Oklahoma Badlands 1948 Rocky Lane

you Oh you give me a half hour Jonah and take him in and start the raid rescue boys come with me hey care your breakfast is waiting the boys are bought finished I'm not hungry listen in nobody thought more you're dead to me but you're wearing that band around your heart nothing good no you're a young fully got your whole life ahead yet what you've got to eat to live hmm thanks nugget boo how can I eat how can I sleep thinking of the rustlers that killed dad working too hard and sinking too hard ain't gonna catch him breaking your leg didn't catch him did it and starving yourself ain't gonna catch another now you're gonna eat your breakfast right now or I'm gonna Ram it down your throat no come on Souths range i'll make the boy on your horses voyage get to the South Range quick not that it'll do much good we've been stored too long now like I said we have a horse I'm going to you've got any ideas about riding with that leg just forget did they get away with much funny or detect a pass like usual still that ain't the answer that in use the pass we need help Ken we need it bed and we're gonna get it here take this to town to the telegraph office and tell them to rush it Doral and Lane who's he my best friend when we were kids and a great guy on your side come trouble we got troubles like some people got mice Sharkey the rest of boys were out in the range into the shooting you're dead figure that might be rustlers so you decide to stay here you're a lot of help Sharkey I ain't risking my life until I get the money your dad cheated me out of did you say cheated cheated alright Sharkey name your poison guns knives what do you like I got no guns and I don't like knives but I got a couple of fists that ain't working I will be hey y'all can't eat the last of the family there is another Roland's who wear named Leslie Rawlins the first second cousin or something to kin lives in st. Louis just got this letter for him says he's taking the first stage down here well this is news hey you can't print what I just said why not cause it's a secret that's why cuz I don't want this dude rolling shot down before I get a chance to tell him the things he's got to know well no of course not you're right nugget thanks all her solo so on alright Sanders you heard of nuggets that I presume unless you're asleep again yeah I heard him let me take care of this Rollins gay correct beseech and now I need a little nap I was just dreaming he was late but he's right on time for once come on let's get mounted all right get out of there and let's see who you are stand over there but that'd be a lesson to you go over there then saying your prayers regular why cuz you ain't long for this world mr. Rollins look mister you're making a mistake I'm I'm a gamblin man I'll give you a break I'll let you make a run for it you brutal coward this gentleman's right he's quiet beautiful go ahead run how do you feel ma'am she's alright she just fainted how about you partner aw just a slug in the hand it'll be alright you just saved my life and I want to thank you mister my name's Lane Rocky Lane what the bandits steal they didn't come here to steal they came here to kill they wanted to kill a man a man named Leslie Rollins I don't know only they forgot that Leslie is also a girl's name you mean you're Leslie Rollins any kin to Ken Rollins he was my second cousin I never met him what do you mean was he was murdered that's how I inherited the Rollins ranch you knew him mr. Wayne he was my best friend well just I'm a way to visit him I heard his father had been murdered now Ken I'm sorry well let's get this coach moving late again huh you're worse than Bill Jones laws take it easy what happened to you never to hold up and I got Wayne and this gentleman saved my life I want inside let's take a look at that hand miss Rollins are you still fixing to go to that ranch of course Agatha the ranch belongs to me now well I ain't going I quit as sure as my name's Agathis Craig a shooting and a killing and carrying on I'm gonna wait right here till that stage goes back to st. Louie no hard feelings miss there are no hard feelings Agatha I understand don't know how to thank you mister anything I can do for you just name it it's yours well sir you might tell me who owns that buggy over yonder and if I can read it belongs to me and you can't rent it but you can borrow it for as long as you want him I'll hook up the team thanks a lot mister that's mighty kind of you and the same thing goes for me anything I own it's yours take my right arm take the shirt off my back well sir I don't think I could use your right arm but yeah let's step inside pardon me sir but how do I get to the Rawlins ranch it's all taken care of that is if you don't mind I'll Drive you out to the ranch thank you did you dress up for me or do you always change clothes when you drive a buggy not always miss Cregg you've got us mixed up my housekeeper is Agatha's Greg I'm Lesley