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At 11 o' clock, our men will cause an accident using two trucks.. ..vehicles will get crushed.. ..and the electricity grid will be turned on. Traffic jam! At 11:30, the bomb inside the dustbin will blast. Hyderabad will have a heart attack. Khayum will execute our plan. Khayum, what we do is not business, it is war. Go. At 12 o' clock this afternoon, Hyderabad will be.. One man's thought. Another man's execution. One man's plan and another man's job. This is their fight. Their story. But slowly their story became my story. The reason is that girl. That one girl. For you to understand my situation.. ..you should know my story. Our country's pride. The official symbol of our legacy. Our national flag. This national flag plays an important role in my story. It was August 15th that day. Our school organized cultural events and sports. Cricket match. This is me. This is my enemy. My older brother. Waste fellow! Whatever team you are in, it loses. Whatever team you are in, it loses. 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Call the girl. No time. Time is money. She will come. She will come. How long ago did you settle down in America? One month. One month? Yes. I live for America. I like America. I love America. I'll bring coffee for you. Excuse me, auntie. No sugar in my coffee. No salt in my snacks. Everything should be bland, American style. When do you want to do the wedding? She wants to study more. Oh, fantastic. Then tell her to study. I'll come later. If I crack this joke in America, they will laugh for an hour. He said they will laugh for an hour. Oh God! Call the girl right now. I will see her and leave. She is not here. She went to the beauty parlor. Indian girls go to the beauty parlors to attract.. ..American bridegrooms. Son! - Yeah. My granddaughter won all these trophies. Oh, fantastic. She won this in the cycling race. Oh, she does cycling. Chandrababu's party. Very good. And this is.. - Rickshaw racing. No, chess competition. Oh. You know what is chess? No. - It's played on a carom board. If I crack this joke in America, they will.. Laugh for an hour. Here is you coffee. - Exactly. Auntie, you naughty. Exactly. Auntie, you naughty. Wow! I like Indian coffee, Indian girls. Call the girl soon. She'll be back in five minutes. I need to see five girls and choose one. Engagement, marriage, and then you know what is next. Apply for a visa. She will come. She will come. Anwar, tell me. Aslam, today is 14th August. Our independence day. Happy freedom! We'll meet tonight to celebrate. Good-bye. Good-bye. Aslam! Redappa complained to the authorities that.. ..you are using a cell phone inside the jail. I have no cell phone. He doesn't have a phone, Redappa. Sir! - Give him dinner. Yes, sir. What do you want for dinner? I don't want dinner. 'Lunch in this Hyderabad and dinner in that Hyderabad.' Why can't we find bachelors in such a big city? Even if we find them, they don't want to take money. He is the right bachelor. Sir, hello! - Yes. We are Gundu brothers. Today is our grandmother's death anniversary. Our priest said that we've to find 100 bachelors.. Unmarried men. ..and give them 200 rupees each. 200 rupees. Are you a bachelor? No. Oh no! He lost most of it. Let's see if we and find any bachelors that side. Hello! Are you a bachelor? Yes. You? What is wrong with him? - Brother, shall we give him 200 rupees? You both come with me. I'll give you 400 rupees each. He will give us 400 rupees. Shall we go? Idiot! You'll sell yourself for 400 rupees? Let's go that side. Let's go. 'No matter how much I tried to go away..' '..I was forced to wait beside that auto.' Unbearable heat. Hello! Driver! Arrange an AC in your auto immediately. Otherwise some girls may file a complaint with the police. There is a chance of getting hanged also, you know. Sister, please give us five rupees. It is wrong to beg for money. Yes, you shouldn't beg like this. Open a website called www.beggars.com. Madam and I will donate money online. That's the trend now. Hello! Note down chemistry syllabus. Figure No. 3.14. 'Figure?' Figure No. 4.6. Figure No. 4.7. I'm not with them. They are doing some homework. Figure No. 16.8. Continue your homework. Continue. Figure No. 4.6. Figure No. 24.3. Figure No. 17.2. Hello! Grandma, how many times will you call? I'm coming. Coffee. Take it. Take it. Thanks. 'They are trying to kill me with coffee.' Tell me. - Where are you? All the ATMs are out of order. I'm going across the flyover. Okay, come soon. Barber! - Yes? I want a smooth shave. Very smooth. Do you have a plan? I have a ball. - What for? Put it in your mouth and move it around. I will give you a smooth shave. Don't you have any other color? Same color and same ball from the past five years. What should I do if I swallow it? Do the same thing that the previous one did. What did he do? He brought it back the next morning. "Beggar!" Mummy, give me one rupee. Daddy, give me two rupees. Uncle! - Get lost! Madam, is he your bike driver? She is my wife. Was it a love marriage? Yes. Oh, Gods are crazy. Sir, give alms. I don't have cash, I have a card. Oh God! I stopped this side, you stop that side. You remember the plan, don't you? Hey.. What the.. 'Something or the other kept happening every minute.' 'I still had no idea what danger I was going to face.' "I'm the shadow that follows you." "I'm the dream that occupies your thoughts." "I'm the shadow that follows you." Hello! 'Why is she haunting me like a ghost?' I didn't abuse. I didn't abuse you, the traffic jam, you know. What is this nuisance? Mind your business, old man. Hello! Don't you guys know that you shouldn't honk.. ..when there's a traffic jam? You! Body builder brothers! You don't know this madam. If she gets angry and goes to the station.. ..91.1, 92.7, 93.5, 98.3, she'll book you under those cases.. ..put you behind bars, make you eat prison food.. ..and then hang you to death. What's that saying? Wherever you show respect to women, gods reside there. Otherwise ghosts will reside with you. I didn't mean you. I meant ghosts. Ghosts will reside with you. Ghosts. My doves! 'It was such a magical feeling to see those doves fly.' 'She stopped fighting with me and smiled.' 'I liked her smile.' Hello! I lost all my doves. 'She put me in trouble and laughed at me.' 'But I didn't get angry.' 'I've seen many girls laugh before.' 'But when she laughs, I feel as if I'm laughing.' 'Whoever marries her..' She will come. She will come. Son, this is.. How many times have you told me? Cycle race. Chess. Lemon and spoon. How many times? If you do this in America, they will sue you. You want to sue? - Yeah. The bathroom is that side. Come with me. Coffee. How many coffees can I drink? How many coffees? If I drink anymore coffees, it will come out of my ears. I have to see five girls, and choose one. Engagement, marriage, and you know what's next. Apply for a visa. What is this? Take it. Drink it, son. Drink it. She will come. She will come. I will wait five more minutes. If she doesn't come, I'll go. Oh no! Why is there a power cut at this time? If this happens in America.. They will sue, right? Exactly. Call up and find out. Maybe there was an accident on the way. Accident. A major accident. Some vehicles were crushed. Some were injured. But luckily nobody lost their lives. We thought it was a natural accident. Nobody knew that there was somebody behind it. Ready for blast. 10 Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. And yes! Where is Khayum? Khayum! Where are you? What happened to you? Where did this rascal go? Khayum is not at the target point. Khayum is not in the coverage area. No! No! My plan cannot fail! My plan cannot fail! My plan cannot fail! Traffic News! Live on the drive! Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. Hyderabad's No. 1 radio station. This is very hot, Guru. You are listening to 'Band Bajaa' with me Bhargavi. Latest traffic update is that on the Hi-Tech City flyover.. ..two trucks met with a major accident. And unfortunately.. ..there are no traffic recovery vans available. Since the wireless sets are not working.. ..the authorities didn't get the information. And luckily, nobody got hurt. By God's grace, let's hope everyone goes home safely. Stay tuned. I'm going to play a good song for you. Radio Mirchi 93.5 FM. This is very hot, Guru. Thank God! Nobody got hurt. So, God saved everybody, right? God is.. Don't hang me again. Please. Cigarette. You want one? I hate smoking. Oh. - Smokers too. I see. Cigarette has fire on one side and death on the other side. You are inhaling your death. Really? Is it alright if I smoke it from this side? Not just the ones who smoke cigarettes.. ..but even the people around get cancer. By any chance, are you a news reader? No. You are a news reader, right? No. - Then? I won't tell you. Wait. This is your first rickshaw ride, right? No. I take rickshaw every day. That's a lie. What is the truth? I can prove it. Responsible Leadership by Mark Moody. MBA Business Communications. Third semester. 5 million is the fee. A college that only filthy rich people study in. You guys are so rich that you can drive a car.. ..that matches your clothes. And in order to maintain the pedicure on your legs.. ..the manicure of your hands and waxing.. ..you need to go around in an AC car. And most importantly, you are wearing.. ..an extremely expensive designer dress. It is so expensive that you can buy this auto with that price. Did I get it right? Really? Then why did I get into a rickshaw? That's the thing. Car accident? Maybe your car had a flat tire. But upper class people like you throw a party.. ..if you have a flat tire and go in a friend's car. Either you caused the flat tire or you lied about it. For what? Betting. To fool someone. Or don't want to go home. Prayers? Fasts? Fire rituals. Functions. Matchmaking.. Correct. Matchmaking interviews. You don't want to go to the matchmaking interview. Non-stop phone calls from home. A lot of pressure. So you lied for the first time that you have a flat tire.. ..and took a rickshaw, right? Wrong. Actually, right. I feel like I've met you before. Are you from here? No. They downloaded me from another planet. Which school did you go to? School.. Come on. Come on. Follow me. Follow me. Truth TV. We show you live and change your life. Come on. Come on. Follow me. Follow me. Follow me. What happened to this city? On one side is a truck, and the other side is a truck too. Why doesn't anyone move the cars? Achari is standing between the trucks. We show you live and change your life. - Please. Please. Truth TV! Idiot. People should pee after watching our news. We should not pee. Control it for some time. Control it. This traffic jam is caused by.. ..a butterfly that fluttered its wings in America. This is called butterfly theory. Taking responsibility for this horrible accident.. Panorama. ..people want the Agricultural Minister to resign to his post. They are demanding it and expressing their anguish. Bro! How did you come here in this traffic? I swam through it, bro. Why do you care? So, the demand of everyone here is that.. ..the prime ministers of two states should resign. And this is their unanimous demand. What the! Hey! Don't fall down. Be careful. Are you okay? How dare you catch my collar? I got news. An ordinary man attacked a sincere journalist.. ..in the broad daylight. Arrest him for attempted murder. He says it is a crime to help him. So I'll murder him. What do you mean, bro? - You carry on. I'll go pee and come. Wait a minute, you idiot. What kind of a shock is this? Why murder me? What is this, bro? What is the connection between.. ..this traffic jam and the CM's resignation? Say the truth. Don't imagine things. These silly people. You don't know, bro. People are not interested to see people talking. They are only interested to see people fighting. They are not interested if the situation goes out of control. They are interested if girls go out of control. They don't watch news, they watch nuisance. They don't watch agriculture, they watch ruined culture. So we show them what they want. Shouldn't we live? Don't we have feelings? Aren't we doing jobs? Please move aside, bro. Truth TV! We show live and change your life. Move aside. Move aside. Please. Please. Mobile toilet! Follow me. Follow me. Truth TV is spreading lies. There was an accident here but nobody got hurt. Vehicles are stuck. Nothing more, nothing less. I beg you in the name of my mike. We don't have any footage for another four hours. We have to show this live. I beg of you. Please leave me. Another four hours? I can't wait. - Hey! I can't wait. - Hey, wait! We have to show many things. Hello! - Where are you? What happened, grandma? Here at home.. She'll come in two minutes. This is.. You! How many times will you tell me? How many times? This is from the cycle race. This is from the chess competition! And this photo was taken when you got married! The photographer is your uncle's son! Now he is a famous director of TV serials! Your favorite serial is 'Mogali Rekulu.' Your daughter in law likes the serial 'Bangaru Kutumbam.' And this woman, your servant girl, her name is Chandi Rani. 1,500 to clean the house and do the dishes. 100 rupees extra to iron the clothes and fold them. She does the dishes twice a day and.. ..cleans the bathroom once a week. You shop for the groceries at More Supermarket. Your preferred kind of rice is Sona Masoori. But you don't eat rice at night. You eat 'chapathis.' When your late husband was alive he used to say that.. ..the 'chapathis' you make are as light as cotton. Since your son went in for a love marriage.. ..without your consent, you dislike your daughter in law. So you decided to go for an arranged marriage.. ..for your granddaughter, so I came down from America. How many times will you tell me? How many times? Coffee. Darn coffee! How many coffees will you give me? How many? I will tie this wedding chain in your neck. I will tie it. Leave me. Let me go. Oh God! I don't care about the age. I will marry you, take you with me and start my married life. Let me go. Let me go. Hello! - Grandma, watch me live in Truth TV. The bride came. She came. Leave me. She came? Where? In the TV. TV? Come on. Where? Where? There! Where? The one sitting in the auto? Yes, that's her. Hello! Talk to the groom. Why didn't you adorn your forehead with a dot? Arrange your hair. Feel shy. Oh God! When you feel shy you should bend your head.. ..don't lift it up. Yes, that's it. Now smile. Here, talk to him. Take it. Hi! Hello! This is Babu. Dora Babu from USA. This is a strange matchmaking interview. I can see you. You can't see me. You are so beautiful. I love.. You can talk to her. - Listen to me. Sing that song for the groom. I'm giving him the phone. No. My future wife shouldn't sing in public. She should sing in my room just for me. Don't sing. Just talk to me. Great Telugu people! They will say anything they want. Given a chance, they might even demand that.. ..American President Obama should resign.. ..because of this traffic jam. Obama should resign! The wedding chain is ready. When shall we get married? Who is he? He's touching my heroine! Who is that guy? Why is he so friendly with you? The bridegroom has become suspicious. Look towards the camera and say 'Obama should resign!' Yes. Yes. - Obama should resign! I'm cancelling this proposal! You are cancelling this proposal? Thank you. Thank you. 