Nine Minutes in Heaven


The 700 Club


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I instantly fell to my knees in front of him and I knew that I was falling in the presence of God crystal McVeigh wasn't having a dream she had died and says she woke up in heaven and it was this guy that had run from my whole life her journey away from him began when she was molested at 3 years old I grew up believing that I was disgusting and broken and filthy Krystle went to church with her mother when she was 8 she accepted Christ and was baptized she hoped that would cleanse her from the guilt and shame of being molested but the abuse continued until she was 12 years old I decided that there were two options either one there was a God and he didn't love me for whatever reason because he hadn't stopped the things that had happened in my life he hadn't saved me or two there was no God in her teen years Krystle started using drugs and alcohol and was promiscuous by the time she was 21 Krystal was a divorced mother with two children finally at 28 she sat down and married Virgil and they had twins 10 months later in December 2009 doctors performed a routine procedure that triggered pancreatitis she had complications and ended up with a 110 degree fever her mother Bonnie came to the hospital she didn't look right she looked swollen to me they had put her on a pain pump I felt very calm and very peaceful I remember opening my eyes and seeing my mom sit at the chair at the foot of my bed and I told her that I loved her she felt cold and when I looked up her lips were blue and she wasn't breathing and I turned around and her face was black try to start screaming she's dead she's dead the nurse told me she said you need to leave you need a title I'm not going anywhere code blue we need the crash cart in here quick for the next nine minutes doctors and nurses tried to resuscitate Krystal about that time crystals husband Virgil arrived everything with you online I didn't know if she was alive I didn't know she was dead I know why they didn't want me in there it's violent and so her nine minutes in heaven were my nine minutes in hell while the team worked to revive her crystal says she was in heaven the first thing I remember becoming aware of was that I was still me and I was still the me who had just told my mother that I loved her and died and I was very aware of the fact that I had just died but I was also the me that had existed from the moment that God had created me the light came to me as if I was in the middle of the tunnel yet it went on for eternity I remember being so at peace and so bathed in this light and this love she knew she was in the presence of God I didn't see a face I didn't see any features other than this beautiful light and words like amazing and perfect and beautiful they fall so drastically short I could not get enough of him I could not breathe enough of him in I could not get close enough to the light and the light was all over me then crystal says she tried to ask God a question I wanted to know why he didn't love me or why he lets bad things happen and yet as I stood in front of him and I faced him and I fell to my knees and I raised my hands the question I called out to him was why didn't I do more for you because in an instant he revealed his true self to me which his love I had never truly worshipped God ever in my entire life but I fell in front of him and I worshiped him and as I lay there in worship and awe of this creator I remember saying I could worship you for eternity crystal traveled with God down a tunnel toward the gates of heaven she noticed a small child ahead of her she wore bonnet on her head and she had a little white basket in her hand I watched her pick her basket up and dip it in the light she would scoop it and then she would dump the light out as if it was water and the light would cascade out of her basket and she would throw her head back and she would laugh and every time she laughed every time she moved my spirit began to swell as if it was a balloon with love God revealed to crystal that she was seeing herself at three years old she was me at the moment that the enemy stepped into my life and whispered that I was worthless that I was broken that I was disgusting that I got everything I deserved she was the three-year-old that heard that God didn't love her that he had abandoned her that he had forsaken her and that God didn't exist and he allowed me to know that he had allowed me to look through his eyes and to see the truth and the truth set me free all of crystals doubts about the existence of God and his love for her faded away I remember what it felt like to be in Chains and I remember the moment that he took them from me I was free and he didn't just say crystal I love you he allowed me to experience his love and his love almost made me explode then crystal says she heard her mother calling her name and I said Kai go tell her that I'm okay and he said the choice is up to you and I turned away from this light to go and find where her voice was coming from and when I turned he said tell them what you can remember and I remember calling back I'll remember everything and I'll be right back and I looked down through the floor of this tunnel of heaven It was as if I was looking at a million shimmering diamonds and the instant that I noticed those diamond like substance I was back in my body crystal woke up in the hospital surrounded by the medical team and I turned to my mom who was crying and I told her that I was in heaven that I was with God and that I was in the most beautiful light and that I was okay crystal left the hospital eight days later she'll tell you she left there a different person my life has completely changed the person that died in that hospital room was not the same person who came back in so many different ways but the difference is that I know that there is a God who loves us I know that there is a father who really is listening to us who really is holding us crystal has written about her journey in her New York Times best-selling book called waking up and and people often ask me what is your message what message should he send you back with and it is so simple that it just doesn't matter who we are where we've been what's been done to us what we've done that his love is so vast and so great that it encompasses everything and that we have that love not for anything that we've done to deserve it but because he finds us worthy and because he gives us the choice to choose him