Nicholas Hoult Got Hit by a Bus While Filming a Scene

you started acting as we were talking about really young and as a teen you had a bit of a mishap oh yeah this was a it was on a TV show where my character was meant to be getting bullied so he got dragged out of his dorms in the middle of the night in his underwear tied to a chair and then hung over a bridge odds are comedy I guess but it was meant to be that this double-decker red root rot in the Routemaster bus was meant to come towards me and stop but one take it didn't didn't stop no looked and I was sat there well it's tied there in my parent stars watching then I heard like the tires starting to screech oh gee I was looking I was like he's got a lot faster than normal and I was like and I so I stuck my foot out and it like broke through the glass and then I like pendulum and swung off you can stop the bus just one leg not even - yeah it could be as - in hindsight the moment I panicked it had two stories you should have two legs both decks yeah and then the bus would have stopped that's in the man you were it is it was there I just think in terms of America well it was there a tremendous lawsuit [Laughter] did everybody boy you're awesome what really it was just kind of one of those things I just got to go home early he was [Applause]