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In the name of Military Revolutionary Committee! The Vyborg Side. Comrades! The revolution of workers and peasants, the necessity of which was declared by bolsheviks, has happened! The meaning of these changes is that we will have our soviet government, without the participation of bourgeoisie. Oppressed people will destroy old state organs and create new ones with the help of soviet organizations. This is a new time in a history of Russia. This III Russian revolution shall lead to the triumph of socialism. Yakov! Listen! I won't. This is the decision of the Central Committee. But I... Tomorrow morning take the tram #5 and go to the Ministry of Post and Telegraph. Goodbye, comrade minister. Arrested ministers should be taken to the fortress. Yes, sir. Take this package to the room #16. Yes, sir. Maksim! What a voice, Yakov Mikhailovich! Yes, bass. Come on, come on! Let's sit down, it's good here. The wind and the song. What singing. But the song is old. Let's write a new song, Maksim! Write and sing - my bass, your tenor. I don't know, how to write songs. You don't know! What do you know, Maksim? I've learned how to take palaces. Palaces are nothing. I remember you managed the hospital cash-box. Yes. And were also a good treasurer in exile. Yes, I was a treasurer. So, we have a financial genius here, that means that we made a right decision. We have a job for you. Well? Have you heard about the State Bank? Yes, I have. So take it guts and all. You are appointed as a plenipotentiary minister, a commissar as we call it. Yakov Mikhailovich, are you crazy? I don't think so. Do I look crazy? - What kind of banker am I? Maksim! We haven't trained our ministers in special schools, we know that it's a hard task. You will have to act as a revolutionary. You'll have to hold your anger, to listen and to learn business. But you will cope. You are Maksim. Stay here, maybe we'll need you. Goodbye, commissar. Yakov Mikhailovich, wait! Maksim! Hey, why are you so pale? Yakov Mikhailovich! Bad. I was appointed to manage the bank's money. How's that, Maksim? You're a military man! Military men don't need money. You know, what money is there? National! Millions! Do you understand, what a million is? Million? No, I can't figure it out. But when you can buy the conscience of our platoon commander for a ruble... Then, what is a million? You got it. Let's guard it then! Wait. We'll need our energy tomorrow. Let's find the place to spend the night. Maybe here? Maksim, you sleep, and I will guard you. All night. Maksim-Maksim, poor head! Then you'll have to wear a tailcoat and marry the daughter of an English king for government relations. (song) "All questions about State Bank - from 7 am." Approved. Next question. The Princess Anastasia Mikhailovna asks... (unscrupulous; smth about money) I think so, no objections. Approved. Next. Minister Tereschenko asks for the foreign ambassadors - 2 million rubles. Approved. No objection? I have! I don't think Mr. Tereschenko needs this money, because he is now in prison. Then the minister's duties fall on the minister's assistant Mr. Nerakov. There are no duties, and no minister. Who are you? I'm the commissar of the soviet government. Here is my mandate. Sir, Russian State Bank stays out of politics, out of political groups' struggle. A small hindrance can lead to catastrophe - our money will lose its power. The factories will stop! Western countries will declare their claims! Russia will die! We have a great responsibility and we won't let you to meddle in our business. Take your paper and leave. This is not a paper. This is a mandate given by the soviet government! We don't acknowledge your mandates. You won't dare to destroy the bank! Sir, I ask you to leave. So, we don't have an agreement. Ok, I'll speak to the people. Comrades! I was sent here by the workers of Petrograd, by the soviet government. Here is Petrograd! The Bay, Vyborg side... The dots on map, for me they are factories, houses, people. These people sent me. Workers aren't paid. Their wives freeze in queues. Children die! Very interesting story. Workers aren't paid, but manufacturers transfer their capital to foreign banks. Soldiers are freezing in trenches, and you give millions to ex-ministers. We'll have to revise accounts of Basmanov, Knobel etc. We together must act in different way, and then women and children will stop dying. May I ask you: what is the difference between active and passive? Would you be so kind to tell us how much is 2*2? 