Octopot for beginners Start of week 4 update By OCTOGROWER




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a Chiari warriors this is the octo grower and today we're just gonna do a quick update video and we're going to talk about some shaping we're gonna talk about why we really like these octo pots and why we really kind of push them on new growers to help you guys out so we'll start out first by I mean you can actually see the roots so if I can't light this up a little bit you can actually see the roots kind of blowing out the bags and if you look back there you can actually see those roots on that far bag big big strong roots it's coming out the bag which tells you your plants are gonna be nice and healthy so me put this in to darken this up for you guys to see it and as you can see this is a very nice canopy and all we've been doing is we've been you know using our plant hooks we've been we can pull them down and this thing is just growing out of control but you can see it's a nice you look at the top of the canopy it has a real nice level look to it and we're getting ready to take some clones we're gonna show you guys how to take take clones well show you guys how to make money doing clones if you guys want to supplement your income a little bit but you can see all the new growth let me see if I can't darken that down a little bit more for you guys I don't think I can't cuz the lights are on but anyway there's you can see all the all the new little growth coming out of these plants and they're just again they're growing out of control and what we're gonna do as you can see some of these these tall like this guy we're gonna take we'll just take the clone let's take a nice top clone off from these top top pieces right here we'll just uh these will make great clones all these ones growing up so we'll we'll even level this off a little bit more and this will make I mean these are these they make nice healthy healthy clones and when we do clones the first thing I'm going to tell you guys is you got to start with a healthy plant if you guys want to know what a healthy-looking cannabis plant looks like it looks like this it's lush it's green it's full its growing out of control it's filling up lots of tops lots of branching and that's what we're looking for when it comes to growing cannabis now when you look at the light there's a direct relationship to light that we're using and we're you know you can see we have you know for the top of here to the light you know that's we're about a foot you know remember so you know t5 lighting is great when you're in veg veg so when you're in a vegetative state and you're starting off and what's nice about a t5 light it's a cheap light and it you know it's inexpensive to run and you can see how well these plants are doing under it so but right now we're using on this top on these eggplants here we got 354 watts going so when we go put them in flower we're gonna go will Mac and we'll double that light because these plants are gonna double so they'll need around 600 watts to finish but but we don't we don't we're not killing them with light you can see the plants love the light I met and when you go take a look down here now these plants down here these are these have less light I only have 150 watts oh and the reason that we use less light down here these are just two extra plants I want to show you guys that you know we can you can grow a healthy plant and with lots of branching you can see there's lots of branching coming out on these plants so and we'll just keep on will keep on trained under down push her down and it'll I mean it's just gonna take longer but because we start seeds down here we want less lights and you can see the seeds are coming there could they're nice they're coming they're starting to stack on some leaves here get their nodes going I know you know we haven't really done anything we've watered these twice in in what a month we started off now this is one it's almost down so we're gonna have to add some water to this guys and the only thing that we're going to add is Linux and microbes that's all they're gonna get they don't need anything else so and you can see that my light is a good foot away so we don't you know the only thing we've done is we've added a couple bulbs so we started off at 54 watts on our seeds and we've added another 100 so we're at a hundred and you know we're about 150 watts I think actually we're at 160 62 watts if you want to be technical about it and you can see at 160 watts how these plants grow when they're just getting the right amount of light now I can add more light to these plants here because if they're calling for more light but I'm just trying to show you that you know you can under light a plant and you're fine but if you over light a plant they're dead so it's always better to be under these guys when we add more light to these guys here they're gonna they're gonna explode because they already have a lot of branching so it's not gonna take long to get these guys to where I need to get them but right now this is our under the bench 1/2 and this is where we do our clones and our seeds and you can see that the seat these are all seeds they're doing well I mean they're liking it now this this light is actually staying on 24/7 but we're gonna we're gonna work - flip it here in another couple weeks so there we can actually save some save some money on the light we don't they don't need to be under now that they're established and they got their leaves it'll need to be under 24 hours of light all the time so anyway that's our update video we just want to show you and this is again really why we really like to use the octo pots they're easy for a new grower when you talked about the light you talked about you know we don't use a lot of nutrients hardly use any nutrients at all and these things are vibrant and green you want to knock begin you could probably knock me on the purpling you can see the you know and let me just tell you something in a healthy grow your plants sometimes we're purple up like this because it's using all its mag so when it's growing fast like this and you'll get those purple stems that's it's a it's a good thing but you know we just add more cal-mag to our water and you can see as we've done that the new like I'm gonna point to this new Grove do you see it's green it's not it's purple so it's it's it's starting to it's starting to green up it's working so it takes time but overall the canopy looks good the plants are looking healthy I mean obviously the roots are coming out the bags the seats are looking good so everything I mean this girl is going it's going fairly easy fairly well and we're getting ready to flower these things but I want to just give you a quick update just to show you what again these are we're hitting four weeks on these things and look how bushy these things are for four weeks you gotta remember they started off they started off like this a little bigger they had two more nodes than this and they four weeks later you got this so stay tuned we're gonna do a cloning video but this is just a quick update video on why we really like to use the octo pots today Sunday so we're gonna keep up with our preventative Spring so we're gonna go ahead and do our we're a sprayer as a max today give these guys a good drenching just to be primitive and we gotta get work we're going outside in the shed so we're pretty - bugs we're not gonna miss a week so watch our our video preventing bugs and how to spray plant properly and it'll get you guys up to up to speed on why we spray and what products we use so okay Kyary warriors I am the octo grower you guys stay stay strong this is a tough disease we're gonna get you through this we're gonna get you right going right and we're gonna save you money so we'll see you guys in the next video [Music]