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where I started school today what is it I have no idea gets a tampon girls shove it up their bowels to stop babies from coming out and eighth-grader told me that I'm having a party and ya can throw a Lukas come you're so random they're my best friends forget everything Ellie doesn't make girls to the party you know that means drama no kissing you do not want to go to Sora's party not knowing you have a kiss we could spy on my neighbor she's a total nymphomaniac she starts fires no she's a nymphomaniac someone who has sex on land and sea this is what happens when you don't respect women I respect women my mom is my best friend we're gonna but that's gonna kill me Jim this is how we get the journal back to sugar mama you took my bag oh my god there's Molly in there okay who's Molly because she's not with us Jesus kick a lotta things correct here's the plan I'm gonna go to the party with a beer so everyone knows that I'm cool what do you have your pants but like this ever since I was a baby it's kind of embarrassing I'm guessing you're not the popular kids in school [Music] I'm fine oh hell no if you don't get to that party I'll die party you guys are like seven treating us like kids between Oh gummy vitamins know how things work [Music] my closet and indoor swing what are you doing that's one is for sexing people do sex on karate is a way of communicating ask me a question what are your plans for the weekend I'm going to do some grocery shopping then rent a film to watch in the comfort of my home oh did that answer your question I want you to tell me why you're here I'm afraid I'm afraid of the dark I'm afraid of other men I want to be what intimidates me you came to the right place I'm taking my first class today your new white belts is that the first built color white is before color you haven't earned color yet today's lesson to kick with your fists and punch with your feet that makes perfect sense good there's a mental component as well everything should be as masculine as possible we may want to start on those reports that pile is getting awfully high oh I won't be petting you anymore this is for your own good what's your favorite style of music adult contemporary no should be metal you're a blade and I'm sharpening you I see a little myself in you I thought you says it why are you filming this this isn't a safe place Casey I know you're confused about what's happening you have to trust me I should have never started taking karate you can't be weak anymore I'm interested in buying a gun I need something that can fit into my hand sounds like you're after a handgun [Music] I challenge you to a fight to the death and unarmed combat this is your belt it is yours it is sacred there'll be a $15 charge to replace the last now last week New York City finally got to see and hear the Rolling Stones there was a special band and we could blow anyone off the stage they were just so different it's a mania the stunt became a comedy I mean if I want to know what I did in those years I have to ask I remember seeing bill you know his base plan was fantastic he was his own pus first guy to have a computer we had cameras before everybody certainly had video before everyone 31 years for the Rolling Stones I took real was a thing but he's probably got them even now then they'd be all stacked up it was us against the world it really was I didn't know it was gonna be in jail what week and it was gonna be in the studio any band from the mid sixties you've got losses we've all load about a hundred thousand pounds we go on stage and go Jones to China and the whole crowd of poor on stage and that was the end of the show it's very difficult to keep your sanity actually people always ask me why I have built an ark I have like I did and still do there was something about during baseline but only bill ever started acting famous you have to have that courage to be yourself he has a treasurer and he wants to share it this is my little capsule of my life in here whose extraordinary [Music] [Music] [Music] Elsa the past is not what it seems you must find the truth across the enchanted lands and people to the unknown but be careful we have always feared houses powers were too much for this world [Music] now we must hope [Music] they are enough I won't let anything happen to her [Music] mata shot through lavage but is a famous akira from india good for you I'm gonna make my friend disappear yes I must say AHA right Copperfield where is he I was born in Mumbai when I was young one of the most mind-blowing things I discovered was that I was poor I no longer want to do before we did all sorts of magic [Music] man I am taking you to Paris with a passport and a fake hundred euro clear echoing from Paris Paris is abuzz peaceful city in the world honey I can't find the keys to my car have you found them so I really have to test the living room before buying them but boss is driving me nuts it's the pressure getting to you [Music] Marie and I bonded instantaneously let's see tomorrow under the Eiffel Tower oh [Music] you're in Paris we usually do it on the cheeks chance what's definitely not on my side there are we going London London I may have met beats I have to go back to Patty's his can turn on his gentle he is creative why are you half-naked in my truth we're going to be beyond he's left me the idea you not allowed here just send me back to better do you understand English we have been speaking English you all are illegal immigrants and you are not I am a tourist traveling in the world room you [Music] what we know is that to them has this material you don't know that I mean he just keeps repeating the lie just because you're the Prime Minister it doesn't mean you get to make up your own facts someone in this building has betrayed their country if you are found to have withheld information you will be charged with a breach of the Official Secrets cousin gum did you think - because Remo brought you this friend be careful this is real you can go to jokes for having in your possession you're a spy you work for the British government no I work for the British people I do not collect information so that the government can lie to the British people intelligence may be being manipulated to take this country - all stop taking Tony Blair's face value you had nothing to gain and everything to lose this could result in a prisoner sentence do you want to risk it all [Applause] everywhere every country biggest demonstration in human history if we do not go published we would be conceded that no one who ever tell the people when their government is lying [Music] boy did was extraordinary the war is illegal the public is entitled to know why my motive was stop war and save lives I have to tell the truth [Music] [Music] I suggest you get prettied up butter three from hell you know Abigail I was thinking about what you were saying about us moving in together I think it's a pretty good idea I love you too hey there I'm here it's a little longer don't worry you know I am my father built your company it wrestling push them out I had nothing to do with what happened I wish you were there so you're part of it what goes around comes around rabe wrestling by the time you see this I'll be coming for you what is it my ex-partners son what's your call Devils station how bad is this place it's bad so hole hole I've never seen you can do this value I cut your back now you should know oh yeah never seen anyone go to a fight in a sports car before that's not funny sure does hush what have you got up Lincoln's wrong feed now we spots with her way in what are we waiting for hey I got someone in there - where you going maybe leave make a big impression we got visitors it was for Coby standing by [Music] [Music] come on hit me for your father I'm done with frizzies so what do we know of her history there's really nothing she won't talk it's extraordinary with no evidence of a family no [Music] completely feral it's incredible thank you for God for sending this innocent child to me that she may be a testament to kindness strengthened sister Jennifer that she may bring forth language from her lips but this newborn soul when obedient to you can be changed with God's mercy there can be no after I know she's his god still there yes and he loves you and he wants to save you [Music] a woman who came looking for you you have now heard the wild child came to us she could hardly have them call the girls you are here to witness of God's mercy [Music] [Music] [Music] just talk to the kid you're magic like me any of you listen to me the world's hungry place a dark place hi there I only met two or three people like us they died when I was a kid I bumped into these things I don't know about magic eye I was called at the shining [Music] [Music] [Music]