Oklahoma Man Arrested For Yelling Were All Gonna Die On Southwest Flight


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bitch whose donkey of the day today yes donkey today for Friday August 23rd goes to a 50 year old Oklahoma City man named Timothy Norton Norton okay now one thing I don't do is play on airplanes alright I have PTSD from 9/11 9/11 gave America collected PTSD I am the person who gets on the plane and observes every single person and looks for any suspicious activity ok this Timothy Norton guy reminded me of a situation we just had on a plane recently it was this dude and he was drunk in first class and he kept jumping up telling his do it is he had to get off the plane Hey and me and my god watched looking at him like know which one I was gonna knock him out first because if you'd have tried to open the cockpit door or the door that we exit off while he was mid-flight he was going to sleep okay nobody got time for that alright riding on a plane is already a stressful anxiety filled task if you're like me and you get on a plane and you pray for the pilot the passengers the flight attendants you pray for a safe arrival and when you land you clap and you say thank you God if you Caribbean you say we're is we're it's okay the moral of the story is I don't play on planes and you shouldn't either all right all potential threats should be taken serious and if me and my team was on this flight with Timothy Norton one of us would have an assault charge today because we would have made sure Timothy Norton took a quick nap and we would have figured out the rest later all right do you want to hear what Timothy Norton did on a flight from Dallas let's go to kW TV CBS 9 for the report please Southwest Airlines passengers accused of telling kids basically everyone is going to die the alleged drunken outburst got him arrested as you can imagine he was taken to jail on a complaint of an act of terrorism Timothy Norton was released from the jail just after noon yesterday his bond was $15,000 police say 50 year-old Timothy Norton stood up just after the plane landed and there were a number of children on board he turned around to the children and began telling them that they were all going to die he now faces an arrest for a serious felony now few things to know here this was a Southwest Airlines flight have you ever been on a Southwest Airlines flight I think maybe once I have Southwest is a bus in the sky I think I think you put us on the South Tower fan you put remember somebody bought a goat on there exactly if you in Atlanta think of a martyr bus with wings that's what the Southwest Airlines flight is if you from New York think if the Peter Pan Bus could actually fly like Peter Pan that Southwest now I haven't flown Southwest in a long time I only think I actually think I flew at once but the last time I flew everybody was playing musical chairs and there was no music plan all right you just get on and wherever you want to sit you just try to sit down fast because you have to pick your own seat I'm saying all that to say this you shouldn't play on any flight but you definitely shouldn't play on Southwest Airlines simply because flying on Southwest Airlines is already stressful and there's goats all right but this guy Timothy Norton standing up on a flight telling kids that we're all gonna die let me tell you something Timothy you may have been talking to those kids but when you say you were talking to the whole when you say that you're talking to the whole plane all right now the stewardess asked him to knock it off but we wouldn't have asked you to knock it off we would have just knocked you out all right now Tim Norton was released from the Oklahoma County Jail Tuesday his bond was 15 grand and I think by now you all know why he's getting donkey today because I'm donkey today saw themselves but can you guess what Razia [Music] [Applause] we didn't show a picture of Oh doing great okay just making sure now here's your clues Timothy Norton 50 years old flying from Dallas to Oklahoma City on Southwest Airlines telling a group of kids that were all going to die guess what race he is Angela I would say that he's white if he was black he was black he would I said you're gonna die now we already some time to kill my family very specific you're right like people are very specific you absolutely right DJ envy I'm torn Timothy Norton white I think wait wait 50 years old the line from Dallas to Oklahoma City on Southwest Airlines telling a group of kids that we're all gonna die just what Bryce is I'm torn with this one like half of me like 60% I think is leaning white hmm but then there's like a small percentage this lead in black and then there's like a percentage that's other black white or other I gotta go wait well Angela DJ envy you know terrorists or white men right there you're absolutely correct a little pink in that picture no the mayonnaise was extremely heavy with this one all right please let Kathy Griffin give Timothy Norton the biggest see huh please give this giant jar of mayo the biggest he ha wait all right men well thank you for that dog okay today yes donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael S lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on yourself and say to bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to 500 from your cell and say to bowl [Music]