Natural Medicine Secrets Episode 2 2020

Welcome to Natural Medicine Secrets. I'm your host Jonathan Otto. We live in a world where we're surrounded by pressure and weighed down with stresses that our ancestors didn't face. Is it any wonder that 40 million Americans are suffering from anxiety. Have you felt like you're just living day to day constantly trying to keep up with the demands of life but you're still falling behind. Have you felt fatigued and unable to stay alert and engaged with your work or with your family? Or maybe you’re like 90% Americans that feel like they need caffeine to make it through the day. Is this normal? Because it seems so many people are self-medicating with coffee and energy drinks. We fall into the mindset that this is all just a part of life. But are we truly supposed to be dependent on stimulants just to make it through the day? What could be causing this mass addiction in society? Our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol. It's our fight or flight hormone. It tells our body to run, or stay and fight. In our current American culture, we're bombarded with daily stresses that trigger our cortisol response. When this hormone is sustained at a high level for a prolonged period of time, numerous problems can start to arise such as chronic inflammation. This chronic inflammation can manifest itself in different ways throughout the body, which can trigger several autoimmune responses. Our adrenal glands are what regulates our body's stress response and tells our body to produce cortisol. The adrenals also regulates, sleep, energy, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Too few people realize that prolonged stressful situations at work or somewhere else could be a catalyst for multiple health catastrophes. We can actually wear out our adrenal glands by remaining in a constantly stressed state. When the adrenals start to "burn out," all these functions in our bodies start to malfunction. So I think mineral deficiency is a huge issue. Now when somebody that's actually drinking a ton of water, and thirsty, and fatigued, I think it makes sense to check insulin levels and see peptide levels to make sure that person is not Type-1 Diabetic. Makes sense to check a glucose average, but you can rule those things out in somebody who is young and who is not overweight. And really what you're dealing with is you really want to look at cortisol levels, right. Get a really, really good cortisol test, a 24-hour urinary or salivary cortisol, because you have to understand your adrenal gland, what regulates cortisol, stress, energy, sleep, but also blood sugar, blood pressure. So my own personal journey in dealing with my own family. I have 4 beautiful children, an amazing wife, and when I was 40 years old I was struggling with serious fatigue, chronic fatigue, in fact. Pain, anxiety, issues of losing everything in my life. I lost everything, even my cars, back in the crash in 2008. Today I've turned around and overcome all these chronic illnesses to be able to help other people do the same thing today. In my practice today, I see many people suffering with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Most of it has to go back to gut health and that's our approach is, what's going on your gut that could be creating the problems? So I had been having some health issues. I'm an overachiever. I ran movie sets for years, and then I got into real estate and was super active for multiple decades. And it's at one point I just couldn't anymore. I couldn't get out of bed, and didn't feel good. I didn't feel like myself, and I had gone to you know went to ER 2 times. What's going on with me? Could never really figure out what was wrong. It was it wasn't anything like debilitating, but it was debilitating you couldn't tell from the outside that something was wrong. I looked like I was me. But from the inside I was just exhausted and just something was off. So cortisol and insulin are inversely proportional, right. So when you've got somebody with a blood sugar problem, they're pretty likely to have a cortisol problem. The problem with that is, is cortisol is regulating all your sex hormones. Cortisol is regulating DHEA, pregnanolone. Your body needs those raw materials to make estrogen, and progesterone, and testosterone. So what you're seeing is you're seeing these hormone issues, and these gut issues, and these detoxification issues in these people with blood sugar problems like diabetes. You see, it's all connected. If you have a healthy adrenal gland, I'll tell you what: Your hormone system is going to be in good shape, your energy levels, your sleep quality, how you respond to stress, your sex hormones, your blood sugar, your blood pressure. The cortisol is also pretty important in just keeping things in check, including the thyroid. Yeah, well you're right. And so the cortisol helps to regulate, keep the thyroid in check. So the cortisol affects how you absorb thyroid hormone. So this is when you run into people who have normal thyroid levels. You know normal is, is I kind of roll my eyes at that term, because usually it means that person hasn't had enough testing and they haven't been tested properly. But sometimes you do get the right testing and your levels are still normal. But you have all these thyroid symptoms when it could be coming, because your adrenal gland isn't allowing your thyroid hormones to absorb properly, right? Sometimes hormones you have these people taking these crazy synthetic hormones; they block the thyroid receptor sites and you can do, you can find that out with proper testing. In your practice, what would you say are some of the most common health problems that you see in your female patients. Well actually I, I have an advanced preventive cardiology clinic, advanced heart clinic,dedicated to early detection and reversal of heart disease. So unfortunately, I have technology using ultrasound and computer analysis. I diagnose a lot of women very early in life with the development of atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, years before there might be a risk of needing a stent or bypass, having a stroke. But it's aging, and it's not's not a happy time to tell a 39-year-old woman that she has the arteries of a 58-year-old woman. And then we have to take a deep dive into what the lifestyle's like, what are the advanced lab's like, and put together a program, a plan, diets, fitness, sleep, stress reduction, cessation of smoking, of course. Very often some herbal and natural supplements that have some exciting evidence for reducing atherosclerosis. And then, the happy news in my practice is a year later I test these people and they're much younger by direct examination of the arteries. So that's a very big segment. It's not a common segment of most practices. If you don't look for it you're not going to find it. But I look for it, and try and reverse it before it's ever a problem. Then there are you know skip beats, racing beats, what we call palpitations, very common, can be poor sleep, can be stress, anxiety, can be thyroid, can be poor nutrition for sure, can be caffeine excess. What a shock to find out that continued stressful situations in your life could lead to a thyroid condition. Not only that, but it can be affecting your hormones in other ways that you hadn't even realized. Many Americans suffer from low libido, and they even take medication for it, never realizing the ultimate cause is something as simple as learning how to alleviate stress and promote healthy adrenals. Stress and anxiety also can be big triggers for heart disease as well. High levels of cortisol can lead to a lack of sleep and low energy, which can lead to self-medicating with caffeine. All of these components contribute to a damaged immune system that needs time and care to heal and repair. Our body's such a complex