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Hello naturals, what is up? It's me, Gabi your American English teacher And today we are going to explore English learning through music. I have learned so much of my own Second languages like Spanish through songs that I love I used to wait tables and when I was either cleaning the tables or going back and forth between the kitchen and the Tables I was serving I would sing and dance to myself like movie Ndola Carreras movie end o las carreras movie end Hola que eres muy bien de las carreras a derecha. I let's care that a la derecha Alex care the movie end Hola, que eres muy bien, you know logic are dead So today we're going to take a look at one of the songs that you asked me about one of the most popular songs right now in the United States and maybe in the world Old Town Road by lil nas X This song whether you love it or love to hate it In this video we're gonna answer some of the questions that I've been getting from you about this song For example, what is the meaning of Old Town Road by little NASA X? Why does he use so many negatives? And is it correct to say can't nobody tell me nothing What does it mean to lean all in my bladder? Is that what can we learn about American culture from this popular song and finally, what can we learn about? Real-life English using this song. So again, I love this song personally I want to know what you think of the song if you like it or not I welcome your comments and I want to give a shout out to everyone all of you who are in the United States Who are studying who are working hard to improve your English? And if you are watching from Brazil Thank You Brazil You guys watch a lot of go natural English a shout out to India You guys are also watching a lot of good natural English and I would love to name all the countries But let me ask you to name your country in the comments below. I want to see where you are watching from Let me know your country now. So what's the meaning behind? Town Road, well, it's all about hard work and Perseverance, which means not giving up you keep going no matter what to achieve your goals and here at go natural English that's what we're all about - this is a simple but an Amazing song that has a great message behind it When he says I'm gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road The horse is like not having much. He doesn't have a car. He doesn't have a lot of money He's not famous yet and the Old Town Road. Is that road to success? So he's really trying hard. He's not gonna give up. He's gonna take what he has He's gonna work with what he has and get to where he desires to be I'm gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road and I'm gonna ride till I can't No more So he's not gonna give up the horse Would be like not having much and Old Town Road would be like that path success and you know You taking the horse to Old Town Road will not explain to the New York Times. I felt like a loner Cowboy I wanted to take my horse to the old town road and run away The horse is like a car the old town road. It's like a path to success in the first verse I pack up Ready to go Then he says I got horses in the back horse tack is attached hat is Matt a black got the boots That's black to match riding on a horse. You can whip your Porsche. I've been in the valley You ain't been up off that porch So basically he's saying he's like a true cowboy with his horses and he's chasing after his dreams He's going after what he wants what he dreams of his dream life Which is to make music? right and he has been to the valley which is a far away and difficult place to go and You you sir are just sitting on your porch Doing nothing waiting for your dreams to come to you You know when he doesn't have a Porsche he doesn't have resources like a lot of other artists have But he's still gonna make this happen. He's gonna reach his dreams no matter how hard it is and then Favorite part of the song because it really is not correct English But it's popularly correct can nobody tell me nothing? You can't tell me nothing so is this really Correct. No, of course It's not because the use of a double negative is not technically correct or proper grammar in English However, it is widely used it is commonly used It is popular English and this lyric is actually a reference to the Kanye West song. Can't nobody tell me nothing So it means like no one is going to tell me I can't do what I want to do No one is gonna tell me I can't reach my dreams. I'm gonna believe in myself and I'm gonna do it. I love this I love this so much. Plus it's really catchy I can't get it out of my head and then we have this kind of mysterious Verse that took me a while to figure out riding on a tractor lean all in my bladder shooting on my baby You can go and ask her. My life is a movie bull riding in boobies So basically lil nas ex is talking about his future when he has made it He's talking about his future as a star. These are things that he associates with Hollywood like being in a movie Cheating on his baby doing drugs, which is lean Apparently lean is the name of a drug and he makes it clear that he does not endorse or promote this lifestyle But he's just reflecting what he has seen in the Hollywood lifestyle Finally cowboy hat from Gucci Wrangler on my bootie this is where he's just talking about how nicely he's dressed and talking about how much money he Will have in the future now culturally in the u.s this song was a controversy because it came out on the top country song list only to be Taken off to be removed because it wasn't country enough but a lot of people Disagreed with this there was a lot of controversy and many people thought that it was racist so there was a lot of controversy little NASA X was everywhere in the news and then recently he also Publicly came out as gay which can be a big deal for some people so there's just been a lot of talk about willness x and he's had a Really big summer now for the english learning a portion of this video Let's talk about what we can learn from this song to apply to your English speaking skills Now I love that the lyrics in this song are actually quite simple. So let's look at the pronunciation When he says I'm gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road notice that the lyrics do not say I am Going to take my horse there I'm gonna I'm gonna take so this is very common when we're singing or when we're speaking in a natural Native fast way in English you want to say gonna it sounds much more natural But be aware that it is also more casual. So if you are in a very formal situation, you might want to Clearly say I am going to however even in a lot of formal Situations people do say gonna I'm gonna ride till I can't no more. So let's talk about no more This is a very casual way to say Anymore the proper way to say this would be I'm gonna ride until I can't anymore But this is a colloquial way a casual way to say it no more. Okay, so no, it's not correct But yes, it is common and you should understand that. It means anymore. I got the horses in the back and got the boots That's black to match Notice that he does not say I have the horses in the back or I have the boots. He says I Got which is not even I have got it's just I got meaning I have Now a lot of you have asked me why do native speakers say got instead of have again? It's a colloquial way to say have it is not the most proper English but it is real-life English you guys and you have to Understand real-life English the way that native speakers use it so I don't necessarily recommend Saying got but it's super common two words that look alike, but are pronounced differently are Porsche the car which actually in the song I think he says Porsche which is technically not correct but I think that's the way that most people pronounce it even though it's supposed to be Porsche and or Porch where you sit outside your home where you might have a little patio or balcony? That is a porch a porch is normally on ground level You know when you open your front door, maybe your back door and you have a little deck area. So that is poor porch Not a Porsche but a porch Let's also take a look at when Lughnasa ex says my hat is Matty black I thought that he was saying my tea black like very black because my tea could mean very but then I looked at the lyrics and it's actually Matte, like not shiny so he actually mispronounces this word It's okay. No bad feelings little NASA X But it should actually be pronounced matte. Now. The reason why he says mati is totally understandable because when you have a tea sound between two vowels like the a and the e in mats we do make a D sound as North American English speakers take words like water or butter, for example or City or pretty they all sound like they're spelled with DS but it's actually 8 T in Spelling at least if not the sound and so mad a is often Mispronounced because there is an e at the end and it comes from French So a lot of people think that you would pronounce the e at the end, but there's no accents on it and so we don't pronounce it's Incorrect English pronunciation. Just keep that in mind if you need to talk about a matte color We often talk about Matt when we talk about makeup like Matt's lipstick or paint for your house Do you want it to be matte or shiny? It's always more fun improving your language skills with things like music and movies So I want to share a video I made about the top 10 movies to learn English with that's right over here And if you haven't heard this song that we were talking about by little NASA X Old Town Road You can click right over here to check it out If you enjoyed this kind of lesson make sure to subscribe to go natural English by clicking or right down there and the big red subscribe button and tell me in the Comments if we should do more English learning like this through music movies and other fun things Thanks so much, and I'll see you later. Bye for now