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Subtitles by DramaFever [Nail Shop Paris] Episode 2 So that's what happened. Did you know it was Tae Hee? Please put it back. Let's say I didn't hear what you just said. Please, Alex. I know I come off weird. But there is only Alex in my head and in my heart. Maybe it's better if you don't come for a while. If you want, I'll refund your membership, too. Please take your time. I have a client. Wow, this looks delicious! Who... Wait. Your missing ring and diary... Did Tae Hee do that, too? Apology or excuse, let's meet her first and see what she says. - Jin, can you call Tae Hee? - Sure. - What? - Don't worry. You were suspicious of me. You'd never apologize. I'll just pretend that you did. Jeez... She's not answering. She probably can't face him either. After doing this... Ma'am, let's just go to the police. Don't do that, Bunny. Let's just put this behind us. Ma'am, please. What? Glue? That's some news. Alex must be really nice. If it was me, I'd have gone to the police first. Could he have done something to deserve that from her? He didn't! He's such a nice, gentle guy! No, I just... You don't even know him that well. Hong Yeo Joo, do you like him? - Hey, you think I'm you? - If not, fine, but why are you yelling at me? So, is your story going well? Isn't it going too fast? Goodness! What are you doing? I just think starting off with a kiss from the first page is too fast. The beginning should be shocking... Are you the writer? If you know so well, you should be writing. I'm sorry. Okay. Special bonus. Seeing there is not much cash, he doesn't seem to be a big spender. A business card... a bookstore card... and... Hello! Why are you so jumpy? Oh? This is Alex's. Ah, this was dropped here. I see... Oh? - What's this? - It's an MP3 player. I listen to music when I clean. Bunny, you... Do you have something weird in there? - Something weird? - For example... Moaning sounds? Hey! That's not it! Then why are you turning red? Let me listen to it! It's nothing! Alex! Can you leave the hospital already? There is nothing but to rest at the hospital. Isn't that mine? You must have dropped it the other day. Thank you. I thought I lost it. Alex, coffee? The sound of coffee makes me break out in a cold sweat. Just milk, please. Okay. Bunny, it must've been shocking for you too. If I didn't bring that coffee in, nothing would've happened. You didn't do anything wrong. Don't worry about it, okay? I... got things to do. Anyway, Kei's missing. It doesn't look like I need to explain why I'm here. How's Alex doing? He must be really angry. Nope. He thinks he's Archangel Gabriel. But as you know, I'm not like that. Yeah, I came home early because I'm not feeling well. Just proceed as planned. I'll tell the patient myself. I'm sorry. You told me not to come here anymore... So I got really upset... I really meant to just scare you. I didn't know you'd actually drink it. Even if that's the case, shouldn't you have come and apologized? That's enough, Kei. I'm sorry. I don't even know why I'm like this. Tae Hee, I told you before... The red lines on your nail... they appear when you feel unsettled. Why don't you tell your husband and get it checked by a doctor? What am I? A nanny? Hey, kiddo. What's your name? Hey! Look at you. Can't you hear me? When adults are angry, I shouldn't say anything. What? Who said that? Did your mom say that? Kiddo, you want to hear a good story? When I was about your age, I experienced something really amazing. I lived in the countryside at the time, and there was a big mountain. One day, I went there and got lost. Mother... Baby... - That's the marble of a fox. - Oh? You do know something. I saw that on TV. A gumiho gags like this, then took the marble out and put it into Lee Seung Ki's mouth. - That's what I'm talking about! - So why did the gumiho save you? That's because... I'm precious. You're like a girl. What are you talking about? I'm a man! Hey! Kiddo, you can never tell anyone, understand? - Dong Ah. - What? Kim Dong Ah, that's my name. If I don't say anything, what do I get? Well... anything. I'll give you anything. - Promise me! - Promise. It's Mom! Mom! Bye, Dong Ah. What did you do? I didn't think you'd be good with kids. Kids know who the good people are. You mean, easy? Why is Kei always like that with me? Are you better