2*2 is 4. And I'm afraid that some of these active jokers can soon become not so active. You are right, I know nothing. But you know everything! I came here, I beg you to help people take power in their own hands. Maybe he's right. Whom do you believe? A convict? An anarchist? All power - to the constituent assembly! He called us comrades! We are not comrades of yours! Out! Out of the bank! No help! Let them manage themselves! We'll see how they manage without us. Grooms and locksmiths! Everybody out! Everybody! Out! Stop fussing over the bourgeois! Let me throw a grenade! Are you nuts? What grenade? It's empty, I just wanted to throw it. Here's your place, guard here, and I'll call for the Red Guards detachment. Hello! Hello! Girl! What do you mean - not a girl? Then who are you? The sailor of the "Republic"? And where is the telephone girl? Oh, I see. Well then, give the number 3-17-52. Faster, we don't have much time! Hello! Hello! Soviet? Natasha! Listen. I need the Red Guards detachment now! Then, find people who worked in insurance cash-boxes. As many as you can find, I have many vacancies. Now listen carefully, I'll tell only you. I screwed up as a minister. No, we'll take it under control. On the Vyborg side. "Anarchy rules!" Make the anarchy! Children of the darkness, I will lead you to the light, to the sun, to the equality! Hello, women. Missed me? Don't worry, now I'm completely yours. Go away. It's bad already, without you. You are right - it's bad without me. And with me it's gonna be good. You have what you fight for. Oh, what a beauty. Such a beauty, left by her husband. He's gone to trenches, I suppose. How are you? Go away! Can't you see she's with children? Shut up, you Ethiop! Or I'll kill you. Child! What a beautiful child! Take a chocolate. Seized from world bourgeoisie. So what is your name? Evdokia. And father's name? Ivanovna. Let me introduce myself. Free anarchist Platon Dymba! The king of billiard of Saint Petersburg. Where do you live? In your own mansion? Or maybe in Hotel Angleterre? - I live in a basement. Give me your address. By the way, what do you all wait here? Aid. - Aid? But they don't open the door! - Don't open? I'll deal with it. You may not knock. There will be no aid. The State Bank has been robbed by the bolsheviks. There is no money! We can't work in such situations. We wash our hands. But mister manager, we have to eat! - Silence, women! I'll tell you what to do. The situation is awful. Your money was taken by the bolsheviks. They call themselves soviet people! So, what to do? - Shut up! You must go to the soviets and take your money back! Cross yourself, orthodox people, and go! Women, go! ...about the march of workers of factory "Feniks". - Question 50: organization of people's court. Hello! Hello, comrade Maksim. Yes, we sent people to you. Not many, but the best! Even I came. And Gmurin, and Pavlikov... Why do shout at me? Here's Natasha, shout on her. Yes, no people, Maksim. They are not free. I understand that you need more. Come, we'll think again. We have to send more people to the bank. Look through the lists. Next question. Comrade Natasha, there is a crowd! - What crowd? Quiet! Sit down, comrades! Come on, come on! We don't have enough chairs, so sit on the tables. You can participate in our discussion. - Come on! Come on! So, next question. About the food situation. Commissar comrade Turaev will speak. Who is it? - The main person who gives ration cards for bread. And gingerbreads? Comrades workers of Vyborg side! ...Who are you? - Uncle, give me a gingerbread! Oh, I have no gingerbreads for you, dear. Not even bread. City reserves - for 3 days. Potatoes - for 5 days. In food administration sit bastards. But we can't abuse them 'cause everything will be in a mess. We select for your district... Here are the papers, you decide what's normal. Shall we decide it now? - Now. Do you have something to say, you, housewives? - What can we say? Say something, you will have to pick out at home. - It's obvious, that the worker needs more. We will all die... So, for workers 1/4, for others 1/8. - Approved? I can go? - No, don't hurry comrade Turaev. We shall give our report to people, and we will do it. Any questions? - Yes! Tell me, who is sitting on who? You sit on food administration, Lena sits on you! - Wait! No! You have pastries and biscuits but what do you give? - Right! And sellers charge enormously high prices! - We waited six hours in the queue! Silence! Why did you come here? For a report? Than sit and listen to our report. If we work badly - you can change us. If you came to help - then you'll be our comrades. To damage? But whom? You think it's all easy? You starve? Thank the Tsar and the war. We want to deal with it, and you shout at us, you curse the soviet! He refuses! - What's that? The