Noah Powa Speaks On His Journey From Jamaica To Brooklyn Scamming Stereotypes More

Breakfast Club morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building Noah oh ah did I say that right Noah poor poem like no it will build the ark and power yeah no well welcome sir it's good now you're gonna be performing at Angela's ye day in Brooklyn yep now let's talk about them a little bit how did you get into the music industry well I mean I've been doing music since I'm younger understand and you know this Instagram thing came about where you know makes people popular and stuff so I've been doing some videos like skits and stuff like that funny jokes so you know that kind of help build up the platform for people to know me more so I get the followers people start watching my stuff you know and then I just used that to promote the music you know and I mean I've been a DJ for a while no you know I mean we use I used to play on parties with any button it is like and you know Envy what's the demand in the streets in are like playing no you know me a table oh [Music] really - you know - regular regular no more you know in China and a tapa top-level oh you know cuz evil and we used to play at Jamaica fully-loaded you just came back from fully-loaded so so yeah Jahna star amino he was the man in the street yeah so yeah that's it so the music career just start getting better and better but they're always the goal yeah music entertainment so I mean you've been actor a comedian a DJ artists as all fit in one category which is entertainment yes sir as always the goal it was nice I been back to Kingston I just performed at some face I guess surface yeah I don't know what I did fully reloaded the same data is that that weekend but you know what I noticed about Kingston now is Kingston it seems like I've been going to Kingston for a long time like it's way more peaceful now than it has ever been yeah well I'm no Montego be a Montego Bay Montego biz is kinda hot spot right no Kingston is you know stuff is still happening but you're not really hearing about it like what's going on in Montego Bay but people still going a lot of people feel like because they are about all this crime and stuff all these crimes is not something that's affecting tourists you understand is more internal stuff like people who's from the communities yes it's people who's fighting against each other in that community if you if you're talking about that stretch that's go into the airport the resorts none of that is happening that's where they have the spot checks and stuff so the police M is not going where the crime is really happening they're staying to protect people like you who's a tourist to scam and it's a scam and it's big in Jamaica yeah definitely said a lot of the fighting and killing is this like fighting over the list scam money and and you know be like scammers is coming a scammer so it's like booty are scammers and the money come through your light to this person and that's where all the violence come from that's interesting I saw that movie sprinter did you see that movie no I didn't want to do but it's like you know after you see a movie that everybody watch back in the day everybody watch that says and then you see sprinter and it's a whole different type of issue because there's a they do have scammers like in the movie they have a whole house that everybody works out of and they do two phone calls where they're like hey you've just won this amount of money I'm always trying to figure out like oh people really fall for that door me like somebody just call you know when I was in Jamaica we were actually talking about it was like they get a lot of older people all the time and they also get a lot of people that might have problems with let's say the IRS yeah so they already have a problem so now it's like you might already owe money and then when you get a phone call and say yo if you don't give me this $500 right now yeah we gonna lock you up and most people are scared and they just send a $500 yeah like they try they people call your phone everyday like my phone keep ringing people callin it dumb stuff like this is such-and-such from the IRS IRS don't go over the phone that's crazy says like I don't know all people get caught up in that where you're telling me that oh you just won such and such and I'm like I didn't play in the game have you ever been scammed never never on you never clicked on something online and somebody hacked your account never had your email hacked no never never never ever ever ever because the thing with me would phone and stuff like that I don't really jump on everything I see I take every phone card if your karma phone even if you're my friend I economy on your plane again I'm on you know black in couple seconds so don't play around on my phone cuz it's so much scamming going on you understand like the other day um some I got a call about something with my house and I didn't even trust it Cyrus Carl like malaya CF diamond ask him something about Iran he's like no no it's legit yeah I just came by a girl like oh you get scumbag earns its many ways some things pay some bills and then I mean using you mean if minute get some how to cook is still really consider that scavenge cosmic get bucks something out of it but no I girl never really scare me like that I mean them girls tell lies and say oh the mana by this I buy that when them no say yo that's not what they really want and want to go do something different but no never got scammed by a girl I think but beefy I want something stolen diamonds now but no girl can't kill me alright well let's talk about your career as an artist now cuz you do have a song with shaggy mm-hmm and shaggy was just up here promoting his album - whaa gwan shout - shaggy you want to set me up out in Kingston and I love shag shag is a good do men so now for you being an artist and putting out music right cuz people know you as a on Instagram they know you as a DJ they know you have always been in entertainment are people really eager to jump on your songs now - like obviously shaggy got you want his album how is that when you have to hit people and be like hey let's do this song together well I mean when when I put out my songs is like people really start taking it serious because you know it's going places yeah so it's like um the thing with even shaggy like he came to a party got my friend DJ Pauly skip and Shaggy just came off a sting tour with immense thing was a long tour so he came to that party and I guess he he