system, much like computer, if you take out one piece of the working system, the entire thing begins to malfunction. We often associate symptoms with the location that they're occurring. For example, if you're having arthritis pain then there must be something wrong with your joints. However, leaky gut or stress can be often the true cause of joint inflammation, and therefore, resolving these issues may resolve the chronic joint pain. When we're able to view the body in this way, understanding all of the body and how it works together as a system, there is a sudden epiphany. We need to take care of our body throughout our lives. This is the system that we live within, and are a part of. And if we're working against our own system it will eventually fail, almost as if our mind and our decisions become the virus within the system, working at cross purposes against ourselves. Well in '88 I had Guillain-Barre. I was paralyzed. I was on life support. Out of that I got narcolepsy, which I didn't know. In about 10 years later, after going through much distress with the doctor sending, putting me on anti-anxiety medicines, things like that, because they thought I was going get paralyzed again. They diagnosed me with narcolepsy, cataplexy, myasthenia gravis, and my thyroid was failing, and there were so many things going wrong with my, with my body. And so then if you could explain it in a nutshell, like it's what you and your husband were experiencing and then where, where you're feeling at right now. Like, just show me that contrast between those two, those two places. Our sleep was terrible. We weren't, we weren't getting good sleep. He was in a lot of pain. He was not able to move...his hands wouldn't close. And he works with his hands, but he ended up in this situation with the psoriatic arthritis. He knew right away that this was the right track. The lesions were on his arm. They were on his legs, in the back of his, his hairline was just raw sores, and all of that is gone. It's just gone. And he's, he's able to move his hands, his hands close, and he's just feeling super energetic where our sleep has gotten better. He says he's, he's slept the best he's ever slept in his life. This last month it's just been a month. So I thank you for the doctors and all their information, and their willingness to come on here and share with us and talk to us. It's just great. Thank you. I would, as I was driving up to get my mail I was thinking, I feel so strong. I mean, I was gripping the steering wheel like a, like you're, you're doing those hand weights. I was gripping it and feeling like I've got strength in my hands, my legs. And I was just like bouncing out of the, out of the mail, mail room and one of the ladies in my community saw me there and she said, "What are you doing?" And I said, "I'm gonna tell you what I'm doing." Welcome to Natural Medicine Secrets. 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I'm not, I'm not pro-drugs at all unless they're absolutely necessary, right. I believe in nutrition and just like your lifestyle and things like that. I do a lot of life coaching with people. And so I was like, “Well, I just felt so misunderstood that I'm never going find out this reason, why I don't feel the way I should be feeling." And so then I had one of my colleagues, thank goodness, our broker actually, Jean Grubb, she said, You know I think you should go meet my doctor. And at the time he was with another practice in Austin. She said, Why don't you go see Dr. Oubre, I think you'll really like him. I mentioned him to you. You know and I had all different kinds of symptoms going on that I couldn't piece them together why they would be happening. And so I went and saw Dr. Oubre And he was able to in that first visit get to the source of what was going on. And I felt like somebody finally understands me, right. I was like, here's this woman who'd been looking for...I guess that had happened in December the year before. And then in summer I had gone to that other doctor and this was October. And I was like, oh yeah somebody understands. He said I think it's 3 things you know, and he just nailed them off. And then when I came back to do the follow up, he had a solution for me. He said well it's actually something called adrenal fatigue. It's often you know totally misdiagnosed and under, underfound by doctors or medical, regular medical doctors. But it's really you know your body is having a hard time dealing with all of this "go go go" that you're doing. And so and I was so surprised he wasn't trying to prescribe me some drug. He was giving me these supplements, adrenal supplements, and you know change your diet, cut out caffeine, all of these things that I could do naturally. You know, getting good sleep. All this stuff to reset my body and so I was like, Well I absolutely love this approach. Right. This is something that I can do and hopefully share with others, because anything that I do I always want to share with our agents and things like that. What we're doing is we're brushing them under the rug or we're giving people synthetic hormones. Girls are given birth control for low progesterone, but taking synthetic hormones like that are going to drive your hormonal imbalances deeper. Because after a while, your body's going to stop. Even though it's producing small amounts of hormones, which it needed to be producing more. It's going to produce even less once you start taking a hormone. How do you go about helping to resolve these issues? I think you, I think this is where testing is very important. I'm a big fan of urinary testing, which is called a Dutch test, or salivary hormone testing, because hormones are so unique to that female, to that individual, that I feel like the testing can give you your roadmap. I do think you have to make sure the adrenal glands are healthy, because they affect energy, how you deal with stress, sleep, blood sugar, belly fat, all of that. I think another thing you have to take a good close look at is the thyroid to make sure the thyroid is functioning, or you don't have autoimmunity affecting the thyroid, which is the leading cause of thyroid destruction. So, hormones are really influenced by cortisol levels. So, we have to make sure we keep our cortisol levels healthy. We have to keep our blood sugar healthy. We have to manage our stress. We have to sleep, and then we have to incorporate some techniques to help keep cortisol levels healthy like meditation, exercise, things like that. And what are the types of things people can take for brain health to help improve their clarity and mental focus, memory, improve depression, anxiety symptoms? Well again this, the supplement, the herbs do not treat the symptoms. It's treating the underlying cause. And then you have to understand what's causing it. So if someone has memory issues, then you have to ask, Is that memory issue caused by a cortisol problem? If it is, then you can use things like valerian root, passion fruit extract to kind of dampen some of that stress response. That's one way you go about it. Or is that cortisol response that's causing memory problems caused by an infection? In that case you got to do a colon cleanse or you got to take something that has antibacterial herbs, like garlic, or caprylic acid, and things like that to get rid of pathogens, so that you're decreasing cortisol and stress on the body. So memory loss is a symptom, but what's causing the memory loss? If it's a gut infection versus metal then we use chlorella or liver support, or versus stress. Maybe they just need to meditate, and quit stressing, and change the priority in their lives so they no longer, no longer stressing instead of taking a supplement. Or they may do all 3 of them. Yeah, it's all about just addressing as root as possible. And if people don't have resources then they just need to be