priest refuses to baptize our child. He says that there will be no coronations and no baptizing for us. So we came to the soviet. - But what can we do? Baptize him commissar! - Are you nuts? No. When our friends died in Tsarskoe Selo, we didn't call the priests. We buried them ourselves. And now we can manage ourselves too. Maria Ivanovna thinks the same. Right? You speak... - Well, I haven't done this before, but I'll try. Bring me the most beautiful book! Who are the witnesses from the father's side? Let me in! What's going on? My goodness! Is it yours? Well then, I'll be a witness. You bring me people, and I bring you witnesses. Egor, come here! Here's godparent! I'm godparent for half the world! - For such a case all our Red Guard detachment should witness. Do you agree, comrades? - Yes! And from the mother's side? - From the mother's side... Dear women, do a good deed - become witnesses. - What are you going to call him? The name? As he was born in the days of a new life's creation, which was only possible thanks to our party, I'll name him after our leader - Vladimir Lenin! Vladimir! The soviets of Vyborg district congratulate the young parents and wish them to grow up like the good bolshevik as they are. It's a pity we have nothing to give him. Our country is yet poor and naked, but the time of prosperity will come! Hooray! Hooray! Hello! What? The fuel storehouse is on fire! Two storehouses! Three! All fuel reserves are on fire! Our meeting is closed. All members of soviet, red guards and proletarians are now mobilized. Come on! It is God's punishment! We caught him! We caught the arsonist! Who are you? - He says he's a worker. A worker? Then why do you wear an officer's coat? Natasha! Natasha! Strange business lead the member of SR party Ropshin to the basement on Baburin str., 8. (the song mixes up with the dialogue) I should excuse for bringing this complete stranger here but he's such a man, you know! So, your husband is at the front? - Yes. I've been alone for 4 years. Me too. Always alone. - It is unfair! Wait, we'll get the power and bring your husband back. Don't you believe me? - I believe nobody. You fool! Cheers! Drink. What government abused you? All governments are different. Wait, til the soviet commissars find you. - What do you mean? They will create a commissariat, which will give women in exchange for cards. You'll come there, give a card and receive a coupon. And if you are pretty, then there is a special queue waiting. Will you then serve me out of turn, since we are acquainted? - And children? Children will be sent to camps. You will have no right to have children. Liar! Liar! - Why should I lie? I have nothing to gain. I kissed countesses! And you... - Let's drink. It's good here. I missed people. Are you from Petersburg? - No, Tambov. From the depths of Russia. Familiar, poor places. They will speak up soon. Yes, they will! For our mistress! What shit we drink. We must drink champagne for your health. It's unfair. Decent people - and drinking vodka. If only we had 100 bottles of champagne. We could even make a trade. And now commissars will drink everything! Were you in the army? - Failure. Soldiers are dissatisfied, but it's hard to persuade them. It became dangerous even to cross their territory. If we could push them! - You talked about warehouses. What warehouses? Oh, yes, wine. - Well guarded? No, not at all. - Soldiers know? Oh, great idea! - Wait. Don't go. Why? - She will go. OK, be happy to participate in a great affair. - What's that? Sit. - Drink! Drink! I've fought for the people since my childhood, they gave a price for my head, but it's impossible to buy me, I fight for you, for those, who are like you! Lies, hunger - is it possible to tolerate them? They will end! - They won't take my children? Tell me what to do! Where should I go? Maybe you are right. I'll go! - Sit down. You're #16, they will call you. Drink! Drink for the people who want to live. Maksim! - What? Maksim, it's a scandal. The district has no firewood, but yet it's so hot in soviet. Tell them not to burn much wood. They don't burn at all, Natasha. - And what about the schools? Comrade Efremov, write the resolution: to burn in schools. - Yes, it will be done. Maksim! No it's nothing Maksim. - Sleep Natasha. OK Maksim, I'm sleeping. I protest against your breaking into my apartment last night! - You did it? Yes. We asked him, but he didn't want to help. So we hit him a bit. A scandal! I can't do business with you! Take me home immediately. I have a family. I have a family too. My wife is injured. Save my wife doctor! What wife? I detest bolsheviks! Show me the patient. He's a good doctor. She needs a good