touched the mic because him and polish is cool so after Shaggy don't perform like about five minutes ago up there I was like yo shaggy get yo so come off a tour money let me show you I'll go on another place and I start singing my songs and the place is just going crazy like three days after I got a call from shaggy saying you know need to link up by the studio you got a son for me I didn't even tell me about anything about any like album or stuff like that you just send a truck I listen to it I start vibing freestyling in the studio and he's like yo Liat don't did the song next thing I know tracklist came out for album saying that I'm on his album and just won a Grammy sound I go I'm ready now so hopefully this one and gets nominated for a Grammy and so I could get one of them little plaques and stuff so yeah but Shaggy's is cool man like I was it would win shaggy last I was at the studio too like 3 a.m. in the morning that dude for a 50 year old person I was out I've seen him at Caroline's at the comedy club yeah he is a cool dude man respect to shag enough love for the arm the opportunity cuz since you know I linked up with Shaggy's like more doors opening for me and it's like more funds I know shaggy fans it's kind of different from yeah so how long have you been in Brooklyn because I know you from Jamaica since 1999 mm okay so you're pretty much yeah grew up here he gave me one you start teen no not 13 like around 1880 what part of Brooklyn um East Flatbush okay I'm from Flatbush - you feel right at home and that's what's great about Angela geudae just to make that transition because it is in Brooklyn yep amulet yeah shoutouts heartbroken borough president who will be there set out to Mayor Bill DeBlasio who gave me my own day but it is going to be a great community day and I want to shout out vp records also for me is so involved and actually helped me I know you probably go to swayed to eat something yeah so they're gonna be doing a food catering sweet food is is pretty good I'm not gonna lie yeah the food is pretty good sweet restaurant but yeah this this Angela heat is gonna be something as epic you know because reggae goal and VP VP records regular artists is gonna be featured on it so far that's what I see you know if you have other artists on it but you know so far as what I can say something but you guys were concentrating on VP records okay and legion or is the one coming through as I posted the flyer a lot of people are hitting us up wanting to be involved so we're doing a mb's got a backpack giveaway also for the giveaway backpacks for the kids we have to keep it clean like kids in audience yeah Chelsea and Dean have to clean up my songs but I mean and for some face you can't curse I have to edit the Sun sometimes I mean with that the raw version is always better than when you on stage Nick's what kind of house the next one then you know I'm a Brooklyn Nets fan no cuz my boys like the assistant coach for the D League team so I get free tickets I go to every game so I stopped actually on my next there we go let's get rid of his Knicks jersey down and everything touristy question um have you ever been to Rose Hall and they said the haunted whatever the haunted house in Jamaica no I pass it I passed it but I don't I didn't go inside I was supposed to go to a party there one time I didn't go cuz I had a Jared it was taking me past him when I was going to the hotel one time he was like it's for real haunted people really come running out of there screaming and I know they featured it on television I'm one of those like haunted house stories I'm just wondering if that's true and if you know anybody that's for believing it so you would go in there no problem yeah cuz I don't believe in stuff like that I was no I think so look I think well it could be mad when I was young every time I would go in the basement I see a ghost and run up the stairs somebody wasn't there play with you no it wasn't and then you never feel like spirits are here something and you'd be like what's that you know that's never happened to you never that if I was the only no I don't know what you talking about one time I smoked weed I was on a plane and the people like they seemed like they were getting fatter and fatter but I just blamed that on the weed there was no ghost nobody walking around is that's the only time I seen the spirit ghost and then one of my friends had to sell her car because they said that it was there was a spirit in the car with her so when she saw that everything was good do you believe in um if you have sex in your car is yeah yeah I do I won't do it I'm rather not risk it there's a lot of things that I like maybe superstitions but I wouldn't risk it they do say once you have sex in your car you're gonna have an accident that's natural you like oh damn I better be careful is not true uncomfortable I really if you telling us that are you telling us I'm just saying I really when's the last time you cried because Emmy cries a lot no I'm a very emotional person I know it looked like you just had a car I cry for the simplest stuff I just sometimes I look at my kids plane and cry I love them like love them love them like you know I mean I'll be watching a movie of me crying I was coming from a living I'll start from LA yesterday and watching a movie movie with arm what's her name that comes in Empire taraji that movie with the white know she's playing that black brilliant figures what men want no not that one i watch that one already yeah which he had to go use the bat other bathroom yeah he had to run all the way down mm-hmm I watched a movie yesterday I know I mean little tears came out okay I got a movie like once I moved on a plane she's sitting on first class I'm sitting over I'm on the other side she look at me she walks over to are you crying you little bitch this is what was i LMR always tell me why you cry so much but i mean i can't help it this tears of joy all right well Anjali Dei Daytona de Nova I mean November is in November it's going down August 28th in Brooklyn I restoration Plaza so shout out to everybody thanks to Barbara for setting that up for me also at restoration Plaza I'm really excited and it's gonna be a really fun day I'm looking forward to some exciting performances we're not sure if you're gonna keep it clean yet or not but I gotta keep it clean keep it clean okay Monroe nowadays they've seen it all all right we appreciate you for joining us brother no full of loose power it's The Breakfast Club good morning [Music]