Rollins remember uh I'm Leslie Rollins what listen I'm wearing this suit don't think I like it because somebody wants to kill Leslie Rawlings somebody who expects a man a dude from st. Louis yes well whoever wants to kill Leslie probably murdered Ken and his father before him I told you ken was my best friend you mean you want people to think that you're Leslie Rawlings that's right it might help me find out who murdered camel besides it might be safer for you let me arrive as Leslie don't you think yes I suppose so but what about me Who am I you're my housekeeper your name is Agathis Craig this is your last chance nugget we want our back pain we want it now listen boys can't you stick it out a little longer at least until Leslie Rowlands gets here he'll think of something he'll think of something while he's thinking we'll be active what are you gonna do take what's left of the cattle horses and equipment sell them cheap and sell them quick that way we'll get our back pay and I'll bonus to boot no no you can't do that it'll wreck the ranch stop it you're making me cry let's go on a Chuckie you ain't gonna use that I'm getting tired of you nugget awful tired and I want to tell you to stay out of my suppose you tell me out here in the West mister dude is smart to mind your own business so I've been told this happens to be my business you're as hon who are you Leslie Rollins Leslie Roland Oh you bring cash with you mr. Rollins a lot of cash enough to pay off our back wages for all these men no and say goodbye to your cattle mr. Rollins cuz we're taking just a minute now listen man I intended you are you the foreman here that's right no good clerk the name will this be enough to pay him off panty you're fired beat it as soon as I seen you Lesley I knowed you were the Rawlins you can call me rocky most of my friends do now you men do you like to gamble that's why I'm needing money all right gamble on me save for a week then if I'm not able to pay you off you can have what's left I like you mr. like the way you handle Sharkey like the way you talk we're sticking that's fine and you get a husband to be proud of ma'am he's a real genuine Rawlings now wait we're not married she's the new cook and housekeeper oh that's different you mean she is working here living here where else where else anywhere else so long as it ain't here of course you're the boss what's your name Agatha scrag what Angela that'll be your room you didn't even put your things away then get the kitchen and get to work go scrub something go make a pock sign if we ain't got troubles enough cattle run off payment due on the ranch and no female well we'll give her a try for a while she might work out what's this about a payment on the ranch ya know to do next week I hate to say it Rocky but you've inherited a heap of trouble what I'm gonna help you all I can no you bunk in there and the first thing in the morning I'm gonna learn you how to ride and shoot and punch cows and things right there I hope you learn fast I'll try female what happened Leslie Rollins how do I look you mean Leslie Rollins put up a fight put up a fight I'd rather tangle with a wild boar ah get up you lazy Oh what happened at the stage I told you what happened his Rollins guy was pleading and shaking like a whipped dog at a plug him the stranger had a road up I'd say Sanders never met that stage I'd say he slept all day and made up that story what was Rollins wearing brown suit in a light hat why same guy all right only he ain't no weapon Molly Connell I ought to know don't tell me you let that dude push you around I coulda whip you with one hand tied by yeah well suppose you try and take me with both up it'll be a pleasure that's enough save your fighting for Leslie Rollins and you're both right Leslie may be afraid of guns but the fistfight he understands probably had plenty of them tomorrow you have a sparring bout with him again no you forget kind of easy don't you my I don't know Sharkey no I don't forget I didn't forget to buy up the note on the ranch and I didn't forget to use an assumed name you're forgetting something now you're forgetting there's a chance this rollins guy will pay off the note then will that leave you I don't take chances Sharkey but first I'm going to own that wrench owning a tranche means controlling the pass and controlling the pass means controlling the valley I'll make every rancher pay through the nose to run his cattle through but first you have the problem of Leslie Rollins not if it means tangling with him again have you forgotten your encounter with young Ken Rollins you challenged him but did you tangle with him you're worried I'll cover you where are we gonna meet him I think Willow Creek Bridge is about as good a spot as any are you gonna get him to come out there alone we'll send him an invitation all right start talking I don't know nothing this note says different look mister I didn't write that note it was a guy by the name of sharky sharky