Neil DeGrasse Tyson Death By Black Hole

for a TV the world is thinking because what happens is the gravity of the black hole is extreme as you can imagine light doesn't even escape its gravity is so extreme light traveling at the speed of light all right like just to put that in context if you wanted to escape the earth it's actually possible to do that contrary to what your grandparents told you where they said what goes up must come down that's just not true that well there's nothing your grandparents ever through that never came down but with rockets with high enough speed you can send something so it never comes back for earth that speed is 7 miles per second and we call it the escape velocity but if I throw something that apples here good if I throw this not fast enough it comes back so most of life experience tells you that what goes up comes out 7 miles per second this never comes back it goes to the edge of the universe there okay so now turns out on the on a black hole the escape velocity is so high that you have to speed of light is not good enough so if light doesn't come out nothing's coming out it's black you fall in you're not coming out it's a one-way trip okay so if you die this way you won't get to tell anyone how you died then he started but second as you fall in you don't just die because you disappear you you die long before you disappear as you fall in the gravity it's your feet becomes rapidly greater than the gravity at your head now now it turns out as if you stand on earth that fact is true under those conditions as well because your feet are closer to Earth's center than the top of your head is so your feet actually feel is stronger for segrete but not by much because if you're you know five feet tall six feet tall and earth is like four thousand miles in radius that difference is not that great compared with the distance to the center there black hole they're so small so compact that your height becomes your height matter as you fall in towards the black hole so your feet start falling faster than your head does that's a bad situation to be in you don't really know initially you kind of feel good you know because it's every all stretch when you wake up in the morning initially it feels like a stretch right sort of general relativity a kind of yoga okay two kind of yoga cosmic yoga's but what happens is that stretch continues beyond comfort levels and you reach a point where and then call the tidal forces tides on your body basically the tidal force can so great that they exceed the intermolecular forces that bind your flesh and so the point comes where you snap into two pieces likely to happen at the base of your spine now you are two pieces now it turns out now I know you didn't ask about this but I got a whole chapter on it I got it so it turns out you will survive that snap because below your waist while there are important organs there are no vital organs below your waist so your torso will stay alive for a little while okay until you bleed to death but this all happens much faster than it would take to bleed to death so these two pieces then feel tidal forces and then they snap into two pieces and then they snap again into 8 and then 16 and then your bifurcating your way down and so eventually it's your head and multiple other parts and so that will continue until you are a stream of atoms descending toward the abyss and it turns out that's not the worst of it ok the work it turns out the fabric of space and time funnels down towards a black hole so the space that you occupy up here is larger than the space you occupy down here so in fact you're getting while you're getting stretched you're getting squeezed extruded through the fabric of space like toothpaste through a tube now we have a word for that it's called spaghettification okay so invented for just this purpose one thing we're good at in English is having words for ways to die right we have a word if you kill someone else a word if you a different word if you kill yourself a different word if you're killed by electricity a different word I mean all words for how to die add spaghettification to