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look out there out there is the perfect lap you see it I think so most people called Carroll Shelby maybe Lee Iacocca Ford Motor suppose henry ford ii wanted to build the greatest race car the world's ever seen to win the 24 Hours of LeMans what's it take I'll take something money can't buy when he can buy speed what in about speed you need a pure racer behind a wheeler car i skin miles I don't trust him an inch we heard he's difficult no no Ken's a puppy dog No whatever it is show now trust me you're gonna build a car to beat Ferrari with a correct and how long did you tell them that you needed to 300 years it's 90 days this isn't the first time Lord motors gone to war we know how to do more than push paper go ahead kill go to war thank you sir do you think you can beat Ferrari lighter faster that don't work were nastier make history you ready I was born ready mr. Shelby hit it [Laughter] [Applause] hi sunny v16 no we call that the wedge you know it is this game baseball this guy was made yourself signed to the eggs you were Yankee almost I made the biggest mistake of my life that night so do you have a plan maybe something in management anyway you barely have a high school diploma okay still coaching you add this stuff to be one of the great yeah but I'm not says you've been back home it's a couple weeks no I'm sorry yeah yeah wasn't they're not gonna want to see you anymore this morning to move on it's gonna take off people get used to you back I want you to meet that kid certainly doesn't lack confidence you can learn a lot from Sammy I want you two to get to know each other okay I'm not going to teach me so step off your next superstar let's see what you got hotshot what would you say if I got you a spot on the team and say you were crazy I think you still got the goods I think it's great baseball is who you are sweetie homes where listen then Scouts to seal you how many people don't want to see me in a Yankee uniform nice how things will falling back into place people just don't trust myself you trust every instinct believing yourself it's like a one-of-a-kind story like baseball history second chances are hard to come by be grateful you get destroy a no-hitter against us this might be I'll let it end this way yeah no grabber back [Music] even like baseball no I like soccer you know that I almost forgot to show you guys what I found this morning that's a shirt kid I am going to take you to a place that no tourists would ever find in a million years chance of a lifetime [Music] [Music] Mayan they'll make human sacrifices here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what are you thinking about I do what I do because of my dad he's a hero he gave his life for the pursuit of knowledge [Music] it's crazy out there there's fires everywhere and plane crashes they're calling it the search major we have some highly classified information working tell us about the Lima project its objective was to search for advanced extraterrestrial life the ship disappeared approximately 16 years into the mission and the commander was it was my father Sir this might come as quite a shock to you your father was experimenting with a highly classified material that could threaten our entire solar system all life would be destroyed we're counting on you to find out what's happening out there I worry about you I love you please begin your psychological evaluation as best you can please describe your current mental and emotional state I am feeling good ready to do my job to the best of my abilities I remain fully committed to the lawful completion of the mission if necessary I will destroy the project in its entirety the earthly hopes in him and now it's fake he's known me [Music] we have a job to do are you ready I'm ready you [Music] do you believe in love at first sight yeah I do so here's the new guy boy your thing for him no no maybe know what you want to do in life I don't look beautiful yeah yeah vizor remember men are simple Eddie and yourself a man with sad eyes man's got a smile and leave you with a heart full of heart [Music] making you pay for what you heard me there she is you ever been to San Francisco of course why is it nice things I've just been tough for my mommy this happens next time you're out we all got our place no more kidding it's not true isn't it what you do how would I love how I look you know you don't thank you know you do however there's an accident don't look like no accident seems like not a whole lot of people are happy [Music] I think people need to learn to appreciate things more [Music] [Applause] so he looking at us or my life is just so amazing [Music] with your imagination you can create anything where's the food the beds were promised school supplies they want you to go meet with them in New York they want you to give us millions of dollars I'm not coming back without a suitcase full of money you must be Isabel yes I'm Teresa so nice to meet you so we have a list of priorities I have the caterers on the line I'm really sorry about that you just caught me at a very busy time my daughters getting married this weekend come to the wedding we can get to know each other better I pronounce you husband and wife [Music] hey good you made it Isabelle runs an oarfish in India that I'm thinking of funding oh yeah what are you doing here I didn't know hi Isabel ray I told you that I would call you that you didn't this is strange to see Oscar again he's good-looking man now but back then I must have really been something [Music] I'm about to donate a small fortune to the orphan Isabelle runs in India I don't trust your wife she's gonna give you money for your charity you're gonna question her integrity huh 20 million what does she want [Music] you know that you're not the only one affected