'Many girls hugged me in the past but I felt nothing.' 'But when this girl hugged me I felt like I hugged myself.' 'I don't know who she is, but she is disturbing me.' 'Confusion. Worry. Tension.' 'My life is getting stuck like a damaged CD.' Hello! What? That girl hugged you? "If a girl hugs you suddenly.." "..that is definitely love." Swami! You scared him that he will face some danger. But now that girl hugged him. You proceed, buddy. Shut up! I don't know who she is or where she's from. And you are.. Sister, three flags for just 10 rupees. Please buy them. I'll give you 20 rupees but I don't want the flags. Why, dear? When I was little, one boy in school gave me a flag.. ..and said he loves me. 'My Mango. I thought she's a disturbance until now.' 'But she's not a disturbance, she's my destiny.' 'I feel like my heart came out to talk to me.' 'This is an old memory, not a new meeting.' Buddy! - Yes? She is my Mango. - Which mango? Mango, my childhood friend. What are you saying? Is she the girl.. ..you've been waiting for all your life? Yes. "That's definitely love." "That's definitely love." She doesn't have a good opinion about me. Then take the love test. What love test? Wish for impossible things to happen on the flyover now. If they happen, you proceed. 'Love test. If this streetlight comes on..' '..in the next ten seconds, I'll know that she's my future.' 'But streetlights don't come on during daytime.' 'This streetlight should come on to convince me.' The streetlight came on? If the streetlight came on as soon as you wished for it.. "..that's definitely love." "That's definitely love." No. I will ask 100 rupees from someone I don't know. If he gives it to me, then I will be convinced. Boss! - Yes? If you don't mind, will you give me 100 rupees? Are you a bachelor? Yes. Then take 200 rupees. Buddy.. If he gave you 200 rupees when you asked 100.. "..that's definitely love." "..that's definitely love." Final test. 'If the dove sitting on her shoulder..' '..comes flying to sit on my shoulder, I'll be convinced.' "My heart is soaring high." "My heartbeat has magically turned into love." "The perfect time has come." "Is this really happening or is it a dream?" "Am I really seeing you like in our old memories?" "My heart is jumping with joy like a child." "My heart is soaring high." "My heartbeat has magically turned into love." "The perfect time has come." "This is a wonderful miracle." "My heart is flowing like the river Yamuna." "I'm hearing the flute like the Goddess Radha." "Just like Jatayu helped Lord Rama to find Sita.." "..the dove helped us to find each other." "Which sculptor should I turn into.." "..to sculpt these words onto my heart?" "You came to me like light in the darkness.." "..and changed my destiny." "How can I describe what a miracle this is?" "My heart is soaring high." "My heartbeat has magically turned into love." "The perfect time has come." "This is a wonderful miracle." "The rainbow has only seven colors." "But my eyes are able to see thousands of colors." "This world has only seven wonders." "But our love has countless wonders." "Heaven is my abode now and moon is my smile." "I belong to you now." "And this amazing happiness belongs to me." "I want to share my life with you." "My heart is soaring high." "My heartbeat has magically turned into love." "My heart is soaring high." "My heartbeat has magically turned into love." "The perfect time has come." "This is a wonderful miracle." 'One hour has passed since the traffic jam.' 'Nobody tried to clear it.' 'Almost everyone on the flyover was complaining.' 'Except me.' 'I felt as if this was happening to bring us together.' 'I'll go courageously and tell her who I am.' Who are you? I have some bad news for you. What is the bad news? Your love is a failure. Huh? - Yes! I have seen many lovers in parks, parked cars.. ..traffic and temples. There has been a traffic jam for so long. Everybody is worried about going home. But you are looking at that girl. I saw that, you know. Lovers and beggars are the same. You beg and plead to fall in love. After falling in love, you beg for that. For what? For marriage. Did you think I meant that? No. But your love is a failure. Don't say that again and again. I will prove it to you. One minute. English medium! This cute boy, that beautiful girl.. ..is their love a failure or a success? You decide. Fail! Why do you say that? Does she have your number? - No. Do you have her number? E-mail ID? Facebook ID? Wow! Even Manchu Laxmi can't speak English like you. I will handle it. Do you have any details of her? Guys like you are like focus lights before falling in love. But after falling in love, you turn into tube lights. Your love is a failure. Don't say that. Should I ask for her number? You shouldn't ask for a girl's number. Psychology. Just give her your number. Bikology. If she calls you, your love will be a success. Otherwise it will be a failure. If you don't give your number to her now, your love will fail. I will do something. Hi! There is a famous movie company in Bombay.. ..called Rajashri Productions. It made money using doves like you. You should help to unite us too. Yeah! Darn! You betrayer! You help people in north but betray people in south. Once the traffic is cleared, the dove will fly away. The girl will go home and your love will be a failure. 'Courage and confidence. My characterization.' 'But now I became a coward like other lovers.' 'I've to give her my number, but I'm filled with..' '..phobia, tension, stress, and expectation..' '..many emotions all at once..' '..maybe that's why it is called a magical connection.' Swara! I want all details about this number. Anwar! What happened? What are you thinking about? Sir, we caused the accident. We want money. Ask for the money. We are getting late. Let's go. Sir, we are in a hurry. Are you in a hurry too? No, sir. Today is a holiday. Details. Anwar! What is going on? What will you do? Our plan hasn't failed. Our plan hasn't failed, Hussain. It has failed. Our plan has failed. Cancel the operation. It is an order from the high command. Cancel the operation. - No! Our plan will be executed. What are you talking about? We shouldn't go. We don't have the orders to do so. Nobody can hear our voices. It is a remote operation. How will it happen? It will happen. Our plan will work. My plan will work. We don't have our trained professional Khayum. He is gone. Who will do this work? It is a huge operation. Who will risk his life for us.. ..and do such a dangerous thing? He will do it. Why will he do it? Anwar will make him do it. Who is that? Is it you? Who is flashing the light? Hey! Hey! Who is flashing the light? Who is it? Who is flashing the light? I'm flashing that light, bro. Who are you? Sorry. I will stop it. I will stop it. You've been trying to impress her for the past two hours. You got angry when I flashed the light for a minute.. ..so you really love her, bro. True love, huh? Who are you? I'm your fan, boss. I watched your love story. The highlight was when you released the doves. Where are you? In a bus or in a building? Did you confess your love to her? No. I gave her my number just now. She will note it down.. ..remember me and call me later. Then one fine day.. You don't have all that time, you fool. I will kill that girl before the traffic jam is cleared. Good joke of the millennium, brother. I laughed. Are you happy? Is this a new reality show? Which channel? Where is the camera? You have to believe me. I will convince you. Convince you. Okay, convince me. Convince me. Look at the auto. I'm looking at the auto. I'm looking at it. What do you see? I see a dove. It is walking to and fro. It is scratching its leg. What now? Sorry, bro. Hey, stop! I will kill that girl if you tell her the truth. The dove. Don't be scared. It suffered an electric shock. Throw that dove. Walk away from that girl. Stop! That is not a dustbin. That's my office. Keep it aside. Keep it aside. Do you believe me? Good boy. Do as I say if you want that girl to be alive. What should I do? Do as I say if you want that girl to be alive. What should I do? 