honest that's all I know Sharky paid me to see that you got it all right what tarnation you think you're doing just what you told me to do beating the cushions and carpet well beat him outside not in here and that breakfast you cooked you're trying to pie in us I'm doing the best I know how nugget where you're besting good enough and don't forget to ask the floor I have already I said what some not Grissom how you you're fired fired you're firing me now you listen to me I've taken enough from you I'll tell you who's fired and it's I guess huh what's going on here yes you're all fired I'm not listen when two people get mad they say a lot of things they don't mean you're darn tootin I mean him I never could have by the female and ding-dang I ain't gonna change no I listen to me you how Agatha go ahead add it I'll handle this look rocky and that's enough I'm gonna tell that that nugget who I am how do you think he'd keep it a secret I don't there's no sense in this besides we're not getting anywhere maybe we are read that I'm a friend how do you know he's a friend how do you know this isn't some trap I don't but I'll worry about that if you'll keep our secret look rocky if anything happened to you I don't know what I do you know you look a lot prettier when you're smiling you better go scrub something make a pot shine say come to think of it yeah you do look pretty good in them duds Oh course you couldn't fool me I know you was a dude uh-huh got yourself some guns too that's good cuz the first thing I'm going to show you is how to use them come on well maybe later nugget right now I hear maybe too late come on all right now try hitting that Ken on the left now keep your eyes on it I'm just showing you what you're not supposed to do now you'll go ahead and try it the one on the left the one on the left is right oh you missed it a mile or no wonder I shootin with your eyes closed aiming to the left and hittin to the right oh you got to do better than that well try it again and keep on firing till you hit well I'll be Dean Dean that's enough that's enough no more shooting for today now I'm gonna learn you how to ride Oh name is blackjack how do you like him yeah he's pretty nice oh I guess you do where'd you get him well I bought him wait a minute first you gotta learn how to ride but on out don't argue with me didn't help me with your shooting yes I guess you did huh now the first thing is you gotta get in the saddle so you take your left foot and you're here you take your left foot and you put it in the right stirrup and then you throw your leg up over like this I never saw anybody mad a horse like that before huh well this is for when you're shooting backwards course that's no good for a beginner like you now go ahead and charge yourself frontwards take it easy like this he runs away with you runs away your turn - these are right frisky animal if he ever takes off ding-ding I'll never find right sure that's him yeah still don't look like Leslie wrongs to me this him alright get out of sight before you seizure Rollins kahlan's this valley ain't big enough that's mighty big belly not for both of us when are you leaving I ain't but you are as soon as I kicked your teeth in that what you wanted to tell me ain't that enough you're a glutton for punishment Sharkey need guns to fight you dimwit told you that was wrong ding-dang wrong he scared the Spurs off me a shooting when he ain't got nothing to shoot it sure key you mean you yeah I close my eyes again what happened what what why well them's kettle bands the first ones ours and the t'other I seen out in the open range it belongs to I guess Ward I know every brand in the valley but deigned up I know that one well that's the way the Russell's work nugget they steal another man's cows work the brand over and then turn him back on the range box my ear isn't hiding there might under our very news what do we do round up the cattle drive them through the pass of the railroad and sell them then we can pay off that loan on the ranch but when we start rounding up that branding someone gonna raise a ruckus I'm hoping they will nugget yeah Sharkey listen to me he wouldn't be laying out stiff and cold anaise I told that bird brain that was unless he wrongs don't speak ill of the dead I feel very deeply about Sharky cut down on his prime don't tell me you got a heart of course besides Sharkey was still useful to me you had me worried I was worried hi Oliver what are you doing out this time of night whoa had to come to town for some surprise come in thanks Oliver have you heard the secret not yet well that's good but I don't want you to print a word of it in the paper nary a word well I gotta be going now so well just a minute nugget how do I know what not to print go ding that's right well it's about the cattle lady rollers found out the rustlers are rebranding our stock so we're going to round them up tomorrow take them to the pass we'll get him soon for anyone can stop us well