now? Yeah. You must be bored. I could come here by myself. I got to play hooky, so it's fine by me. Mom! Mom! Isn't she Tae Hee? - Alex... - Bunny! What happened? I'm just not very careful... My husband saw me leaving with Kei. He kept asking who he was... So I told him everything. Still, how can he make you like this? No, Bunny. Falling on the steps was completely my fault. I was too upset... Who are you? Honey... How do you do. We're from the nail salon... Oh, you must be that player. Player? Watch what you say. Man... Looking like a pretty boy... What's with you? What are you doing? Stop! Please stop! Alex... and Bunny, too. I'm sorry, but can you please leave? How pathetic... Young kids don't have better things to do? What did they do wrong? - What? - You're the same. You think I don't know about you with other women? - You think you can just say things like that? - What? Are you going to hit me again? You always corner me and get upset with me. You've never shown any interest in me. Just what am I to you? What are you saying here... Be quiet! Why did you marry me? You were just going to ignore me and leave me lonely. That explains Tae Hee's depression. The doctor said she'll also get psychological treatment, so she should get better soon. Even if Tae Hee gets better, if her husband stays the same, that's no use. Her husband has a medical practice? Yes, he's a pretty famous plastic surgeon in Gangnam. Ma'am, isn't there any way we can help her? Help what? That woman and her husband are the same. So she wanted to have an affair with Alex. Kei! Then what about the kid? What does that make that kid? Enough, Kei. What's wrong with Kei? I'm home. Are you insane? You bring another man to my house? You gave a condo and everything to that wench! - Seriously! - Hit me, hit me! Now you're laying your hands on me? Fine, hit me! Are you okay? You don't seem well... You're going to the bathroom to change again? Stop your interest in me. I'm still suspicious of you. In a way you look like a girl... I wasn't interested in you to begin with! How about a drink tonight? Everyone was worried about me, so it's my treat. Wow, then let's go to the sauna. Should we? What do you think, Bunny? Well... Sure. I love the sauna. What do I do... Here, get your clothes and keys. Let's go. Bunny! Just a call. One, two, three! Thank you so much! I got a picture! Man, my insane looks! Sauna clothes can't even hide it. Ouch! Anyway, do you think Yoon Tae Hee is doing better? Right! Alex, did you get any message? - Not yet. - No need to worry about people like that. How can you not worry? She was like family. Kei! Where are you going? What's really wrong with him? Try to understand him. Kei must have his reasons. Reasons? What reasons? Kei, Jin and me... We are not working at Paris just because we like nail art. Everyone has his reasons. Alex used to study traditional medicine. Traditional medicine? Then why... He had some accident. What are these? Crazy... it's perfectly fine! Why did he throw this away? Tada! Aren't you going to wash up? Kei's already in there. What do I do? Should we? You're not coming, Bunny? Why am I so tired? I'm going to take a nap, then wash later. My clothes! My clothes! My clothes! Bunny... where did he go? It's so cold! [Tiny Pink Heart Nail] Bunny, what happened last night? I thought it'd be better to sleep... at home. You got a cold? You don't have a fever. Hold on, I'll bring some citron tea. Did you really leave because you were tired? Of course! Yes, this is Paris. Dong Ah? Yoon Tae Hee's kid? Okay, kiddo. Don't cry and tell me slowly. Yeah... What? Mom disappeared? Bunny, you said you'll get me anything. - Find my mom, please. - Okay. Don't worry, Dong Ah. When was the last time you talked to her? After she left to go to the hospital yesterday it doesn't look like she came back. What about her parents' place or her friends? I already talked to them. Excuse me... Shouldn't we talk to the police? It's fine. What report, to embarrass myself in the neighborhood? I don't know what she can possibly complain about! It's not like I don't give her enough money or... have an affair like other people. - That's not true. - What's that? Based on what Tae Hee said, that's not true. Do you believe what that insane woman said? Bunny, why don't you get him to take a nap? He looks like it's been a shock to him. Okay. I know