Ninjago Season 11 EVIL ICE MASTER THEORY 😈❄️




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[Music] Hey how's it going everybody it's Tanner here and welcome back to another Ninjago season 11 speculation video here on the channel in today's videos we're gonna be discussing basically another theory that I had regarding the season 11 villain that of course being the ice emperor now what exactly do I have to say regarding this villain well I've been doing some thinking lately and you know the ice emperor is supposed to be a big part of the season 11 story of course we know that he's potentially gonna be a villain which is really interesting and there's supposed to be a Ninjago set as well which is I guess supposed to be like an ice castle of sorts so that'll basically be a direct connection to this ice Emperor character now what exactly does that have to do with Zane well what do you think about it Zane is pretty much the ice ninja he's pretty much the only person in Ninjago right now that has the ice powers or at least that we know of of course we do know there is another character in the Ninjago story that did have ice powers and that was of course the original master of ice who we saw in the tournament of elements season and a flashback as well as the hands of time season in a flashback and of course in season 8 we know that Shane actually received his powers from the ice Emperor that wasn't actually going on in season it was just something that was revealed during that season this actually happened a long time before the pilot of Ninjago actually took off and a long time before the actual main events of the series started happening in general though the master of ice gave Zane his power somehow we really don't know how or why that happened but we do know that the ice powers did not directly come from Zane's creator it instead came from the original master of ice which one you think about it we really don't know a lot about this character and I have a feeling that maybe they were trying to set something up regarding Zane's past and Zane's character and all that because the mystery of how Zane got his powers is one that has been discussed quite frequently in the Ninjago fanbase especially considering how elemental masters normally receive their powers from birth but since Dan is a robot how does that make sense the series has attempted to explain that a few times before and in season 8 we finally got the answer to that the original master of ice somehow GAE his powers but what does that have to do with the ice Emperor well they could perhaps make the original master of ice the ice Emperor you know the new villain in season 11 and I think that would be very interesting to see considering how we really don't know a lot about that character specifically and it could finally go ahead and tie up any loose ends that people might have had regarding Zane and how he got his powers it'll all be pretty much just you know solidified if this actually does happen you could make up some excuse as to why the ice Emperor or the master of ice is evil or maybe he's not completely evil maybe he's just being corrupted or something like that either way this would be very similar to hands of time in which Kai and Nia basically found to the original masters of fire and water and discovered that they were in fact working with the villain the entire time or at least they were being forced to so you could make I guess another situation regarding that in this new season especially if there's gonna be a villain that has ice powers people are gonna ask why is why does this person have ice powers and what is his relation to Zane and all that could be avoided if you just make the original master of ice the ice emperor of course you don't know for sure whether or not the ice Emperor actually does exist though I mean leaks have been wrong before and a lot of the times they are really inconsistent so this heart needs to be seen but if the ice Emperor does indeed make a you know make an appearance in season 11 I do find it highly likely that could go ahead and twist it to this degree especially considering how they pretty much left that part of Zane's life pretty ambiguous I mean we got one flashback in season eight but that really didn't show much so to conclude those are just my overall thoughts on what the ice Emperor could be all about and who exactly it could be I have a feeling that they might in fact make him the original master of ice at least that would make the most sense to me in my opinion so thanks a lot for watching guys a little just of idea for this quick video here if you enjoyed the video as always don't forget to give it a huge thumbs up rating and of course you remember to hit the subscribe button if you've not done so already once again guys the comments section is there for the various discussions that you would like to have regarding this topic or if you just send a comment of a general and show that's fine as well the links in the description will lead you over to my other forms of social media whether it be my Twitter my Instagram or my patreon be sure to support me on all those platforms if you would like to with that being said guys that'll just about do it for this video thank you so much for watching and my name is Tanner fishies and with that I bid you farewell [Music] [Music] you