Octopot for Beginners Feeding Seedlings Part2




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[Music] okay guys so let me show you how first let me show you my water setup so basically I have a 55-gallon drum okay and that's what we just kind of fill that up and we just have a little widow I'll show you kind of what's in there we have a pump in that and then we just plug it in with some power that we just run to our shed and then we have another little 27 gallon Basin and we'll just fill this up and this is how this is my setup it's a it's just simple and I make bunch of water out of time or gallons and gallons of water at time that way it's easy so what I did is I just I mean I know kind of the cheap way there's my I try to bring that there's my spigot I just ran as you can see I just ran my spicket I tapped off my hose I have another spigot there and then it goes into my backyard so but anyway this is how I do it pretty simple I'm gonna show you here so I'm gonna flip on and put my hose in here's my hose I'm just gonna turn it on and start start filling it up they just do this out so there we go try to do this out getting all soaking wet here there we go turn on full blast now this is we're gonna have to start over how start with that we're starting with fresh water so we're gonna pH it and then we're gonna test it what PPM's are in it and then we're going to put some clinics and microbes and then we're gonna pump it into the into the aqua pot so I mean it's pretty simple and everything that I do out here is I don't like the lift I don't like to bend over I try not to as much as I can so I'm gonna try to make things easy for myself that's why all my speakers are up high I mean it just makes it easy for me and that's that's part of this well it's time out here a lot you know working on this stuff and trying to make videos for you guys you definitely want to be bending over so okay so we're turn this off and we're gonna test we're gonna test the water so the first thing we're do is we're gonna pull out our ppm meter right I want to know what the pH is because and one out we're gonna see what the PPA the ppm and the pH so first I'm going to test the ppm s so right now we are at I know if you can see that probably not we're at 5 so 5 ppm so you gotta times up by 10 so we're at 50 ppm city's given us so and that's that's low I mean it's nice I'm not to use our water I mean 50 PM ppm is not going to hurt it so I want to give these little clones between 25 and 50 so let's say we're gonna do 25 so we can even go 20 so the max I want to give this so I want to fill this up until I get to seven okay that'll be that'll that'll it raise it up 20 right so if it goes up you know five plus two is seven and 2 2 times 10 is 20 so that's 20 ppm I'll have a total of 70 70 ppm in the water but I know I'll have only 20 ppm and nutrients so that I know I mean that's pretty good so now let's flip this over and we're going to have to flip this over and see what the pH is the pH is usually comes out of our city water is usually around seven and a half seven point five sometimes it's over eight I don't so right now it looks like it's seven point three two so we're going to go ahead and we need to drop drop the pH down and two I like these sakes six is easy you know it's an easy number it's a it's doctor pots are good some people say five point five five point seven I don't we just say six six point look if your again you're in a range between five point five and seven I think you're okay I'm seven like I said I'm seven and a half right now so we want to get that down to six and I think that's it that's a good that's a good number so let's uh let's do that I'll show you how I do that well I get I'm gonna walk you guys through the steps so it's uh it's pretty uh pretty easy now you can see the see my last thing else if I can see that I know if you can see that but it's seven and a half okay all right guys so I got my I got my products out here and the first thing that I'm going to do is uh we are going to whip each the water let the shake of my bottle here I know on just because I've been doing this for a while that this is gonna need about a Oh half a cap half a capful so we'll start with a half a capful now remember just be careful this stuff is acid so put that back up there and then we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna mix it up my little one here that I use mix that in settle that the water settled for a second here but I'm gonna mix it good and then we're gonna test the pH here someone turn my meter back on and turn its ppm okay so the it's going down a little bit it looks like we're need a little bit a little bit more 7.3 so it's gonna need another probably another half a capful so let's go ahead and do the had another half a capful of pH down now if you guys saw the video how to get equipment cheap you notice I didn't say you'll get pH up because when you're mixing water like this if I if I drop it to look too low all you have to do is dump a little water out add more add more water from the city or wherever you're getting it and it's usually higher pH so you can bring your bring your pH up that way so okay so we're gonna mix that up we'll just kind of see and we're just doing it slow bringing it down low and I could have put a big full cap in it or cap and a half so if I get it too low then then I gotta I gotta throw a lot more water and I don't want to do that so alright let's test that out so that's got it bass s has a whole cap full of pH down and our pH right now is sitting at seven point seven point one it's dropping it says okay we're at six point seven six point six let that sit until it really settles down six point five I mean to be honest with you I could I could go six point five would be fine because this is all arranged still going down six point four six point three okay I'm at six point three six point two move it all around yeah