you're upset, but you should speak carefully. - What? - Dong Ah must be in shock right now. And you say things like 'insane woman'... it seems that you don't think about what you say. So she shouldn't have let this happen to begin with! Aren't you the one to let this happen to begin with? You said earlier that you don't know what she's complaining about. It seems to me that you're a bigger problem not to notice anything at this point, sir. I've heard of a few places Mrs. Yoon likes to go. Would you like to go together? So you brought him here? What else could I do? I can't leave a kid home alone. Guess we have no choice. Kei, why don't you take him? What? - Why? - I have two clients with appointments today. Plus Alex's clients... I got my hands full. Beanie, what about you? I have a cold. Besides, will you bring tea and clean the bathroom? Follow me. Hand! Hand. Excuse me, have you seen this woman? - Has she been here recently? - I don't think so. Thank you. I want to get on the swing. Hey kiddo! Aren't you angry? I'm angry. Mom and Dad always fight... And I'm scared they'll just leave me. Hey! Hey, Kim Dong Ah. You're a man, right? A real man... takes responsibility for his own life. Wasting your time hating your parents is a really foolish thing to do. Got it? That's what I did. I threw out my life like trash just because I didn't like my parents. - I was living a really bad life. - Like a gangster? Yeah, like a gangster. Then are you still a gangster? - No, I'm not. - Don't do that. Ciao! You went out to switch with him. - Well, I just... - Is that kid doing okay? Yeah, they're pretty close now. That's new. Kei can't stand kids. - Excuse me, is Alex here today? - No, he has some things to take care of. You don't like the service by Cutie Jin? - That's fine. - Please wait here just for a bit. Bunny, can you get me the new samples from the owner's office? Sure. Ma'am. She's not in. What are you doing? Jin asked me to get this. Why does she have that necklace? They haven't seen her. Are you playing around with me? You just keep dragging me to weird places... She wouldn't come here after leaving home. - What kind of place is this? - What? From what I heard, all the places we've gone to are very important for you two. Isn't it true? The college earlier is where you met each other as a campus couple... That cafe earlier... is where you met late at night after you got off from work late. - And that place... - Enough. Stop. Mrs. Yoon told me... her hands used to get rough because of her work in design. You used to give her a hand massage every time that happened to her. Maybe that's why she always asked for a hand massage. But the one she really wanted to get a hand massage from... wouldn't that be you, sir? Tae Hee! What's up with you? You wanted to meet here, but you're late! Wait! Stay there for a minute. Well... Yoon Tae Hee... Will you... will you... Marry me! Hey! Coward. You're too embarrassed to even come to me. Am I right? Thank you for proposing to me. Thank you so much for loving me. Oh, wait. I have a ring, too. Are you okay? Let me put it on. Yes, that's right. Looks like I won't make it for a while. It's hot. Who? Okay, I'll try calling. Okay, thanks. Why aren't you eating? This carrot. Mom shaped it like a bear. Just eat it! Okay, give it to me. I'll make it again. Blood! Dad, you're bleeding! It's fine, Dong Ah. Dad's fine, so take this and eat. Now. Am I whining right now? You're always about work, work, work! You don't even see Dong Ah or me. Where were you when I was giving birth to Dong Ah? I was having a hard time... I wanted to die because it was so hard. But you were doing some eyelid surgery! Tae Hee... Bunny! Bunny! He's not here? No, he must have left already. He didn't even say bye. He should've turned off the lights. Let's go. Now everyone's gone. Are you really going to be okay? What if you get caught? Why would I get caught? First, I need to confirm if that necklace is the one I saw a long time ago. And what if it is? Then I need to find out why the owner has it. If she somehow got it or if she's that gumiho. Hey, that's scary. But that's a bit off. How long ago was it? Is the owner that old? Idiot! She won't get old if she's a gumiho. Anyway, don't hang up! If anything happens to me, you have to be the witness. Get it? Got it! Okay, then I'm walking out now. - Wa... wait, Yeo