aware, by watching shows like, this by listening and learning, so that they can become aware of their symptom and then get an education about where that symptom's produced or how it's produced. So they are addressing the mechanism of what's producing the symptom, instead of, oh this is good for the eye. But what's causing the eye problem? With diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disease, memory loss, hormone malfunction, and calcification being triggered by high stress levels, anxiety, and burned out adrenals, it's amazing that no one has woken up to this so far. Instead, people continue to take medication and self-medicate through disease symptoms, hoping someday they'll get better. Meanwhile, doctors are continuing to increase medications as the body develops a tolerance for them, until the point that the medications can no longer be safely increased. Allopathic medicine even offers surgery to have the thyroid removed, a completely irreversible decision. Essentially saying, it's broken. Let's just take it out and see if your body can do without it. Then trying to imitate the hormonal responsibilities of the thyroid gland with medication for life, yet never asking the question if it's broken, can it be fixed? Have we done all that we can do to understand why it is malfunctioning in the first place? Though prolonged chronic stress can be very detrimental to our health, is there such a thing as good stress? New studies have come out to show that we actually need some stress in our lives, but it has to be positive stress. So what does this mean, exactly? We're going to listen to Dr. Dean Sherzai explain the truth behind this mystery. You know, what was amazing out of all the research, the thing that came out, which is a little bit of a concept that sounds non-scientific, but there is science behind it, purpose. We say that we have this acronym NEURO Nutrition, Exercise, Unwind, Restorative sleep (not just sleep) and Optimizing mental activity. But at the center is "U". Unwind. And unwind is about increasing stress. That sounds counterintuitive. What? Because the human consciousness, human awareness has a limited, a finite real estate. If you fill that space, or if you try to get rid of bad stress, and if you don't manage well, you keep filling it with new stress. That's, that's never gonna go away. The only way you get...get rid of bad stress is to create meaningful, good stress. The brain grows most when it is under stress, but good stress. What is good stress? Good stress is the kind of stress that challenges you. That's your...that's yours, that's owned by you. That's your purpose, is time bound, and you can create a series of successes. That's...a brain needs that. In fact the #1 fuel for the brain, it's a little metaphor. It is not glucose or oxygen. It's tension and challenge. A brain that's not challenged is the brain that withers and dies. In fact the #1 factor that determined decline was not as much as I would love to say when a person that was active throughout their life, and then they started, they retired and they didn't do anything. Their decline was the steepest. So I tell people don't retire or if you're going to retire, start a new passion ... because that challenges the brain. That makes sure that the neurons connect. Let me tell you what that means. Now, each brain when people compare the brain to a muscle, incredible disservice to the brain. The biggest human being you know is 3 times bigger than average. Actually not true, but let's say. But you have 87 billion neurons. And a great majority of them can make a few connections, or as many as 30,000 connections per neuron. That's...that's beyond the Incredible Hulk. That's...each...that's your protection. The Nun Study, the Taxi Drivers Study, many other studies that people are aware of actually revealed that...that when you make those connections. How do you make those connections? Through two ways. One is exercise. Exercise actually makes those connections, grows the brain. But the bigger way is mental activity. Challenging mental activity around your purpose. Why? The purpose or non purpose? Well how would the brain know? That limbic system. How you define it. If you take the same amount of tension, and it's around your passion and it's really pushing you. The people that are most protected are people that work hardest throughout life. But they work hardest around their passion. Your brain says it's good. I like it. I'm enjoying it. It's stressful, but I'm enjoying it. There are a series of successes. Then it connects that emotion to your hypothalamus, which connects to the pituitary and what's released are the good chemicals. Immune system, metabolic process, all that is controlled through pituitary. But if it's bad tension, that works on cortisol, adrenaline, and inflammatory processes. Your thyroid is thrown off, your growth hormones are thrown off. That's where it starts. Good purpose. A meaningful life. Learning about good stress is so essential to really supporting good health and keeping our mind sharp. Dr. Sherzai talked about some of the ways we can promote good stress hormones, such as purpose and meaning. But practically speaking, what are some of the things that science has found to promote good stress? Some examples include making changes, learning, and adapting to a new routine or situation, and make adjustments. Getting to know someone new, either a friend or someone you're romantically interested in, or a new business contact. Fitness, activities, and sports, working towards a big goal or an event like having a new baby, or getting married, learning something new. Being willing to start a new sport or hobby where you're a beginner. It takes time and discipline to learn. But the payoff is a good stress booster. Discipline. Being able to stick with something difficult and overcome the obstacles in order to grow. This includes going through a difficult trial in your life that you have to overcome. Who knew trials in our life could actually promote good health integrity? Doing the right thing. Being able to stand up for what you believe in may actually be incredibly difficult. This may mean being honest in a situation where it appears to be a negative result. Essentially, what appears to constitute good stress is a situation that presents a trial obstacle or difficulty, but has a reward or payoff at the end that is perceived as a greater reward than the difficulty itself. Work may be stressful to the point that your paycheck isn't enough of a reward to undo the bad stress feeling. However, if the payoff is praise from an employer, or a promotion, or an extra week of paid vacation that reward feels worth the added effort. But also just the endorphins that are released when you accomplish a goal like learning something new, or overcoming an obstacle can be a reward within itself. And as Dr. Sherzai pointed out, having a drive and purpose behind what you're doing can also turn into good stress. For me, I enjoy creating these documentaries. It's my passion and I really love to help people get well and live a happy, healthy life. My biggest passion is to put an end to suffering in the world in whatever way I can. So this motivation of helping others makes it more rewarding and that gives me the zest and the zeal, and it provides my body and my brain with that stimulus and a meaning that transcends like any basic thing. So these are wonderful and beautiful things to tap into, and we all have them in our life. And the deeper we dive and dig into those passions, the more we can experience the wonders that come into our life and our health as a result. What we want to be careful of is that our good stresses don't become bad stress by beginning to perceive it as a threat, or fear and dread, or like for this whole experience to become overwhelming. Also having too much of a good stress