'I was supposed to make my dream true and win my love..' '..but that shattered with just one phone call.' 'My Mango should be safe.' 'That's the only important thing to me.' What is it? What is the job? Where are you? What should I do? Who are you? Why do you want to kill her? Easy. I will tell you. I will tell you everything. So, you are a Guevara fan? Did you see my Facebook page? I'm not in your friends' list. Where are you? Don't doubt that he is not here. Anwar God is everywhere. You are my team. I'm the captain, you are my player. You play, but I'm the one who controls you. You are the ball, I'm the foot. Here are the game rules. Rule No. 1. That girl should not get down from the auto. If she does, I will kill her. Rule No. 2. You should do as I say. Otherwise I will kill her. Rule No. 3. I didn't decide it yet, bro. If you do the job well, I'll cut the call and let you go. What about my salary? Salary? Rule No. 4. You should not joke with me again. The accident took place at 11 o' clock this morning. Now the time is 6 o' clock. Not even a single vehicle has been cleared. We have a brother here. Let's ask his feelings about it. What is your feeling, brother? Sir, are we live? - Yes. Latha, I bought vegetables. I bought a sari for your mother. I bought a night dress for you. I'm coming home. Wow, the nigh dress is good. How much did you buy it for? 400 rupees, sir. Wow, superb. Did you see that? A caring husband bought.. ..a night dress for his wife. A question for the audience. What is the price of this night dress? Mobile Toilet! Take! Brother! What are you doing with those wires? Some guy called me up and said that.. ..he will kill the girl in the auto if I don't do as he says. What a good joke! Let's go. In India, nobody believes you when you tell the truth. Do the job. No, mom. Electric shock. Poor dove. Did dad come home? No, dear. He is very busy. Did you tell him? About the matchmaking interview? Or, about your love story? What love story? Mom! Hello, mom! Don't get over-excited. I just met that guy here. To escape the matchmaking interview.. Just to escape the matchmaking interview.. ..I pretended to be close to him. I'm your mom. And moreover, ours was a love marriage too. I know. You eloped and got married. But mom, please. I'm telling you the truth. I just met him here. I've been enduring you for the past 21 years. Okay? I've never seen you hesitate so much.. ..while talking about boys. Okay. Is grandma still there or did she die? She watched 'Bahubali' four times since morning. You haven't had a single sip of Thumbs Up since morning. Eat these biscuits at least, madam. Why are you still gathering those sticks.. ..without listening to me? Do you think I'm a crazy lady to gather sticks, Kitappa? I'm making a funeral pyre, a funeral pyre. I raised her up with so much love. See, madam. Archimedes principle indicates.. ..that the upper buoyant force that is exerted on a body.. ..immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged.. ..is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces. This is the law of physics. What does that mean? These sticks are not enough to start a bonfire.. ..to warm your body. How can they be a funeral pyre to you? You die your death. I'm going to have food. The old woman is acting very silly. Don't come home yet. One more important thing. Listen carefully. What is it, mom? That boy is very handsome. 'For my Mango, I blindly did everything he told me to do.' Hello! - Congrats! The bridegroom is very handsome! It got cancelled. Not at home. On the road. The Romeo. We saw you on TV in the hostel. The hugging scene was superb. You are getting it wrong. Do you know who he is? Who is who? Who else? The one you are romancing on the road. You go around announcing to the whole world that.. ..he gave you a flag and said he loves you. He is the same flag boy. Your childhood villain. How do you know that? I don't know how he got my Facebook ID.. ..but he has been killing me with his friend requests. He has been asking for your details and pestering me.. ..with messages to at least share your photo with him. He didn't see you because I hid my friends' list. Oh. I thought I had seen him somewhere. Is it really him? What's that reaction? As if you found a long lost childhood lover? You dislike him, don't you? I mean.. Actually that day.. Mango! I don't want this silly, stupid, pathetic life without you. God! Is this fair? He did a lot of overacting like a Tamil movie hero. Poor fellow. He is a good guy. But his big brother ruined everything. What is this shocking twist now? Did he recognize you? I don't know. He was staring at me a little while ago. But now he is walking here and there. He even tried to give me his number. He is acting weird. I think he is feeling shy to face me. Then do a love test and proceed. Love test? Tell him that you'll get down from the auto and leave. If he tries to stop you, he has feelings for you. If he gets confused, baffled and stammers.. ..while speaking to you, you will know it for sure. No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. I have to think. I'll call later. Traffic News! Live on the drive! Oh God! The traffic jam has been going on for so long. The traffic has been stuck for many hours now. Please, sir! Traffic police! Please respond! Many people are stuck there. They have to go home. Please respond and clear the traffic there. We'll be happy. Keep listening to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. Hello, can you hear me? What should I do next? Hello! Hello! Yes. Yes, I heard you. Cross the divider. Hello! What? You think you can just bump into it and walk away? It is a new car. Dr. Ajanta. A veterinary doctor. From Padmarao Nagar. Sorry. Sorry, my foot. The British taught you sorry before leaving. Whether you scold, punch, or dash into someone just sorry. When I go home and ask for food, my wife says sorry. I don't have children because of this word sorry, you know. Get lost. If the second wire gets disconnected.. ..the toggle switch will go off and power supply will be cut. So, connect it carefully. What is this guy doing here? Hello. Why are you touching those wires? Don't touch the wires! Dr. Ajanta. Veterinary doctor from Padmarao Nagar. Stop it. I will call the police. Give him the phone. What is that? Bluetooth. - Why is it black? My big brother is on the line. Talk to him. Big brother on the line. Little brother in prison. Dr. Ajanta. Veterinary doctor from Padmarao Nagar. What is it? Who are you? - Huh? You idiot! Rascal! You.. Are you done? Shall I tell you some breaking news? I don't understand Hindi at all. Huh? - Should I start in Telugu? Now listen. How was it? Pure Telugu hot and spicy abuses. Very good. Abuses in other languages are different. What is this comedy? Telugu abuses are like music to my ears. I think I won't get cancer if I hear Telugu abuses.. ..for half an hour every day. I like you. I don't like you. Let us compromise. Let us be friends. Take my address. Come, let's each 'Chicken Biryani.' Come on. No. I'm a veterinary doctor from Padmarao Nagar. I love animals, I don't eat them. You have to eat. You might be his big brother but you are nobody to me. I'm actually BP. BP? 