Nick Canon Has Words For Charlamagne About Friendly Haters

the last week we reported a story about Nick Cannon doing a talk show and Charlamagne had this to say I just said I don't think that he's gonna stick around and do morning radio if he gets the daytime talk show alright well Nick Cannon responded to this position of being skeptical both sides and everyone knows you know I do a lot of things but I'm here to prove everybody wrong I love I love this but I think what he's trying to say is that sprint speed talk about it I'll make a melling's I didn't make move I actually said this is why you don't hide in a cannon to do morning radio but I I'm not a I'm not a hater I think Nick's people in there are Nick might have said I was a hater that was on his Instagram he said that you are his hater friends he said how many of us have them new terms should we call hater friends hate your friends he says or freighters which is friendly haters he said Charlemagne and many others in my life that I love and deal with daily all costly fueled me for greatness I just want to say thank you and hold my beer well first of all the nod McKelvey aka child man to God is far from a hater I root for my folks especially uh black men in media but I'm also a realist okay so to be clear all I'm simply saying is I don't think in the canyons gonna stick around and do morning radio we've seen the good brother Nick Cannon have his own morning show before Nick used to do mornings on 92.3 now here in New York back in 2010 he did that for like two years yeah when we started he was he was already when we started yeah so he'd be there from like 2010 to 2012 and there's no hate when I say Nick not gonna stick around to do morning radio it's just based off his history and radio I just don't think he I just said Nick I think Nick is just gonna go with the check wherever the check goes I think that's when they couldn't go but his co-host was like well why defend Charlemagne why are you defending him so busy bashing on you it doesn't everybody has a psycho friends that are always like you think you saw now Charlemagne has been issued on the candidate I'm David every time they Canton puts out a record you hit you into I want you to start with you to stop for one second and think about what you just said that is not bashing nor is it hate only thing I've ever spoken on when it comes to they can and I guess in a negative fashion is when he wraps that is true now raise your hand if you like Nick Cannon's wrapped in this room okay drop most is the only person all right out of out of one two three four five six people so is everybody who didn't raise the hand hatin yeah and no but I did like one song no you didn't I did what song will play right now will play that there please let it be in there please let it be in there it's not there damn it man this is a very terrible produced show I just once I've been we shit had it up but I can't call it terribly producer and they can't it Morning Show has a better producing Yeah right it was Junior I like gigolo you like gigolo we all like gigolo it's not even in this calling for stuff that's not there maybe it's Envy's fault maybe if you de told the producers they'd have had they would have had to show you have to tell you for this is what you want envy all right now Charlemagne also spoke to Kevin Love about mental health and this is how this conversation went the opposite of happiness is hopelessness hopelessness is like the say like at the root of anxiety and mental illness depression this is not an overstatement chronic anxiety is a crisis of hope it is the fear of a failed future whereas depression is a crisis of hope because is the belief in a meaningless future who a lot of that sentiment came from a book titled everything is that would that 92y last week right great conversation about mental health he also speaks about happiness I felt like I had no real hope in my future I had blinders on sometimes when you're in it like that you just don't feel it you don't see it until somebody has to like smack across the head and say hey listen like everybody seeing this I happened to read like a cheap Nova myself so I always wear it but that's kind of what I'm getting at is ever since I was young you know it's been like a weighted vest I can even feel it now I wake up every single day and make a choice that I'm gonna change the relationship that I have with with you know mental illness and depression and anxiety and so on and so forth dropping the clues most of my guy Kevin Love that's my god man did he ever get down to the root of it of why he feels that way when he wakes up he's anxiety yeah and him not being necessarily happy and sometimes surprised I think you figured it out now you know it's the process you know I think that anxiety is like anything else in life you know I'm saying you I don't know if you actually ever figure out what it is I think you might know your triggers you know what I'm saying now you mentioned the other day that sometimes you had to press what what makes you depressed this show jasmine question do you like any other rapper the answer is one simple course that Mike you saw yeah do you like the Canon of the rapper I do not like me candidates represent he's great at everything else he is an amazing actor absolutely I won't throw that out that's not hate yeah my gigolo no no no you like gigolo what didn't I okay canon as a person and a businessman G not as a rapper all right well that is your rumor report and that's not hate all right Charlemagne it's not bashing him since day one [Music]