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and now this world shall know pain oh mighty what happened No why how could our don't hurry please wait I don't get where are we where's the enemy we were supposed to face what's going on huh why didn't you summon us to the hidden leaf like we asked I'm afraid this is the hidden leaf village I don't understand what do you mean granny Shima just take a good close look around oh there's no way it's obvious to me who did all this I sense the same energies as when we wrote it up to Rio boys shoulders lady Tsunade are you alright damn you you will pay this is unforgivable mark on foreheads gone she's already released from my topic regeneration jutsu and given her chakra to lady katsuyu to protect the villagers from pains jutsu so now she's powerless yeah you all right Aruba talk to me please forgive me it took everything that I had just to cover all of you you're not to blame for this lady katsuyu I just hope everyone else is alright Oh delicious oh wait it's law don't worry Chozen is going to be okay now oh thank goodness the pressure sensor you tried to thank cry later chachi if you can still move you must report pains abilities to lady Tsunade and have her SAP countermeasures I think it could cost you sensing your last orders or carried out like you said I can play the missions I say damn hang in there Kiba a piece of cake Oh are you doing all right lady Hinata mm-hmm look at your head if you were injured your in-laws Yoshi and lady Hanavi absence that I'm sure I'd never be forgiven so you need not concern yourself with me of course I do if anybody's injured well how did the family is away I will be the one who scolded she come over were you hurt are you okay yeah what was it that hit us anyway you okay Shikamaru while I'm still alive although I think my leg is broken and I think you should count yourself lucky if that's all he has suffered in that attack thing is frankly Shikamaru was trying to protect me and he could hurt all right now it's not the time or place for tears they possess a jutsu that's this powerful but they didn't use it against us when they first attacked the village which means they had a purpose in coming here they must have finally fulfilled that purpose so they changed their approach from guerrilla hit-and-run tactics to an all-out offensive on the village as a whole but who are they well it's someone who can do this much damage to the leaf village and all that I can think of is the Akatsuki I agree and that means that the target must be yeah Naruto Uzumaki seriously Donald oh I sure wouldn't survive very long if I relied solely on luck but I was lucky to survive that don't bother crying just hope we don't get hit by another not at all wait is that Naruto good now I don't have to hunt you down why go to such extremes because this is my form of Justice when all the chakras focused intent Oh pain his jutsus effectiveness is tremendous but so is the risk and the other five are recovering more slowly than the last time as well from here on out I look after you for no more paper clones summoning take food oh six of them ever symbol together so not very high but in the fifth Hokage lady Hokage how dare you travel upon the jewel the dreams of my predecessors I won't forgive you I'll settle this now as Hokage it appears you understand a little about pain however I have no need of you right now but what I see is me there's no need for the lead so cog a to bother herself with the likes of them you just sit back and sip some tea granny Naruto what's going on I can't tell from here Mason he took down one of the pains with one blow I tell you well grandfather would you think does D remind you run of those other two indeed he does Naruto boy has surpassed his predecessors so you will not toes a Maki let's settle this Tendo scholar will be fully recharged for quite some time which means out come a Kiki I want you to take grandma Tsunade someplace safe gotcha granny I'll take over from here keep the rest of the village out of this I can't be worrying about everyone else not during this fight alright but here please take cuts through you I'm sure she'll come in handy she has intel on all of the pains go cut so you go just keep yourself hidden inside Naruto boys clothing right I I probably shouldn't bring this up right now but now that I've mastered nature energy I'm able to sense everybody's chakra is kakashi-sensei on a mission away from the village I see kogami kiichi summoning jutsu m'lady it's not a sucker oh oh it's all right now yes thank you for yours lady Tsunade summoning jutsu let's go change our flubs on shut up roaches ooh 1:10 boy get oh boy ninjutsu doesn't work on the pain right in front of you you will merely absorb any and all ninjutsu based attacks okay all the pains are visually linked of mine spawn tab is useless unless you're out of the other side line well I'll show them an attack they can see in litchi stay down dog let's see I'm not graceful but I thought we danced at frog kumite utilizes the nature energy all around the wielder that energy became part of Naruto and attacked pain alongside Naruto strike in Sage mobile threat perception and attack capacity are enhanced will beyond the ordinary that's it I can't waste any more time I'll finish this with my new jutsu No I see so you've become a sage then you've must have the same jutsu as Jiraiya sensei Jiraiya you