food. Chicken and so on... Give me a sheet of paper. Here, order it in a drugstore. Thank you doctor. - What's that? Your fee. - I won't take your money! They smell of Russia's death. Don't worry, these are the old ones. There's a crowd. They destroy warehouses! - How many people we've got? A few. - Call to to the fortress and ask for more. Maksim! - It's not Maksim, he left for business. It's me Lisa. Maksim! It's good! - Sleep. Everybody sleep, except for you. Go, eagles! With the help of God! If they catch you, I'll get the best lawyers! Destroy! Go, go, eagles! Brothers! This is revolution! Bottoms up! - For the last day of Russia! Stop. Go out. I'm an Italian, you have no right! In the name of Italian king... - In the name of Italian king go the fuck out! Back off! Stop robbing! Back off! - Here are the commissars! Commissars-agitators, sons of bitch! Back off! In the name of the soviet government, back off! Or we'll shoot! Back off! Let me go! Why? Why? Here they are! Kill them! Kill! Let's go! Our working day has ended. That night sabotaging bureaucrats were taken to the State Bank. You forgot to give me something. The keys for the central safe. The keys for the secret safes. The keys for the archive. 36 keys in total. If you are not a collector of keys please, bring them back. I have no keys. Well then, write a note - tell your relatives not to worry. Are you going to arrest me? - No. You will spend this night in my office. In the morning, the workers, soldiers, teachers and invalids will come to me for money. I will send them to you - and God help you. Sort it out, quickly! OK? - OK. No complaints? - No. I need two red guards - to take the director home. - You persuaded him? Yes, I did. How do you feel now? - Sleepy. Yes, it would be good to sleep now. What a bed! 26-466. Soviet? It's Maksim. How's Natasha? Sleep? Good! Thank you! Let's read what our English friends write about promissory notes. (song) "transportation"? If only I knew languages and not the songs. Yes, it's Maksim. Good evening comrade Sedlov. Or good night! I lost the time. Maybe it's good morning already. What results today? Great results! Well, very good! Not bad, I must say. No no, not too bad. I got the keys, hired new people. Good, now you say "not bad". Yes, I think they were bribed people, who destroyed warehouses. Where did they get the money? Yes, I will find out! See you tomorrow! No, today! Later there was a court on the Vyborg side. Please, quickly! - Don't panic! Here are the names of the accused. These are the witnesses' addresses. Please! Don't be nervous. Your case is so easy. I justified the famous criminal Sofia Tarnovskaya! And your case in court - it's a nonsense. - What did you say? Nonsense. - Oh, I see, please. Do you plead guilty? - Not guilty! Why do they destroy our young lives? We will complain to the main soviet! - They slander on workers! What did we fight for? Silence! Can't you see - comrade Natasha is ill. Silence! Who wants to say something? - I do. Please. Sure, I understand that this is your test, your experience. You can judge in two ways: with the help of your conscience (like some primal tribes do), or with the help of law. Let's try to judge the first way. Suppose that the accused really drank the wine. Destroyed the warehouse and robbed it. Honestly, I do understand their actions. Rob the rich and the bourgeoisie. Everything is permitted. Isn't it the main topic of your proclamations? And so why isn't drinking permitted? Russia's gaiety is to drink. And my clients yielded the agitation. And became the victims of anarchy. Honestly, they can't be accused. You should accuse thousands. Silence! Don't meddle with the defense. Thank you. Let's now try to judge with the help of law. What are these gentlemen accused of? 1. Robbing the warehouses. But where is the suit? I know, that these warehouses belong to Mr. Smirnov. So where is his suit? I don't see it. By the way, your Red Guards destroyed warehouses too. So I can ask you - who are the judges? 