okay dude stop be toxic how how you feel when your food arrives no purchase required I just my computer I just kicked my computer oh my god my left big toe is done it's fried any remember back well you could carry 60 rockets or you don't know G enough Chad can't believe it Brokeback is still cheaper dude all the oh geez don't surface so it's pixels in a video game shelf am I mean as you are currently using this game that you stole your sister your mom's like galaxy phone or tablet yes I did thank you very much it is my wonderful mother like meat why do I need to get this phone don't worry mom do it I heard it's the best of the market by the phone the sword that has space time sure let's take on it the llama I see a llama northeast 56 if you want to go get it looking I'm looking I'm looking I'm looking it's on top of the hill keep going keep on straight wait is that it northeast oh my god all the way up there it what a spot how did you see that car car oh my god Dylan Dylan done campfire a minute let me hold my lord I got sweat sorry boys the end is near they were up there somewhere I think in that side of the bill yep left side my god no you're winning this game I could feel upstairs you're gonna die though how should I die gracefully honestly try to win just sit here and pray you gotta wait hopefully the solo Wrexham oh and then you get no one we want to kill them oh yeah get this together yeah no not from here not from here get closer to the wall okay okay actually I'm so new zone oh my god are you get build like multiple brick one by one [Laughter] he's like he's like Marcel what Marcel does you're good although one get knocked won the soul stirrers getting knocks he eliminated one it's a1 b1 b3 all right basically dude if anyone if anyone builds a platform you snipe it okay okay you got her killed it's a1 b1 b2 reloading reloading reloading don't don't shoot don't try 6/9 that one didn't stick the landing - whoopee whoopee one everyone together get ready get ready get ready get ready get ready any plan for any platform whatsoever there's 31 oh did you did you to use your scar use your scars my body heard I had so much anxiety are you kidding me well I died that team ninja died to that team so I guess no one's greater than Tyler nice oh my god you know what that felt like right there that felt like we split into a different universe like in the universe we were in Dillon loses that but that we split into that alternate universe and they and I feel like I my body was just tasered like that's not what I feel that the kind of society I had how good were my one by one well one by one's would mean that you built multiple you built one one by one wait it today let me glide Tyler yeah don't reload the heavy it's a glitch so if I reload the heavy sniper exit oh my god if I did that to you you would have me banned from fortnight that was an accident [Laughter] I love painting oh what's that many love you when you go into a disco I think my ears are bleeding minutes high Oh God okay get some zip nada died are they going wait how did you start getting laser for my a are go oh no oh okay what's happening work quit Wow try to pick up Dylan I do not have an AR right now this is gonna be terrible also there's a there's a launchpad bias oh yeah I'm just really out of my sight looks like at least I'm gonna be how poised I'm really helping time yeah we all collided up a zip line and it just knocks you down on that my god sorry that was Tyler he was like saying hi to front I'm rude I'm already over it [Laughter] [Music] [Music]