Joo! - Why? I was so nervous... so my stomach... Can I go to the bathroom? Hold it! Okay, I'm really going in. Be careful, Yeo Joo! I feel like there should be a key around here... - Oh? - What's wrong, Yeo Joo? I just heard something. Hold on. I'll go check. Yeah, it's nothing. Yeah, it's just someone I know. I'll call you later. - You must have been shocked. - Yes, a little. By the way... what happened? I was about to be done with the treatment... Alex and the owner of this shop came to see me. - And suggested I leave home for a while. - What? Leave home? You said he doesn't even care to listen to you. While you're gone, we'll try to change his mind somehow. Still... Then what about my Dong Ah? Rather than showing his parents' fighting all the time... Wouldn't it be better to change that even if this is what it takes? So... what do you plan to do now? I should end it. After finding out how he feels tomorrow... And if there is no change... Then I'll just go my separate way. Hello. I heard it's something urgent. Welcome. What's this about? Did my wife call? Please calm down first and come this way. Please sit. No thanks. If you have the slightest intention of understanding Mrs. Yoon, please sit. To be honest, I acknowledge it. I've been too distant with her. I made a lot of mistakes, too. But still, how can she leave like this? It's not just me. How can she leave Dong Ah? With Dong Ah behind... Now we'll start the hand massage. Please calm down and stay still. A heart shape? He used to have a habit of biting his nails... So I used to put on nail color on his nails. It's like our own secret code we used to do. A tiny pink heart on the pinky finger. If he remembers that... Wouldn't it be okay to have another start with him? It's done. What the... Hold on, sir! Sir! - Sir! - Let go! Did my wife tell you this too? Huh? What upsets me the most is that you know all the little details about me and my wife! Got it? - You're even jealous. - What was that? You think we like cleaning up after you? If you didn't do wrong to begin with, this wouldn't have happened. You don't even know what's going on. People like you who think they know everything... You make me gag. You smell rotten. What, you bastard! Kei! What a ridiculous man! What did you do? This is why Tae Hee left home. What was that? What do you know, bastard! Now you show your true self. Too bad for the kid to have a dad like you. Don't! What are you doing? What did he do to you? - Why are you cornering him? - Tae Hee... Don't you remember what he did to you? You need to teach him a lesson this time... I wasn't that great either. About the thing with Alex, too... To be honest, I always whined and complained to him when he got home late. That's right. It's not just him... I made him that way too. Honey. No, Honey. It's my fault. Honey... I'm sorry. I guess the only one on your side is your family. Isn't it true, sir? Man, don't make me do things like this! It hurts! Alex... - You mean, everyone? - Surprise! Still, he was asking before he left, 'Can someone else, other than Alex, take her?' Oh, you guys came. Where have you been? Finally, a new story started on that website. - What story? - He's really into this fantasy story author. What do you mean, fantasy? What she's writing is real. The way she writes about gumihos is so lively and detailed... Unless she actually saw it, she could never write like that. Nonsense. It's true, man! Do you know much about the gumiho? I do! What's that author's name? Hong Yeo Joo. - Wait, isn't your name Hong Ki Joo, Bunny? - Right, is she your relative? No, she's not. Anyway, if I get to meet her, I can definitely teach her about gumihos. By the way, are you here from work? I saw that the salon had the lights still on on my way here. Didn't we turn off the lights? I'll go check. Can we talk for a minute? I need you to explain why you were here so late at that hour last night. Pardon? That's... Subtitles by DramaFever Please try this. What's up with blood sausage so early in the morning? Why don't you have a bite of this? - A way to figuring out a gumiho? - Thanks, I'll enjoy it. Of course there is. It's about blood. Mother! - This time, it's the owner? - What? I'm fine. Ouch! Man, how can you move so suddenly like that? Alex must have put that on, right? Girl, I'm right! Hong Yeo Joo, you like him right? I said I didn't!