1st accusation down. 2. Shooting. This is a crime, but how you can prove that it was they who shot? I have testimonies of many respectable people (here are their names and addresses). They say that the accused were indoors during the shooting. A complete alibi. May I ask a question? You learned all the laws, you can explain everything, but I want to know one thing. I'll try to help you, comrade. - Tell me: are they bandits or not? I don't understand the question. No, you tell me - bandits or not? Comrades, I object! It's an absurd! You forget the legal procedures! You destroy the court! Silence! Who wants to say something? - I want to. I had a friend, a little bit blind, who once went fishing. He sat facing the grass and for the whole day caught nothing. I think our advocate is also facing the grass. Are they bandits or not - that is not the question for us. Bandits, of course! The question is - if they gathered accidentally or not. I ask you, accused comrades - who sent you? Nobody! We know nothing! - Objection! The elementary legal procedure is violated! You have no rights to give word to the prosecution after the defense! I'm not the prosecution. I'm the defense too. But you defend them, and I defend the Vyborg side, Petersburg and the Soviet government! - Yes, you are right! Our enemy surrounds us, he has money - maybe the money that was stolen from the Bank. He bribes criminals, and... But you are probably acting on principle? Absolutely! - I thought so. Look at these guys. They were caught red-handed but they are still imprudent. They think money will save them. No, no money will save you! You can't bribe the soviet court! - I ask you in the name of the court, in the name of people - who sent you? Where did they get the money? Who is hiding behind your backs? Or you think we won't find them? - We'll find them, you can be sure of that! So will you name them? No? Then we'll have no mercy! You can pass your judgement, comrades. Advocate asked to judge either with a help of conscience, or with the help of law. I say - judge both ways! With the supreme laws of the October Revolution! I address to you, comrades judges, and to you, people, do not have any mercy for these men and for those who sent them! Kill them! With the name of people of the revolution, our revolutionary court decrees: for the devastation of the warehouses, for shouting and agitation - sentence Polsikov, Pikalov, Lotov, Kharch-Kharchevsky, Tshcibirak and Krivusha to execution. Please hands up, who's agree. The same case. Participation of Evdokija Kozlova in a drunk riot. Evdokija Kozlova! Where do you work? She's a soldier's wife. - Right? How do you make your living? - On aid. You can wait for it for ages. Children? - Yes. How many? - Two. How old is the oldest? - 8. It is an absolutely unnecessary question... How old are you? Passport says 29. - Looks like 40. Hunger doesn't make you prettier. Where do you live? - We have it in the file. Baburin str., 8, ap. 32. Bourgeois! She has own flat! - May I speak comrade Natasha? Speak. - We were in that apartment with Maria Ivanovna, as you asked. This is a shitty flat. It's in a basement, water drips everywhere, small windows. I've lived in bad apartments, but this is the worst. Silence. Let's discuss the case. Mischenko! I was the witness of this woman's actions. She may have a bad apartment but her nature is the worst. Real women's nature. You are not asked about women's nature. I witness that this woman was seen more then the others. She robbed the warehouse and wanted to take away the bottles. But it is not as serious as her agitation! She called out to kill us because we stopper her stealing the wine! I heard that. She is just like the worst enemy! She must be sentenced! To avoid similar actions! That's all. Maybe she wanted to sell the wine? Did you want to sell it? - Yes. What price? - I don't now. Five roubles. For a bottle? - That's a good price. Do you know what our soviet government has written about robbing? Do you understand it? Well? I don't know! I know nothing! Judge me, sentence me. It's a dog's life anyway! You! How you can understand me? You have no children, and no sorrow! I will say nothing more. I hate you all! The court decides to stop the discussion. Now the sentence. In the name of he people of the Revolution! Our revolutionary court of the Vyborg side decrees: 1) To declare to Kozlova the public censure for participation in a drunk riot. 2) To explain to Kozlova and other non-educated women of the Vyborg side the point of Marx's doctrine of new life. 3) To move Kozlova with children from the basement to a healthy apartment, by taking a room away from rich classes. As it was said by comrade Lenin. It's great! - Hooray! Here, take it to your children! - And this! And this! Great sentence! - I vote: who's agree? It's a legal nonsense, absurd... How's that? I robbed, I revolted... I don't understand. - You fool! It's a Soviet government! How's that? How? You better kill me! I don't understand. My head! People! Have mercy! Don't lie! You! What did you tell? Tell them! I robbed, I cursed the Soviet government, and it forgives me? I cursed Lenin, and Lenin gives me an apartment? And you! You! You want to kill Lenin! I was agitated! We are not guilty! It's he! He said he'll free us! - Speak, Platon! Speak, or I'll treat you worse then God. - I ask