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these women can do anything just because they can doesn't mean I should that's just the way you outstanding angels you have a new client how is she I can't sleep at night I'm the lead programmer on a product that can revolutionize the power industry but there is a possibility it can be weaponized and I'm a me too no I'm Jane who are you embossing welcome to the pounds of agencies we exist because traditional law enforcement can't keep oh I don't like that boy you guys are like lady spies thanks for wearing my face oh god what did you do to spend my compressed his carotid and deoxygenated his brain stem well that sounds painful don't worry he's gonna wake up unless he doesn't Sabina runs the ground game sanyo stuff let's get the weapon before it becomes every bad guy's favorite new toy take her to the closet cheer her up we're gonna need some wig toys we're still in the first closet there's another closet let's just stop the touching some of these blows up [Music] Jane are you flirting with a handsome nerd host no [Music] how'd that feel cuz it looked like it felt really good I felt nice [Music] good morning angels morning charlie [Music] I've lived a good life I've done it all except for one thing I don't know how it feels that killed someone I said that you never got around to scratch you're firing me can you at least let me go at the end of the week come on is almost three one's Friday I deserve that meal please don't make me call security need to get out of the city for a bit consider this your Eat Pray Love moment well I hope you have a lovely stay don't hesitate to call me if you need anything I'm just down a road I'm gonna text you the address if you call and I don't pick up I'm being objectified and tortured by a hillbilly [Music] I didn't really think this through [Music] it just gets easier and easier a man can only take so much before he cracks [Music] is that a tomahawk tax book cultural appropriation rant Jesus [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] it's going to save them [Music] the world as we know it ended in 2018 the war between the Earth and the moon Nazis had led to all-out nuclear destruction the last survivors of the healing race made the refuge on the Dark Side of the Moon the exiled remnants of humankind made their new home in the former Nazi base [Music] [Applause] the moon is not going to be here for long we are gonna head to the center of the earth which is apparently Paulo and hopefully find the one thing that can save my mom basically the whole of mankind okay cool can I go [Music] the students online the holy ground huh what was that Thomas Alva Edison my boys and I caught in the jar but before now is only flashed across the night sky the future is here oh I'm George Westinghouse Nikola Tesla I haven't be the greatest provider of electrical power in the world better than Edison there's a contest between you this is a battle for the brightest minds of America today the impossible becomes possible the man that controls that current controls the future I hope you brought your checkbooks you want to be remembered it's simple shoot a president but if you prefer to have what I call a legacy you leave the world a better place than you found it you were building miracles out of thin air I'm working on something so new that the world would never be the same mr. Edison succeeds he will send us back so far we may never recover sometimes we have to work outside of the rules to get was right that is how you truly win it you got vultures and every venture but did I mention that his systems lethal his current kills people he's playing dirty you can too you can't see the real force that moves things of it's not a CD Saints utterance to currency this is costing affords Westinghouse my motor that is our future you're fired we're never gonna be anything named Tesla ever again our futures not gonna be paid with bricks for recovering I had the better system Westinghouse Electric shall endure the City of Light but I built it already in my imagination and it is perfectly there is a possibility you'll be putting in jeopardy the lives of 28 million people tonight things could change pick up her right only one man would rise so what'd you trade invent or fix problems radiates what made you pick me I liked your picture well you have this sad look on your face I feel sorry for you damn so what happens to me did you think we were kind of happy no I thought we're gonna hang out maybe get to know each other you swerving a little bit back to here you go now you step out of the vehicle for me [Music] [Music] what do you want I want a rattle back killer cop kills it was self-defense there is nothing back there for us oh really in the black bar in class ain't gonna bin the world as long as my lady remembers me fondly that's all I need can I be your legacy you already are [Music] I think everything is destined let me ask you a question do you think he black you think them your people [Music] she will forget that [Applause] [Music] the streets are war zone yah I gotta mean to see I don't stay in a call this you already got rid of everyone that could talk the hell are you doing here rookie whoa whoa whoa relax all cups yeah this isn't what it looks without you do get a body cam on but we got a ghost this is good I think Simon you gonna bring under my bed let's get you out of here don't be stupid all he wants is the body camp he's been shot what you can't be in here with this the police they'll help you it was the cops they shot me she cannot get back to the precinct to upload the footage on that camera every cop in criminal in this city is coming to find her got a price on your head what you gonna do I'm gonna expose it if the here is all that is before nothing this you still playing [Music] we're still alive are we we've got a hard choice to make right now are you one of us he picked her side murders murder don't matter who you are [Applause] [Music] the situation in the Pacific is far worse than reported pearl harbors the greatest intelligence failure [Music] in American history the Japanese are planning something bigger so what's the target we believe it's Midway Washington disagrees Washington is wrong today we're gonna be underdogs [Music] [Applause] [Music] maybe prove the American Navy as an a joke [Music] remember this moment for the besties in life [Music] okay yeah dr. McGuire Stephanie 5:00 in the morning nice to meet you to inquire Michael's for this yeah am i looking perfect Michael Fisk was this guy who I thought had figured it all out and then he killed himself I need to find the reason why I need another drink I'm looking for a report on the death of Michael Fiske your name my name is Spiros Spiros Sparrow's Papadopoulou eros from Greece yeah I'm sorry I didn't get your name who are you this is my close friend Spiros so I begin image spitting image - mayonnaise if Carrie stop panoply you put the Sheep further I can explain how are you oh my god there's so much to do here on top of everything I've gotta find someone to finish the bathroom perhaps I hope I start tomorrow no you're wasting your time right between these cases don't have an answer like this is some serial killer type stuff here mr. Fiske very sorry for your loss we investigate all suspicious deaths it seems that mr. Fiske may have been stalked this is you're the one with the unexamined life not me how's your life now fail [Music] there's more to life than everything that maybe he only realized that once he had it open [Music] [Music] so tell me have you done this a lot met people on the computer service if - fine it's always the same you mean them special followed by them that down but I'll tell myself brace up this time it'll be different which astronomers now professor at a second my heart my name is in fact lot Brian it's Roy to the Future emotional image is worth nearly three million cameras there the lot you bloody bet I'm gonna take it off is that your grandson it's too soon to be getting so close to him I've grown very fond of you do you know who you are you're the only person on this planet who makes me feel that I'm not alone I know things about you who you really are you don't want to do this Roy [Music] the game the adrenaline rush what if it is seems like you've had quite a past enough to last several lifetimes I'm just a blink you're not just forever you know it's very peculiar doing things you'd never imagine secrets between you God the devil and the dead you don't know him [Music] [Music]