called him sensei that's right I also learned jutsu from Jiraiya he was once my master as well and that makes her swimming skills sharing the same sensei we ought to be able to understand each other our master desired peace just shut the hell up already the massive amount of chakra did you teach him that wall no first time I'm seeing it too he never did that during our training I wonder what Naruto is planning to do now what's that jutsu what's happening nerve those chakras warming up I think it looks almost like a shitty King wind style Rasen shuriken naruto where everything you've done here all this destruction what part of all that it's peaceful you simply cannot see the forest for the trees you're not able to comprehend the true meaning of peace or what I'm trying to accomplish just let yourself be captured surrender and note therefore lead to peace I already told you it wrote it he what I thought we dodged it that's it I can't waste any more time I'll finish this with my new jutsu come on Jojo let's see so you've become a sage then you've mastered the same jutsu as Jiraiya sensei Jiraiya you called him sensei that's right I also learned jutsu from Jiraiya it was once my master as well and that makes us sibling students sharing the same sensei we ought to be able to understand each other our master desired piece of chocolate did you teach him a paw no first time I'm seeing it too you never did that during our training know what Naruto boy is planning to do now what's that jutsu what's happening Lovejoy's chakras falling it I think it looks almost like a sugar cane in style Rasen shuriken Nora don't work everything you've done here oh that's destruction not part of all that it's painful you simply cannot see the forest for the trees you're not able to comprehend the true meaning of peace or what I'm trying to accomplish just let yourself be captured surrender I hope there for me to peace I already told you agent what only finger to her locker was a tight rotation and density all my secret training is paying off Oh incredible it expanded summoning to coup but it appears that they thought I was right this board does not listen what was that what's going on over there who could be fighting against pain it's Naruto like Naruto you mean he's back in the village yes he's mastered sage jutsu and is down there battling pain alone are you kidding me Oh Dean this leg please just stay here Naruto asked that no one else interfere man that guy so full of himself they practically destroyed the whole village there's no way he can take them on alone it's impossible no it's not if Naruto is mastered sage jutsu then he's in a class of his own now that means staying out of the way is the best teamwork than we can offer him you need to be patient here Shikamaru damn it please be careful when you strike it defines the greater and greater numbers so why didn't you tell me before see I'm ungraceful all right sorry analyst we must have quickly report for now sorry you'll really begin to slow down it seems that your sage jutsu is repet it's starting away did you use up your sage jus some chocolate that last one with yours no sage mode is gonna run out if I does hiccupping gonna lose one of these guys ma you know what to do we're gonna have to sever the Ridgid on schedule link let's get you pop him - boy horse now listen to me I'm going to hurt you straight it Neurath avoids you understand work you're going to hurt me but why boys I'll tell you but listen carefully because we haven't got much time Wow Rene say George Lichter now where are they Viraj you handsome mouth Oh you've exhausted all your sage jutsu even sage more I can only manage to resent sure ten each ah the boy is no longer in Sage modes always vulnerable right now yes I'm aware of that it's going to be dangerous but merging with him is our only chance except I'm not able to do that finally he's my chance what you need we can't merge with him because of had nine tails inside of it well it certainly seems that way but then what are we going to do Naruto boys come up with his only solution to this problem that's what he's about to do your little scare you Kevin come on over here not attaboy quick give it to me I don't do it bring it back here and let me take care of its girl I'm gonna answer sage mom good get back Cheetos I don't want my restaurant sure can't hit you go go quick Oh pill I can replenish my sage chucker just too many times which means that I can only produce for more accenture can settle this before I run out let's go knock apart now fever summoning jutsu I summoned him now you can release the jutsu what what is going on bother it's simple really naruto-boy prepared shadow clones beforehand he had them build up sage jutsu chakra and then maintain a holding pattern all that's left is to summon them from mount myoboku using the scroll once the clone summit naruto undoes the shadow clone and the sage jutsu chakra is fully restored to the original oh I see what a creative solution it's over you're mine no way wait that's right that's his ability that one can absorb any ninjutsu we already took care of him what is that that Bane is the key player in all of this the one geezer sage spoke of right so he's the one who can bring the dead back to life yes he's the one with that ability that's why when they all line up information that pain to the rear most position the most bothersome one is a pain