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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will Warner from what culture I'm Andy Murray from what culture it's Friday and this is the news so to lead us off item will born you're never gonna guess what what niya Jax has injured somebody now this person obviously isn't particularly badly hurt as they were wrestling two nights later on Smackdown but r-truth the man that she beat up to take the Royal Rumble spot apparently he got pretty messed up it did look pretty brutal 1gt yes so this is according to a report from Raja calm and truth hurt his face and his ankle seconded him twice she injured him twice and I applaud him up threw him into a wall blah blah blah p.m. up apparently he was so annoyed he was so angry that officials had to hold him back backstage now Jerry Lawler on his podcast has corroborated this and said it is indeed true he's the one in fact who said that truth had to be held back and I'll just read this quote here the heat was real she blasted poor r-truth and knocked him on his face into that wall he was hot for a real so before he ends that just when you say that blast him into the wall that's not a strike because you know I think they did a spot in the rumble I think if someone was at night someone maybe Becky punched one of the posts and it like broke ya did oh you know the usual ooh arch we've got Freddie stepping and legitimately broke it you could see that it wasn't working anymore that wasn't a bit of trickery or anything like that she threw him so long poor guy took one hell of a beating so I'm just gonna run through some of Neyers prior incidents here because they're really stacking up so we've got the could you count this one along yes so we've got this incident we've got the petty wench incident before Survivor Series we've got the situation where ember moons husband called Maya an unsafe moron for injuring his wife that's right there was a time she didn't cash charlatan I'm him sold to the outside Charlotte landed on his face there was the time she spiked Charlotte's head into her knee with a shoulder breaker there was the time Bailey missed SummerSlam 27 because niya ruined her shoulder there was another time when she hit Bailey with an elbow drop on the back of her head well they're sitting up there was the time to nest Oscar up with a backbreaker there was a time she can cost Selena big on running around and there was the time she busted Tamina's news on above that is ty Dillon jur so often when we talk about knox injuring other wrestlers what do the comment section six write about several Enzo in lyova I have done some actual journalism here Alan will burn so the free Seth Rollins incidents obviously are the sting the John Cena and the Finn Balor by the way sting and Finn Balor have both said that wasn't his fault don't blame him but we'll take those free incidents right three major incidents in 1069 WWE memoir nice as well by the way guys an average of one incident every three hundred and fifty six matches right Maya Jax haha oh I dread to think that he's gonna make three hundred ninety five matches what what we know ten incidents that we know of thirty nine point five every thirty nine and a half matches she injured somebody so she is statistically nine times more dangerous than Seth Rollins Center party developmental this is the nice something else a we have a go but the facts don't know eyes and you know what to do with this so I think you know this should be added to the collection that's gone pop it in everywhere we go in it go it goes another one for that growing but she's just really unsafe yeah just send her back to developmental yes alright there's no shame in that we're not saying that she shouldn't wrestle anymore or she just needs to be retaught some of the basics of it yeah she's a great worker when you can't be hurting people know exactly all there is right let's move on now to another breaking story surrounding sanity as you may have guessed sanity aren't best pleased with the way that they have been booked or not look to the majority since they're caught up to Smackdown and killing and Dana tweeted the other day hashtag where Jannetty and those during smackdown life yeah exactly wolf replied sick of it sick of this sick of this so yeah it does look like sanity aren't vests pleased with the way that they are being yeah well very good words there and yeah I mean you can blame them no I looked up their mash records just before we we came on air and it turns out there between them Debrecen something like two or three matches in September maybe we got so excited I still remember myself not inferior watching the one where they do the superstar shake-up and sanity it was announced Illuminati weren't there they had a promo video player we're there and then they were coming and then they were coming and then they were still coming then there was some issues with copyright or something yeah and it's that sort of delayed it which probably didn't help them in the eyes of Vince but then even since then they arrived and then sort of lost and didn't really do anything and then yeah they were saying well maybe Nick and cross are coming and Darla resurgence and now she's just getting pushed on around yeah it's it's kind of a it's a shame for them because they're free talented guys and they've just come in kind of hung out to dry you know it's very telling that on Smackdown this weekly had this number one contender's match for the Tag Team Championships and instead of doing sanity in there they put heavy machinery who aren't even the feeling it's your brand and have just arrived along with the Usos the bar and another team that I cannot remember very professional but yeah it's just kind of weird that they knew yet and I'm gonna anything new day the best acting like in the world yeah it's a real shame for them hopefully hopefully WWE with all this ongoing stuff and talk about them finally giving pushes to people who who haven't are unhappy with their position maybe this is just a maybe they're from them saying give us a bit of a push or we're going to aw cool and speaking of someone who's been absent from TV since the McMahon family for some reason removed her from her general manager role and sat down even though she was doing a really good job bit weird page mm-hmm we haven't really seen nor heard much from her since she has given a new interview of Sky Sports here in the UK saying that she looking to take on a new managers role in WWE because she really loves talking hey and a hard word she doesn't know if she's good at it I think she is mmm but she just likes tuna she really wants the company she just wants one so here all basically so yeah kind of similar to the Santee thing except she's doing things the right way and not just being a Fanny