Night Owls Learn Horrifying Facts About Hitting Snooze




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- You snooze, you win. (laughs) - I am very known to oversleep. I hit snooze all the time. - That extra nine minutes, two minutes, is just glorious. - When I wake up in the morning and I know that I have to go to work I just want to curl up in a ball and die. - I will also set multiple alarms and this Sleeping Beauty is not having it. No matter how determined I am when I go to bed. - Snoozing for life, baby. - You're telling me this is bad for us? - [Woman Off Camera] I'm going to have you guys read some facts about snoozing. They're not great... - [Narrator] Snoozing confuses your body and mind about whether or not it's time to get up. This may cause "sleep inertia," which can leave you groggy for up to four hours after waking. - That makes a lot of sense. - Isn't that what coffee's for? Right? To get you going? - I don't drink coffee. - I do feel this, like, lagging sense of I'm tired. - I really don't feel my body waking up until like 1:00 or 2:00. So I guess this fact kinda feels like it's very accurate when it comes to my life. - I feel totally fine and I snoozed this morning. Totally fine. - [Narrator] Snoozing throws off your internal clock, causing your body not to know when to become sleepy, pushing your bedtime later, and leading to more snoozing. - Hmm, that's interesting 'cause you know I actually have trouble falling asleep. - My internal clock is fucked up anyway because you know during the week we have to wake up early to get to work. And on the weekends I'll go out late and be out with friends, drinking or hanging out or doing whatever and then, like, I'll be in bed 'til 11 or noon. - I wish I had an earlier bedtime. I have trouble with that. So maybe the snoozing is affecting it. But I doubt it. - [Narrator] Messing up your internal clocks makes for restless nights, and sleep deprivation can screw up hundreds of genes that regulate your immune system, stress response and metabolism. - Wow, that took a turn. I don't know why I was reading that so joyfully, that's a bummer. - I'm not a scientist, but no. - My immune system definitely got worse over the years and it's funny 'cause as I've gotten older I've gotten less sleep. - Maybe that's why I'm always stressed? - I've noticed the nights where I got, like, a shitty night's sleep or like snoozed a lot, whatever, that I was more anxious and stressed out at work the next day. - I think the concept of me somehow snoozing my alarm clock changing my genes is scary, but because it's so scary, I choose not to believe that. I don't think it's true. - Screwing up genes like a sale at Macy's. - [Narrator] Scientists believe these genetic changes can potentially increase your risk of heart disease, weight gain or diabetes. - I feel like I need to be in the hospital. Like somebody call me an ambulance right now. - Doesn't everything cause you to die? - Yeah. - Right? - We're all slowly dying from all things. So, like, who cares? - If your friends want to hang out with you and you want to go to sleep and they make you feel bad about it. Just be, like, you're very much impacting my health and future so let me sleep. - You're giving me heart disease, Dennis. That's what you're doing. - [Narrator] According to neuroscientist Matthew Walker, hitting snooze causes "cardiovascular assault" on your heart each time it goes off. - Oh my gosh. - Somebody call the police. - Square up, I guess. - Bitch, I believe it's a mini heart attack. Every time I hear it, every time I hear my alarm go off I jump four feet into the air. - I'm really scared about hitting snooze. I feel like next time I hit snooze I'm going to see my life flash before my eyes. (laughs) And I'm going to be like alright, it's fine, Jesus, I'll get up. - I feel like neuroscientists are trying to tell me how to live my life when they don't even know me. - I wish I was more scared but I'm still going to continue to hit snooze. Like, honestly, I mean, it's been a pattern and an on-going thing for years. How am I going to stop even with these facts? - In a perfect world, I wouldn't have to wake up in the morning, like, I could just sleep until my body is ready. And wouldn't that be like the healthiest thing for my body. But I have to make money. I have to live, neuroscientists. - You have to live in this society. - But it's surprising like the severity of stuff that it can lead to and overall I'm still inclined to think it's not like that big of a deal and I'm still going to face my own internal struggle of waking up to get to the gym anyway. - Keep snoozing until the day I die. And then that day I can't snooze. - Snooze til you die. - Yeah. - Just do the best you can. - Yeah. - In this lifetime what more can you do? - If you're a snoozer you're not a loser. That's all I gotta say. - I like that. I want a shirt that says that.