on the left he can repel all jutsu and attacks and for those wardens world he hasn't shown his power yet which is odd perhaps for some reason is unable to use his ability name well whatever the case the first thing we have to do is get rid of that guy in the back and use smoke bombs - all right it's useless well you absorbed was a transformation jutsu tricky duster you're the original no time to talk this you're done it seems my power is finally returned you gotta be kidding me he repelled the kids Russian shooting just wait on what yes to make whiskey to our left hold on how exactly did he do that anyway where the first loss in shaking was actually a transformation jutsu performed on earth away himself he was unaware of that and tried to absorb the jutsu so that's why never fear but that pain can only absorb ninjutsu not physical attacks so he took a direct hit with Naruto faculty oh I see so that was the purpose behind that pre stage attack back then he'd already left into the air under the cover of the smoke just in time oh mighty Porsche are you all right now little boy yeah Kenneth what jutsu he just used it appears the central pains attraction and repulsion power has returned again yeah that one which means in all likelihood our village was destroyed by that veins jutsu and the more power that he uses the longer the interval is before he can power back up to use another jutsu that's why you couldn't use that repelling jutsu until just now so what do we do I can't use ninjutsu or taijutsu on them well according to choji's Intel the minimum interval between pains jutsu is only about 5 seconds you'll have to target and strike within that window only 5 seconds then perhaps our best hope is to trap him with genjutsu how I no good I can't pull off 10 jutsu to save my life we'll do it Naruto boy yes of course just like the last time for the last time that's right during the battle between Jiraiya boy and Fame it was going to be our means of escape is that the corner there's nowhere for you to run again almighty push Chico what's that what the hell's going on Naruto is down there fighting pain right at this very moment he's what slight pain all by himself yes and he asked but no one interfere then all we could do now is have faith that trust Naruto nah there's no mistaking it that's definitely not at all I just totally pain all by himself no wait if you interfere in this kind of a battle then they're only going to get in his way and doing so will put him at great risk chief towing the others they were all blown away ah we must launch the genjutsu right away performing a duet in front of everyone is always so embarrassing would you quit complain and just do it yeah yeah I know now this tin jutsu requires an enormous amount of sage jutsu chakra so it's going to take a little bit of time before the jutsu really gets going alright I'm gonna go for there five-second interval so when your chakra is ready just start the damn jutsu remember you only have one shadow clone left that can make sage jutsu chakra for you Naruto boy once he's gone you can't you see jutsu chakra since you can't stay still during a battle to build up more in your sage mode will only last another five minutes using shadow clones up you maintain stillness and make seem jutsu chakra was a good idea but why didn't you just make a bunch more shadow clothes it's like trying to look to the right into the left at the same time Naruto boy certainly try but manipulating sage jutsu chakra is simply too hard and his current level of proficiency to chakra making shadow clones was his limit and on top of all that I can only create up to three more shadow clones for the battlefield if I make more than that here and the ones manipulating sage jutsu chakra will get distracted yes I see well either way prolonging things is to our advantage I must say you're truly strong not at all this is the farthest that pain has ever been pushed but no more it's over Universal poll we're going to end this right now forgive us and to pie just hang in there don't worry I won't kill you are precious generating did you really think you could hurt me with this move you shouldn't underestimate Sage Mode and now it's my turn to yes you're right Sage Mode is troublesome what's happening I'm losing power wait I can't this guy's ability he's sucking all the sage jutsu chakra right out of me the ninetails has now been captured just a bit longer and we'll be able to use it genjutsu hang on Naruto boy not yet I'm not done you're quite the stubborn one aren't you that's it not being able to move right now will be just perfect since you've accepted your fit I guess you didn't know about this but nature energy is really hard to control what is this that pain took in too much sage jutsu chakra from Naruto boy and unknowing petrified from transformation see it's jutsu chakra seems it comes with its fair share of risks alright we're finally down to just you well unfortunately that's not correct huh what do you mean by that these pains are only puppets there is another manipulating these things from the shadows the real pain the real pain all right we're ready now let's do it mom gotcha Jesus I've had enough of a genjutsu Shikamaru hmm you know you all right yeah except lady shizune what does that mean she's damn it man jeez that hurt I think every single moment my body's been broken I see so that's what happened if we just been