activity can convert into something you see as a negative, and therefore, it can become bad stress. Having a positive attitude and perspective can help keep stresses in the beneficial category, which is where we want to stress to stay and so we can maintain our health. Well you know everybody's in pain. And I had no idea really how many people are in pain until I got into this industry and started developing a product. It's like I meet people and if they're not in pain, someone they know is in chronic pain. And I'm not just talking about physical pain. I'm talking about mental pain, distress. People are depressed. They're totally stressed out, and there's a direct correlation to being, you know, right now everyone's opioid epidemic and everyone's popping pills like crazy. It's insane and it's just numbing, numbing and I, I don't think pain is a bad thing. I think pain is a good thing. Pain is your body talking to you, screaming at you saying something's wrong. If you're in pain in your heart, you have anxiety and depression. You know instead of like feeling you know something's wrong with you, you need to be grateful, because your body's telling you something's wrong in there. You know if you have, if you couldn't feel pain, you would get infections. So pain is just a way of saying, hey something's going on here. And so numbing pain with opiates and these prescription drugs is just telling your body to shut up. Stuffing it down, not doing anything about it. So when you can use these powerful plant-based extracts like in hemp and other powerful plants, then you can help support the body to go in and support it. So you promote homeostasis, and then you know some of that pain can subside in a way that you can deal with it, and start to actually repair and rejuvenate your body in a way that is supposed to be, so it can be functioning at a capacity where you're not living every day numbing yourself and numbing your emotions down. You're able to go through emotions and go through life without having to drug yourself. Some of the cases that I see, one case as at the V.A. where we work. This gentleman that was working as a car mechanic, 65 or so. And he had significant memory problems, and also had some mood disorders, and depression, and anxiety. And when he was young he was he was into cars, building cars, rebuilding cars and all that. Man went to the military came out, went and started working for a car mechanic. And with this car mechanic he was doing the same thing over and over again. Repeating. And he was hating his work. And the pressure was building, the stress was building. And that was affecting his memory and his thinking significantly to the point that he had mild dementia. So after much conversation we saw that the one dominant feature was the fact that he hated this job. So he said it's good to have to retire. So he retired. So he went on his own. We thought we lost him. Six months later he comes back and he says, Dean, my life has changed. I'm a completely different person. So we do the exam, the neuro psych and everything else and no dementia, cognitive sharp, sharp as ever. This was dementia as a result of the emotional component, the depression, anxiety, and everything else, as well as other lifestyle factors. And I said, So what did you do that changed your life? He said that so you know he hated his work as a car mechanic. He said I went home. I started building, rebuilding cars in my garage. Saying you hated that. Yeah. But what was different. The difference was that good stress. This was now his, in his terms, his own way of doing things, not just repetitive behavior. Going back to what he loved as a child. To rebuild the car. And this ability to do what you want but challenging, because it's rebuilding your car. And, and, and doing it for hours at a time. And memorizing, recalling, figuring things out. That completely took out the stress. And rebuilt his brain. It took what was his love, his purpose, and him doing it on his own terms and doing it long hours. That challenged his brain. And that helped the good stress overtake the bad stress. Now he's feeling the kind of stress that he loves. And completely rebuilt his brain. That's the kind of magic that's not magical. But, but, but complex enough and real enough. So now we know that there are different types of stress that can add to our health, and actually prolong our life, and improve our happiness. So what do we need to do with the bad stress? The stress that has been taking over our society through high pressure sedentary lifestyle We want to combat this stress. I'm sure many of you have heard of meditation and relaxation techniques. But is there more that we can do? Things that will help to cleanse our bodies and reverse these diseases that have been triggered by having high cortisol levels. Are there things that our bodies are lacking that could be contributing to the problem? And more importantly, have there been people who have actually been able to get well using these methods? Now we're going to explore these questions and to help you find the answers that you've been looking for. I have a gal that came in to see me 4.5 years ago. She was suffering with severe depression, anxiety, fatigue 10 years of chronic migraines, fatigue. Couldn't get off the couch. Had no driver, motivation in life. In fact, she pretty much just hated her life. She said she wasn't being able to be the mother she wanted to be. Her kids knew her as somebody who was very sickly and really wasn't a part of their life. And I think wow. How difficult is that? How many people really suffer along with what she suffered with? And the journey that she went through over the course of the last 4.5 years. But really it was a shorter period of time that she had major changes come back, these things that affected her, was the fact that she could only eat for food for 2 years. Meaning that she wasn't getting the nutrition and she needed, because of the fact that she ate anything else besides those 4 foods. She did have major headaches, major depression, anxiety, and bloating. So much of what happens in your gut health really affects your brain health. I know many of you have heard of that, but let's tie that together and what that really is. In this case what we see with this gal that was 37-years-old. Is...she had parasites. She made a trip to Mexico on a cruise. Right. Contracted something and then 10 years of suffering after that point in time. What I believe happened was she contracted a parasite when she was on this cruise that affected the way she felt, the way she digested, the way she thought. These parasites not only did that, but they caused chronic pain, abdominal pain, pain in her back, pain down her legs, and then the migranes daily, headaches daily. And how, how could you not have depression and anxiety with a lot of these symptoms? So what we did for her is we started looking at what can we do for her gut health. And getting, getting her to expand her diet, being able to get rid of her headaches and stuff. So we did great things. I put her on Mimosa Pudica Seed, gave her neem, vidanga, clove. There's a lot of different amazing herbs that can help rid the body of parasites. By doing this, within two months her headaches were gone. Within four months, her migraines were gone. And then over the course of the next year, her severe pain disappeared. All through treating the parasites. Her perspective on life changed. She became happier. She was able to handle so much more stress well before any little bit of stress would overwhelm her whole entire body and her being. Now the great thing about it is in her story that she came back is now she's vibrant. She has a job. She's working in something she has a passion for her. She's involved in her children's lives. She's able to participate in their activities. And her husband has her