'Bahu Bali' Producer? Best Person. But if you mess with me, BP means Bad Person. If you are BP, I'm VP. Very Powerful. With regards to chicken also I'm VP. Very Particular. I won't eat it. - If you don't eat 'Chicken Biryani'.. ..my little brother will shoot you with a gun. He'll shoot me with a gun if I don't eat 'Chicken Biryani'? What? For 'Chicken Biryani'? He doesn't have a gun. No gun. I will arrange the gun. If you don't say yes to eating 'Chicken Biryani'.. ..you'll be responsible for the terrors and consequences.. ..that are going to take place on the flyover in ten minutes. Announce it on TV 9. Will you shoot me with a gun, stab me with a knife.. ..and crush me with a bomb? Dr. Ajanta. Veterinary doctor from Padmarao Nagar. Tell that to your big brother. You don't understand what is going on. What is it? - Go away. What is going on? He is the big brother and you are the little brother. They will shoot me if I don't eat 'Chicken Biryani.' I'm from Padmarao Nagar. Are you giving him a hint? I'll kill you! There should be comedy in a hero-comedian scene. The story should progress in a hero-villain scene. You proceed. By the way, there is a cross mark on the divider to the left. There is a gun there. Use it if necessary. Hello! You failed once. This is your last chance. That was Khayum's fault. It won't fail this time. You have time until 12 am. It will be done before 12 am. Mom! I'm stuck in a traffic jam. Dad and you have dinner. Don't wait for me. Okay? 'Do a love test and proceed.' 'Love test?' 'If he tries to stop you, he has feelings for you.' 'Will he stop me if I say I want to leave? What if he doesn't?' 'He will stop me.' Hey! Your girlfriend got down from the auto. Don't let her go! Stop her! Hello, stop! Hello, excuse me! I have to go home. Please don't go. Why? - That's it. What? I mean, once the traffic jam clears, I'll drop you on my bike. Please sit in the auto. But I've been sitting here for so long. I'm thirsty. Should I bring water for you from somewhere? I drink juice at this time. Juice? One minute. Juice for you. Sit in the auto and drink. I'll be right back. It's not about the juice. Cigarettes. You hate smoking. I'll never smoke. Promise. I won't smoke again. Please don't say that you'll leave. It's not about the cigarettes. My shoes are pinching me. They are new shoes, right? One minute. Please sit in the auto. I've to talk to you. Not now. I'll drop you home. That's okay. But I've work at home. I'll go. Please understand. Take it as a request, or an order. But you are staying. You are sitting inside. It's an order. Morning turned into evening. Will she sit in the auto or not? Share your valuable opinion with the audience. What? - What? What a.. I say she will sit in the auto. 100 bucks. She won't. Here is my 10. 10 rupees? So cheap! I have no cash. I use cards. Really? Here, swipe it. Shankaram.. Puppy! - Yes, Baby? Do you think she will sit in the auto? No, baby. She will, Puppy. Do you think she will.. I don't think she will, madam. She won't. Sir, what is your opinion about that girl? Girls listen to you if you beg with them.. ..but they will kick you if you shout orders. Very good. Well said. Now we'll ask another gentleman. Sir, your opinion. I'm Dr. Ajanta. Veterinary doctor from Padmarao Nagar. Free publicity as soon as he gets a mike in his hand. Padmarao Nagar is not in our zone. Go away. Listen, brother. Why is he leaving? 'Satyabhama! You don't like orders.' 'And a man ordered you to stay. Don't stay.' She listened to you. She sat in the auto. I think she likes you, boy. Girlfriends listen, but wives don't. I didn't stay because he told me to. It's a long way to walk. My feet are aching. Both the feet are aching. Why is his phone busy for so long? If you are able to get through, tell him to come home. I'm going to offer prayers. Barber! Why is it burning after the shave? I offered to do it with the ball.. ..but you opted to get it done with an apprentice. Hey! See if there is any cut. Just a minute. I have very sensitive skin like Mahesh Babu. There's no cut. What is this? We would've seen bubbles if there was a cut. Bubbles? What was your job before? I mended flat tires. Flat tires? - Go inside. Wipe your face. I did what you asked me to do. Can I leave now? Where will you go? To the graveyard? What happened now? Stop acting! How dare you cheat me! How dare you cheat Anwar! - When did I cheat you? What did I tell you to do and what did you do? I asked you to do what I tell you to do. Why did you do extra things? What did I do? What did you do? What is Rule No. 1? That girl shouldn't get down from the auto. What is Rule No. 2? Just do as I say. Why did you do extra things? What did I do? How do you spell danger, my boy? It is not D-A-N-J-E-R. It is spelled G-E-R. G-E-R. Situation in danger! Need police help! You need police help? You need police help? 'The slip that I gave the police is in his hands now.' 'Even the police are involved in this.' 'This is not a small game.' Should I shoot her, you fool? No, please listen to me.. - Say sorry. Say sorry. Don't harm her. Okay, okay, sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry! Sorry! You fool! Do you know what you did till now.. ..to save your girlfriend? What you connected is more powerful than BLU-82 bomb. You connected three bombs like that. I have the remote in my hand. If I press the button.. And also, you connected the electrical circuit.. ..in the flyover circle to high-tension wires. Brother, give me some water. Hey! You can't drink water! Give it back! If you want everyone to live, follow the rules.. ..don't let that girl get down from the auto. Excuse me! I'm leaving. Darn! Hey! Ask her to sit inside. - Sit inside! What? - Sit inside! Sit inside! What are you saying? Shut the hell up and sit down! Please. Please understand. I will explain later. Please sit inside. Please try to understand, please. What's wrong with you? - It's much bigger than you think it is. Stop her. - Hey.. Hey.. Please, I beg you. Please sit inside. Please. Hey! Why don't you understand? I said sit inside! Please! Hey! I will not let you go! Hey! Are you hurt? Please, listen to me. Please. Please don't make me do this. Please understand. Please go sit inside, please. Disgusting! She should be in the auto in three minutes. - Oh God! Hey.. Why are you harassing her? How dare you hit my man! You! "A brand new war inside the border." "A war that I'm waging with myself." "Time threw a net over me." "My words and my anguish are nothing but silence." No! Don't leave! No! Please! "My childhood love sprouted new tender leaves." "But death is standing ready to shoot it down." "My heartbeat is wavering." "An invisible enemy is injuring me." "I won't give in to fear till the end. I will stand my ground." "I won't take a back step. I will be your armor." "I'm a friend, not an enemy." "I can't bear to see tears in your eyes." Good. You brought her back in three minutes. Very good. But there is a surprise. Many are coming to beat you up. They will try to get her out and send her home. But if she leaves.. Can you feel the pressure, bro? Press the ring finger of your left hand. Acupressure. It will alleviate the pressure. Your brain will work well. Let her go! Can't you hear! Let her go immediately! What a timing, bro! Come on! Come! Come on! 'My little brother will shoot you with a gun..' '..if you don't eat 'Chicken Biryani.'' No! Run! Run! He was alright till now. We thought it was a love story. Why did he start an action movie all of a sudden? Who will come now? Come on! Turn around! I shot him but they think that you did it. Everyone is scared of you! Look at them. They are running towards the electrical fencing. The electrical grid will come alive. They will turn to ashes if they touch it. They will die. Let's go! Let's leave! Run! It is not safe here! Let's go! Come on, hurry up! Everyone running stop right now! The flyover has an electrical grid! You will turn to ashes if you touch it! Sir, it is me Achari. A man has a gun here on the flyover.. Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. This is very hot, Guru. An important announcement. On the Hi-Tech City flyover, an unknown man.. ..is threatening everyone with a gun. We have information that he just shot an auto driver. And at the same time, many are running around in fear. Since the electrical grid is on, they are not able to come out. Don't panic. Continue listening to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. This is very hot, Guru. Sir! Should I bring dinner? I said I don't want dinner. A young man is threatening everyone with a gun. We suspect that he's a chain snatcher. Everybody is very fearful of the weapon in his hand. He formed an electric fence. He is trying to kill everyone. Breaking News! Bomb-like News! Flashing News! On the Hi-Tech City flyover, a young man has a nug.. What's a nug? What's a nug? I clearly mark all the commas and full stops in the para. I wrote it down. What's a nug? Every man tries to correct the language of others.. ..but he doesn't know what he is doing. He just thinks he knows it all. I can't do this anymore. He's a terrorist. He's a bloody terrorist. We have evidence. We can prove it to you. We received information that Madhapur ACP Durga.. ..will be able to reach there. ACP Durga! Police department here! Hello! A police officer is here to talk to you. Come to the wall. Come on. What are you demands? My demands? You fool! This is the real job! Repeat after me. Home Minister. Home Minister. Police Commissioner. Police Commissioner. Immediately here. Should come here right now. Then I will tell them my real demands. Otherwise I will kill the Home Minister's daughter. Otherwise I will kill the Home Minister's daughter.. Home Minister's daughter? Home Minister's daughter. The girl you love, bro. She was coming in Audi Q7 car. We followed her and trapped her. She got into an auto. We created this traffic jam to block your friend.. ..create mayhem and make this news bigger.. ..so that we can execute our actual plan. It's okay, Laxmi. She will be safe. Home Minister's daughter is stuck on the flyover. Let's find out his feelings on this. Home Minister sir! Your daughter is stuck there. How do you feel about it? Your daughter is trapped in the traffic there. What is your response, sir? Sir, please tell us. Tell us, sir. Please, sir. Whether it is a minister or a celebrity.. ..they are just parents to their children. How do you feel if something happens to your children? Same. I feel the same way. As a state Home Minister, I know my responsibilities. Home Minister and Police Commissioner.. ..will be here in 20 minutes. Don't harm anybody until then. Home Minister and Police Commissioner.. ..will be here in 20 minutes. He demanded that the Home Minister and Commissioner.. ..should come to the accident spot. Did you notice this? Home Minister's daughter.. ..goes in a car every day but she took an auto today. Why? Look! Don't telecast baseless news like the others. We should show only facts in our Bhaarat Today channel. What? All this is happening because.. ..you refused to eat 'Chicken Biryani'? Yes, brother. If you refuse to eat 'Chicken Biryani'.. ..you'll be responsible for the terrors and consequences.. ..that are going to take place on the flyover. Will you die if you eat it? We can all live if you eat it. I'm an animal doctor. I love animals. I promised my wife and the woman next door too. Animal doctor, my foot. People are dying here.. ..and you say you promised your wife? Why don't you just eat the 'Biryani'? I can't, brother. - You have to. You have to. - I won't. Beggar man! Sing a motivational song to inspire him. Okay. "Here comes a golden hen. Hey, baby! Hey, baby! Hey, baby!" Stop it! Stop it! Brother, I realized my duty. I will save everyone. I will eat 'Chicken Biryani' for them. - Eat it. Go and eat it soon. Otherwise if the Commissioner.. ..and Home Minister arrive, it will be a disgrace. Go, hurry up. Go eat it. - I will eat it. Peace. Brother, war is over. Peace. The matter is cleared. You can go. Clear the traffic. Inspector madam! The show is over. Go deal with drunk and drive cases. Is your big brother on the line? Bro, I have taken a decision. I'll eat. Eat what? 'Chicken Biryani,' bro. Get lost. Why is he not appreciating my sacrifice? Mutton. Is mutton okay, bro? What? Fish. Fish. France. Is a dog okay, bro? I will shoot you. I'm leaving. - Oh God! Khayum! Khayum! Why didn't Khayum go to the flyover? I went there. I went there as Anwar told me. I went to the flyover. But the India they described was different. The India I saw was different. The one with faith is a true Muslim. Today you became a true Muslim, Khayum. Even Quran teaches world peace. Not just today, Hindus and Muslims have been.. ..living together for centuries here. Since Lord Balaji married Bibi Nancharamma.. ..all Muslims in Kadappa view Lord Balaji.. ..as their son in law and go to worship him. There's a Durgah inside Lord Shiva's temple in Vemulawada. There we can see the wonderful sight.. ..of Muslim leaders blessing Lord Shiva's devotees. Under one of the 'minars' of Charminar.. ..there is a small temple for Goddess Bhagyalaxmi. The Charminar that observes Bakra Eid.. ..worships Goddess Laxmi as well.. ..and sparkles in the dazzling lights of 'Diwali.' Since the daughter of a Delhi Sultan worshipped Vishnu.. ..people still worship her as.. ..'Tulukka Nachiar' in Srirangam. No Hindu priests or Muslim religious leaders objected to it. The Goddess' temple in the Golconda Fort.. ..and the 'Bonalu' festival that is celebrated there.. ..show our religious harmony. Moreover, Lord Ayyappa's devotees.. ..who do the worship rituals for 41 days.. ..first stop at Vavar Swami's mosque on their way. A religion should unite, not divide. Sacred War is the war we wage with our enemies.. ..to save our people. But if that war is killing our own people, it is not a war.. ..it is a massacre, deception, politics. They are using religion and caste to.. ..fool and provoke innocent students like you.. ..for their own selfish political gains. Only for political gain. India is not a country. It is a message of religious unity. It is a haven of freedom and peace. We can't come here unless we do a lot of good deeds. I will correct my mistake, uncle. We can't see his face clearly, sir. We suspect that he is from Al Qaeda. No, no. Al Qaeda, ISIS and IM members.. ..use face masks and AK47 guns. They are in constant touch with phones. But only one man is doing it. This is something new. Sir, we can see the terrorist's face. Darn! What happened to sir? Do you know who he is? Sir's own little brother. Little brother? Waste fellow! Whatever team you are in, it loses. 