congratulations nugget you're very astute this dude he's a good that means you're smart you're fine judge of character Oliver yeah well I've got a big night ahead of me so long how long did you hear that Sanders if they think they're gonna pedal our cows swagger less and think more if you plan those brands they'll hang you before dawn and they sell those cattle have money to pay off the note and you're gonna do anything about it not a thing Sanders not a thing but you are and a few your prized thugs rocky when we sell a cattle will they be enough money for the man in the loan I imagine there will then can I tell people who I really am people meaning nugget meaning nugget Agatha what you doing dilly dallying in here now go wash the kitchen floor it's washed I do the laundry it's done well go scum something make a pot shine and when I come back if things ain't shiny clean I'll have a few words with you and listen when you get back I'll have a few words with you - ah free meals Oh rocky please be a good father don't argue but I've been thinking things over and well you ain't going with it I'm not sorry I know you're earning fast and all that but you're still a dude and I can't take care of you in the cows - I'll try and see it my way yeah I think I understand it's for my own good yeah for your own good well see you in a couple days rocky you're not going to stay here and and let him drive the cattle now what do you think Hey alright boys get ready you take it away rocky what are you you mean well I figured you wouldn't get too mad if I tagged along mad after what you've done I think y'all go back east and learn how to be a cowhand Wallens routes rustlers he wasn't that bad it's even worse well don't blame me I told you he wasn't Leslie Rawlins Leslie Rollins or not he's still smashing my plans and nobody knows who he is who he is or what he wants not even nugget you don't nugget can't keep a secret hey mornin honor Warren fred has your mail Thanks hey our if I give you a piece of news and you use it will you print my name in the paper of course Fred anytime just let me know I got something now this package it's addressed that you'll die laughing to address to miss less than a rollin get it miss Leslie Rowling ha ha if that risk toughest guy in the valley miss Leslie roll it that's a good on Fred tell you what I'll write out deliver this myself get Rollins reaction for the paper good good I knew you'd like it say Oliver don't forget to print my name the paper of course right don't worry so long so long Oh open another people's mail you won't bring up right - Leslie happy birthday and good luck in the West uncle George George Henry black nice engraving that's for Leslie wrong it is miss Leslie Rollins miss Leslie Rollins I don't get it don't strain yourself Leslie Rollins is a girl girl yes and I know which girl nuggets new housekeeper but can't credit where credit's due Sanders they almost got away with it almost what I don't want I have it love's last look starring Jonathan Walpole closed after one performance at the Coldwater Opera House last night stranding its star and other members of the troupe how soon can you reach Coldwater and this uh mr. Jonathan Walpole Jonathan Walpole an actor what's he got to do with it answer the question maybe tomorrow good find this mr. Walpole and tell him I wish to see him on a matter of mutual profit all right well of course in my profession mr. budge it is always desirable to cooperate with members of the press may I ask your reason why desire my presence here you may sit down oh thank you thank you oh thank you just temporarily out thank you you need money mr. Walpole oh well of course mr. budge I'm an actor hmm what would you do for $100 cash and a stage ticket East oh my dear mr. budge anything uh that is anything that's legal and if it isn't exactly legal out of the question well of course ah 200 if it isn't exactly legal you'll be portraying the starring role mr. Walpole the part of one george henry black a resonance of st. Louis yeah mm-hmm your can be black have you all you read not affect you well good day sir good day miss I'm looking for Leslie Rollins mr. Rollins isn't here right now but I expect him back pretty soon could I help you I'm his housekeeper I have a message for him from his uncle George George Henry black from st. Louis he said he was coming here for Leslie Rollins birthday when will he arrive he had a slight accident twisted his leg not at all serious could you take me to him well yes it would be a pleasure thank you uncle George I hurried right over just as soon as I have beautiful getting prettier than ever he's not uncle George he's a murdering bandit and you're not a housekeeper miss Rollins please don't excite yourself I wish you to remain healthy and alert for the return of your friend Rocky now get you and the boys right onto the ranch sooner I pay off that note the better I'll feel besides I'm kind of anxious to meet the fellow who holds the