you not to threaten me! To avoid the international scandal! - And we have to die for you?! Silence! Well, I missed. Nonsense... Write, I'll tell you everything. On January, 5, the day of the opening of the constituent assembly... Let me go! So, on January, 5, the day of the opening of the constituent assembly? What next? January, 5. The day of the opening of the constituent assembly. ...the regiment with weapons and tanks goes to the front, but behind Tauride Palace it disappears. The government will be created immediately. Naturally, without bolsheviks. Or we will invite the most decent of them - Kamenev, Zinov'ev. - What about Lenin? Lenin, as a political figure, will be destroyed. We ask our elder to open the assembly. Please! Please! Citizens! We don't have to wait for the representatives of a government, which we do not respect. We ourselves... - What does that mean - "ourselves"? Get out! Long live comrade Lenin! The central committee of the soviet deputies asked me to open the constituent assembly. From this moment, Russia is a republic of soviets of workers', peasants' and soldiers' deputies. All power belongs to these soviets! - Your power has ended! They think they are on meeting! That we are nothing! 500... 600... Bastards! 700. Kerensky banknotes! They are definitely getting gold! 740. 760. Fuck it! I wanna go on Don! 780. Fuck Petersburg and this silly conspiracy. 800. Who's there? 10 years ago it snowed too, we were preparing an assassination. I remember the room! Silence! Almost a prayer. And now? - Fuck it! Stop talking! We want to act, you understand? You keep us here for three weeks, like in a cage. - We see no people. Say when! - Now. I'm from Tauride Palace, they wait for us. It's time to go. If we wait an hour... - Then what? We are tired of you secrets and politics! We want to know! - Let's go! Well? Silence. Whose money is it you are spending here? We need to go, to win back the Tauride Palace, to arrest those and then - a shot. Accidental shot. - Sure! Stay calm. God help us! Drop your weapons! You screwed up, my dears. - What are you doing here? You gathered to go to the front, to fight for your neighborhood, to spill blood... - Bring Kozlova. It's him! Citizens! This is the first time I talk to you from this tribune. Your places were occupied by capitalists. I see no difference. I know this. But you won't out-shout us now. The time has changed. There were five of us, and now - hundreds. Workers of the whole country are behind us. You deny their right for a new life. But beware because they can deny your right to decide their destiny. Our paths have crossed. Now you are on the one side of the barricades, with the capitalists and cadets. And we are on the other side, with soldiers, workers and peasants. You are the enemies of the state who denied the will of working people. Our fraction leaves the constituent assembly. We declare the end of the civil war by the fact of the constituent assembly's opening. It's enough sorrow and pain! We don't want more fighting, let the war stop! I... You, leave here. I suggest everybody leaves the assembly and goes home. Yes, now. We accept the address to our allies, the address to the whole civilized world, the law about land, the law about our immunity... - The guard is tired! I now pronounce the 1st session of the constituent assembly closed. The next session will take place at 5 pm. Yes, of course! Open the doors and windows, we need fresh air. That was the end of the first and last constituent assembly. And our old friends met again in the State Bank. Good day, gentlemen. Can I help you? We always thought of our work in the Bank as servicing the public. We left because of our principles. But now we are back. What have you done to the Bank, Mr. commissar? In the coupon department, instead of 100 workers, only 20 couriers left. In the currency department - 5 counters! What's that? Illiterate people managing with difficult book! - Couriers! Couriers! What next? May I answer? You misrepresented everything. - Of course, you don't like the truth! Try to refute! - Yes, misrepresented. He says that things are not good. But they are awful! And Mr. bank worker can't count. If only there were 20 people in the coupon department! There are only 7. And only one man in the currency dept. And not the counter, but courier. Couriers everywhere, it's Gogolesque! - You see? But the bank still works. And by the way, about Gogol: did your cassocks help you? Or should I quote something else? How dare you! - Let me speak in order. Here are credit and debit. #1: Mr. Shumaher's receipt for 40 thousand roubles spent on bureaucrats that were on strike. The same receipts from other