Naked News Season 2020 Episode 140

[Applause] [Music] so [Music] i'm frankie kennedy welcome to the naked newsroom now obviously we as a society have a long way to go but it's been interesting to see more and more big institutions embracing anti-racism over the last few days we've seen a lot of examples everything from tech giants to the dictionary ayla's got the details right now in the naked newsroom frankie ibm is doing an about-face literally ceo arvind krishna sent a letter to congress in support of racial equality initiatives and in it noted that ibm will no longer develop or research facial recognition technology he also added that ibm won't condone any technology being used for mass surveillance racial profiling or violations of basic human rights and freedoms we'll have to see what happens going forward but it's big for ibm to acknowledge that technology isn't neutral ibm isn't the only organization writing congress over a thousand athletes from the nfl the nba and major league baseball are supporting a bill which would end qualified immunity quick background qualified immunity means plaintiffs need to show government officials violated clearly established law to receive damages this standard has been taken to such an extreme that police can basically get away with almost anything to read the letter go to the players coalition twitter account and see which of your favorite athletes are on board language is constantly evolving and as a result so is the dictionary merriam-webster is changing the definition of racism after being prompted by a recent college graduate kennedy mitchum was inspired to write in because she had to deal with a lot of people who pointed to the dictionary to argue they weren't racist that's because the definition as written basically spoke only to overt racism an editor agreed frankie replying they would get to work on a revision one that would also include the systemic aspects of racism make sense and i know it's a separate issue but a nice reminder to those anti-gay marriage people that definitions can actually change yep i'd do a long rant about how dynamic and incredible languages but words fail me well play dale adams see you in a bit they say the brain is the body's biggest sexual organ so we shouldn't be surprised that all the senses are involved in turning you on including your ears audio porn is hotter than ever right now and isabella is going to tell you why it's trending now not to make any assumptions about naked news viewers but i'm guessing most of you enjoy a visual component to your erotic entertainment but i'm here to talk about another of our five basic senses hearing and interest in this type of porn is growing rapidly during this pandemic to be clear there are many people who've always preferred audio porn it really allows you to use your imagination and get things exactly as you want them and of course all porn is experiencing a surge right now but audio porn is really taking off as just one example the audio porn app dipsy has seen an 84 increase in subscriber volume so what's behind this new found interest a big factor is the escapism element in standard porn you're mostly watching other people but with audio porn you're often part of the action and people right now are craving an adventure almost as much as they're craving sex another big factor is a lot of people new to consuming porn are using the audio variety to ease their way in the fact is porn star's bodies and the things they do with them can be intimidating and audio porn gives the consumer more freedom to create something they're comfortable with and finally there's the sheer practical side of it with audio you don't need to be parked in front of a screen or holding a device all you need are speakers or headphones and if you're looking to commission some custom porn the rates for audio are often much more reasonable so for all these reasons next time you want to get autoerotic maybe get audio erotic for naked news i'm isabella rossini from walt in north carolina i'm a lifetime subscriber and appreciate the many ways that you present the news i know that shannon is a lady gaga fan and was wondering if she had watched the fifth season of american horror story hotel which is all about lady gaga keep up the great work well as much as i do love lady gaga i really don't like to watch anything scary in terms of like horror shows or movies um so i tried to watch the first few minutes of that season but it was just creeping me out too much and sometimes i think about it when i'm going to sleep and it just it's never good so unfortunately that was pretty much the only thing that gaga has done that i haven't been able to watch and support but thank you so much for the question [Music] i'm madison baines and today i'm going naked in the streets to stump the public with a little game called true or false it's really simple i'm going to ask a question we're going to go around in a circle it's not going to be who answers first everybody's going to get an answer don't copy people and don't look at my cards so many rules prepare to learn a few things [Music] starfish do not have brain true true well i mean i'm sure they have like something like neural network that makes them like holy like a little bit of a brain i mean i'm gonna say false true true true true true true false everybody with that said true give yourself a round of applause it's true starfish do not have brains how do you know that i'm a big patrick star fan is an instrument [Applause] only female mosquitoes suck blood true that's definitely true false true true true women do suck suck blood suck blood false false i'll say false too well you'd all be wrong we are the blood suckers you should just know that we suck blood interesting those bitches [Music] charlie chaplin once came third in a charlie chaplin lookalike contest true it's definitely true it's true i definitely could see it i think that's true too that's way too random somebody said true true whoa you knew you knew that yeah true yeah it's true when how do you get third in your own lookalike contest i'm not even good at being you like so then what am i good at [Music] babies are born without kneecaps false no no they're not born without kneecaps or no that's not right true i actually think that's true it doesn't seem right to know so true or false false i'm gonna say true just because i crawl a lot false false you would think it's false because that's a part of your body right totally true they don't have kneecaps ah that makes sense does it make sense it didn't make sense to me [Applause] canada means big village i think it's true i took indigenous studies i think that's what it is whatever i mean they've all been true it's true false true yeah true i know i thought what am i something a little cooler [Music] armadillos are the only animal apart from humans that can contract leprosy can i wait for him to go true dan you can't answer out of turn that's true so true yeah true true i don't even think i know what leprosy is what is it it's it's a really old gross disease that nobody ever has anymore okay let's go with falls then you don't touch armadillos in texas because they have leprosy look away i'm i'm good eagles [Applause] a cockroach can live up to nine days without its head it's definitely true dan you're so confident also true no i could probably live longer true yeah yeah i could see it i feel like that'd be true for some reason it's true yeah true everybody knows the cockroach one like they can like survive nuclear wars and like stuff like that so of course they can live without their head it's fucking gross we don't need them we don't need them or their heads cockroaches are gross and that's all i'm out you killed it amazing thank you so