note good idea and I'll get that lazy egg it's a busy making dinner now don't be too hard on her nugget you know she might not be a housekeeper all her life it looks like we're lucky he's alone and heading this way you know what to do all right do your step oh let mister you're keepin mighty bad company miss I tried to warn up too bad we won't be around when he tries to squirm out of this you get it back to the ranch boys oh you're feeling son like to hurt a cattle trample over my head what happened the money's going rocky the money oh yeah I remember where is he where's the girl now take it easy son take it easy well she was right there on the buckboard during the fight you weren't there when we found you no rig no nothing you can give us a description of the man who attacked you mr. Rawlins we might be able to recover that money later sheriff right now we got to locate our housekeeper miss Cregg calmly dilly-dallying around somewhere how could I tell you see some trouble we got a fight no no it is he where is the poor boy oh they tell me that he's badly hurt well you're looking for my Leslie Rawlins of course I'm he's uncle George black from st. Louis your nephew had a nasty crack in the head mr. black well he'll be all right now yes uh well where is he right here this isn't any time for joking gentlemen let's say Rollins is short fat pudgy you mean he's not Leslie Rollins why certainly not it's your play mister are you Leslie Rollins and if you are you'd better prove a sheriff you gone Loco course exactly no sir I'm not Leslie Rollins you ain't sure if I tell you that girl's in trouble after we find her I'll explain everything you'll explain now where does Leslie Rollins and where's the money I can't tell you now that does it you're under arrest I thought you is the greatest guy I ever met well gentlemen just as soon as you find my nephew I'll be at the hotel hello sheriff scope all I booked you mr. John Doe alias Leslie Rollins what is your name my name's Allen Lane Allen rocky Lane my best friend when we were kids and a great guy on your side come from Allen Lane Chin's best friend Rocky Sara yeah what's the trouble nugget yeah double-crosser I found something important sheriff come here and I'll show you what have you got here look in that saddlebag all the sheriff air hockey nice work you're letting yourself in for a mess of trouble that's something for you to worry about you what the first stage out of town which road will it take you run away no but I've got a hunch uncle George's well UK heed your uncle oh and he isn't Leslie Rawlins uncle either if you were he to know Leslie isn't a man Leslie rollers anything you're not listening Roland's uncle Georgie and uncle George and mystery Roland's seeing a man where's that stage road road that way Leslie Roland Gino for George - no - George ain't a man and dog King and I give up my driver what are we stopping here for but this is no place to you you have me well I don't understand uh where's the other driver I gave him 10 bucks and told him to take the day off he's been working too hard oh oh well that's very nice of your Sanders but Ted I still don't understand why are we stopping here it's the end of the line for you boss thinks talk is dangerous and actors talk too much how do you want it face there in the back oh no no oh no Sanders I well let's let's discuss this a little bit more I say I have $20 here for you ah you get $200 for me oh no don't don't don't no no don't oh yes no don't go don't no no no please oh I can feminize I think I am thank you gentlemen you know that you performed you we meet again uncle George start talking well yes yes of course but you gentlemen must realize that I've been pretty well shaken up if you just wait until I collect myself collect yourself on your own time who hired you why yeah the newspaper editor Oliver budge where's he holding a young lady uh in a shack owned by a man named Sanders where is it oh I don't know where it is I do how different gentlemen if you you simple oath bringing that stage here I'll attract more that Hector guy what about him you took care of them didn't you well I was gonna win this full of rocking nugget Rhoda rocky he's in jail well no he's not he's got the actor then we're getting out of here now what we do here bring her along will the supposed to hurt someplace else someplace not connected with us I you all right miss Leslie will just frightened that's all what happened to him mmm one he ohm at another and I tried to teach you about the West Agatha no good are you going to make me go scrub something I'll make a pot shine huh no I was just gonna tell you to take the day off take to have a good rest you know you had a pretty bad time you know nugget you're not so bad after all and now I've got something to tell you hold it a second before I forget there's something to bother me who is Leslie Rowland that's just what she was about to tell you huh you mean she's yep she's Leslie Rollins Oh you