New Russian Irkut MC21 Narrowbody Airliner Makes First Flight – AINtv

Russia's aerospace industry has long had ambitions to challenge Western giants Airbus and Boeing in the airliner market and on May 28 United Aircraft Corporation achieved a long-awaited breakthrough when its air Courte division conducted the first flight of its new MC 21 narrow-body the aircraft took off from the manufacturer's headquarters at her cuts in Siberia for a 30-minute low altitude flight that included aerodynamic stability and controllability tests as well as testing of its pratt & whitney pw4000 g engines test pilots conducted a simulated landing approach as well as doing a low pass over the runway and climbing and turning maneuvers UAC subsidiary ercoupe hopes to complete the Russian type certification process for the MC 21 and 2018 although the first flight did happen about five months later that had been projected the new airliner will see between 163 and 211 passengers and at an estimated price of 91 million would have an acquisition cost about 15% less than the current Airbus a320 the state backed manufacturer expects to see demand for almost 1100 MC 21s over the next two decades and claims to have already logged around 175 orders the company has plans for a smaller 150 seater MC 21 - 200 version UAC president Ouray sleeves are traveled for Moscow to participate in the first flight ceremony and was quick to get to the aircraft steps to congratulate pilots oleg kononenko and roman tasks give [Music] [Music]