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I can't believe that in half an hour I will be a part of the the Domus scheming dynasty Empire Dominion we prefer dominions yeah I honestly can't wait to be a part of your family there's just one more thing and then you are officially part of the family so at midnight get to play game why it's just something we do when someone new joins the family a game what game I didn't seek are you really gonna play that Wow the rules are simple you can hide anywhere we then trying to find you so there's no way for me to win right and stay hidden don't no no no thank you good luck [Music] what the hell is this how old is this thing I know you're in here sweetheart you shot the maid she look like she's wearing a giant white wedding dress Emily scene I had to play off so that I can get you out they think that decay before sunrise something very bad will happen to the family if we don't find her and perform the ritual we're all dead found her and today's video is called getting to know your crossbow I forgot my good why don't you just use mine that's real Adamas I just saw her running just another sacrifice yes I didn't see where to get married I don't know [Music] you are an animal born in a cage and your freedom is this final target [Music] welcome home museums were they know where you are all of them like like you had done that before too soon my idea he's gone I killed him a long time ago it's supposed to exist anymore I have to make sure that they never find us again step out of the shadows you have worked so hard to shroud yourself with you [Music] there is nothing there for the pain Ouya is nothing compared to what I've enjoyed my son who else knows about me you still don't understand who is that show me [Music] this you will always be and his mind state [Music] ooh [Music] are you guys good taking it like this I don't know you guys usually thank your money we're not gonna need your money you've got more in that box and your father has made in his entire life you want to risk it on a drug deal we're taking it all over you sit here all safe and cozy risk-free we walk away with three million hurry look we can't stake you where are we going what is the last thing you remember I don't know what's your name oh I think swear he's been calling me let's bring anything back about this drug dealer oh we took this from dirty cops trying to kill us and before we unload it my uncle might decide it's easier to kill us himself than clean up the mess he'll open us up to this you really should You Don't Know Who I am I'll feel anything we know that guy you got an hour tops to clean up we don't pull the trigger unless he has the cash anything goes wrong you're off the hook [Music] I'm not off the hook when you're dead clock is ticking there is no bone back feel like I'm running why [Music] the Anthropocene is the time in the geological record when humans have moved the planet outside its natural limits humans go from being participants in the whole earth to being a dominant feature dominating the oceans the landscape agriculture animals there could be a full-scale catastrophic change we have not a way to get back we live now in a different world it is such a fundamental change in the way the earth is behaving but we need to communicate that as powerfully as possible to everybody [Music] you [Music] so good to see you I was afraid you'd cancel I tell me where we're going it's very special we offer our guests a service created for and by the individual freedom of choice is our utmost concern and serving their choice is our aim your living will take place in six days from now what are you doing with these people we're helping them this is a free zone without the world to judge some things I wanted to talk about soon I wrote them down do you want me to sit in this place in front of this woman and talk about our childhood you never wanted to talk about it we should get out of here leave I'll still do it automatically become a better person just because you've lived your life in France experience something about to survive that's what everything has always been about you [Music] [Music] I don't want to be dramatic but it looks like we're trapped Jim can you find a way home is so bushel shaking a little bit [Music] water for parents aren't coming to rescue us because they need someone or anything is that possible that that everyone out there isn't so much trouble but we're more than worse trouble because we're even here alone I saw someone yeah never were we he's inside he knows there are girls here not playing that game what game whatever it is here doing there is no man I know what he's thinking she's brainwashing them they know what he wants you are a bad leader and you're never friends no one needs to be charged when everyone has a nuts only crazy [Music] [Music] [Music] okay training it shows up with Jana she was at me better [Music] vamos series an episode by V Thomas Edison a Nahyan relative she's Johnson pootaroo shall conifer [Music] come on if it burned the whole dinner potatoes oh I bet you didn't reproduce your husband my alderman per Ola energy do so many people talk about not even shots she was I have a tester what is this is too much did you know I'll say like yeah mister stupid you do the with embalmer state or children it's just you didn't want again she says I'm gonna hop up whatever mission tip best shoulder again you like you because you are again is a little naughty continues affair [Music] but I could to rule a lawyer which you take supervise them to the generator you can we [Music] what do you recreate assisting Chapel in this boy's room not all right you should be knee-deep in a sofa with some great as eyes wherever he goes I go whatever you say officer look what's happening it's hard give you to the figure [Music] let me handle it took my wife dirty cops where you go I'm gonna kill him it's a video game grown up man I don't play video games yeah well maybe you should try to help you with your aggression have we seen I'll do anything for my family this is just anything as against but bring him to us and you'll get your wife back you bet in the hour you're going to jail you just say stupid all the time I'm going to show you come on with me pal I wanted baktun powers and the remans detail can you get the out of the caucus I have pepper spray in my purse I ever go to my it was kind of confusing how I wound up taking over the black market and sex trade of the whole city we all partied every day like the world was coming to an end but I threw the party I was the party we started out with nothing you've built honest none of us could stop breaking the law [Music] sure everyone else and without paying my prize no remains of a young lady workout yesterday morning on these very trucks this serial killer is hosting videos on the murders online that sequel was efficient Islam the streets would Ramallah life was short now sober I want to be drunk [Music] we're gonna stick together we're gonna get through this [Music] [Music] I didn't even care about being in control of the city anymore for some reason I just was sometimes call this white [Music] without I began to fade for a good night's sleep I disappeared from sight and from memory eventually you adapt I live a pretty normal life I have a job this girl has a sixth sense thank you I show people as they do and you are hey why you following those people I'm not letting you back in wait stay away from me I can't you're the only person who can who can what right I need you to believe me get out of the street I'm the only guy in the whole world who can see you what am I supposed to do with that I think we're supposed to help each other [Music] maybe if I can fix what I broke things will go back to normal for both of us so you're just gonna restart my fighting career and then you got to give me back with Julie on it I don't think we need to get you're better than these bigger fights are you gonna match me up with better fighters just get me a list I have some news you're fighting Carlos Flores how did you pull that off he looks great out there I want you to be real the shadow girl if you're trying to make me jealous Jay what were you doing with Giuliana she's using you Holly wait up I care about you Holly whatever he lost [Music] [Applause] [Music] once there was a girl who was invisible that girl is me we're gonna need a bigger slingshot Fred we've discovered a third island we need to put aside our differences and work together to save our world from being destroyed what we really need is a hero actually that positions been filled I have to get a team together we're busting you out silver she's super smart who's that and why is she all over these achievement award I just don't think this is gonna work okay so what I'm usually angry walk to herself left-handed probably with fun being alone look that doctor okay guys step one travel undetected to the island all the gadgets you see here have been designed with your current mission in mind first Bing and visit spray how long does the invisibility last for forever why Teva we're not gonna be able to see each other okay so what's the plan trust me I know working with what we get [Music] pinkies challenging this 12 great dance battle [Music] oh it's on Wow I don't know get a fridge in your back anyone smell bacon [Music] hello darkness my old friend [Music] [Music] who like that there are other kinds of trolls our ancestors created six streams each for different type of music [Music] [Music] techno [Music] country and rock I'm gonna unite the six strings and destroy all music except for so I'm gonna need your string we have to unite all the trolls and if we don't stop her who will we're gonna need a battle plan and weapons violence never solves a problem is this some kind of jewel it was actually kind of cool looking the only weapons we need all right this guy this guy / hug this is gonna take a lot of ox this is a terrible idea that will blow up in your face the countries look friendly does everyone else think this is crazy [Music] [Music] no honey and daddy you