No Cooking Does Not Destroy Protein Raw Vegan Myth 7


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hey guys it's time for a new raw vegan myth this is myth number seven and today we are talking about protein specifically talking about the claim that cooking at denatures protein and renders it useless to the body the myth here is not with the statement that cooking at denature protein because it does the issue is whether or not cooking actually renders the protein useless when something is denatured its biological structure is changed in the case of protein denaturation destroys the secondary and tertiary structures and leaves the primary structure of the amino acids intact and cooking isn't the only way to denature protein your own body denatures in the food that you eat as a way to break down the protein and get at the important part the amino acids now for the big question is protein denaturation that occurs as a result of cooking the same as protein denaturation that happens naturally as part of human digestion if it's not in cooking actually renders the protein useless then we would expect to see a lower absorption rate in other words we would expect our body to absorb less of the protein from a food that is cooked versus that same food in its raw state instead it is well known that conservative cooking things like boiling and steaming improve protein bioavailability in certain foods for example cooking beans makes the protein more digestible because it inactivates certain anti nutrients that would otherwise inhibit absorption but honestly I think it's pretty much common sense that cooking does not render protein useless because if we look around us in the Western world does anyone have a protein deficiency if raw foodists were right and cooking rendered protein useless wouldn't like everyone have a protein deficiencies since most people don't eat a whole lot of raw foods they eat virtually everything cooked and in fact many raw foodists use the same argument when they're talking about protein needs you'll often hear all three to say that well you never see anyone with a protein deficiency because we get plenty of protein but if we're getting plenty of protein and we're eating lots of cooked foods how is that so if cooking renders that protein you Slithe seems to me the claim that cooking renders protein useless is just another one of those facts within the raw food world that have been passed around and they have absolutely nothing to substantiate them number one it doesn't make any common sense and number two the actual evidence does not support it at all so that's it for this one guys thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it I will have another raw vegan myth video not tomorrow tomorrow will be what I ate today which should have been today but I forgot to record yesterday so I'm recording it today and it'll be up tomorrow and then like I said I'll have another myth one Wednesday so yeah thank you so much for watching if you have any comments or questions leave them down in the comments and if you are not subscribed and you like this kind of thing then subscribe because there's gonna be a whole lot more of this kind of thing so that's pretty cool and I guess that's it for me thank you so much for watching and I will have a new video very amazing