more diligent never would have helped it can't let lady shizune his death be in vain it's up to us now to solve the mystery of pain that she was working on that can mourn her loss after we find him and this is all over Shikamaru settle down and go a little easy now no he's right shukaku the best way to make ourselves useful is to find the location of the real pain as soon as possible okay no Ichi but with your Jibson mastery can you catch and trace the enemy's chakra back to its source I already attempted that but the enemy's been constantly changing a chakra frequency they use a tree specs impossible pain is quite adept final answer Universal pool so tell me has this team doing something ninetails what are you what do you want why why are you doing all this you ask why sometimes things happen randomly and a reasonably comes apparent afterwards these circumstances well perhaps I can try to explain it to you well you Scots who you as a conduit and gather every piece of Intel from anyone who has ever had any contact with pain even if they're dead there may still be information that we can glean from them we'll get answers even if we have to haul out dead bodies whole dead bodies wait I think that I just figured it out I know where we can find the real pain what do you mean can you lead us to where he's hiding yes in the mind of that ninja the one from the hidden rain village whom Jiraiya captured I saw that he and his partner has been assigned the duty of transporting bodies I've developed a knack for this over the years I can tell this one's probably a woman the tallest owl in this whole village you know real noise deliver the bodies delivering bodies right and what you said triggered my memory here's the thing it's basic knowledge that someone who's transmitting chakra signals must be as close to the signal receivers as possible right in this case that ninja and his partner happened to be transporting bodies to the tallest of the numerous towers scattered around the hidden rain village the very same tower where it was rumored that Payne was supposedly living but actually you know there's a rumor going around in lore name what's that Tower Plus that woman who appeared is one of the pains she looks identical to the one that those two ninja transported to that particular Tower so that place is probably the laboratory where those black blood light chakra receivers were implanted into corpses to create the pains okay so how is that connected to the location where you think we can find the real pain he needs a location that is the most efficient for transmitting chakra signals and to send out signals the farthest and widest the most logical place is the tallest tower in the hidden rain village of course and that means now that his puppets are here the real pain must be in the highest spot near that hidden leaf village right we'll search each high spot one by one until we find him you asked me why I'm doing all this but even if I talk to you I I doubt very strongly that the knowledge would change anything at all but let's say that I take the time to explain to you what do you think would happen then I had nothing to say to you my goal is to fulfill the dream even Jiraiya sensei was unable to achieve as I said earlier what I want is to create peace and bring about justice create peace justice are you King give me a break he killed my master and my sensei hurt my friends destroyed my village after all the horrible things that you've done don't you dare talk about peace and justice then tell me what does you roll first I'm gonna kill you and then I'm gonna bring peace to the ninja world OSE that is no flu that would be justice however what about my family my friends my village they suffer the same thing as this village at the hands of you hidden leaf ninja how is it fair to live only you people preacher our peace and justice the hell are you talking about once the land of fire in the hidden leaf had grown too big to protect their national interests they forced feudal clans to wage war against each other and profited from it otherwise the people of the villages were starved as it happened our little nation and its villages became the battlefield where the great nations waged their war each time they did our nation was ravaged and laid to waste after many such battles the great nation stabilized when our small nation suffered and it barely recovered you and I are both seeking the very same thing we both want to achieve the piece that you're honest since I envisioned you and I are the same we're both motivated by our desire for peace and justice but justice that I had delivered against the leaf village is no different from what you are trying to do to me everyone feels the same pain losing something dear you and I have both experienced that pain you strive for your justice and I strive for mine we're both just ordinary men who've been driven to seek vengeance in the name of justice and if one comes the cold vengeance justice such justice will only brief forever vengeance and trigger a vicious cycle of hatred right now we live in such a cycle I know the past and can tell our future it is the same as our history so we believe as human beings simply cannot understand each other and they never will a shinobi world of ours is ruled by hatred and hatred alone however even I'm able to see that there's entirely too much hate in the shinobi world of ours there's