Next time youre in Las Vegas eat here


Chael Sonnen


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I had a really good dinner by the way I should I should mention this because we stayed at the Aria and they have a restaurant in there called Javier's and I thought we were just going to a Mexican restaurant named Javier's well when we get there it's absolutely packed you got to wait an hour for a table the food comes out this is one of the best meals I've ever had I like Mexican food but I wanted even put it like as my number one this is one of the best meals that I ever had so we ended up leaving Javier's and the next night we go Laith picks this dinner place and we're gonna go out and all we know is it takes about 20 minutes to get there and it's off the strip I'm Seneca lightly if you're in Vegas the entertainment and the food capital of Earth why the hell would I drive 20 minutes to leave it late sit no no we got to go to this place it comes highly recommended best Italian in all of Vegas so we get out to this place and try to picture this you open the door to go in so now you're in the building but it's one of those where there's like a lobby and then you open another door to go into the restaurant well once you open the door to go in there's a sign on the door that says closed so while you're standing there waiting going closed I just the door just what do you mean it's closed then all of a sudden this this cutout in the wall opens up and it's this Italian guy and he's working like a mobster angle and you know he's sizing you up and who sent you and you know give us a code word and doing this whole thing so then once you get through his approval there's a pay phone on the wall the payphones actually a trapdoor it props open and that's how you walk in to get into the restaurant I mean it's a total speakeasy to the highest of levels big piano bar going great food Kappos see apo capo Kappos it's called if anybody wants to go but the reason i was excited to be there i've heard about that place for about 15 years I've heard about this place in Vegas that's a speakeasy that's off the strip that they shake you down at the door that you got to come in a little side entry it's it's great it was it was a total atmosphere the food was good the food was very good I must say but it was it was just this whole atmosphere and I was happy to be there I felt like I was getting experience and the reason I tell you guys this isn't to be mr. Oh braggin out there seeing the world I'm actually just the opposite I do a lot of traveling but I'm about the most unfun guy you could ever travel with I get to wherever it is I'm going I pin to the room I don't ever leave a great night out for me would be room service and order in a movie so the fact that I actually got out and went saw a little bit got a try a couple of different restaurants that yeah I guess I'm boasting a little bit about it but it was it was a pretty fun time and I must say if you're ever at the Aria make sure you try Javier's get the guacamole in if you're ever in Vegas and looking for somewhere to go off the strip tri capitals