'Everyone believes me, but my brother doesn't.' I don't believe it. I don't believe that he is doing it. No. Impossible! Sir, your brother's friend Venu. Brother, I saw it on TV just now. I'm at the saloon now. I don't know what's happening. His phone has been busy for a long time. His phone is busy. He is taking instructions. Trace the number. Someone is threatening him to do this. This is a remote operation. Rammohan sir! I need to tell you something, sir. It is about the flyover hijack, sir. We have no updates from the flyover. Since he came to our studio without an invitation.. ..let's listen to this man. He needs no introduction at all. Health is very precious to me. Eat raw. Stay green. Eat grass. Stay virtuous. Do you know where the first bomb was created? Where? - In our stomach. We stuff ourselves with fast food saying that it is tasty. Then there's a blast in the bathroom. That is terrorism. According to me, terrorism is a food related disease. What we eat defines who we are. We are like this if we don't eat anything. Goats that eat grass climb mountains. Humans that eat goats climb hospital beds. Don't hate vegetarian food. Eat sprouts. How does a roasted chicken leg look like? The one who eats it will hold a gun, not your feet. Will he hold your feet? You tell me. I have a doctor appointment. Show this on prime time. Okay. Sir! Dinner is ready. You! Give way. Please cooperate. Do you know who he is and what his demands are? Please tell us, sir. - Your daughter is safe, sir, as of now. We are not able to reach her because of electrical fencing. Give way. Try to understand. Home Minister and Commissioner are here. Tell us your demands. Tell them. What are your demands? My original demands. My original demands. In the jail... Sir.. What is it? Save that driver. He will die. Shut up! Tell my demands! I did everything you asked me to. It is not right to let a man die in front of your eyes. Please save him. Tell them my demands. Tell them. I won't. I won't. What will you do? Will you kill me? Will you blast the flyover? Do it. We all will die together. I will tell them your demands only if you save the driver. Idiot! He is acting stubborn. Otherwise do whatever you want to. Okay. 'I thought he will never agree to save the driver's life.' 'But he agreed. That means he is in some kind of stress.' One ambulance stretcher. That's it. We need one ambulance stretcher right now. I will stop the electrical grid for two minutes. A driver's life is in danger. I will stop the electrical grid for just two minutes. If anyone tries to act smart, I will shoot them. Sir, Anwar told me to place the bomb there. I didn't feel it was right. So, I didn't do it, sir. Do you know where Anwar lives? Yes, sir. He asked for an ambulance stretcher. Is this a new act? You are under arrest. Surrender. What? You crawled behind the stretcher? Are you the hidden third lion? Don't you know when to act like hero Sai Kumar? Ask them to leave right now. I'm switching on the electrical grid. Take him. Darn! Have you gone mad? Why did you send police without understanding the situation? You don't know anything.. ..and you don't try to find out or understand the situation. You just mess up everything. Okay, okay, okay. Cool. Tell them my demands. I will tell them, sir. I will tell them. Your words are commands, not demands. They are fools. They sent police.. ..without understanding the situation. Do you know how many lives are in danger here? Why are you sending police? There is a BLU-82 bomb here. It is so powerful that one is enough.. ..to destroy the whole of Hi-Tech City. And there are three bombs here. At least 100,000 people will die. Can you guys even imagine that? Do you want to send police? Go ahead, send them. Do you have precautionary measures if there's a blast? No. You don't even have the minimum staff here. Did you inform Special Desk? Did you inform Civil Defense? Commando Force, sniffer dogs.. I drink juice. Juice? Foreign Security, Original Risk Unit, SDF, Octopus.. ..Intelligence Department, ATS, SRPF.. You hate smoking, right? I'll never smoke. Wireless Team, Bomb Detection Squad.. Remote Cameras Unit.. ..did you inform any of them? No. You won't. But you will send police here. Go on, send them. I will blast everything. Why is your brother trying to deviate? He's not trying to deviate, he is giving us instructions. Bomb Squad, Fire Department.. ..all departments be on alert. There's a big hidden problem. Okay, sir. We will do it right now. Now tell them my original demands. I won't. They are no longer your demands now.. ..they are our demands, sir. I'm in your team, sir. Now tell me. Okay. Aslam should be released immediately. Now I get it. Aslam. I read it in the papers recently. The prime accused in the recent blasts. They found evidence too. Sir, we should get Aslam out of jail as soon as possible. Otherwise he'll be punished. Listen to the demands fully. Release Aslam immediately, take him in a helicopter.. ..and drop him at Vikarabad. Clear? Yes. All this should be shown live in TV. This looks like a big budget Hollywood movie. A bomb blast in Hyderabad. Wonderful plan. Another important thing, sir. Let's ask a private helicopter. Otherwise his safety will be a problem. Okay? Bro, I'm your brother. Okay? Superb. My original demands. One second. Sir, since we are doing this, shall I ask for money too? We can use it for expenses. We don't need money. Tell them my demands. Alright, I don't need it too. My original demands. One minute. I will be back. Oh God! Sir, how will you escape? I will take care of myself. Tell them my demands. I'm happy that you have an escape route. No problem. Okay, sir. Okay. My original demands. One minute. Sir, I have one last doubt. I will ask if you promise that you won't be angry. Hey! - You are getting angry. What is it now? Tell me. Tell me. They dipped a man in water a full year to teach him singing.. ..but finally he won the first prize in a swimming contest. This story sounds the same to me. You did all the planning. You went to great lengths. Why should I get an Oscar for a movie that you acted in? I should beat up the man who gave you this villain's role. As your fan, I'm really hurt, sir. If you come here to tell them your demands personally.. ..you would be trending on Twitter and Facebook. I'm very hurt, sir. Why didn't you come here? Why? I shouldn't come directly to tell my demands. I sent Khayum but he went missing. I've time only till 12 o' clock, that's why I chose you.. Darn! That's it! Yes! So you sent a man named Khayum.. ..but he didn't execute your plan and your plan failed. Then you saw my love story. I was an idiot to display my number for you to see. You took a shot in the dark and I got trapped. Wow, sir! Fantastic! What a game! What do you want? You are playing games with me knowing my strength. Anwar is God. On the flyover there are three.. Stop blabbering. There are three bombs on the flyover. You have the remote. If you press it the.. ..the flyover will explode and burn down. So what? If I lose my mind, I will shoot myself and die. Shall I shoot myself? Shall I? Hey, no. No, no, no. I won't shoot myself, bro. What will you do if I die? Do as I say if you want me to tell your demands. So, shall we start the game? It's a small game, like the one you played. Just a small change. That's it. Now you are the player and I'm the captain. The relationship between a player and a captain is very simple. You know that better than me. You play the game, but I'm the one who controls it. You are the ball and I'm the foot. There are two simple rules in this game. Rule No. 1. My girlfriend and me.. ..and everyone on this flyover should get down safely. Rule No. 2. Still didn't decide it, bro. Hello? Hello? Come on! Search the place! Search it! Move! Move! Move! Come on! Sir, Anwar was here. I think he escaped. I left from here, sir. Darn! He escaped. Check the nearby buildings. Sir. - Alert the checkposts. Sir, there's a message from the control room. Sir, come down right now. Please. Okay. 'When I thought the game was in my control..' '..he disconnected the call.' 'Confusion again.' 