too much hate I've always wanted to do something about all of this hatred I'm just not quite sure how I go about it as of yet but I truly believe that eventually the day will come when all people will understand one another and live in harmony oh it sounds kind of complicated to me and if I can't find the solution to this problem then perhaps I won't trust you to find it instead hey Naruto yes sir I can't turn down a request for my master can i pervy sage so Naruto how would you confront this hatred in order to create peace I want to know what your answer is I don't know I don't have an answer but you see that is why I formed the Akatsuki to break the cycle of hatred I can put an end to it but I need the nine tails I must have his power in order to achieve that goal I'll use the power of all nine beasts to create a tailed beast with many times stronger than the one that flattened this village strong enough to wipe out an entire nation instantly a tailed beast weapon I'm going to show the world the true penis and solve all wars with a tear of a Penguin's fire I shall lead the world on the road to stability into peace but if you do achieve peace like that then the whole thing is nothing but a big lie human beings are not the most intelligent of creatures this is the only way that peace can be achieved of course after several decades that pain too will eventually fade with time it will no longer act as a deterrent humanity will return to war again this time they themselves will use the tailed beast weapon against one another and reconfirm what true pain is and then for a time peace will briefly be restored again in the course of this endless cycle of hatred be getting more hatred this unbearable pain will give rise to momentary peace that is my dream and my goal Nagato please don't push yourself you've already spent so much chakra peace is now within our cross pains chakra is getting inside me I've avoided any vital spots and kept them shallow but you will know not to be able to move on your own snap out of it lad no matter what he says to you you must not listen to any of it you're the child of prophecy the Saviour for this all the world Jiraiya boy on par risk their lives for you hit because they believed in you no you're not allowed to lose Naruto boy if you give up now I won't forgive you you hear me most frog bastard it's time you run away what's up oh restricting novice movement with those rods I won't let you hurt not anymore reinforcement why did you come out here just run you can't win you I'm just being selfish now it's daddy Hinata don't put yourself in danger like this just go I'm here because I want to be this time I'm going to save you not oh I used to be such a crybaby always giving up before I even got a chance to start I almost took the wrong path so many times I lost count but you helped me find my way and take the correct path battle I always chased after you wanting to catch up wanting to want to go with you forever you've changed Who I am though your smiling face save me no no that's why I'm not afraid to die here if it means I can protect you because I love you I always will I have to do something I can't - there's even the slightest turns original I have to take it step twin like this no my chance Tyler hey knock off knock it off huh and what the heck do you want hey Leigh he's that kid that kid was always getting into trouble hey kid everyone hates oh that kid that kid huh kid my name is Naruto Uzumaki I'm gonna be Hokage one day remember that Oh some idiot kid like you could never give a yeah you want to fight you better not or you'll regret what's that song you just watch I will become a cutting I'll show all of you prove you all wrong make you pay for that maybe you're not talking here lady another are you all right it's that boy come along lady Nutter you mustn't get involved with him let's go just stop please just stay away I don't quit let go run people can't change no matter how hard they try that does it who gave you the right to tell you what you can't be don't you know I hope thought your puny tuna terrified and basically completely weird but you know what I actually like people like you why the songs because you track tourists why did you fight me when you know you'll only die yes because because that's my ninja way it was just like this when my parents were killed right before my eyes by shinobi of the hidden leaf because of the existence of love sacrifice is born as well as heat and one comprehensive one knows pain no pain what's that you hate me now the power of the nine-tails rage summons him for you do you hate me no do you still think people to ever truly understand each other I see wish but know this my pain is still far cry to the years let's go is that all you've got my god chakra feels just like that name what's happening lady Hinata she went to go help Naruto and tell me she Oh sealing jutsu he got the seal here he comes distressed all my teeth Oh and possible he would suit my almighty posh No Universal what my god is that what's happening with Naruto I can't describe it it's that he has six tails now at this rate he could transform into the nine tails 6 tails but 6 that's that's even more than last time livvie Kazuya please tell everyone to evacuate immediately know what leaf there's barely any trace of the village left at all quickly you must all evacuate as far away as you can this is naruto's