back. What a life-changing experience that is when you can actually fulfill your purpose and mission. By doing that... Absolutely, I mean chlorella is an amazing mitochondrial, mitochondrial regulator but if you going to do a green drink. OK. This study just blows my mind. This study about if you go out in the sunlight. All right. When you're drinking a green drink. Right. And when you charge your, your skin if you're in the sunlight and you charge your skin up it actually activates your mitochondria to make more CoQ10. The sunlight with chlorophyll, so I'm saying chloral is because, because there's chlorophyll, the green part, right, the chlorophyll. It charges it and it just is brilliant information for me. But I'm a big believer in nutritional supplements. Big belilever, which is do you like? Yeah sure, I love fulvic. Yeah. Well that is because at 100 micro nutrients actually has 18 amino acids and 14 organic acids. There you go. And so you know I love that I love... I think what it does is it primes the body. You know what I mean. It primes the body. It sets a certain vibration. These fulvic thing about it you're not taking a lot. Right. It's not like a mineral which is 1,000 milligrams of a mineral, mineral capsule. You're doing a little bit of liquid of that amazing ancient, it's an ancient from Earth, and it blows my mind of the vibrational content of it and what it does is it primes your body, so that it opens up and helps yourself to communicate cell to cell. There's a lot of things we don't know about fulvic yet and it's an exciting part of medicine now, you know just looking at that, but it just primes body getting ready and your electrical body ready I think. But that's my thought about fulvic. No, no, I think you got. Low molecular weight cross the cell membranes deposit nutrients, picks up toxins as amazing exchange like a hinge. Yeah, it's like a polarity thing. - One question that some people run across is whether or not they should use a fulvic mineral supplement or humic shale supplement. Humic shale is essentially a colloidal form, where minerals are suspended in a stable form. Colloidal minerals do not have an electrical charge and so, even though they are claimed to be more balanced and disperse well throughout the body, they're not easily absorbed. Because fulvic minerals are ionic minerals, they are easily transported across the cell membranes due to their electrical charge. This allows minerals to cross the intestinal membrane and be easily absorbed and utilized by the cells of the body. - Because colloidal supplements have to go through the entire digestive process and be broken down in order to be useful, the body does not end up being able to absorb and use all the available nutrients from these products. So, what we've found is that the fulvic acid has the best nutritional optimization and from what we've seen in our Well of Life products, it enhances the utility of the other herbs in the supplement, as well as helping the body to better absorb nutrients from food. I think that you know a formula that covers a lot of the B vitamins. A lot of the minerals bringing on the botanicals that you can really fill in a lot of cracks for anybody dealing with anxieties and even some depression. You know there's often we can consider anxiety and depression, one of the same. They're absolutely not, but you can often target and fill in a lot of real similar foundations that will support people suffering from both of those issues. What are the core ingredients that you'd use to do that. So I really like combining a blend of B vitamins and the activated forms of B vitamins when possible, with a lot of the minerals such as selenium thiamine and zinc and magnesium. And I love blending those 2 compounds or those 2 groups of compounds with different botanicals. So if we're talking about anxiety, I love blending them in with things like chamomile, or things like L-theanine, and GABA, and phosphotidylserine. These are all great things that we can start to do that just really us calms down, even things that are gonna boost their serotonin such as 5-HTP or St. John's Wort. You can always make sure that if you're on any pharmaceutical prescription drugs, work with a properly qualified health care professional. So that they can tell you and navigate you through this. But those are just great things to look at. Fantastic. Thank you. And then people can expect some, some resolution in those areas because we're talking about the issue with, a lot of mental function with neurotransmitters. And I mean is it true that a lot of the foods we're eating are deficient in and what they're needing to the core building blocks for our neurotransmitters? And then we also have the issue with that body's ability to break down the microbiomes compromise that we obviously can't negate that, that needs to happen as well. Which is why we're really going off to that area, but at the same time we're giving it, we're fueling the core building blocks so that our body has those core nutrients to then convert into their neurotransmitters which are like serotonin, norepinephrine... Dopamine. GABA. Because if anyone is too low or too high that's when you start feeling like you're just like on edge or depressed. We want to bring people back into balance. And so as I said earlier you know it's about removing the bad and putting in the good. And if we can clear the, you know get the snowplow and clear all the different...I'm Canadian I like snow...if we can clear all that debris out there and then put in the nutrients right behind it, and that's when you're really going to start to see and feel more importantly an impact. When I first learned about essential oils was when I was a kid, OK. We had this black lab huge, huge dog. This dog was the throwback, the runt of the litter you know in that he was given to my family and we, we had we called him Jack, Jack was Jack was this enormous dog and he weighed 100 and I think 147 pounds or something like 142 pounds and his, his back stood almost about the belt level to me. And he was just this humungous, humungous black lab and he would have panic attacks anytime there was a thunderstorm. Well we lived in the Great Lakes area. So there was...every spring we had a couple of months of thunderstorms in....Jack would just go bananas and he'd try to find a place to hide. There have been a couple of times that he got under the bunk beds, with children in the bunk beds, and knocked over the bunk beds. Just trying to find a place to hide. He didn't fit under the bed. You know in finally, you know we'd have to kind of like, lock him up in a laundry room or something like that to keep him somewhat under control. One time my dad came home and he had these things called essential oils. Never heard of this before. Didn't know anything about them. Came home with these essential oils and that night we had a real bad thunderstorm, dog was just going bananas and dad got a hold of him held him down put lavender oil on the base of his skull. Rubbed it in behind his ears. Dog went over curled up on the floor lay down went to sleep. I'd never seen anything like slept all night. It didn't move. He stayed in that spot all night it was it was unbelievable. We know this is the dog who went from having a panic attack to sleeping and slept all night, Dad put like 10 drops a lavender oil in the back of his head. That was my first experience with essential oils. I never had...didn't know anything about them. Part of that. Well if it works on an animal like that that is so impulsive and so scared of a thunderstorm. Everyone that's, everyone this has had a dog or even has friends that has dogs, have dogs know that that's exactly what happened and there's a thunderstorm with almost every single dog. And so for it to have that kind of dramatic impact makes me wonder what it could do for people