Nerf War 4 Infinitea War

[Music] and that's it the fourth nerf war is finally finished three months of hard editing and filming thousands of pounds invested in graphics and props are most importantly the final video over ten minutes long this is the best video I have ever made take a look Cal I'm gonna grab another cup of tea don't work accidents happen I'm so so sorry don't worry about it - a little cup of tea actually Chris about the teeth and use the last few bag [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] did you put the milk in trucks again Wow I used lost feedback [Music] [Music] bombs or huh we'll see about that scoff [Music] ha haven't seen a show up a week since Chris's district now that's just lazy whiting you're lucky we can afford a decent writer or I'd of just [Music] we're gonna need to resupply who want to stand a chance against them I know a guy what's that if I come come on it doesn't Oh don't be on the gear the hell nice try officer what that doesn't matter it's here with you yeah what's all this about though protect my identity gonna look professional in the fields i operated much as many school fields here for instance do you know what if your massive ears is sticking out oh hell write what you want we need supplies you got the big weapon no one can make it don't mind these Rapids are those their boat parties take your big boys I've got more arms little octopus there's only six all right so Riley just cover you need so what's the plan I left this here when Sanchez went to United I knew it was only a matter of time before he lost it [Music] [Applause] take them off good luck lads and if you need anything you know what to do for the last time Stephen we're not gonna text bongo positions [Music] not the fast accident you've caused dad huh cow Oh Chris drop us in the barn [Music] friendly predator missile inbound now some you're a hero [Music] they said shaving [Music] Oh looks like a knocking at death's door oh and easy hello there my sidekick didn't see this one coming I always thought it'd be the diabetes to kill me Oh bah bah bah no I just want to thank you for your friends bye family a baby even a few changes because let's do get help what get help no come on do you love it I hate it it's great it works every time it's humiliating okay without a plan no we are not doing get help what cousin is dying please help him somebody help him help him Lettie Mae I said this my grenade surely you would have labeled them [Music] [Music] Oh I used to be an adventurer like you [Music] [Music] you should have gone so is that it yeah I guess we drew oh it's only one thing we can do I think we've got to have a rematch well I think that's what the people want perhaps in LA sometime next year long script guys oh sorry look there's no point in fighting anymore we've lost too many people already let's just call it a day forget any of this ever happened yeah I can't wait to go home I am dying for a cuppa literally [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]