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Hey, what's up guys welcome back to another day experimenting with pyrotechnics Aujormom We're going to be mixing a little nail polish remover with some ping pong balls to make nitrocellulose lacquer Now for a lot of my pyrotechnic experiments I've used this Visco fuse; this is falling leaves But the problem with it is not waterproof which means if it got wet or got submerged in a puddle of water the fuse would go out So the purpose of today's Experiment is to use nail polish remover and ping pong balls to make a nitro cellulose coating which will hopefully make it so our fuses can burn underwater Seriously apparently it burns underwater. That's no good That was really interesting because last week when I was testing this experiment all the fuses I put in water went out completely but today they all seem to be burning just fine I've tried four different fuses and all of them burn underwater, so the results can be very inconsistent, but that's okay We're going to go ahead and make nitro lacquer anyway Because it's a really cool experiment and just because we can so here's what we want to do We want to get some kind of a small jar with a lid and a couple of these ping-pong balls you get at a sporting Goods store the ping pong balls from the Dollar Store will not work They need to be these professional branded type thing pong balls to get a sporting Goods store now if you've got the right kind of ping pong balls There's a really cool trick. You might already be familiar with it happens when you touch it with a flame Ping pong balls are highly flammable they go up in flames very very quickly and leave very little residue And that's because these things are made mostly of Nitrocellulose So to make a nitro set of those lacquer all we have to do is take a few of these ping pong balls and use Some nail polish remover to dissolve them Things are going to happen a lot quicker and easier if we start shredding our ping pong balls into smaller pieces So take that like a pair of scissors and cut them up into the smallest pieces you can get and drop them into a small jar So here we are guys after about two minutes We've got two ping-pong balls Reduced to very small pieces now all we have to do is transfer these pieces to our small glass container add a little bit of nail polish remover and screw on The lid then shake it up and wait How much nail polish remover do we add that is the question I guess we're going to experiment and find out I'm going to pour in enough just to come to the top of those pieces All right, it's been a couple of minutes, and if we take the lid off now and take a look inside You can see our crispy flakes of Ping-pong balls have turned into a goo Kind of turn Mushy here And I suppose the longer we let that fit in the acetone the thinner and runnier it will become But this is the goo that we're looking for We're going to thin that out a little bit more you can see our ping-pong balls are almost turned into a paste Looks like a paper mache paste so that's pretty cool guys you can see that after just about three minutes our ping-pong balls have dissolved in the nail polish remover to Form this goopy paste, which kind of looks like wallpaper paste now if we add a little bit more nail polish remover we can make this liquid even runnier and in contrast if we let it sit out for a while the fumes will vaporize off and make the substance hard again So theoretically I suppose you can cast ping-pong plastic into just about any shape you want alright Let's open this thing up until we got here ooh, nice and creamy almost looks like school glue pyrotechnic Elmer's glue I kept adding nail polish remover until all the big chunks dissolved and now it's very smooth very runny And it's almost like paint which means we could use it as a pyrotechnic coating Nexus Titleist lego, haha! I love it The nail Polish remover is extremely flammable ping-pong balls are extremely flammable. Do you think this stuff mixed together is extremely flammable? oh yeah, very flammable so we have just created a pyrotechnic paint that makes me wonder what we could paint with it Look at a nice, shiny surface that creates pyrotechnic paint that looks cool, the patterns it burns Little Nitro Legos It's amazing that when I put the fuse into the lacquer here it softens up and becomes extremely flexible Which makes me wonder if the coating isn't already infused with the nitrocellulose lacquer? I'm betting it probably is Now the lacquer has hardened you can see the fuse's gone sniff again; doesn't send like it did before Now it goes out. It works great before we apply the coating That's weird The nice thing about it is how quickly that burnt off from a little paint So now here we are guys we turned nail polish remover and some ping- pong balls into a white mushy goop that I'm going to call pyrotechnic paint and there are a few interesting things about its characteristics that we learned during these experiments today We started our experiments today with ping-pong balls and nail polish remover and the intent to make a waterproof coating for fuses But in testing our fuses we found that they already burn underwater and that's probably because they've already got nitro lacquer built into them we also found that we could change the consistency of our lacquer by adding more nail polish remover and stirring it in or just by letting it sit out for a while so the acetone could evaporate next we tried smearing the stuff on a piece of wood and found that it actually does work as a lacquer to help seal and preserve the finish But we also realize that this lacquer is extremely flammable and while it can be poured into any mold or painted on any surface, if it comes into contact with any kind of a spark or a flame, things can get pretty hot pretty fast now for one final experiment, I wondered if we could make a firecracker that would burn off and explode underwater as well But in testing those we found that they just went off by themselves anyway in a spectacular fashion mind you Ouch my ears. woah! Dang! So there you have it guys now you know how to turn nail polish remover and ping pong balls into pyrotechnic paint Thanks for joining me for this set of experiments. I'll be looking for you the next one. Talk to you then! Let's just move that out of the way Hey guys, thanks for watching and remember. I'm giving away prizes now on every new video All you have to do to qualify is Subscribe to my channel, ring the bell, and select to be notified when my next videos get release the secret link to my giveaways will Be pinned in the comments for the first 12 hours if you like what I'm doing So your support right now by giving this video a big thumbs up and share with a friend. I love you back! I'll see you next time