with their stress. Correct. And thunderstorm like we...the thunderstorm in our life might not be like the crack of thunder, might be reliving for us. But our thunderstorm is the boss getting angry. Correct. The children throwing a tantrum, hormones going wild. Right. Right. Exactly. There's all kinds of things. What was interesting is that worked for that dog his whole entire life. He knew he was. We had him for another 4, 5 years. In any time there was a thunderstorm we gave we actually became the time I was only 16 17 years old at the time and know, it became the thing that anytime there was a thunderstorm the kids would just go get my little brothers and sisters will get to the bottle of lavender oil, put some drops on Jack's head. Rub his head and he'd go lay down. My point is, is it was consistent. It didn't just work once you work every time, you know for years for that dog. Mushrooms in general have very high Vitamin D. Vitamin D now is actually called a hormone because once Vitamin D absorbed in the body, Vitamin D is essential for a number of activities. Vitamin D is anti-inflammatory, that means it actually decreases inflammation in our body, decreases our CRP levels and helps enhance that immune system. Vitamin D has been shown to be deficient in people suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia because of lack of going out in the sun, because of more of the blue light, because of screen time they were experiencing staying inside closed doors, and not eating a well-balanced diet. Another mushroom that we can talk about is reishi mushroom. Reishi also called Ganoderma lucidum, has been used in vast studies for cancer research as well. Reishi is also adaptogenic. Reishi can be taken in very high quantities as a supplement or you can start off your morning with reishi because it balances out your cortisol hormones that have been over imbalanced, because of different stresses in our lives, inadequate sleep, inadequate rest in our body, and also deficiency of different nutrients that we have. Reishi has been helped not only in fatigue but also for the G.I. tract. Reishi helps release a lot of digestive enzymes. It's a carminative as well and helps...and in helping with SIBO. It helps with Candida, and helps with leaky gut syndrome. Reishi can be supplemented as high as low as 200 milligrams to up to 600 milligrams or higher depending on how much reishi your body needs it how depleted your body has been. I've, I've seen all kinds of major transformations with people using herbs, you know. One of the, one of the things that we address a lot, especially in our society today, is you know the rampant effect of stress that really causes people to be very debilitated and almost dysfunctional because they are so overwhelmed by stress. Now we know that stress is actually it's, it's something that can be actually helpful to us. Stress is an adaptogenic process. So it's going to help save our lives. In the good sense. But if stress exists 24/7 that's then that's when it gets detrimental. That's when it starts doing damage to the body. So you've got all those different levels that the herbs are going to work on. Now for instance there's a formula which is famous it's called bupleurum and dragon bone. And the main ingredient in that formula isburplerum. I actually did my dissertation on that formula, and I did a clinical trial. And we use the standardized stress test and we tested people's responses before they started taking the formula, and after they started taking the formula. And it was a significant difference in the amount of stress that people were experiencing in their lives by taking that formula. So that's basically, how it works. When choosing, in choosing a formula, or choosing an individual herb. For instance an herb, which is famous like He Shou Wu is also known as a major longevity tonic. It's famous for benefiting the hair. Right. But, what in general what that formula is going to do is, it's going to stimulate the production of blood and it's going to tonify the blood. And as we know blood is a substance that nourishes every single cell in the body. It nourishes the skin and nourishes the hair, it nourishes everything. So its function is to actually engender blood in the body and it has all of those other benefits at the same time. And there are other herbs that are really, like ginseng for instance. OK everybody I think knows about ginseng, right. It's an herb that has a long, long history. Again it is one of the major longevity tonics that there is. The function of ginseng is to actually tonify both the digestive system and the respiratory system. CBD oil is, is what people are using. They are getting results. It's helping people. It can be abused. It can be used just to kind of medicate a problem instead of look at the core problem. And I think that you really understand how to use some of these tools available to us. To then kind of keep, keep working on that long term solution and take away some of the immediate challenges so we can get through. What's your take on how people ought to look at their healing process and how to balance the immediate pain versus the core problem. That's a really good question and I think that has to do back with what I said is just embracing the pain and then starting to deal with how, how are we going to fix the problem of why this pain is there in the first place. But you know, when you're in pain sometimes it's hard to see that. But you know you mentioned CBD and I think there's a big confusion with hemp and cannabis and CBD and THC and what is all of this stuff, and it's just because the plant is so complex. There's so many different naturally occurring phyto cannabinoids that, that are in these plants. And cannabis has two different plant, two different plants the male and the female version. You know, the female is the marijuana, which is the psychoactive, it contains that THC. And then you've got the hemp, which is the male plant that is non-psychoactive does very trace amounts of that THC. So CBD and THC are only two, there's still hundreds of other phyto cannabinoids that are in this plant that don't get you high. CBD included does not get you high at all you cannot get high on it. So people see these terms and they think hemp or CBD or "Oh my God you know I can't give that to my kid or I can't take that" and there's just confusion there's mass confusion behind this plant. And I think a lot of that is planned and contrived you know, to try to keep everyone confused by it because when you see these ridiculous, amazing testimonials and not just testimonials, but actual clinical trials that are going on with this plant and what it's doing. Children with epilepsy, we're talking about, you know, diseases galore that I can't even mention here, that it's helping with. I mean that, there's no accident that it's getting a little been, been covered up. I think now the bubble has burst and people are waking up to this plant I had a, a football manager the other day in England. He contacts me. There was a young lady who I believe was married to his son. And she ended up with a huge fungal growth on her lower lip. And so he said, "What do you think we should do. Because the doctors have tried for 6 months given all kinds of drugs and none of that's worked." And so she went on Vitamin D, Vitamin C. She took some high CBD cannabis oil and some high, high CBD hemp oil and it cleared itself up. So just simply returning the body to wellness by having the right gas in the machine for want of a better phrase is the way to go. And it's an enjoyable experience though the lives being transformed every single day. And that's what keeps me going because this is an absolute blessing. We have metabolic hormones, okay. Your adrenal hormones, your pancreas hormones, and your thyroid hormones are all metabolic hormones, and moringa