Nobody Wants To Wrestle Randy Orton At WrestleMania 36

[Applause] hello everybody and welcome to what culture wrestling foil good after news all your hashtag good after news if you're on them socials now long term viewers of the channel will no thought myself another Nicolas like to do is we take all the stories that have amassed over the course of the day put them in one big kind of bowl give a big stir around and then serve you a cake that tastes like truth but went through the larder of wrestling today and there were no news stories really at all what we instead decided to do is just come on I'm a foot of round yarn for three minutes because what's he gonna do about it what well one thing he's not gonna do that's so far it's cover much at WrestleMania 36 obviously if you've clicked this video you're curious to know what we're talking about well Randy Orton has been busy recently he has been very pleased Lizzie's penis silly for thumbs of is busy doing daft stuff he's been teased and things he's been whining people up he flirt with the idea of possibly go and Wally Reston no and then he shines like a 3/5 contract with divi divi pretty much yesterday and was announced on davido be backstage teeth your keys what's it what's he like basically but he's still keen on it any a much and so far no came thought what I look at the why that mean you know when I say that probably is gonna tell you there was some people who tweeted and I'll be that it is a little look yeah it's a very little look Ronnie or tweeted john cena recently remember love he's keen you want a match with John Cena arrested me he says I'm a flight to London see this striking young man asking me a question why yes john cena i out for a challenge are you let's see it oh I don't know WrestleMania 36 maybe or does Hollywood have you booked solid so is it implication here was the small child that asked him on the plane will you wrestle John Cena row so many 36 the implication is he had a picture of John Cena on an like an aeroplane got you did the tweet Johnson has not replied hide them in the face situation number one II don't know before this is already message John Cena mmm sayin bought the rock remember right I remember this one his try to get on with the rock he says miss you John Cena can you talk to the rock and see what its plans for Wrestlemania but rest a minute in 2020 are asking for a friend this comes off the back of Ronnie trying to get a match with the rock Priebus he says I say you'll be a smash down on Fox's for mystical daddy remember this one write it how about you and I have a discussion about who was the greatest third generation of all time didn't he when superstar just cigarettes television yeah yeah and we ask that question April 5th in Tampa WrestleMania 36 he says a vibe a sense of smell is unmatched I smell what you're cooking really bad and it took a while took a few little back and forth bits yeah maybe John Cena go and touch the rock finding the claim basically saying that their two sons didn't go down the road for all this time to the Randy Orton could just our key or my OB shoes at WrestleMania and it was no recovering from the WrestleMania 20 beating that he got Friday and even he's like it's such a polite is the man in the world the rock is like oh you and me we don't need a I'm not doing it does that it does the wrong thing yeah it doesn't talk just last year at best to make sure Julian gajillion bajillion air one of the famous movie stars in the world probably not gonna work Randy Orton at WrestleMania but hey you hey you do the thing you do booty with you basically we've gotten on the houses yet even tomorrow chopper ironically Trump I tried to get in on this after 30 degrees so we're doing some wb2k 2020 push and said maybe Chama versus hey Orden he was like maybe the vibe of a supercar yeah my Leona's not replied to the master chef man he's not interested in that either someone I saw tweet and said if you can't get the rock why do you want to fight a normal instead interesting take that not my own personal my own place LeBron not by a longshot however it does read the question to you what why doesn't know if any follow us around yo arrest me at 36 - why does Randy Orton want such a big match at WrestleMania basic well we came up with all that then yeah we came up with this theory before that he's managed to get this five-year contract by going I guarantee you a headline bein a voter ID massive huge math to Brussels made in the fight oh I have been in discussions with the rock I've taught me like I've been in discussions with John Cena oh they are Andy is 20 bajillion million dollars you the one you've left out now is when he appeared next to that sign that you said elite trying to go Cody into a match and he also tagged the revival in that light with the light and all this yeah I mean I think he has we can't get a match my question I put you and before we put it all these lovely people who was it you would want to see him go against if you don't one much to have an estimator this is had 15 Ric Flair Ric Flair reflect what I've just got this thing now for what yeah that's probably Iranian matter WrestleMania it's the last combination of evolution that we haven't done in the last area because yes Tripp stood Orton and half the health scare with this one lytics like this is the thing wrestling should suspend disbelief Denise you'd always believe that there's actual peril involved and surely if you put Ric Flair in that ring there is actual peril involved so it's it's exciting like they give they gave rounding trips 30 minutes it's super showdown tribulation Batista did the WrestleMania match but tisha around your WrestleMania spirit and technically even though they involved Brian it just listing Flair Orton Clairol I think you might have to somehow sort on this I'm terrified for his health I'm thinking outside the box here let's see Charlotte or boom-boom now go Mon you seeking defend flares on la dama I will go that wakes me what would you choose and do you feel like you've been gypped by this video cuz you may well do let us know your thoughts who you'd like to see Randy on and why you think maybe that Randy Orton hasn't had that much yet arrested me of days ago just by the fact it is only always anyway you can find this man on Twitter Alan Cleary Cler why have you got a resume you much either even and you fight you can find all of us do walk on to family or to tap what culture WWE don't see you ever don't get your clicks with when you're me at boys and girls it he wasn't there I wouldn't it took being a good day for wrestling let us off good afternoon