Octopot for beginners Canopy Shaping by Octogrower




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okay Kyary warriors i am the doctor grower and we are gonna do some canopy shaping and this is actually pretty simple what I do is I take these hooks that I make you can see these are just old romex 14 or 12 to roam X wire I just take the wire out of the romex the casings and I cut them down the size and make a hook at them they make great hooks and it's cheap so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do some camping shaping and it's pretty simple I look at all the anything that's kind of tall and I just basically fold it down so you're gonna see me like this guy here is tall we want to bring him down and what we're gonna do is we're gonna bend him down like that there we go and that's all there is to canopy shaping and I'll go through and I'll do you know I'll look at all the big ones and I can actually I really want to get into this we can pull that guy down a little bit and these guys will turn right back up towards the light so it looks like get this leaf out of here even though it looks like you're being really brutal with the plant these things are super resilient and they they really can take it we're gonna go back look at some of these this guy back over here he's gonna go back down grab another one and we'll take this guy over here these are already kind of come down let's see let's take this guy over here and bring him down and I'm just look just lowering the plants really all I'm doing this guy back here is gonna come down let's take him I'll show you what's gonna the benefit here is I like to pinch the supposed to the new growth it's one it just want to lower him that's it and I'll go through and go through the whole canopy here and I'll just keep lowering these guys I'll hook this guy over here let's see what we can bring him down this way towards back towards us so we're gonna bring him down this way grab him down like that boom and you're gonna see how these will probably tonight I get out here and I can show you guys how all this will just literally turn up we'll bring him over here and you can also shape now you can move plants branches kind of how you see need fit on these gonna bend that over just catch him doesn't seem to go down sometimes do when you're doing it with one hand it makes it a little bit more difficult I want to take this guy here he's tall I want to bring him over here see I'm trying to Bush out the canopy and actually make the canopy so we're gonna do that with him so we'll take this guy here and we're gonna pull him over here and we're gonna hold him here with another hook and we're gonna kind of push him down a little bit go if you got a leaf that's just touching the dirt just pull him off I don't like Leitz leaves touching the dirt but when he came down with this there we go and see how I've lowered I've lowered this section of the canopy and that's gonna it's really gonna help out a lot so that leaf away we don't need him and we'll just continue I'll try to look I'm just trying to look roughly doesn't have to be perfect I'm just trying to make a nice even top and I'm gonna try to turn the camera a little bit and you can actually see as you come across here my hand as it comes across now this it and I have to go back up see this is the canopy over here this canopy is a few inches taller then they can't be over here this one's higher this one's lower so we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna lower this as much as we can so I just put that one in lower him and let's see here this guy someone he has a branches we just pull him down that's how you lower him and this guy over here we push him down a little bit more lowered him and see what some of the hooks I already have when I started training them are in there so you just have to kind of push him down hey these things will start to grow up and because this is a kind of a soilless make this really Airy you know a little lift up the hook but that's okay you just push it right back down and then this guy back down here we want to get him a little bit lowered that way it'll help us out okay we lowered him and see how we just literally lowered I like to lower him to one whoa I just got here yeah and we're gonna lower this thing right here a little bit there we go and that when you train early as you can see this now and some of these these fan leaves you can just pick off I'm gonna leave them on and I mean they need that they need these leaves too right now so I mean a lot of people will say hey strip your plants I don't I don't when I'm vegging these plants I know I don't like to strip them I like to strip the low stuff so if there's any Leafs so I got a leaf over here if I can't we if he's touching the dirt I'll just pick him off I don't want anything touching the dirt you want to one thing you want to be very careful is make sure we don't get bugs so bugs come from the bottom up so if there if you got a dead leaf and they'll start they'll start attacking your plants so we'll do some preventative spraying we spray every Sunday which today is a Sunday so we'll we'll do some preventative spraying today but as far as canopy lowering your canopy is key because you got to remember this thing is gonna get big it's gonna double so I mean it's it it seems like it's getting it's growing out of control every day so just kind of keeping up with the growth that it has is uh it's it's the the growth is super fast when your plants healthy it's green it's growing like a weed which is what it is it's gonna it's going to go out of control so you got it you got to keep her trained you got to keep her keep her low and when you get into flower you'll have having an even canopy have an even light across the canopy it'll it'll produce you more flowers to produce you denser flowers and that way not one flowers getting more light than the other flower and that's what we're looking for we're looking for an even spread and just another step of how to grow it right and I mean these are just little little tricks of the trade when you're growing you know you grow your plant straight up you don't push it out you're just not gonna get a lot of a lot of you're not gonna get a lot of bud to be honest with you so the more branching you have and and you can see there's all these little branches that I'm pointing to like these these are all turning up these are all these are all gonna be branches these are all gonna be colas and then you're gonna have a you're gonna have a lot heavier weighted crop and that's what we're looking for a heavier weighted crop the more weight you get well you got to do it in veg you know you gotta you gotta if you do you pay the price in veg you'll reap the rewards in flour and that's a that's what we're looking for okay guys I am the octo grower stay strong guys I know it's a tough disease we're gonna get you through this the growing we're gonna make it easier for you we're trying to do step by step videos here for you guys so we're looking forward to the next video we'll see you later hey guys I want to just go a quick easy video on how to make these little plant hooks what you're gonna need is basically some wire cutters a little knife or a new box cutter and some roll mix pretty simple probably stuff you have laying around the house and what you can do with this which is for not much money is you just take your roller I'm gonna take my role of role mix right I'm just gonna open it up right and figure okay that's a good hook right there I'm gonna go ahead and snip it off snip it off okay like that so I got myself a nice nice piece and all we're gonna do is we're just gonna take the jacket the yellow jacket off this something really simple so I'm just gonna open my knife I'm just gonna take just the andaman insert it in there just kind of slice it up pretty simple slice away from you to be safe and you don't need much else go through and use fixtures all the way through and then I'm gonna expose the wire look familiar it's my hooks here so what I do is you can almost pull these out straight out like this so you get three if it's a fourteen or this is this actually is a twelve gauge wire and it's uh it's four that's it's twelve two actually twelve gauge and there's two wires and you get yourself a ground but what's nice about this is when you're making hooks you just fold this over my knife away just take your finger take the wire wrap it over your finger just like this and you got yourself a simple plant hook we'll just do this to all of them so I hang this on the bag here so I'm just gonna go ahead and take my wire wrap it around my finger just like this straighten that out a little bit yourself plant hook so I made that little I made three hooks with that one little I don't know foot of wire I guess and yeah works out pretty good so don't go don't go to the hydro store or don't go buying hooks I mean I know people use paper clips these are kind of nice with the octo pots because I mean it's 12 gauge wire so you can bend it you come in a nebula you can manipulate it and it's going to stay where you bend it so that's why I actually like these I actually saw this I got this idea some guy was making little model homes like for a train set and he was using this to hold up these trees and then they would make a tree out of this and I'm like oh that's a great idea for the plant so anyway I hope that helps you guys and we'll add it to this video as I put the video together and alright until next time I'm the October we'll talk to you guys later [Music]