helps to get them operating in concert. So then nothing and nobody spiting and sputtering and nobody is you know, lagging, or no one's going too far ahead of everybody else. You know so they all work together in concert. That's what moringa does. Then your, your blood sugar remedy here is an excellent, this is excellent. We have antioxidents, okay. If some of the minerals necessary for proper blood sugar metabolism, but then there's all these different herbs we have here we have banaba root, guggul, bitter melon, licorice, cinnamon again, gymnema sylvestre, yarrow, cayenne, jupiner, I'm sorry, jupiter jude juniper, there you go. Sorry, juniper berry, mulberry extracts. Okay. You have multiple minerals that help vanadium, chromium, zinc, ... manganese all these different things that help the body utilize sugar better. Okay. In...with Alzheimer's or lot of anxiety, depression, diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes, the major problem metabolically behind these is the blood sugar swings. Okay. You know it's either going to high or dropping too low okay. So typically let's say anxiety, depression, if the blood sugar goes too high, it triggers depression. When it drops, it triggers anxiety. Okay. And it's just the peak and valley effect of the blood sugar. Okay. When we can get that level, it doesn't peak and cause the depression, it doesn't volley out and cause anxiety. Right. It stays nice and level is very helpful. It doesn't fix the cause of anxiety and depression. But it can be, it can reduce one of the triggers. Let's say somebody has resolved their detoxification issue. They're working on it. And let's say they're working on, for example if it's a cortisol issue, the stress reduction which is causing the neurotransmitters to misfire be deficient or over productive. Right. Because that's where people feel symptoms of, of anxiety or depression. When these numbers are out of balance with the neurotransmitters right. But let's just say people have either they're working on or they have resolved these issues, but they still feel that that type of some kind of deficiency in that area. Possibly, you know can it be due to the fact that our food and our food sources we, we can we can eat organic food, but then sometimes people can not feel the nutrients that they need perhaps because of the soil depletion and that type of thing. Is that true and if in which case if it is, what are the types of things that people can supplement to just get that extra you know the things that they might be missing to help their brain function. So you know certainly nutrient depletion is true. There's tons of studies that shows that apples today is not the same apple of 4 years ago. So we, we know that to be a fact. So it's a big problem. And how do you improve that. Well you can replace. Right. So you can take a great quality multivitamin mineral supplement and there;s many on the market. But I would say in, on top of replacing the minerals is absorbing the mineral. Right. So if your absorption is improved then you may be able to extract what limited amount of nutrient or decrease nutrients in the existing food. So work on absorption but if needed add more nutrient in by taking some type of supplement. I will say that improved brain function, you know typically it depends on what is causing the brain dysfunction. We see thyroid problems. We see leaky gut. We see autoimmunity. We see inflammation. We see heavy metal toxicity. So it's almost like a step by step process of working through all those. So somebody already walked or worked on detox you might need to go to the next step. Okay, what else is there. Have you already done a protocol to support leaky gut. Could you do that and still having issue. Okay, have you, you know have some test on to find out if you have an underlying toxicity or infection. The point is if what you're doing got you better. Great. What else is left. Then you've got to do something different perhaps to attain, to get through that gap to, to get that further improvement. Don't keep doing the same thing over and over again expect a different result. You must be willing to adapt and be open to learn new things because there's new things being discovered all the time about health about microbiome about brain function. What does that mean. Well. Foods that are whole foods plant based. Less fat, less animal fats, less saturated fats, less trans fats which are processed fats. And less sugar or processed sugar. Then whole food plant based has all of that. Now what else increases or reduces inflammation. Exercise. What's the best drug you have. For depression and anxiety. 3 times better than any other drug. Exercise. Why is that not being sold. Why is there no, instead of a blue jellyfish and a late night commercial. We don't have a exercised commercial for the brain, because nobody can charge for it. If you create a nice fancy commercial, you can charge for it, but you can't charge for exercise. Even chronic stress is the biggest factor as far as inflammation is concerned and cortisol levels and the biggest factor for shrinking the brain. So what's the answer. Manage stress through good stress. People who are - have good stress challenging the brain throughout life actually have much bigger brains. When it comes to herbs for the brain bacopa and Ashawagandha are two of them, the ones that we utilize the most, because it helps with short term and long term memory. Now it does take a while supplementing with these things to see the results. It can take 3, 4, or 5 months of supplementing with it on a pretty consistent basis, but it can be extremely beneficial for, for brain health and be complimentary towards, towards other things running towards other nutrients or lifestyle strategies that you're utilizing for brain health. Excellent and Dr. Mueller, why do you think that those herbs are effective. Well, I think that they are decreasing certain stress responses in the body and helping, they're adaptogenic herbs. And so when we talked about adaptogenic herbs we're talking about is that the herbs are quote unquote intelligent enough to balance the system. If we're too high, to elevated and stress response it can bring it down to normal. If we're too low it can bring it up. And bacopa and Ashawagandha have been studied the most out of, out of the herbs that we've utilized in our practice as being beneficial for the brain. So I think it's this nice balancing approach towards brain health, neurological health that can bring about...elevated levels of anxiety over a long period of time can cause these big pushes in cortisol. And what cortisol does to the hippocampus which is the main, the area for brain function is that...Have you ever heard of insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance. You've heard of that earlier where the insulin is screaming so loud at the cell that the receptors, the ears kind of shut and pull back. You can hear this, I can't receive this anymore, it's oh, it's toxic right. The same thing is true with cortisol and what it does that the hippocampus. The hippocampus as cortisol receptors, so as we're circulating cortisol and anxiety brings that about stress response, right. Brings that causal level up, up, up, up, up, up, up. It causes cortisol deafening of the receptors and then the hippocampus will start to lose its volume, and hippocampus is important for what for memory. So these Ashawagandha, bacopa, GABA, these things that can help calm that anxiety response, if that's, if it's driving from anxiety, that cortisol response can then help that hippocampus kind of put it into a place where now it can recover with the right things. So I find it incredibly beneficial in the office to use a mixture of herbs. They're in a class that we call adaptogens. For some reason they seem to balance your cortisol and cause you to adapt to stress, but