'Not just understanding one another..' '..clearing misunderstandings is true love.' Listen to me carefully. Okay? Breaking News! DIG, who was on leave.. ..has now reached the crime scene. Sir, the DIG has arrived. Sir! Who? Who is he? His name is Khayum, sir. It's a preplanned terrorist operation. Oh. Actually he was supposed to finish the operation, sir. Why didn't he do it? Sir, I will speak to the Home Minister.. Come on, Rammohan. We don't have proper evidence. We can't go to Home Minister like this. Call the ambulance! Rammohand! Call the ambulance! - Who did this? Call the ambulance! I want him alive! We are getting calls from Delhi. We are updating them, sir. Sir! - Sir! DIG? I'm going on the flyover, sir. Why? Look at the time, sir. Just ten minutes left. What do you mean? Sir, it's a prank call. I'll handle it. But your life will be in danger. I'm ready to give my life for my country, sir. That's my duty. Breaking News! DIG is going on the flyover. Will he come back alive or no? Let's see after a small break. Darn! Why did the DIG come here? I think he will ruin the whole plan. Sir, please don't come near. I will be forced to shoot you. Sir, you don't know the real situation. It is not what you think it is. Please leave. I know. You are not a terrorist. The man pointing a gun at you is pointing it at me too. He kidnapped my family. I have small kids. My family. He will kill all of them if I don't make you tell his demands. Disgusting! Is he a human? Small kids? Don't tell his demands. Yes, son. He will kill us if you do as he says. Rubbish. He will die a dog's death.. ..if we don't tell his demands. A dog's death? What are his demands? Did he tell you, sir? Me? He didn't tell me anything. He asked me to meet you and make you say them. My family.. Small kids.. What are the demands? He wants them to release a terrorist from jail. As if that wasn't enough, he wants us to.. ..show it live on TV. Tell them his demands. Tell them his demands, please. Aslam should be released.. ..and should be dropped in Vikarabad. That should be shown as a live telecast in TV. It requires decisions at the central level. I feel this is not right. Shut up.. Madam, my family. Small kids. Sir is right. The police won't release Aslam.. ..if something happens to us. We all should escape before Aslam is released. Am I right, sir? Yes. Tell them his demands. I'll save everyone. But, you had another plan, right? Forget that. This is the right plan. No, don't be rash. Let's think about it. No! Please try to understand the situation. I said I will save everybody. Small kids. We have no other way. Sir is right. I will tell them his demands. Sir, I'm going to trust you and tell his demands. Will you save everyone, sir? Yes. I will save them. I will save them all. I swear. 'Save them? I will. I will.' My original demands. Aslam, who is in prison.. ..should be hanged to death. Yes, if you don't hang Aslam to death immediately.. ..I will blast the flyover right now. Making me tell his demands is more important to him.. ..than killing us. The one who comes up the flyover.. ..in the next 10 minutes is the terrorist. But there are only 50 percent chances that I'm right. I will give you a signal after I confirm it. No matter what he says, you object to it. He will get irritated and that will confirm his identity. We can lock him up. And remember one more important point. Terrorists are not monsters, they are just humans. Anybody can catch them. Okay? Foolish man! Even geniuses do mistakes sometimes. Anwar. That's you. You told me three demands. But I revealed only two to you. You revealed the third one yourself. Aslam should be released.. ..and should be dropped in Vikarabad. That should be shown as a live telecast in TV. It requires decisions at the central level. And most importantly, I didn't tell you the terrorist's name. You revealed his name as Aslam in the flow. Your acupressure points to deal with pressure. Additional clue. Finally your game is in my control. If you don't fulfill my demands immediately.. ..I will shoot your DIG in the head. I want the media's support. If there's a blast here, how many people will die.. ..and how much damage it will cause.. ..I want the media to announce it to all of Delhi. "If you wish for destruction, a flood is certain to come." "Certain." People all over the world are demanding Aslam's death. "If you wish for destruction, a flood is imminent." "If you mess with poison, the end is imminent." "If you wish for ruination, your devastation is imminent. Requests are coming in from UK, US, Australia, Europe.. ..and various parts for India demanding Aslam's death. "If extortion increases, action by the law is imminent." "Imminent." Mohammad Sayyad Aslam. An accomplice in numerous terrorist activities. An instigator of many terrible crimes. "Forget humanity and turn into monsters." "Forget humanity and turn into monsters." "Which religion teaches that?" "Which religion's principles state that?" "Humans killing and burning other humans." "Which religion teaches that?" "Which religion's principles state that?" "Imminent." "Which religion teaches that?" "Which religion's principles state that?" "If we put aside hatred, our friendship is imminent." "If we throw away wrath, our happiness is imminent." "If we stop violence, prosperity is imminent." Breaking News! Historical decision. A historical decision. The government has taken the decision to hang Aslam.. ..tomorrow morning. They are conducting Aslam's medical tests tonight. When the terrorist Aslam was being taken.. ..to the hospital for medical tests.. ..he attacked the officers with a gun. In the prison, Aslam.. Constable Bashir shot Aslam. Aslam died in prison. Aslam! Aslam! Nobody will go home alive. That won't work, bro. The jammers are on. Darn! I will kill everybody. Anwar is God. Game is not over, brother. I'm the captain. Hey! Don't touch it, you fool. That doesn't work with a remote. It will definitely explode. She will die. She will die. Sir, do something. Save her. One second. - Sir.. Sir, no, no, no. It is already activated. It's a timer bomb. Please, it's very dangerous. Step back, please. - Let me go. We can't save her. No, let me go. Let me go. Sir, the timer bomb has been activated. They said it is very difficult to diffuse it. Let's get married, Mango. I can't climb buildings like Spider-Man. I can't jump down buildings like Shaktiman. I can't fight like He-Man and Super-Man. If we get married, our kids can study in this school. Everyone can do homework and lunch together. Not just on your birthday.. ..I will be with you on your death-day too. I love you, Mango. 'If the second wire gets disconnected..' '..the toggle switch will go off and power supply will be cut.' You planned the game well, sir. Nobody in the department suspected anything. Accident, traffic jam, you planned everything perfectly. But you did one mistake, sir. You took my little brother in your team. Whatever team he is in, it loses. That has always been the case since childhood. Arresting you, putting you in jail with five-star facilities.. ..court, costly lawyers, bullet-proof vehicles, convoy.. ..trail dates, custody, human rights, mercy, sympathy. Waste. Time waste. Hey! Now this flyover is a favorite spot for Mango and me. Whether we are happy or sad.. ..we come here early in the morning. You were very fair in school days, right? I spent too much time in the sun. Why are you still of the same height? Hey.. Do you believe in astrology now? We should believe in things only to an extent. Horoscopes only tell us of future problems. We should find solutions and success on our own. This proposal is cancelled. Why did it fall in her neck? Oh God! Why are you still there? Let's touch her feet. God bless you! I came here to marry your granddaughter.. ..but I'm taking your servant girl with me. Oh God! Let's go. Husband, your tissues. Keep them, we both can use them. "A brand new war inside the border." "A war that I'm waging with myself." "Time threw a net over me." "My words and my anguish are nothing but silence." "My childhood love sprouted new tender leaves." "But death is standing ready to shoot it down." "My heartbeat is wavering." "An invisible enemy is injuring me." "I won't give in to fear till the end. I will stand my ground." "I won't take a back step. I will be your armor."