okay so I'm down to six point one and it's now settling down six point one and that's good but dropped out a little bit more but there my division yeah so we're good there so now we're going to go back to the ppm just make sure a ppm just same I know they're gonna be but should save five okay and they are alright so now let's go ahead and let's add some clinics so where our waters now pH we're gonna add some clinics now an addict low next make sure you shake up the the bottle like anything else it's a good vigorous shakes all you need clean up that thing alright so we're gonna open this up you know what let's let's do it this way let's just give this thing a half a capful and I'm gonna show how much little nutrients we're really gonna use so the bottle of the spill be expensive so here's a cap full and a cap full this is one teaspoon okay that's a cap full of : x is one teaspoon five milliliters so we end up that in the water let's see where we're at here let's see exactly what what that brings us up to and that's I'm telling you guys that's not very much nutrients but let's see what that jumps our water up to mix this up real good okay it's good except hanging up let's go see what a cap full of of colonics is gonna get us here ppm wise alright so it was five and now it's eight okay so that actually jumped up to thirty that's perfect you know what for these for these uh for these small little seedlings we're gonna give it three basic given at 30 ppm of colonics okay there's again we don't know what the other fifty is because that's what we got from the city but we know we added thirty so which it would stain you guys can see it but it's eight trust me on that it's eight I wouldn't kill my clone so are my seedlings so the only other thing I'm gonna do and now let's talk about mycorrhizae mycorrhizae is uh I mean these things are awesome for your roots keeps your rooms healthy they say that it's good for about I don't know ten to fourteen days and you're opposed to re-up at every ten to fourteen days here you can add some sugars to your water I just it's a it's kind of just to have it I just add mycorrhizae every time I add water so so if you're watering every fourteen days we get mycorrhizae cuz you can't give this stuff you can't overkill it with this stuff the stuff is good for the roots so what I'll do is I'll give it a scoop I got a half a scoop again this is almost done someone throw I'm gonna give it the rest of this here trying to give it a full scoop so yeah there's this finish this bag and this bag has been I'm just packing been going for over what a year and a half so I'm gonna keep the scooper and we're gonna go ahead and we'll do suppose in the bag and we're gonna go ahead and mix that in so now that my water and then we'll test it one more time just to make sure and I want to test a it doesn't hurt to test them the PPM's and the pH before I actually put this in so okay we'll mix that in real good now we'll take our meter all right let's see what we got okay and you get mycorrhizae doesn't it's not a nutrient so should should not I'm still at 8 so that's perfect it should not adding mycorrhizae will not not not increase your ppm okay so we're still at 8 and we're gonna go ahead and we'll just test our our pH again just because we added some and we are at looks like we're at six point six point one and that'll work okay so now that we've done that we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna our water is ready to go just got to show you what it looks like there's our water it's a little cloudy just added that mycorrhizae it's kind of a powder that disperses into the water and we'll go ahead and we'll fill up our octopus and we'll show you how we do that okay guys let's see here we are gonna go ahead and start filling up our our octo pots so I got my wand that took to my a little pump that's in my my bucket and here we go we're gonna start filling these things up again these are just a step-by-step deal it put these in here till water starts coming out it's gonna take a second to prime but once it primed it's gonna go up and we're just going up for you know trying to get it to that first line and again this is not very much nutrient so we've got 30 ppm going in here you can see these are really small seedlings they're green they look healthy so we don't want to overkill it with with nutrients but they want something they need some vitamins and stuff to help it grow and make it strong and as these roots make it down there to the the bottom of the pot that's plenty for that pot go ahead and start doing this pot here doesn't it doesn't take long so we're just basically filling the pots up here fills up pump I have on this one is it's a it's a really strong pump I got again I got this pump when I made this somebody I was on Facebook marketplace they were selling this pump for I think we got it for 40 bucks and hey you don't need this you can you know you can water by hand you can make their water and then grab a you know you can grab a a big you know one of these kind of guys you know I use it for garbage can but you can just go in there dip it dip it in your big bucket and as you make your water and you fill up that way I just personally I like to I don't like to bend over so I just made myself a little pump and a wand and a little hose very inexpensive because we do this all the time I want to make sure that it's easy for me so the one thing is at cure patients if you know if something's hard you're gonna find a way not to do it so as you invest a little bit of money and make things you know you'll make your life a little bit easier this is probably one of those things you're probably gonna want to do it's not a it's not an S it's not a mandatory thing it's just one of those things that make it easy okay Kyary warriors I'm the octo grower we're gonna get through this it's a tough disease and we are gonna see you guys in the next video [Music]