they might be combinations of Ashawagandha. There's a green tea extract called L-theonine and these very often are used together. There might be I mentioned before bacopa, there might be some ginseng, and it's a capsule once or twice a day. And it doesn't sedate, is not addictive, and there's no opioid concern, and you can use while you're driving, use while you're working. But it's amazing how far you go. And to say you know, I've still got the issue, I've got my elderly parents, I've got children to rush to sports, I've got to cook for the family, or have to run the business, or whatever the situation is. But they just feel better and I use these in young women, I uses these in 85-year-old woman, my mother's on a mixture of adaptogenic herbs and they really, really are helpful. This one again we have B vitamins. We have calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium in this. What's really nice about this one here is the, all of the, it has a lot of adaptogens. Have rhodiola, lutein, Ashawagandha, chamomile, lemon balms, skullcap, hawthorne, bacopa, magnolia. OK let's go through some of these so, rhodiola helps with anxiety and has a very positive effect on lowering cortisol. All right. Ashawagandha does something really similar. OK. And again what's nice with both of these is they, in people with fatigue, it gives them energy. People with anxiety and fear and the jitters, it settles them down. Excellent. adaptogens. Lemon balms, skullcap, bacopa, passion flower, valerian, L-theanine, oat straw, St. John's Wort, hops. All of these are in the category of adaptogens called nervines okay. These are all things that settle the nerves, nourish the nerves, you know nerves being the jitters. OK. Excellent for reducing anxiety. This also has GABA, also 5-HTP and macuna. So GABA and 5-HTP help working with supporting more serotonin. Whereas macuna helps to raise dopamine levels, so if we can get both of those to come up. You may feel better, your outlook is going to be much better, you have less depression less anxiety those types of things. Ashawagandha one of my favorites. It's literally a tremendous adaptogen so that helps people deal with stress. And it really helps rejuvenate a disfunctioning adrenal system. If, if the word adrenals are new to you, this is your stress gland and there's 2 of them on top of your kidneys, and they produce a lot of stress hormones which go figure, we use a lot of every single day. And if we are filling up the reserves as we're using them and this is where we have trouble adapting to all things in life, whether it's work, or home, or whatever it may be. We want to make sure that your adrenal glands are built up and supported so that you've really got the backbone to get you through everything else that comes at you. A very common recipe that we use the turmeric is called Golden Milk, where you can actually use both turmeric, ginger, and pepper and you can sweeten it up with either cardamom powder, or with cinnamon, or dates, and then make a powder, make a dream that you can just drink either in the morning or in the evening. Because it decreases inflammation it helps it fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, it is anti tumor eugenics so it helps with cancer, it helps again with IBD, any kind of gastric ulcers. Also turmeric is very good for it, any kind of bone pain. So basically turmeric helps with everything in any kind of disorder your body has. In the same way ginger is also rhizome that is found underground. The ginger root is very common in all kinds of cusines. Ginger root can be eaten just fresh out of it, or you can cook it with all your food. A very high dose of ginger also can be used. You want to know if your levels are too high which is what we call Phase 1. High and low which I'll explain which is Phase 2 or low which is Phase 3, and depending on what your cortisol levels are doing that helps you determine the roadmap on how you want to approach it. So if your levels are low you can use some great nutrients like pure high doses of B6, you can also use like raw adrenal concentrate, that's great in the early stages of adrenal dysfunction. For adrenal fatigue it's usually you know high cortisol, high stress, stuck in sympathetic mode. You know the sympathetic, parasympathetic nervous system. Sympathetic is fight or flight. Parasympathetic is sleep and eat. So you're a sympathetic nervous system is very wired in our cortisol levels are really high and our adrenal glands start to burn out. And so that's when you're stressed out and the essential oils that you're going to want to use are the oils that contain certain molecules that have a calming effect on our nervous system. The essential oil molecules that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and depress and suppress the sympathetic, and then you'll start to feel much, much better, much more calm much more clear thinking, you'll sleep better. And so from an adrenal energy standpoint you always want to be using calming essential oils. Excellent. I love that. And so how would I apply them. Which ones. And and yet how many drops. Yeah. So I mean there's so many. There's so many different calling essentials so some of my favorites are Roman chamomile, lavender, obviously lavender is the #1 essential oil used in the world and so lavender is a great calming essential oil. There's, oh man, so many. Frankincense is even a calming oil. There's different types of blends that have all the common oils. Sandalwood is a great one. But the best way to use them is just put them on, like my favorite way to use them and teach people how to use them is just put them on pulse points. So like your wrist, your neck, the back your spine, the bottom your feet if it's a child or an infant is a great place to use them. So here we are on a journey to understand our health from a whole body perspective. Here we're suddenly starting to awaken to the comprehension that we can actually have an incredible impact on our health for the immediate and long term. While many of us have learned that stress is bad. Have you ever fully comprehended the extent of allowing yourself to live a life of constant stress. I've often heard people say that they'd rather live the way that they want and just deal with the health consequences. But then for those that are in the midst of suffering through chronic illness they would almost do anything to escape it. They'd prefer to go back in time and make a different decision. Chronic Illness cripples your entire life, your social life, your family life, your day to day activities. It can suck up the enjoyment out of so many of these things. This is why we want to bring this understanding of natural healing to you. This is why we want to reach out to those who are suffering and those who may be on the way to triggering illness in their bodies. We want to inspire you with the incredible knowledge to heal your body with the natural tools and reverse those symptoms that seem irreversible. We've heard countless stories of patients who have been told that their only option for their condition or illness was medication or surgery. Are these really the only options. Have we failed as a society to look past the surface manifestation of these illnesses to the deeper causes that can trigger failures within the system. That's why we wanted to bring this docuseries to you. We want you to know that there are more options. Our bodies had been created to heal themselves, given the right nutrients and tools. Not only this but the elements of nature unadulterated by lab manipulation, work synergistically with the body to support your own immune system to bolster your own body in its healing process. Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed Episode 2 and you'll put what you learned to good use. 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