Olives Olive Oil Olive Leaf Extract

hey guys dr. Berg here in this video we're going to discuss olive olive oil and olive leaf okay I'll live leaf extract so first of all all of the been around for a long time it's actually considered a fruit really good in preventing clotting now that's going to help with strokes so many people are on medication to thin their blood well olives are natural floods binning agent without any side effects it's loaded with vitamin E vitamin A in a pre vitamin A form copper iron really good for high blood pressure okay so those are olives and then you have the oil from the olive extra virgin I would recommend but this oil is a really potent anti-inflammatory it's considered in a week ibuprofen because it has effect on pain and headaches has there's a lot of studies and cancer and how it can actually improve the risk of cancer loaded with vitamin E doesn't have a lot of vitamins but vitamin E it does have but it does support the cardiovascular system and it also is good to improve V if there's any type of damage in the artery wall which is always the precursor for a clot so it's good for the heart it's good for blood sugars but olive leaf extract is something that I really recommend a lot it's antiviral antibacterial antifungal it's just an overall good killer of bugs in your body and even if you have something like MRSA this is what I would be taking I remember one time I had the flu and I took this with an hour I was better so it's really good for viral infections and other infections some people take it as a natural antibiotic as well really good for blood pressure very good for allergies especially of the sinus and their studies it's very anti tumor so you might want to keep this around in the house in case you're running down run down with something and I would also combine this with oregano oil you can have them those little pearls and olive leaf extract for a really good antimicrobial natural remedy alright thanks for watching