New Samsung Galaxy S8 Private Event


The King of Random


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We're Doing something a little bit different today, New York City baby We made it, just checking in, got some editing to do and we got to party tonight with Samsung Here's the story guys We're in New York City Samsung has invited us out because they're releasing their new Galaxy s eight so we are just here as part of the party checking things out not really much idea what to expect so inside here They've got really cool gear 36 earrings that I just tried that now they put me in a stunt plane And it was like reliving my experience of my old airplane barrel rolls, hammerhead stalls, it was really really cool. They're treating us really well There's a big event going on tonight. Not sure what's happening, but they also introduced the new gear 360 which is pretty much 360 Rig it will stream virtual reality, and it can do it live. Hoping they are going to give us one no free handouts yet We're still looking Brooklyn Bridge right here Hey update guys. It's got a little bit dapper because we're over here at the Lincoln Center actually don't know what's going on It's Casey's event tonight. We're talking [about] the new Galaxy S eight. I believe. Here we are running around creators in researchers filmmakers and an artist and lola of what my nine Dollar hot dog Okay guys. We were back the trip is over that was incredible my first experience in New York City [and] it was amazing and coming up with so many different creators to walk down on the Brooklyn Bridge City, too see New York City The only thing I regret is they did not get to try the pizza So I will have to be back for the pizza really big and sincere Thanks to samsung because on my way out the hotel this morning They handed me a brand new gear 360 rig and on the airplane ride home There was an entire school group of people who are familiar with my channel So we got a chance to take a big 360 selfie with all them and post on my Facebook page very cool So I'm looking forward to exploring with this equipment in the future ton of fun looking forward to doing something like that again And thank you for joining us on our trip to New York City. It was cool having you along Hope you enjoyed some of the scenery. We look for a next [video]. Talk to you then?