by this rate we don't get to choose you tell her all right well I want to know everything what did you do [Music] what brings in today uh I have a hard time focusing you get enough sleep every night [Music] how much is enough six to eight hours Oh way more than that I had a friend she was prescribed done at her role and now she's very alert you know some people abused that or all right let's get you healthy I want you to try losing 55 pounds that's the weight of a Siberian Husky you want me to pull a medium-sized working dog off of my body it's trying to feel like everyone's lives are going places and the mind sort of stuck hold it hold it please try not to leave all your stuff in the hallway that'd be the third time this month change is possible if I keep interviewing no one thinks I'm the right fit I would love you to walk me through CPR or this doll oh I'm sorry this child was dead I need to get a teeny bit healthier we have rates as low as 129 dollars a month you do know that people can run outside that is zero I'm luck you do that somebody chasing you over did you do what's doing it sorry I'm talking baseball my sister she owns a company house in pet-sitting all right I'll stay bad taste in music you the new girl I'm the nighttime guy Jaron I'm done with the drinking I'm don't like this model 50,000 people from around the world are racing today I want to run the New York City Marathon I see that it's such a good idea thank you so much I'm really good at making profiles God woman it's not that bad I'm just gonna give you mine okay do you know how to spell herpes my whole life the world told me I was lazy because the way I looked was trying to turn my life around everything is gonna be fine people help doors for me how old are you you change your life was never about your weight was about you taking responsibility for yourself when I first met my mother she couldn't pronounce my name my father suggested that they renamed me they picked Luce which means light if you googled models student Luce Edgar's picture would come up on the computer given Lucis background you and Peter must have faced quite a few challenges that language barrier the culture shop I mean you don't pull a kid out of a war zone and have him turn out like loose without a lot of help which is why this is so difficult difficult last week he wrote a paper in which he argued that violence was a necessary cleansing force you teach this I don't know what something's going on and I want to be in front of it she thinks I'm a poster boy my kid who overcame his tragic past you really don't like her do you okay what about a responsibility to tell the truth you don't conform to what she wants to suddenly you're the enemy this woman has some kind of vendetta against loose is the chance that what he wrote is went over your head I can tell the difference between miscommunication and provocations like it how about is something like that might be someone freaked out you really think I believe that stuff I don't know you threaten your teacher I did it loose don't lie to be knocked loose it's the truth miss Wilson there were a lot homers this woman decided to go after him on some witch hunt my home was vandalized I'm not gonna ruin some kid's life because you come in here with some hunches sure as hell is about to be it's like I only get to be a saint or a monster this will mr. Scott saw a mental breakdown he's lying Darius once you know something just goes to show you you never really know what's going on with people there's a sniper for at least Special Forces this guy's more than a professional I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't found me I'm not used to saving people what were you doing around here she arrived in the US a month ago looking for her no cell phone no ID you don't want anyone to find you do you who are you tell me where she is I know what you do for a living what are you doing this is what could have seen you you've learned a punishment for breaking the rules open the door you almost got us killed we have to stay hidden here what this is not a game did you go outside No did you never lie to me I'm not lying I want to know what's in an ice cream truck frozen kid bodies tummy-side does any flavor you want [Music] you use the term freaks any freaks who are running loose are you better get away from my house [Music] some people believe if we repeat stories often enough they become real [Music] they make us who we are that can be scary eat it Harold you want to see on it house some kids went missing so they boarded it up okay I saw it we go now toward the chicken [Music] what's that it's a book of scary stories tell me a story hey what's going on Tommy's missing Tommy's name was in the book there's no way it's actually connected right okay what is what happens in the book is exactly what's happened for real oh my god listen you're in the next story reading it right here I'm afraid that we broke something up you shouldn't have taken the book we've got to stop it sarah bellows his book where the stories write themselves and it all comes alive you're so beautiful they're beautiful who you choose girl chooses your whole life my daughter has turned into a fine girl and a good man has asked for her hand he never laid eyes on something so pure we're never gonna make any sense we're first wanting to go because only thing that makes any sense in this place when the devil creepily you need someone to see the truth even when you don't you got a choice you got to make [Music] I couldn't find my way to the truth of it I ain't listen to the spirits the serpent will purify you the circle will cleanse you won't come on and get clean [Music] sorry thing on our communication she can't be a part of your number there are loners that's what I'll let you do to me [Music] [Music] [Music]