on social media there's a slight explanation in terms of the fact that she could have arguably been sent away to go off and promote fun with my family but now that's kind of done and out there and the rocks on the poster and the rocks producing in the role was in the bloody trailer yeah it's not about the book is about page anyway yeah I'd love to see her back in any form shoot she was obviously a brilliant general manager on Smackdown and she just sort of lost the role because of the terrible state of Monday Night Raw but any sort of manager role I think she would absolutely excel in and get I mean I'm happy to see her back on do we do ETV as soon as possible absolutely I mean Absolution was a nice little stable I obviously mean the sorority sisters Hey okay obviously mind you it's on you're still together but yeah we good to see her back absolutely final new story off today concerns the women's Royal Rumble at Dave Meltzer has reported apparently there was some serious timing issues with the roar as a result of some people missed some of their spots the timing was all over the shop people had to be taken out of the match in not the sort of correct order and it really it really went long and it was 72 minutes the men's 257 yeah they can the interesting thing about this is that apparently the man had to rush all the ring entrances because that one ran over a little bit you saw like some of the ring entrances and the woman's did stretch on a little bit longer and apparently all of this is to do with the size of the ramp which is probably something WWE should have fought about before having a loot crate yeah like yeah I mean it's just a shame it was a massive pay-per-view like seven hours if you watch the pre-show crazy length of time but I guess like these things I semantics really isn't it we got the winner we wanted the match was all right cool yeah fine relax move on to today's Twitter questions don't forget you can tweet the matters at what culture WWE Josie Bailey asks if Bala makes the move to SmackDown who does he enter into a program really good question and Daniel Bryan not just because it would be a great match but because Finn Balor you know what WrestleMania he had the LGBTQ t-shirt and he obviously stands for progressiveness and values and stuff Daniel Bryan claims to do the same thing and he does but those so in a really condescending way hence why he's such an effective heel because he's such a pain in the arse that would be such a good clash because Balor is the guy who Daniel Bryan thinks he is a pitchman could be on you really I love the fact that we've been asked this question and any normal person would say or a first few days then build to this then built this you and I have just gone straight in at the top floor yeah you have gone from the dead I am going for some lower jaw Oh magic and I don't want to bury Samoa Joe but we all know the greatness that they did in anything he defends the way to mojo is at the moment he'd be he'd elevate finn bálor despite the fact ballet was in the universe of champion match we saw what he can do he had he had some great spots and then Robert you cut that unbelievable promo on on splitter and live well get him in there get those two fight in you barely have to do any promo to be honest with Balor you just go get beat Joe and ballet yeah it's gonna be great you'll beat him up and then lose in the end because that's what you're doing exactly right let's move on to another question from Larry Lucas who says do any of you think that WWE will ever induct William Regal into the Hall of Fame yes absolutely 100% without question I think we would have done it on the strength losing in-ring career alone because I mean if you're gonna guys like coach will be weird then yes adduct guys like Regal on the strength but he's also he's backstage now he's in the performance entries a talent scout he's a coach he's this he's that he is go between for the UK project he is very very important to that company I think this'll be a matter of time one of my favorite wrestlers of all time yeah it's absolutely phenomenal whether he's on commentary or doing promos are doing anything I'm absolutely a great general manager as well never gets involved in lesson you know exactly and they're gonna be announcing some Hall of Fame people soon new directors gonna be on that list Ganga Ganga Gangrel and tugboat very good yeah have a finger dynamite kid might be might be getting reverence possibly a lot of crowd support it seems yeah finally Andrew Hartley says do you think anyone from the TNA roster would do well in WWE or aw oh man in question Phoenix Phoenix the Pentagon we do extremely well in NXT and atw not sure not so sure by the main roster as far as other guys go I realize the rascals young tag-team they're coming through there yes save your exactly quince tree him again or a really good promo that I did though this little film sat around a table I think it was those trying this and lax one of the best tag teams in the world we again do really well in a WR NXT but the main roster I don't know if they have that many sports entertainment you guys maybe a guy like Johnny impact yeah Johnny I'd love to see a return for John for the former John Morrison in WWE I think I always think he was wasn't utilized to his bet the best of his abilities and as we've seen many a time with the likes of Drew McIntyre and the net list goes on and on the amount of people who starting WV go away come back on are far improved I'd look at him in there and another one I've thought of is Eli Drake because Eli Drake may not necessarily be the the best in the ring of everyone in TNA but he's certainly a personality and only grab if you think in a sports entertainment for WWE he is about Brian Cage I reckon he's there Yorick me my husband that old there you know I think there might be some issues that with him majority w/e and that's all I'm gonna say cuz he could probably snap me like I think it says here whose here's the problem yes that's exactly what the issue is right let's move on to today's and finally mine and today's I'm finally is a little joke I've discovered thanks to Reddit squared circle now of course we all know that Erick Rowan or as is now known Rowan is the big heavy for Daniel Bryan sort of akin to Kevin Nash was with HBK if you remember so if that Boyd case if that is the case and we all know what Kevin Nash was to to Shawn Michaels does that make Rowan biodiesel Jesus now I'm off I'm off me I'm all for today's new stories in the comment section below and as always don't forget to Like share and subscribe and check out our new wrestling podcast by searching for what good wrestling on either iTunes or Spotify and interview the DDP coming very soon on there my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon biodiesel