Ninjago Why PIXAL is the Better Samurai X ⚔️




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[Music] hey how's it going everybody it's Tanner here and welcome back to a new Ninjago discussion video here on the channel in today's video we're gonna be talking about which samurai X is better the nia samurai X found in Ninjago seasons one through four maybe even five ish and then pixel samurai X found within the season seven and through the modern day Sonia and pixel have both held the mantle of samurai X at one point in Ninjago of course Nia originally held the title back when she was not the water ninja and she was basically seen as an allied to the ninja she wasn't a fully fledged ninja at that point but instead she opted to take the rank of a samurai which of course is presumably higher class than an official ninja but that's neither here nor there in the samurai X mech Nia managed to face several opponents mainly serpentine a little bit of nindroids and even some of Chen's army and she certainly did put up a fight against all of those however once she unlocked her powers and became the water ninja she was able to take down entire realms and in my opinion she was a lot more effective as a water ninja we've seen her be a ninja since season five and she's been a mainstay on the ninja team ever since and yet my opinion she definitely shines above her old samurai roots in her new ninja garb now then that brings us to pixel pixels of course the current samurai X and she has a different color scheme she has a little bit of a different kind of fighting style and overall I do see pixel as the superior samurai X for several reasons for one pixel is instantly a lot more effective than Nia ever was as a samurai in my own opinion again I think Nia fares well as a ninja but as the samurai she's kind of lacking and that's where pixel kind of comes into play we first saw pixel as samurai X during season 7 and of course we didn't really know that it was pixel that point rather in season 8 it was revealed to all of us that pixel was indeed the new samurai and she and Nia kind of made amends in that way Nia accepted pixel becoming the new samurai X and overall all was right with the world but pixel definitely has done a lot more than Nia in terms of being a samurai at this point in Ninjago they've kind of both been samurai extra around the same amount of time so I think it's really fair to actually go ahead and judge them individually as who was the better samurai X and again in my opinion that's definitely pixel we've seen her defeat the preeminent again and one of the most recent Ninjago episodes and that's really impressive considering how there's no way Nia could actually do that as a samurai but of course we do know that Nia defeated it as a water ninja otherwise pixel has been very supportive and helping out the rest of the team even going as far to keep up patrols in the streets when the ninja were disbanded in between season seven and eight overall pixel in my opinion is doing a great job as samurai X there's a lot going for her I like her mech design a little bit more than the original samurai mech I like her actual suit and colors a little bit more than the original samurai X and overall there's a lot to see in pixels track record that could suggest that she is in fact a superior samurai X / Nia now I didn't really hate Nia in the samurai X title but I do personally feel like Nia does a lot more and is certainly more effective as a water ninja than she ever was as a samurai and that's why I believe that pixel is the superior samurai X but let me know down below in the comments what you think about this do you think that Nia is the better samurai or do you feel like pixel is beating Nia in terms of who is the better samurai be sure to leave all your thoughts down below regarding that I look forward to reading what you guys come up with and I'm quite curious to see which samurai will actually stand out as the superior one with all that being said that will just about do it for this one here thanks a lot for watching if you enjoyed be sure to LIKE comment subscribe to all that fun stuff and check out the links down below in the description for my other forms of social media as always Fe give a huge shout out to my patreon supporters at least the one that I have right now ALP du monde Studios thank you so much for pledging to the $5 tier as such you'll receive a spoken shadow and they written shut up at the end of every video with that being said guys thanks a lot for watching this video once again my name is Tanner fishy's and with that I bid you farewell [Music] [Music] you