Oboreru ReZero Wrath IF Story




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Re:Zero is full of moments where the story could have easily diverged onto a completely difference path, and these moments are indicated by Subaru's ideologies being tested. In the end, Subaru always seems to overcome his mental conflict, and eventually becomes an amazing character. However, every year on Subaru's birthday, the author releases a spin-off story explaining what would have happened if Subaru chose the wrong path. Today, we will cover "Oboreru", the Wrath IF story. The story itself contains, like, one or two spoilers, but I've decided to keep them as vague as humany possible because I wanted this video to be safe to watch for all the anime-onlys out there. This means that I will be skipping and glossing over certain details that pertain to spoilers. So, I'd like to remind everyone that the only way to get the full experience of this story would be actually read it yourself.