On The Body Conceal Carry of Firearms for Women

hi ladies stacyeann here with my lady defense and I'm excited to share with you some tips for on the body concealment of a firearm most women that I speak to either carry off the body and something like a purse a briefcase or backpack and others sadly don't carry it all reason being is it's a comfortable inconvenient and just doesn't go with their outfit if you're anything like me you like to wear form-fitting clothes and you don't want to sacrifice fashion to conceal carry well the good news is with a little bit of creativity forethought and owning a variety of holsters you too can conceal carry on the body and still look hot doing it I'm a big fan of on the body concealment as opposed to off the body for a few reasons first reason is when carrying in a bag not solely dedicated to a firearm especially without a holster the risk of accidental discharge is just too high this can happen when something like a pen lipstick and inside strap or a zipper gets caught on the trigger while drawing second if the gun is holstered in the bag small particles like lint and makeup can accumulate in the firearm causing a malfunction this actually raises a question do you know how to clear all malfunctions that can happen with the semi-automatic gun if not you need to learn I walked around for a year carrying a gun not knowing how to clear all malfunctions had I needed to use my gun and it malfunctioned in a way that I didn't know how to clear I would have been in a lot of trouble third if your firearm is buried in the sea of stuff the time that it takes for you to fumble through and get that firearm out could be the difference between you getting away unharmed or not fourth think about it when a criminal goes after a woman what does he go for first he goes for her bag and if that isn't the case if you do end up in a physical altercation chances are high that in a stressful situation like that you'll drop your bag either way you are left without your gun last but not least you are solely responsible for your firearm at all times I know that I've left my bag behind at least once in my life and I'm sure most of you have too if that happens and your firearm is in your bag and it's used in a crime you could be held liable when concealed carrying on the body you want to make sure that you're not printing or flashing which can also be considered brandishing printing is when the shape or a line of your firearm is visible through your garment when it's still fully covered flashing or unintentional brandishing is when your firearm is revealed because the clothing covering it is lifted when you reach for something or the clothing is blown back from the wind I'm not here to give you legal advice but brandishing in some jurisdictions even unintentional is a crime and the definition varies widely so know your laws in the area that you're going to carry and be super aware that this doesn't happen to you one of the ways that I make sure that I'm not printing or flashing is with my clothing choices pants with bell-bottoms and larger type flares work well when concealing on the ankle clothing with various prints and patterns work well because they both trick the eye and camouflage the firearm permits such as best sweaters and jackets worn unbuttoned allowed for great coverage and easy access bags with belt loops they can hook on to your pants our ladies wardrobe must-have now with all of those tips it's still your choice as to how you carry whether you want to carry on the body or off the body if for some reason you just possibly cannot carry on the body it's still a good choice to carry off the body and no matter how you decide to carry remember it's absolutely necessary that you practice you draw from every holster that you plan to carry with drawing from an ankle holster is a totally different technique and I'm from Rahul stuff as is drawing from a thigh hole sub drawing from a bag all of the shooting skills in the world will do you no good if you can't access and draw your firearm fast enough so ladies please practice practice practice keeping in mind the tips I just gave you I want you to take a good look at my outfit pretty form-fitting and I want you to tell me where it could be concealed in the firearm if you thought my bag you are correct you thought my bra you're also correct as you saw in the beginning of the video if you thought my ankle you're correct if you thought under my best you're also correct if you thought under my best you're correct again and if I put on a jacket I can easily conceal a sixth gun in the small of my back and that is just with one outfit this dress is low-cut in the front and short so my ankles are revealed so the audience choice in this one would be final step last but not least this outfit is totally form-fitting my ankles are exposed and I don't have a bra on so where can I possibly concealed firearm in this outfit it's right here ladies and it's a big one because face it science does matter not only is it a large gun but it's large caliber and the larger the caliber the more effective the stopping power I carry nothing smaller than a 380 and the 380s actually might back up I'm usually carrying a 40 or 357 Magnum the reason I mentioned this is because that's another thing I hear from ladies is that they're afraid of larger caliber guns if you have the proper grip and training you can handle a larger caliber gun but that's another video so in conclusion I've given you a lot of options with just a couple of outfits so that you can successfully conceal carry on your body for more videos like this check me out at wwm I'll ad defense comm I look forward to seeing you again