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hi I'm mr. bean from mr. beet social studies channel I had a big announcement you know how you like to watch my videos well I don't recommend watching my videos in your driving because that's dangerous but now you can listen to me when you're driving because I starting a podcast with mine my internet friend Robert Marshall from reading through history we have collaborated in the past to be asked youtube history nerds video series and now we have launched a brand new podcast beginning today called context context is about history of course but looking at history through the lens of current events so for example the first episode that you can go ahead and and click on now and visit it is about a number of issues currently in the news cycle such as the controversy of the Confederate flag the Supreme Court ruling recently that essentially legalized same-sex marriage and we even contemplated who we thought should be on the ten-dollar bill the first woman who was announced by the Treasury to be on the ten-dollar bill those are just a few of the things you talked about and it's why now you can get iTunes and stitcher wherever you listen to podcasts is there so please subscribe at that and if you want to catch videos of the podcast where we are talking it live and it's a little embarrassing because I think I picked my nose a few times head on over to Robert's youtube channel reading through history and click on that now and you can actually watch the videos we are not driving that essentially are the podcast we hope to make this a regular thing we're hopefully looking at recording in about once every two weeks so that is that twice a month yeah twice a month now we're gonna Mack but for sure that's like 145 times a year so check it out you