Nursing Cover Letter Tips with a Resume Template How to Create a Cover Letter




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everyone it's sarah with registered nurse are in comm and today you want to make a quick video and go over how to set up your cover letter when submitting your resume in the previous video we talked about how to brush up your resume so after you watch this video I really recommend you watch that video to help you with setting up your resume the information from this video comes from the book I wrote nursing resume a job guide for nurses which also comes with Tim professionally designed resume templates and cover letters to set up your cover letter you'll need certain things in it your cover letter enhances the presentation of your resume and it's usually a summary of the resume and talks about the position you're applying for why you're qualified for it a sentence or two about your experience and how to contact you so let's go over how you set that up here is a sample setup you typically with a cover letter you want a nice design that will match your resume in the previous video I talked about how important it was to have a really nice looking resume template so if you have a template up for your resume you'll want that to match your cover letter it looks very professional and it makes the manager remember you the first thing you want to do is date put the date and you'll be doing this in Microsoft Word usually don't use any fonts that are hard to read or anything fonts over 12 points or any smaller then in the right-hand corner you'll put your address information very important because this is how they will get hold of you next you will put the information of the manager that you're applying for and here it's Nancy Smith you'll put the address of the hospital with the phone number then you'll do the salutation its experts say to say dear the first and last name of the manager you're applying to and then no more than two to four paragraphs in the body of your cover letter this is where you're going to talk about the position you're applying for why you're a qualified candidate get a sentence or two about you're experienced how you share the same mission statement as the hospital or philosophies that you're excited for them to call you for an interview and just it's a little sales pitch and hey give me an interview next you will close it with sincerely leave a gap because this is where you're going to sign your signature and then type out your first and last name and below that enclosed with a colon and the word resume that tells them enclosed with this cover letter is a resume so typically you submit your resume and your cover letter together and many companies are wanting you to do this digitally by uploading a file to their system or on the other hand you can mail it to them so either way you do it it's always recommended that you do a cover letter so that was a quick video on how to setup your cover letter and check out our other videos on nursing career help and thank you so much for watching and please subscribe to our You Tube channel