nine-tails power I'm certain of it because my clone is attached to him the nine tails huh what I thought not much I went Kakashi for the sealing jutsu on him how did this happen it was Hinata she was cut down right in front of him while trying to defend him and then Naruto just it triggered his transformation yes that's right where is Yamato what's he doing we need him here did you find capital yes good no one spot you oh no what what is it don't tell me he undid the sealing jutsu six tails that's just insane there's an emergency I'm sorry I have to get back to the village right away Hey we're going to power its maximum Naruto in pain they're moving away from the village wait what do you mean Naruto's a nine-tailed state and pains fleeing from him good serves him right hey this is no time for laughing first we need to secure him out his body and then he must do something about Naruto in this state he could attack absolutely anyone I have to get a hold of captain Yamato I have brought tend or close enough planetary devastation stop don't go that far your body can't take anymore please go down I need silence I have to focus limitary devastation Oh Oh why are you pushing yourself to make it that big our opponents the ninetails I can't go small sage of the six paths are said to have created the moon compared to that this is nothing regardless the capture of the nine tails is now complete why how did it ever come to this so not all how would you confront this hatred in order to create peace I want to know what your answer is I I don't know it hurt I hate this I don't know what should I do I don't know anything anymore someone please help me give me an answer destroy everything erase anything that causes you give me your soul your spirit your vital essence territory and it's change this is bad this is really really bad I can't believe is the strong it's too late oh how could this happen Oh part forth he's actually digging himself out of planetary devastation incredible power I'm going to have to increase its size then my nails disappeared his doubt has been raised what's happened has he already mastered does he now control the nine-tails transformation into the Nigel's disturb their chocolate made me lose my last shadow on it mount myoboku that means I can only use the sage jutsu chakra I have left inside me Oh he's already on sage mode he's tough rare to confirm the extent of the ninetails power but I never imagined planetary devastation would stop him I thought I was gonna die wait what's that the village is over that way was you did that Naruto when you were in nine tails state did I kill you not huh and all the people of the leaf village she's alive I can sense he not just raw grub I was quite worried but no casualties resulting from your assault even though you were in full ninetails state we were lucky oh thank goodness you know what a relief edits no lady jahnava pre-injury is one of here for you but she needs treatment right now I'll look for a medical ninja right away yeah the hickey finish then protect by the Apache but I can't move anymore hurry up they need your help can't believe things in this man look there's a wound II told you to the time has come for us to end this do you finally comprehend paying unless you come to know the same thing you cannot truly comprehend someone else and even if you comprehend them you still may not ever agree with them that is the truth that is the reason it's useless for you to chase up a suspect enough of this just take me where the real Cain is I want to talk to him face-to-face now enough of this just take me where the real pain is I'm gonna talk to him face-to-face now so you figure that part out at you first your AIA sensei and now you as well leaf ninja are really quite impressive but our discussions over further conversation will change absolutely nothing I just want to discuss something with him you're in sage mode now I believe that you are limited to generating only two of those bothersome chakra shuriken at a time isn't that so and that causes your sage mode to run out I guess I have no choice but to fight you huh if both of your should concern is the only possible outcome is that you shall lose you'll have no more chances I will take you almost to the point of death and haul you off well that's too bad I'll find the real pain myself then but how are you going to do that you've got an idea he he reversed track to me using sage mode I found him bastard yeah sofas right here comes the first the oven wash the second one is in shadow shuriken jutsu for Windows five seconds I can do this four seconds to go oh man apparently blue shadow hums only three more seconds until I can launch my next jutsu but two shots both missed it's over what is this we still have two seconds it's also no clothes when you're suffering sure this was in shadow closes back up you with no answers and no solutions just what I truly believe that the day will come when all people understand one another and live in peace if I can find the solution to this problem then perhaps I'll entrust beautifying it instead on the job I'm certain that you'll be able to find the answer because I believe in you completely it's because I truly believe that you are the only shinobi who can surpass the fourth Hokage stop that oh that you saw I've got five seconds this distance will keep you safe oh look ping just get up I'm trying to make me give up