much well i guess i didn't stump the public as much as i thought i was going to but i do find it very strange that everybody knows about cockroaches but nobody knows about babies that should be saying something well for naked in the streets i'm madison baines i don't know she stumped me on about half of those questions and no i'm not going to tell you which ones so don't ask all right when it comes to celebrities detouring into other businesses fragrances makeup and clothing lines were the usual choices but there's a new favorite product for the rich and famous and laura desiree is taking a spirited look at some of the best aren't you i am and i see what you did there frankie because the word of the day is spirits have you gotten into any of these celebrity brands not a ton but i've been hearing some of them are pretty good some of them are and because i'm just so helpful i'm going to tell you which ones you should be checking out and shooting down welcome to entertainment folks forget wine though francis ford coppola's vineyard does produce a truly spectacular claret nowadays the a-listers are all about the hard stuff and in the sea of star-led spirits there are a few standouts you want to know who's not worried about the most interesting man in the world the realest dude ever first date oh you know we're going dutch drake may be canadian but he's also got a stake in virginia black bourbon whiskey it's a special blend of bourbon whiskeys that was developed to be smooth and appealing to women like drake of course like his music men love virginia black too why is crystal head the bartender's friend well it's a clean slate it's a virgin canvas dan aykroyd is also canadian and so is his crystal head vodka it's made from peaches and cream corn and water from newfoundland filtered through semi-precious herkimer diamonds it's also additive free it's been winning awards for years and is well worth a try bob dylan's heaven's door whiskey collection has several offerings for fans the tennessee bourbon is stunning smooth and oaky at 90 proof but if you want to forget all your subterranean homesick blues the double barrel whiskey gets some extra age and a jump to 100 proof let's be clear soraka is for the culture one of diddy's many ventures is sorak vodka it's made from grape spirit from france and distilled five times and thanks to its collection of fruity flavors it's ideal splashed into any icy cocktail and don't worry about the benjamins it's one of the less expensive starbacked boozes you know people come up to me all the time and they say what makes aviation gin so delicious most of the time i run away because non-celebrities frighten me and of course we recently mentioned aviation gin's major stakeholder ryan reynolds yet another canadian and his flair for marketing fortunately aviation isn't just sold by another pretty face it's a damn fine american gin if you're not a fan of london dry gins a switch to aviation will have your taste buds flying and that's a boozy wrap on today's entertainment folks i'm laura desiree cheers in other news today honda's global operations are slowly resuming after the company was hit by a massive cyber attack their entire computer network was affected by ransomware believed to be called snake that blocked access to their servers and internal systems work had to be suspended at a number of plants around the world the company says there's no evidence that any personally identifiable information has been lost and they're working to restore full functionality starbucks has announced it'll close as many as 400 of its north american stores over the next 18 months the move is the result of changes in customer behavior particularly during the current pandemic but don't worry caramel frappuccino fans starbucks is still expanding the company is just accelerating its move to convenience led to go locations which would offer drive through curbside pickup or mobile only pickup you're so nice thank you very much and finally someone in arizona is 410 million dollars richer today one ticket took the whole mega millions jackpot by matching all six numbers including the golden mega ball according to lottery officials it's the first time an arizona ticket holder has won the top prize which i guess isn't too shocking considering the odds of winning are 1 in 302 million if the lucky winner decides to take their prize in cold hard cash they're looking at just under 317 mil not bad for a 2 investment that's all from the naked newsroom i'm ela adams [Music] i know the odds are incredibly slim but somebody has to win right i just hope it's me someday alright folks welcome to the wrap up i'm going to close things out with a few feedback emails that have come in to us recently you may recall that on tuesday ayla and laura had a discussion about policing and police reform we got quite a few emails similar to this one from matthew who wrote i just wanted to say that i'm a big supporter of the police but i don't particularly care for how the media is portraying them recently all negative stories nothing positive about how they help the community of course there are some bad apples like derek chovin but he's not representative of police as a whole this fu movement directed at the police needs to stop thanks matthew i just want to say we get that there are police officers out there who deeply care about their communities and helping people and keeping everyone safe but it's worth mentioning the one bad apple proverb as the one actually does spoil the bunch as long as the good officers don't help get rid of the bad ones they're all tainted with any luck though we'll see some systemic reforms soon which really is a benefit to all the good cops trying to do their jobs this next email is from aaron in perth australia he says good day naked news i'd like to let you know that afl aussie rules football is back on this weekend and next week i'd love to see you report highlights in sports thanks for the update erin we never know what the big sports stories will be until the weekend's over but we'll definitely keep the afl in mind and our final email today is from adrian he watched our most recent hollywood exposed where tia used a little wordplay alas her best scene also comes with male nudity but we'll take some goose if we get a good gander and yes i get that a gander is a male goose but gander also means look and that's the joke regarding that adrian wrote the term gander meaning that one has a look at something comes from norse viking legend that before battle the leader of the group could imagine that they on the night before battle could in a dream state transform into a male goose gander and fly over the enemies camp and see what they're up to it has an interesting history and now you know that's a really fun legend adrian that said we did do a little research on the origins of the term and actually didn't find that anywhere the generally accepted origin of take a gander is that it's a 19th century expression that came from how people stretch their neck like a goose to stare at something that's not anywhere nearly as cool as viking pre-battle visions though thanks to everyone who wrote in if you have something you'd like to share with us make sure you send it into feedback at we read every last email we get and we even answer some right here on the program also make sure you're keeping up with us on social media the links are on our homepage we'll see you back here again tomorrow for the start of our weekend programming marina is going naked in the streets asking people about their first jobs and laura chats with sexpert lola jean to talk about age gaps in relationships plus of course lots more of your favorite ladies and segments don't miss it take care everyone [Music] you