civil servants. That's debit. And where did the money for that come from? Here: Mr. Andresen received 205 thousand roubles with the false order. It's a lie! - No, I have documents with me. 18 false orders of 11 million roubles. You think this money was spent on you? On bonuses for strike? No, it was spent for bribing bandits who destroyed warehouses, who exploded the railways. It was spent on officers who tried to make a riot, take the Tauride Palace and kill Lenin! So, how can I generalize your behavior? - We didn't destroy warehouses! We're peaceful Russians. You? You are Russians? How dare you to speak about Russia? What Russian do you have in yourself, Mr. Shumaher, Andrievsky, Andresen? Your names are German, you guarded French money, you came in touch with British spies, and you wanted to start Japanese customs! But you won't succeed. Mr. commissar, we are ready to come back to work. With the following conditions... No conditions. We won't hire you in groups, only one by one after the serious check. Comrades Kapitsin, Lapshin and Sazonov will create a special commission. we refuse them in buying the new equipment? - Yes. I saw their equipment and worked with it. It's OK. Comrade commissar, you have a letter from Paris - from the chief of the French Bank. He's against the cancellation of old money. How should I answer? Answer with a good French word "adieu". O, comrades soldiers! What an honor. - We are putting our money in. 37 thousands. My dears! Wait, I have some sweets. Take it. Come back soon! Finished, comrade commissar! - My dears! Give it to me quick! We should have some music here, some drums. The code of national debit and credit of RSFSR in 1918. Who typed? - Popova and Sluckaja. Give them a bonus. Two pounds of potato. - Yes. It is typed with passion! The Code of national... I feel that we forgot something. Everything is alright. - Maybe with hospitals? No, it's all clear. - Did you include the birth-houses? Yes! - And the aids for soldiers' wives? All is here. We can give it to comrade Lenin right now. I feel nervous... Could I imagine that I will be the first to see the first budget of soviet republic? I do not worry that it is badly made. It doesn't matter. No-no! - It must be bad! It's the first one! But this is why it is so important for me. Let's sing! For the first year budget of soviet republic! Our favorite song. But quiet, they are working there. (song) May I? - Natasha! Good! Come in! Am I not in time? - No, we finished our business and are singing. Natasha can give us the whole orchestra! - Dream on! When did you become a financial genius? How long is it since you last overpayed in teahouses? And now you don't give money to the Vyborg side. It's not good, comrade commissar. Why do you treat soviet money as seeds? There are no Rotshields here. - We don't need much. How much? - 5 million. I'll call now and ask them to take me away from here. All the cash I've got is 1,5 million. Don't you lie? - Do I? No-no! - Maybe I lie a little - 2 millions. No more lies? - No, I cross my heart. Shame on you! You've got 12 millions 700 thousands 245 roubles. Who told you? - A friend. You have no rights to give orders in the State Bank. Maybe I should show you some accounts? But we need this money. - We send people to villages for bread. I've found a great apartment - 30 rooms. We can settle many people there. We need money! I have no such money. - So you won't give? I will. I told you I will. Take 100,000. - Stop. Did we make a revolution to bargain? Yes. OK, I will add a little. - No! OK, take 200,000 and go til I change my mind. - You're pathetic. Curse me, this is why the party appointed me here. And it also appointed me here not to shout "hooray", and not to throw money with songs, but to keep it, fight for it, because there will be no borrowed money from abroad. We've got only a little money, Natasha. Too little. OK, give us at least a million. Yes, yes it's Maksim. Who will speak? Comrade Lenin? Yes, comrade Lenin, it's me. Yes, I understand. I'm ready, yes, I'm on my way. OK. You can have your million. The situation is bad - Germans are close. Give me an order. Write 800 thousands. We'll manage. - Sure? Did you ask the Vyborg side? Here is it answering... I told you goodbye but I didn't tell the full story. What can I say... You know everything. Goodbye, Natasha, see you very soon. - Goodbye, Maksim. Comrade commissar, the detachments are ready. I'm coming. Our meeting continues. The first question: the replacement of our comrades who went on the front. We have the next candidates: the chief of orphanages - Evdokija Kozlova. Who agrees? Goodbye, Maksim! - Goodbye, Natasha! So long, comrades! The End.