Nicholas Hoult James McAvoy Punched Me In The Junk CONAN on TBS

your x-men co-star is it James McAvoy he you guys have kind of a playful relationship yeah and when you're on set it's gotten a little out of hand I understand the work there were times we this last film we we went out with a board and when it bought BB guns and then essentially had full on warfare shooting bb's at each other they're shooting we've all God also don't want to get blinded but then but then yeah round base camp you wake you wake up in the morning at like five o'clock in the morning fumble around for your gun make sure your clip was loaded and then the second you got out of the car it was on essentially you know the people be waiting in your trailer we had we had Michael Fassbender stuck in his trailer for 45 minutes once whilst three of us were like clambering over it diving underneath shooting through windows you mentioned that you guys have goggles but you didn't tell everyone else to put on God yeah screw the rest of them say here you're firing left and right and no one else has detection yeah that got put to an end because um people got shot in the face and then like wealth would pop up and bleed and then and then it was like there's a 3d movie so they were you could see them quite clearly makeup couldn't cover them after a while so we had to stop I now know why they were trying to kill you I picture a mechanic with welts all over his face removing the axle from the bike now you mention it will make it will make sense it's all coming together now now I hurt Mac boy hits you in a sensitive area is that right oh yeah in the girlies yeah what do you call them gillies is that it is that a UK thing Ghoulies I think so if no I just made it up I never heard of that I have heard it before I've never heard of that they're always coming up with different names for you know essentially that's all they say balls in this country but you guys are like oh it's me kibbles and bits or it's nice it's me Stan and Laurel you know and I thought I felt as though English people do it a little bit when we're over here anyway where it's just like we can use whatever where we want and then the people that like wants that we can just say it's an English phrase for something oh and you're making it up just yes make up we can just use whatever words we want that's me Conan and Andy down there that's what Kristen them yeah no um yeah please don't don't mind kind of Andy they're always hanging about the way they're always together you